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XO Pow Wow

Posted on 10 Aug 2021 @ 5:27pm by Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd & 2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase 51
Timeline: Before Captive State


- Starbase 51 corridors -

Dodd had just left the quarters of Walon's cousin because it was very tense there and he figured that Iria and Ryley needed to workout their tensions and whatever issues they were dealing with. So he decided to get a snack and beverage at the Bajoran restaurant on the Promenade. So he decided this would be the perfect time to talk to the new Marine XO who would be coming aboard the Tomcat.

=/\= Dodd to Falk. =/\= Dodd stated after tapping his commbadge.

=/\= Falk here. =/\= Falk replied.

=/\= I would like to have a short meeting if you are free. Can you meet me at the Bajoran restaurant on the Promenade in say five minutes? =/\= Dodd asked.

Mazal was seated at a desk in her quarters, going over some designs she was working on for a weapon engraving, when the call came from Lieutenant Dodd. Placing her pencil down, Mazal swapped out of her dark blue tee shirt and blue shorts; into a long sleeve, vee neck tee shirt colored dark red. To complete the outfit, she wore black slacks and a pair of runners on her feet. Mazal swept her hair back into a loose ponytail then headed out the door tapping on her commbadge.

=/\= On my way=/\= Mazal responded, as she headed out the door. =/\= Falk replied

- Starbase 51 Promenade -

Dodd was walking on the Promenade waiting to meet up with the new Marine Executive Officer assigned to the USS Tomcat. He felt it would be good for them to meet each other since they were to both be on the ship and in XO roles.

Dodd found the Bajoran restaurant and requested a glass of water as he sat down.

=/\= Falk, just to let you know I am at the Bajoran restaurant on the Promenade. No rush, just letting you know where I am. =/\= Dodd signaled to Falk.

=/\=Bajoran cuisine sounds great to me!=/\= Mazal answered, with a smile in her voice. Hey the food sounded great to Mazal and well, she liked different foods from different cultures.

Mazal arrived a few minutes later at the restaurant and looked around for Lieutenant Dodd, her head on a swivel, her pony tail swinging from side to side. as she looked around. When she spotted someone who looked like the picture she pulled up. Mazal strolled over. "Hi, I'm Falk, you're Dodd right?" mentally matching the image with the man waiting for her. A genuine smile lit up her face, "As usual, the images on the padd, definitely does not do justice to anyone."

There would be a sense of her finding him attractive, and also interested in him as a person.

"Glad to meet you." Dodd replied as he stood up to help Falk with her chair. "I am hoping we can chat and get to know one another since we will be serving on the Tomcat together and I am the ship's XO and you are the Marine XO. I wanted to talk to get on the same front for our ship." Dodd then pulled her chair out for her to have a seat.

"Thank you." Falk smiled as she sat down "I am agreeable in getting to know you, being the XO of the Tomcat. And you are my superior officer as well." she chuckled. "Other than that, when it comes to the Tomcat, we will be working together to go about our duties. Would definitely be wise to find out if we can work together or if we will butt heads together if there is a difference of opinion." there is a twinkle in Mazal's eyes when she said the last part. "Just ask me questions and I won't tell a lie."

Dodd then resumed to his seat and sensed that Falk was holding back a few thoughts and yet her emotions were available to him to know she felt an attraction to some degree.

"So, Do you have any prior experience in the role of Marine XO?" Dodd asked as the waiter came over with menu PADD.

"This is my first posting as a Marine XO." Mazal replied truthfully, "And so this is going to be a learning experience for me. How about you? How long have you been an XO?" she looked at the waiter "Thank you." then picked up the padd for the menu, looked it over and made a decision.

"Hasperat if you would please and some lemon water as well." Mazal requested to the waiter.

"Hasperat and a lime-aid and some hot sauce, please." Dodd stated to waiter.

"I must admit that I was just promoted to the role of XO, so it is a learning experience for me as well. Our captain is gone on a temporary assignment and so Lieutenant Colonel Somers is the acting captain, until her return, but Starfleet deemed it time to have an XO in the spot and I was chosen. I was the Chief Engineer on the ship prior to my promotion." Dodd replied to Falk. "So we should make an interesting duo as we do our best to occupy our positions." Dodd then had a devilish grin on his face. oO I sense she is fighting a feeling of attraction and it is making her mind wander. Oo

"Definitely a team effort in learning the ropes eh Dodd?" While she waited for the food, Mazal was definitely checking him out, trying to get a 'feel' of the man. He said that he had been the chief of engineering, and she noted that his hands showed that was the truth. There are always the tell tale signs of people working and those not.

"While we are waiting for our food, tell me something of yourself, What do you like to do for relaxation?" Mazal asked

"Well, I like to go hiking, spend time outdoors or in a holographic variation thereof when not near nature. I do typically like to be as natural as possible when I hike if you can understand that reference." Dodd replied. "I also like to read old Earth superhero comic books and sometimes bring those comic books to life in the holodeck as well as a spectator not as a hero. I also to take apart items and put them back together or upgrade them. What about you, what do you do when not on duty to have fun?" Dodd asked of the young lady before him.

"Ah you hike sky clad, I've heard of people doing that." Mazal remarked, definitely getting the drift of his statement. "I like working with my hands, I make blades and have made armor. I like to dance, love working with blades, and archaic weapons. I love to mountain climb and love to read. That are some of the things I like to do when not working. I also love super heroic genre type of activities. and love old earth movies. And about you being a spectator, haven't you ever wanted to dress up as one of you favorite hero? Do you have any favorites?"

"I do not like to dress up, in fact I prefer to be undressed any chance I get. I do have favorite characters in the comics. I really enjoy the stories of the Green Lantern Corps which is a sort of intergalactic police force with special power rings that allow the wearers to make constructs of green light which uses the power of their will." Dodd replied. "I also like ol' Earth motion pictures, really the ones from a John Hughs and one about a fake woman who comes to life when only one person is with her, I believe the title it called 'Mannequin' or something like that. Also one called 'Overboard' is very interesting as I know the actors were actually a couple in real life."

"Those two movies are great, and definitely romantic. As for the Green Lanterns, I am familiar with the Green Lantern Corps and I do like the fact of them using their will and creative imagination for their constructs. I am also familiar with other comic book superheroes." giving a smile.

Then Mazal addressed Dodd's statements of his preferred dress. "As for your... preference of dress, I take it you have sensitive skin? Is that why you prefer to be in the nude when you can be?"

"I just like the freedom and lack of restrictions." Dodd replied. "I am hoping that this will not change your opinion of me and I am glad to share with you so you feel more comfortable with me. Can you share some of what you would like to see on the ship as the marine side of things?"

"Well since this is our first initial meeting with each other. I haven't formed an opinion of you yet, well actually I do find you attractive. And so far, you are not giving me the feeling of wanting to run away. That is a good thing." giving a small nod. "As for what I'd like to see on the marine side of things for the ship? I truly do not know, I'm working things out with Jackson and I'll be getting to know the rest of the marines. However, I am not intending to just stick to getting to know just the Marines. I fully intend on getting to know the rest of the crew on this ship. You know, one ship we are all her crew."

"Fascinating." Dodd replied with a devilish grin. "I do believe One Crew is the perfect reference for the crew I hope to have serve on the Tomcat. One Crew united for the ship, for the Captain and for the mission we are to perform. I do hope you will see Lieutenant Walon to get a psych eval on file. She is also my fiancee and the chief counselor on the Tomcat. oO Shit this woman is going to be torture to my lustful desires. Oo

"Ah you are engaged, well congratulations. And while I do still find you attractive, I do not poach on anyone's territory." Mazal stated, with a firmness in her voice. "But I will see your fiancee, for the mandatory psych evaluation, and also get to know her as an individual." giving a smile as well. "What sort of mission are you speaking of, out of curiosity?"

"So from what I do know is that it involves a planet that is not part of the Federation but has been observed for over twenty years." Dodd replied. "I have just met with the representatives of the Federation and got the basics but I wanted to meet with you first and then was going to head off to do my research."

"A first contact? That sounds intriguing. I've not been on one before." Mazal nodding. "I'm glad you decided to make the first move, though I was planning on doing so as well. As in meeting you. This already makes you a good XO. You don't sit around and wait for people to come to you." she is interrupted when the server brings over their drinks and food. "Thank you." to the server, then she turned back to Dodd.

"You've told me about yourself, what do you want to know of me? I can see the question marks dancing over your head like an anime cartoon." Mazal giving Dodd a wink, before she takes a bite of her food.

"So, what approach to you take to following difficult orders?" Dodd asked.

"For example, would I push the button which would take out an away team and myself, if the team has been contaminated with something dire that was detrimental to others?" Mazal took a deep breath and let it out slowly, then stated, "I would push the button if there is nothing more that can be done."

Mazal's voice lowered to where her words were softly said.

"If there was an order that has to burn a world, then I would do so, but not take pleasure in it. That would be a hard call to deal with, sir. I've not had to face that hard call yet. Hope I never do, but I understand that you have had to deal with something like that," Her eyes were gentle and compassionate, no recrimination. She actually reached out and touched his hand. "I am indeed sorry you and the crew had to deal with the decision that had happened. "

With her contact, he would pick up that genuine compassion that was evident in her eyes.

Upon her contact, Dodd's typically hardened shell melted away, he could genuinely feel her inner turmoil as if she was confronted with the task they just performed. "I think I will like working with you and hope to get to do some missions with you." Dodd replied as he slowly pulled his hand back from hers. "I think for now I am glad we took this time together to chat and I think you will be a good fit to the ship. I need to go and get my new office in check and then get my new wardrobe in order as I now have to wear command colors."

Mazal nodded, "I do look forward to working with you as well, Commander Dodd. And thank you for lunch." Mazal giving Dodd a nod. oO Okay I don't poach but would it be considered a bad thing to admire the Tomcat's XO, to enjoy looking at him? Oo "Once again, congratulations on your new position." she said out loud.

"This has been a pleasure. Thank you." Dodd looked at her with a flirtatious smile and then he licked his lips slowly and stood to leave the table. "I do hope you have it easy getting settled in on the Tomcat." and as he walked away he made a point to glace back with the same flirtatious smile just to have some fun. oO If I become single and she is still single, the ship better watch out as I would enjoy her in my life." Oo

Dodd was careful to be just playful as he was truly devoted to Walon and he could not see his life without her but if she were to be out of his life, Falk was the right caliber for him.

Mazal watched as he left, giving a bit of a chuckle and a smile, at Dodd. The man did seem to want to play just a little bit even if he was with someone. Innocent flirtation was something that she could handle. And he definitely was very nice to look at from behind.

Dodd left the amazingly attractive Marine XO knowing she was watching his glutes and feeling that if he was single she would love to climb his mountain. This thought gave him a small bit of confidence in his step which he hoped would make her watch fully until he was out of her sight.

And Mazal did watch, chuckling quietly at his more confident and sensual walk, and it was a pleasure to do so.


LT CMDR Remington Dodd
XO, USS Tomcat

2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk
Marine XO, USS Tomcat


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