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This is a job for..uh oh

Posted on 10 Aug 2021 @ 8:19pm by Captain Patrick Jackson & 2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Holodeck 2
Timeline: Two Day before departing SB51

He was an addict, he couldn't help it. Just a little taste of it was all he needed to get hooked. Now, he found himself sneaking off Starbase 51 and going back onto the mostly empty Tomcat. People wouldn't understand, so he snuck around. Being a Ranger, he was good at hiding and stealth. He snuck through the halls and found what he was looking for, Holodeck 2. Making sure he was alone, he quickly activated the program and walked in.

Before him was a tall city skyline. Shuttle craft flew back and forth in neat air highways and some going up and down from space to earth. The whole superhero bit was fun, but even standing on top of this giant building and looking over the city took his breath away. "Computer, replicate outfit." A moment later, a free standing hanger appeared with his Superman costume. While the computer could superimpose the costume over his regular cloths, he wanted that full experience of the weight of the cape and the feel of the boots. He changed quickly and stood at the ledge of the building. A gentle breeze slowly flicked the cape at his ankles.

He took a step off the ledge and let himself free fall for a few moments, kicking in his flight ability halfway down and flew off through the buildings. He flew a few moments then took off to the clouds. It was a beautiful and sunny day all the time that far up. He just felt like cloud skimming today, so he took off, skimming the white puffy clouds.

Time had come and gone when Mazal had hoped for Patrick to come for his next dance lesson. Figuring that he had become occupied in reading a book or something else, she determined to find out. Mazal went to his quarters on the station but there was no answer. She even went to the Aurora Lounge to check there, He wasn't there. She did get offers for some dates but she shook her head. Mazal wasn't in the mood to do so. She was on the hunt, for Patrick. Then it hit her, it was two days before they were set to go on a mission on the Tomcat and he may have forgotten to let her know about prepping for it.

After all he had to operate without an XO for sometime now and it must have slipped his mind. Though would he have forgotten? Mazal shook her head, Patrick wasn't like that. Mazal requested the computer to locate Jackson, and found that he was indeed on the Tomcat. And she went there utilizing the secure isolinear chip that was given to her for access. Further information gave her his location, the holosuite.

Mazal smiled oOFound you and what are you doing in the holo suite, Jackson? Probably training more, I'll just have to surprise you, you were supposed to get with me for that as well.Oo

When she stepped inside the holo suite, Mazal found herself in a city with tall buildings. She wandered around, her head on a swivel trying to figure out just what this training set up could be. Then she saw a rather large park and being curious, she wandered that way.

Mazal's eyebrows shot up almost to her hairline. "Metropolis City Park? No way, this can't be." this was the city that some of her favorite comic book characters had operated out of. Batman, Superman.. Wonder Woman.

"Jackson? Are you here?" oO maybe he was going to work on his fighting skills going after bad guys in a rather creative way. Oo "Hey Jackson, where are -" her sentence didn't finish as she found herself pinned to the ground by a woman who looked rather feral and had the spots of a cheetah.

Patrick floated on his back above a cloud, enjoying the solar radiation feeling when he heard his name called. oO Oh no, I forgot the lesson! Oo He thought. He heard the call a second time get cut off. "Mazal?" He pivoted in the air. The computer gave him enhanced vision and he saw a cheetah onto of Mazal. In a second he flew down with all speed, reaching the area before the sonic boom could catch up.

As he got close he pulled up and threw his knee into the cheetah woman. She launched from onto of Mazal and went through a tree on the other side of the park with a crash. The tree slowly toppled over with a second crash and then silence. He was in between Mazal and the Cheetah lady, hovering about six inches above the ground, knee up and fists clenched. "Computer, freeze program." He said and softly touched down to the ground. The people in the park looking, pointing and running froze in place.

He turned to Mazal, cape moving with him. It felt heavy now. His embarrassment showing as he stood in front of her in a skin tight suit of Superman showing more of his physique then he normally would have. "Um, sorry, I forgot to set an alarm...and lock the door." He said and offered her his hand to help her up.

Mazal's head was spinning slightly from being pounced on and was seeing stars. She heard Jackson's voice calling for the program to be paused. Catching her breath which had been knocked out of her, Mazal saw only the hand Jackson held out to her, to pull her up from the ground.

"Thanks." hanging onto Jackson's hand while Mazal regained her balance and the world stopped spinning. It settled down and Mazal blinked a couple of times, then things came into focus. 1. Jackson was wearing blue, with the letter S on his chest 2. Was she seeing things or was he wearing a red cape?!

"Woah, Superman?!" Mazal breathed out, letting out a low whistle. Walking around Jackson. "You look great in the outfit." she stated, then noticing his demeanor. "Um...something wrong, Patrick? Seriously, you've got the physique to pull this look off."

"Um, thanks." He said still embarrassed he got found out. "Are you ok?" He asked a little concerned. "I dialed the safeties back for a better experience. I also didn't realize it would up the villain difficulty as well. And sorry I forgot about our lesson. Got caught up here."

"It's a matter of balance for the computer program." Mazal responded, just waving off the circumstances. "I will admit, it was fun hunting you down, though. Just didn't realize that I'd become prey myself. Serves me right, for not being completely observant in my surroundings. These superhero scenarios can certainly throw in surprises, just to make things more real. Good training practice." giving Patrick a nudge with her shoulder. "I even turned down a couple of date offers, when I went to Aurora Lounge just in case you were there. My mind was more on , what would have caused you to skip practice? Now I have my answer."

"Well I'm glad you would try and hunt me down." He said and turned around and looked at the fallen tree. "I was just enjoying the scenery. Didn't even know she was here. Must be part of the extra pack." He looked over at Mazal. "I can change real quick and we can do the dance practice if you want. I had the computer replicate a suit for me instead of just projecting it. More lifelike but does make it hard to dance in these boots." He said moving a foot up.

Mazal gave a bit of a laugh, "Yes and that is true, those boots aren't made for dancing. If you'd like to continue our dance lessons, we can. However there is one thing to tell you, to make you not feel so awkward. I have a program, but I'm not a hero in it. At times, I like to do the scenario of Catwoman vs Batman, and dress like her, from the comics the...form fitting purple body suit. Though I make my version a darker purple to blend in the shadows more. Or I have the coloration like the one in the animated series. Black and grey. And one more thing, I do know how to use a whip quite effectively, just.. don't make a big deal of it though."

He laughed a little. "Really? You're not just leading me on?" He looked around. "Well, I did get the hero's pack. It came with pretty much all those kind of characters. The whole Justice League and a number of other hero's from that universe. You're welcome to join if you want to, you know, save the planet?"

Mazal shook her head at Patrick's question. "No, I am not leading you on." she stated. "I'll show you sometime, there is another one I like to dress up as, its...Wonder Woman. When I get comfortable enough yes I'll join you in a game or two" showing a shy side of herself after revealing a secret of hers. "And a couple of others I like to dress up as, a female version of Indiana Jones an old earth character in a movie I saw and Laura Croft." her cheeks turning a dark shade of pink.

He smiled and laughed little. "No need to be embarrassed. You're not the one getting caught wearing skintight blue bodysuit and a red cape." He said, his face matching his cape. "Wonder Woman is pretty amazing. Her profile is one of the options. They integrated all their powers. It's pretty amazing." He said. "I haven't heard of those two. Would be interesting to know. And no pressure on joining, just if your comfortable." He turned around, his cape flipped around as he looked at the tree again. He looked back at her. "I think you would make a pretty great Wonder Woman. When you're ready." He smiled at her, "Because you know, that with great power..." he trailed off.

"Comes great responsibility" Mazal finished the sentence with a smile. "I will introduce you to Indiana Jones and Laura Croft, I'm sure you would love the movies. I know I love watching them, I've even gone through the trap scenarios just to keep up my training." crossing her arms over her chest. "however, dance practice or, you can continue to save the world. And I will sometime take on the guise of Wonder Woman, probably more sooner than later."

"Well, I'd like to see those movies. Would be interesting to see more of that time." He smiled. "I'm glad to hear it will be on the sooner side." He said. "Computer, save program and display cloths." He said as his marine uniform appeared neatly folded and hung up. "I'm pretty sure you have the physique for Wonder Woman as well...Diana." he said with a cheeky grin.

Last time he had been flustered by her attention, this time Mazal was feeling flustered, by his attention, her cheeks going pink once more. Mazal took a breath to regain some composure, then shook her finger, "You are being quite the rascal, Patrick." trying to hold her stern expression and failing miserably.

He stopped and turned to her, giving his most innocent look. "Me?" He asked. "I believe you were the first to comment on physique. And my comment was not wrong." He smiled. "That can't be the first time someone told you that." He paused. "Ok, maybe the whole specific to Wonder Woman thing, but not physique in general."

"Well you do have a point there. Yes I did, make a comment about your physique. And yes there have been comments about my physique. I think its more of the fact that, I told you about a side of me that I rarely if ever shared with someone else. So that got me all flustered, and well I do admire Wonder Woman a great deal and." Mazal lets out a bit of a sigh, "I was caught off guard and the fact that you think I'd look good in her outfit. I think I do but... never had the courage to let someone else see. Yeah I know, a tough marine being afraid of showing herself in an outfit."

He chuckled a little. "You're in good company Mazal." He said getting his clothes and calling for a privacy screen. "I was sneaking through the station and the ship to avoid being seen. I altered the name of the program not to raise suspicions and the only reason you found me was because I forgot to lock the door. I was locking it the last two times." He said as he tossed the cape over the screen. "I understand how you feel, although now that the initial embarrassment is over, I feel a little better about it."

"Well good, I am glad of that." Mazal replied. "Maybe I can be even braver and let you see me in that Catwoman outfit. Sometime anyway." chuckling. "So a scene for your dancing lesson. Where would you like to do your practicing?"

"Well," he said from behind the screen. "You mentioned something about introducing me to Latin dancing this time. What would be appropriate for that? It sounds fun." He said and walked around the screen pulling his shirt down. "Do I need to dress as Batman for the Catwoman outfit or that just to show off to me?" He asked grinning probably too much for his own good. He was pretty happy to know she knew her superheroes.

"Oh, perhaps Spain or a nightclub, but not the middle of Metropolis." Mazal remarked. "Salsa can be considered rather passionate, and fun. The one that can be also sizzling would be the Tango." she added.

"As for Catwoman and Batman, you would look magnificent as Batman. When I bring out the tights for Catwoman, you better be prepared." giving a laugh.

He gave her a silly smile. "Speaking of sizzling." He laughed. "How about Spain? That sounds fun. You mentioned the other day that we would need cold water. Should I get some?"

"I promised I will be professional and I won't cross the line. And yes make it an icy lake. I may need it." Mazal giving a teasing smile, but there was also a serious expression in her gaze as well.

He returned the smile. "I've got an ice fishing program. Should work. I'll be professional as well, but we need to be convincing to win Tomcat's got Talent. Fortunately we have time to prepare." He moved out a little. "Computer, set a plaza in Spain, Earth."

"There's a Tomcat's got Talent?" that surprised her then Mazal looked at Patrick closely, "You're not pulling my leg are you? I'm sure we can sizzle and not wind up in bed with each other." Mazal stated with a grin. She watched as the scenery changed, to a familiar place. "I've been some place like this before."

He nodded. "That's fair. And I'm not sure. Didn't pay attention, but if not, we should start it." He said and made his way to the plaza area. "New to me but looked good. So, how do we start?"

And Mazal showed Patrick the basic steps being simple to learn. The challenge comes when they start to dance to the more lively music at a later time. She does the steps without the music and showed him some of the hip action that is thrown in as well. Then would put in a slower beat of salsa music.

"The one dance though that I consider the hottest is the tango. That one can get rather sensual." Mazal remarked.

"Really? Can get more than this?" He said doing the steps slowly and working on muscle memory. "Your hips and hands are working pretty sensual as it us." He laughed, "before you show me that, maybe we better change the setting to Andorra. Plenty of ice and snow there."

"Then better bring it up, as I'm going to show you just a sample or..." Mazal stopped dancing for a moment and then said. "Remember the first time I showed you some dance moves and then got fancy? That one move that I did, where your arms were around my waist, and I did this.." she walked up to him and placed his arms around her waist her back to him, and raised one hand behind her head to where it reached the back of his neck and she drew it forwards slowly. Then Mazal stopped and took a step or two away, away from Patrick and then faced him.

He laughed a little. "Oh I remember that one. Although I'm glad you walked me through it, other than remembering it, I wouldn't have been able to repeat my hands without help. It's something like that?"

"Yes, something like that." Mazal replied, with a bit of a smile. "It gets really, really intense." she called for a computer partner "Mazal, partner 25." the man appearing, the music of the tango started to play and Mazal goes through the dance routine, with the computer program, and Patrick would actually recognize some of the moves she had shown him previously. She shows the whole sensual steps, really playing up to the computer program. Then said. "Computer, pause."

She twirled over to where Jackson was standing, stopped in front of him, breathing hard. "What do you think?"

He gave her a grin. "I'm breathing heavy just watching you." He said with a laugh. "That is pretty amazing. I think I recognized some of the stuff you did. Not all of it, but some looked familiar. Was that tango?"

"Yes it was, that's the one I will call one of the most passionate dances out there." Mazal answered, taking a seat on one of the stone benches that were nearby. "Computer dismiss Mazal partner 25." the dance partner disappearing.

He nodded. "I would agree with that." He said and sat down next to her. "I have no idea if there is a Tomcats got Talent. No idea if there even is enough interest for one. Thought it might be fun though to do something like that." He smirked. "Killing usually isn't a talent that they want on something like that, so this has been a bit of an excitement for me."

"That it is true, for a talent show, they'd like to see some sort of talent but not as killing strikes that sort of thing." Mazal paused as she gave it some thought.

"Well then again at least demonstrating the martial arts skills you have. That could be shown, and could be considered a talent" giving a bit of a shrug. "However this, is more exciting, can be dangerous even." Mazal waggling her eyebrows up and down.

He laughed. "I'm willing to live on the wild side. This is definitely more enjoyable and exciting." He looked around. "Also takes me to places I'd never thought to go."

"Yes it does, and takes me to some good memories." Mazal said quietly is lost in thought for a moment then she comes to the present. She then turned towards Patrick and began to walk her fingers up his arm, "So... darling, what more do you want to do? Have a bit of fun or...have some serious talks?"

The hair on his arm began to stand up, only instead of danger sense, it was excitement, or so he hoped. Otherwise, he was as good as gone. "Well, I'm learning to enjoy this thing called fun, and not the Marine definition of it, but if you got something on your mind, I'm more than ok with a serious talk." He said.

Mazal nodded, then she moved her hand away and turned more towards Patrick and one leg up on the bench, bent at the knee. "Okay, serious talk. Us, the marines, how we want this to work out."

Her dark eyes definitely having a serious expression. "As you've probably noticed I do flirt... a lot. You are highly attractive, and we've got some chemistry going on. Which is a good thing, to be honest. Especially since we'll be working together, hopefully for a long while. However, I wanted to say I do respect boundaries a great deal. I guess what I am trying to convey is, even though I am flirtatious, I do not intend on crossing certain boundaries. I don't want to put you into an awkward situation. And I already have a soft spot for you in my heart." Mazal giving a smile.

He returned her smile, his eyes knowing. "The feeling is the same. In a few short days you made me a better man and Marine. Life has always been a struggle, I didn't know there was any other way. Seeing how you live life has added a whole new perspective for me. You are highly attractive as well, and while I am slow, I did catch you were a bit of a flirt." He said with an honest smile. "But knowing you will respect the boundaries, I wouldn't change it for a world." He turned to her and put a leg on the bench as well. "And this, " he said pointing to her and back to him "is the kind of dialog I want all the time. More than just a CO to his XO, but between friends. I've not had many. I've had battle buddies, comrades in arms, but that was it."

"I know what you mean but I must be rather honest with you, Patrick." looking into his eyes. Her cheeks go a slight pink, but there is also a shimmer of tears in her eyes. "I really want to see what a kiss from you would be like. Just once, and I promise I won't die in your arms." there was a reason behind this request, Mazal hadn't revealed the story to Patrick yet. "However, if you say no, that is okay by me. That may end up crossing a line anyway."

Patrick's heart sped up and his face turned red. His mind raced with thoughts. He wanted to, oh so very much. She was more than just attractive, she was absolutely beautiful. She was a wonderful woman on top of that. What was going on? He wondered quickly, he had fought against stacked odds and been through combat that would make most others flee. This however, this was giving him that same fear. Not for crossing a line, but for something going right.

He smiled at her. "I really want to, but I shouldn't. Not so much that a kiss would cross the line, but that I would not want to leave it at just one. I mean, you probably would, I've been told I'm a lousy kisser." He said with an embarrassed chuckle. "I don't want to be a disappointment."

Mazal raised an eyebrow on that one, and it seemed that there was lightning becoming evident in her eyes. "Okay, who was the wench who told you that? I'd like to give said person a piece of my mind, or more. A slap in the face!" Mazal was angry at that. Whatever tears that were shimmering in her eyes disappeared rather quickly. "Did she even give you a lesson in kissing or did she just say you were a lousy kisser and left you hanging?" Mazal was off the bench, clenching her fists. "Gah, what is it with people doing that?!"

Mazal walked back to Patrick. "I know what that is like, someone saying the exact same thing to me. I managed to not hurt him, but that was so... disheartening and devastating." Taking a deep breath to calm herself down, then Mazal continued. "I had a really good friend who was male, and I told him what had happened. Well, he decided to teach me the art of kissing. Now I can do the same for you. And let me be the judge of whether you are a bad kisser or not. I do have my credentials for being a teacher." giving a smile.

He nodded "Yeah, sounds like a similar story. I was at a party, may years ago, before the Marines. I was new and hoping to get into the gang. Found a lady at the party, we kissed and she made a point to tell everyone pretty loudly at the party. All the people at the party had a laugh, especially the ladies." He shrugged. "I gave up on women and focused on getting into the gang, then spent my time in the Marines doing extra trainings and throwing myself into it."

He gave her a big smile. "I may take you up on that someday though. I thought all women were like that. Enough of them seemed that way. You've changed that concept that maybe some of them are OK." He moved his hands around his head in a circle. "Still trying to process all these good things happening. It's kinda overwhelming." He turned red again.

Mazal gave a nod in understanding. "I get it, and there are quite a few women who do things like that. Heck I could even be classified as someone like due to my being a flirt, but I don't do anything malicious." Mazal said,

"I have a private battle against those who play the mind games, especially the women who go out of their way to play them. If a man is wondering why a woman is acting that way, I answer their questions. I don't do the.. its a woman thing. Anyway, I'm glad you are finding out that not all of us women are like that. And when you feel like you want a kissing lesson, let me know." giving an answering grin. She gave Patrick a kiss on the cheek. "I think we can call this dance lesson completed."

He nodded. "Ok. Oh, and Mazal, thanks for not going overboard with my costume. I was pretty self conscious. Not everyone would appreciate their CO wearing a cape, tight body suit, and big red boots."

"Oh don't worry, Clark Kent, your secret is safe with me." Mazal responded, with a grin. "Besides, you found out something more about me. A deep dark secret..." waggling her eyebrows up and down. "that I am Diana Prince, aka, Wonder Woman. I'll be sure to also let you see what I look like in a tight body suit, with a whip. But, not tonight." giving a cheeky wink. Her playful side gave way to a more serious one. "You can count on me, Patrick Jackson."

He laughed. "I know I can." He said with a smile. "I know I'll always be able to count on you. It means a lot." He said and stood up. "Why don't we save the world together sometime? Clark and Diana worked well together, I know we do too."

"I'd like that very much, will have to make an appointment for that. And got to do the Batman and Catwoman fight too. Just for fun. Especially since they are not superpowered. Would give us some awesome sparring time. If you can concentrate, and keep your focus enough to stop me from kicking your butt." giving him a wink.

He laughed. "Hey, even Batman got suckered by her off and on. So really, if I get distracted by the outfit, I'm just staying in character." He smiled. "That sounds like a very good sparring match to me though. I'm in!"

"Then it's a playdate for certain then! Would also be good practice for you to not get distracted when fighting a gorgeous opponent. Besides what my mom has said. It doesn't matter the beauty of a person. If they are trying to kill you, they are ugly through and through." Mazal stated.

He chuckled and nodded. "Your mom is a pretty wise woman. I see where you get it." He said motioned with his head. "I'll buy you lunch."

"Sounds good to me, I'm starved and lets avoid the Aurora Lounge, I don't feel like dealing with some disgruntled men. They weren't too happy when I turned down their offers of a date, and I certainly don't want them to be casting some murderous glances towards you. I am not in the mood for trouble." Mazal stated.

He got a grin on his face when she said that. "You know, I could just go with you to the lounge wearing my Superman costume. I have a feeling they wouldn't bother you again." He chucked and then added "Of course if they saw your arm candy was Superman you probably wouldn't get bothered by any of the men at all. Never mind, bad idea." He chuckled.

"Are you wanting to cause trouble and make them think you and I are an item? That will cause some problems." giving him a gentle elbow nudge. "though who knows there maybe talk anyway. You know how rumor mills work." Mazal laughing.

He chuckled. "How would they know it's me? Nobody would ever guess that Superman on SB51 was mild mannered Patrick Jackson."

"Funny, very funny. Patrick." Mazal laughing. "That is so very true. Still pizza sounds really good to me. Along with a beer."

"Now you're talking my language." He replied. "Computer, end program." He started walking toward the exit. "I heard from a bartender last time I was here that there was a good pizza place on deck 1143. Antonio's I think it was, or something like that. Want to check it out?"

"Sure that sounds great. Beer, Pizza good friend. That sounds like a great lunch to me." Mazal said once again nudging Patrick with her shoulder, then laughing. "I've got to tell you this, Patrick I am really enjoying this friendship we've got developing."

He chuckled at the nudge. "I am too Mazal. I'm glad to be able to be your friend. I think we're both going to enjoy this duty rotation."

"I agree. Besides who can stop the team up of Superman and Wonder Woman. We, I am certain, will make a beautiful team!" Mazal giving a pump in the air with her fist.

He laughed deeply. "Indeed so. Just remember, costume is only part of being a superhero. The other part is style. Always stick a three point landing when the bad guys are around."

She chuckled, "Well that would look good for you, but I've got my own style." there still being room for her to maneuver, she'd do a running start to do a handspring launching herself into the air, doing an aerial somersault and landing deftly on her feet, then spun around to face Patrick. "One of these days, I'm going to get you to launch me into the air."

He nodded. "I'm pretty sure we can make that happen. Just a matter of getting our timing down. I could press you without thinking about it so just a coordination obstacles. I see why you like Catwoman with all those acrobatics."

Mazal nodded, "That is a big factor. And its something else I do love doing. I've been wanting to incorporate some acrobatics in fighting practice, utilizing it to well get to high places, or get tossed in the middle of a melee when it is needed. That sort of thing. All in the name of tactics, besides fun."

"Maybe I should call you Selena instead of Mazal?" He said with a playful grin. "Got more Catwoman in you then you let on." He joked.

"Mmmaybe?" Mazal teasingly walking her fingers up his arm once more. "Okay Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent, lets go get some grub I'm starving." A quick kiss on the cheek, before they step out of the Holosuite. "Antonio's, here we come."

2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk
Marine Executive Officer

Captain Patrick Jackson
Marine Commanding Officer


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