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Checking out the Holosuite 1

Posted on 01 Aug 2021 @ 10:45pm by Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Captain Patrick Jackson & 2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk
Edited on on 06 Aug 2021 @ 12:00pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Halodeck 1
Timeline: Day before Mission Briefing


Cahill always went to a holosuite to work out her frustrations. She always had some programs she used. She set up a program that was a battle story and set the controls to level 4. It would hurt but not do any serious harm.

"Computer start Klingon battle 04428. " As she drew her phaser rifle. "Begin Simulation"

The simulation began, it is a deal where I use for training to keep my fighting skills up to par. Cahill had her Klingon weapons with her too. She liked to use them to be more stealthy till she was discovered.

Mazal had her duffle bag of weapons, seeking to check out the holosuite and get some training in. New place, one needed to see what was available. The duffle bag was slung over her shoulder, she carried a bat'leth in her hand, two Mek'leth at her side. In her duffle bag, she had two Hebrew leaf blades which she was rather comfortable using. She came to Holosuite One and was curious about what was going on in here. Mazal stepped in and her dark brown eyes widened. Now, this looked like it was going to be fun. Seeing an unfamiliar face, a woman two inches taller than she, Mazal approached her.

"This looks fun, mind if I join in? I'm 2nd Lieutenant Mazal Falk, recently arrived Marine XO." Mazal stated.

"Computer freeze simulation", Cahill replied, " I am LCMD Alexanderia Cahill the 2XO/CMO on the Tomcat. Welcome to the Tomcat.

It is quite fun. And is also a good test for ones fighting skills. In this simulation, we are looking for some rouge Klingons that want to start another war with the Federation. They disapprove of the treaty between Kronos and the Federation and will do anything to break the treaty up.

I generally simulate Level 5 safety. The shots hitting you hurt and there is also some minor bleeding from the fight going on. So be ready for anything.

Mazal nodded, "Thank you." placing her duffle next to the archway, she also requested a type one phaser, just in case, which she tucked away. For the most part, it was going to be the Mek'leth and the bat'leth. "Which level are you running it on today, 4 or 5? I'm not afraid of taking injuries. If things were too soft, won't be a good training exercise." giving a wide grin

Cahill smiled I normally go 5 but how about we have some fun and make it 6. Sick Bay will have some work to do after we are done but it will feel more real that way.

Hello Jackson how do you feel about it? I do know the CMO and know that she will not care if we do it. And it gives us a chance to work together and learn from one another.

The Marine CO had walked in partway through the conversation holding a TR-116 rifle with optical enhancements and smiled seeing the Chief Medical Officer. "Commander Cahill, always a pleasure to see you outside of being a patient. My personal rule is never to do anything to tick off the CMO. If you think she is good with 6" He paused and slammed a fresh magazine of training rounds into the rifle "then I am good for 6."

"Okay then, we're going hardcore." Mazal grinning wolfishly. "I can deal with that." Attaching the bat'leth to her back which had the accessory for her to do so. "So stealth first, get to our targets. And get them stopped."

Patrick checked his Kabar knife and was sure it was ready and secured at his shoulder. He nodded to the CMO with a smile. "Commander, this is your sim. You're in command of a full fire team. What are your orders?"

"We will move slowly but as fast as possible, there will be some traps and guards along the way to stop us I have had a small squad of Marines put together as extras in this. Let's move out."

Mazal nodded and looked at the terrain to get the feel for it. Forest and Mountain region was something to look out for and so was an urban setting. Even desert terrain was dangerous even swamps, she's trekked through them all. Looking at the marines extras and then to Cahill and Jackson. Who was going to take point?

Patrick smiled. "I don't mind." He said double-checking his phaser at his hip. "Well go low and slow. I'll stay ahead in a standard three-meter separation. Let's move out." He said and began to move into the brush following a little game trail.

With Jackson taking the lead, Mazal followed after him, her ears paying attention to the sounds of the surrounding scenery filtering out what was natural and what was not. About ten yards down the trail, Mazal heard the sound of a breaking twig, and she placed her hand on Jackson's shoulder, getting his attention as well as Cahill's attention, motioning towards the left.

Patrick held a closed fist next to his head and slowly moved it down to his shoulder, signalling to stop and crouch down. He looked in the direction Mazal indicated but saw nothing obvious. He looked at her and pointed two fingers to his eyes, then one finger in that direction and then held up an open palm. Hand gestures were common in the Marines, this series indicating her to scout the area of interest and return within five minutes. He then indicated he was going to go a far direction and look through his scopes and return to the group in five minutes. Mazal could look at the area of interest and he would ensure this was not a decoy and they were being snuck upon.

Mazal nodded, and crouched down moving silently through the brush, she ducked down lower as she saw two... no three people were making their rounds, They were staggering their patrols seeming to be a bit more alert, then again if they were going to be sabotaging the peace talks they would be alert to anyone who would want to stop them. When it was safe Mazal moved away back to the others, motioning how many sentries there were. Mazal had to pause as she noticed something that didn't seem natural, even if it were made to look so. She frowned and marked the spot on where not to step.

She said quietly to Cahill and when Jackson met back up, "There's an IED don't step there." showing the map she had made to mark the spot.

Cahill nodded her acknowledgement and continued. She spotted a spring load trap and pointed it out without making a sound. "We are getting close. the map says we are about 1 km from our target. I want this to go quietly if possible."

Patrick made his way back and listened to Mazal give her report. Patrick nodded at Cahill. "Thermal shows some heat mass about that far past the sentries." He started drawing on the dirt with his finger. "We could scout for a way around or take these out. Single patrol over here." He said drawing a line horizontal to them "and two stationary guards at this outpost." He said pointing them out on the dirt. Looking at the doctor again. "Up to you boss. We could take them out quite like or slowly make our way around but would add extra time."

With Cahill being the one in charge of this Simulation, Mazal was willing to go whichever direction the doctor was wanting to go. Either take out the sentries or completely manoeuvre around them like what Jackson had mentioned. "I'm good either way," Mazal stated quietly.

Cahill replied, "Take them out and let's show them they don't mess with Starfleet. That according to my intel will leave us with 6. The extreme measure authorized. No prisoners It is a good day for them to die.

A smile crept across Patrick's face. Probably a sign he had been on the front lines too long. "What I like to hear." He said and put his finger to the dirt. "Ok, Falk, sneak around wide, and I mean wide." He said moving his finger around to the backside of the outpost. "Watch out for the IED's, pick off the one trying to walk sentry duty on the side. Commander Cahill and I will go up the middle. Once you down the first, we will get the others. A little noise will turn them around. They won't expect you to attack from their base side. Good?"

Mazal nodded, "Got it. Melt into the scenery go wide and raise havoc." she had a smile and excitement radiated from her. "This should be fun."

Cahill smiled, "Leave no witnesses, the Klingon high Command knows nothing about this don't want to create a big scene for the Ambassadors to clean up on an unauthorized mission.

They may get a little mad at us for doing that. 'As she smiled.

"Well, only if they find out about it. If we do our job well enough they won't have a clue as to what happened. When you're ready, by your command." Mazal answered.

Patrick tossed his rifle to one of the Marines staying back. He had his phaser on his hip and unlocked the Kabar knife from his shoulder. He nodded at Falk. "Wouldn't be polite if I got first to kill. Ladies first." He said with a nod to Mazal and slowly inched his way forward moving behind trees to block line of sight.

Cahill replied, One with the first kill buys the drinks when we get back. She and the rest waited 5 minutes before moving forward. Everything was going great. Till a young Marine trip and set off a trip flare letting them know we were there. She moved forward at a jog no sense keeping quiet anymore. She yelled. "TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE."

the Klingons came out to fight and they fought like true Klingons. They kept coming forward and meeting us at a fast pace. Everyone move forward fighting.

Cahill used her hand phaser and a sword to fight blood was flying everywhere. She kept moving forward soon all you Klingon bastards will die.

Mazal faded away into the landscape, her steps quiet. She avoided the traps set, spotting them and stepping around them. Then it was time for her to stop the roving sentry. She crept up as he turned his back to her, Mazal staying out of the Klingon's sense of smell range. Klingons tended to have a decent sense of smell and they had the olfactory capabilities of knowing who was Klingon and who wasn't. Just as he was a couple of feet away from her Mazal leapt onto his back like a wild cat, getting purchase with her knees on his waist then clapping both hands over his ears, to disrupt his balance, and as he went down she leapt back and crouched to where she could spring onto him once more, stabbing him with her two Mek'leth on both sides of his neck.

Then she heard the pop of a warning flare and knew the fight was on. Mazal put her Mek'leth into their place and unslung the bat'leth, going into full fighting mode, her muscles flexing as she spun that blade in a natural dance of death. She got head-butted by one of her opponents, sending her staggering back, quickly cleared her head only to barely avoid a slicing motion of the other Klingon. It did cut through her uniform, drawing blood and she attacked with a great about of fervour. She dropped rolled slicing at the hamstrings, to bring them to their knees, and then went to the next one, working to catch up to the others.

Patrick was crouched behind a tree when the flare fired and the battle began. He heard the Klingons give a battle cry at the warning. "Stealth is overrated anyway." He said out loud and looked back at the Marines behind him. "Rifle!" He yelled opening his hands to catch the rifle he gave to the Marine while he tried to sneak off. He saw Cahill rush in with a phaser and sword on his left, Falk on his right in a melee.

He saw that the Chief Medical Officer was holding her one with what she had but noticed a group trying to flank his XO who was getting occupied with others. He needed to buy her some time. He pulled a grenade off of his pack, pulled the pin and lobbed the grenade between Falk and the flanking Klingons. While it did not kill anyone, it caused them to take cover and break off their flank. Also notifying his XO in a big way something was happening on the other side of her.

His own group was approaching looking to draw his blood. Turning quickly, he pulled the trigger of his rifle three times. The rifle was set to a three-round burst, so nine rounds stopped the closest Klingon in his tracks and then crumbled to the ground. He tossed the rifle into the face of the next Klingon as he pulled his Kabar knife out and rushed into him. He hoped for a quick thrust to the gut to end him but the Klingon knew what he was trying and had knocked the rifle away and protected himself.

He thrust first, but the Klingon was fast, blocking and twisting his knife arm. Patrick used his other hand to grab the thrusting wrist from his attacker and struggled to free his knife. A quick jerk came to his knife hand and bent the blade over his cheek and eyebrow, causing blood to pour out from his wound. He saw the grinning teeth from his attacker and gave a headbutt into his nose and teeth. It stunned his enemy for a second, long enough for him to slam a knee into his ribs, letting his hand free and with a twist, running the knife under the jaw of the Klingon and burning it in to the hilt before pulling it out. He felt warmth and wetness but not on his face. His thigh was sore and wet. Turning around, a long bloody gash was cut from his left hip to mid-thigh. Apparently, the Klingon was not as stunned as he appeared and before he died dropped his hand with the knife into his leg, probably going for his torso and missing.

Cahill charges with her Bat'Leth in her hands. She meets 2 Klingons coming at her and begin to battle. She manages to deliver a crippling cut to one of their legs and then cuts his throat with the next swing leaving him to die.

She then turns to the other Klingon and screams the Klingon Battle cry. then engages him in a fierce fight. The Klingons have an honour code that prevents interference in a battle between the opposing leaders. So they are left to fight alone.

That grenade did give her a heads up, and Mazal tumbled out of the way, picking up a Klingon Disruptor and making her way to where Jackson was. "Fancy meeting you here," she said with a grin, then quickly shot another Klingon coming for them.

He gave her a grin with a little grimace and then pulled his hand phaser out, taking a shot at one peeking around. He was leaning against the tree a little, his leg causing a problem. He did his best to make the lean look cool. "Yeah. Just thought I'd relax at this tree awkwardly. Is that blood?" He said glancing at her head then shooting again keeping the Klingon undercover.

Mazal put her hand to her forehead bringing it down and looked at that blood that was there. "I suppose so, Klingons sure have hard heads." giving a slight laugh, "And I see blood on you too." hearing a noise, she spun around and shot at another Klingon who decided to come up, he turning into nothing.

Jackson would see another source of blood on her side seeping through her cut uniform. Mazal could see where Cahill was at, involved in her battle with whom the marine XO assumed was the leader.

Mazal's attention though was then taken by several Klingons determining they were going to swarm in where they were positioned. "We may need some flashbang, with a bit of a bite, Jackson!"

"I'd be happy with air support as well. But I'd take our fireteam. " he looked and saw they were pinned down. He shook his head. Plan B it was. He reached around his waist and handed her his remaining grenade. "Let's see some heat on this pitch Falk. Last one. Put it right down the" He cut off. Looking past her he caught movement. He was looking past a tree and down the barrel of a disrupted. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in, almost throwing her over him. They both collapsed onto their sides, but he was now between her and the Klingon, his back to him. He landed with a grunt just as the tree erupted with green energy. He opened his eyes and looked at her. "I just modified that Iron horse you showed me." Indicating using his body as a rest.

Mazal nodded, saying, "Thanks for the save" getting herself in position, firing towards the Klingon who had destroyed the tree which Jackson had been leaning against. Mazal's aim was true, hitting the Klingon with a headshot. She fired again at another one, who took his place. He too disappeared, she heard a sound from behind, "They're trying to flank us. " Mazal growled, "time to turn up the heat." handing the disruptor to Jackson. She took the grenade pulled the pin and chucked it dead centre of the group, "fire in the hole!" Mazal said, flattening herself on the ground.

Cahill continued her fight and was inflecting wounds in the right places. The Klingon was losing his strength. She looked at him when he hit the ground losing his weapon. "Surrender yourself and order all others to surrender and we will spare your lives and turn you over to the Klingon Council to stand trial under Klingon law.

Refuse and all of you will die now."

He looked at her as her weapon was at his throat. then Loudly called out in the Klingon language. Pit down your weapons and surrender immediately. No more fighting.

Patrick shook his head slowly. While the grenade was dead centre in the group, the concussion was still enough to rattle his body. He opened his eyes and stirred slowly on his side. Dirt and debris were in his hair and all over his uniform. He opened his eyes and rolled to his back. He looked over at his XO prone on the ground. "Next time." He said and spit out some dirt. "I'll just wear my cape."

Falk looked up from her prone position, dirt mixed with blood making her face look rather.. comical and really dirty. She rolled to her side with a groan, looking at him and then laughed. "Yup would have, helped a great deal. Hey, they are surrendering. Guess Cahill won" She rose from the ground, hissing in pain due to her side being cut and finding another injury. "Come on, let's join her." offering a hand up to her CO.

He took her hand and grunted standing up, nearly falling over and crushing her when his leg nearly gave out. With the adrenaline fading, the cut in his becoming more obvious and deeper. Getting steady he looked at her. "Thanks." He said and nodded over to Cahill. "Nice job Commander!" He yelled to her as they hobbled their way over.

Falk put his arm around her shoulders to help him move easier and headed over to where Cahill was at. "Nice work out Commander." when they got to where she was. "Glad you included us in this scenario. You're impressive!"

Cahill got up and smiled, "Computer end simulation.

I like to have a little fun now and then. It keeps me on my toes and also lets me work out some anger sometimes. I used to fight some of the Klingons on the Tomcat but or previous XO Commander Sterling told me I was too hard on them and to find good computer simulations so I did not hurt the crew too much when I got angry."

"That makes sense. Plus it means more work for you after patching everyone up." He said as he felt something wet and saw some blood on the ground. He was not sure if it was his or Falks. Good odds it was a mix of both of theirs. He looked at his XO and saw the dirt and blood smeared on her face and head. "I thought this was going to be on hand?" He chuckled then winced. oO yup, if those ribs are not broken it's not where they should be. Oo

"Yup, just a cakewalk," Mazal remarked. Feeling gritty and grimy. She was hurting all over and looking at her side, it looked a bit worse than what she thought. She shrugged just a day in the life of a marine.

Cahill replied, "Plus the 2 of you know how my fighting skills are and that I can be counted on when the chips are down too. You also know you can trust me to watch your backs and I can count on you to watch my back too. This kind of trust has to be earned not given."

"True, we definitely know how well you fight. I can truly consider you a combat doctor. One who isn't afraid to get into the thick of things. Still would hate for something to happen to you, Commander." Mazal replied with a slight smile. "however we definitely will get to see how well you can patch us up to." Mazal remarked.

"I am even better at that. Can't let LTC Somers find out I got her marines beat up too bad. I can hide just about anything that is not too bad."


Lt Cmdr Alexanderia Cahill
Chief Medical Officer

Captain Patrick Jackson
Marine Commanding Officer

2nd Lt. Mazal Falk
Marine XO


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