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Mission: S03 Ep 03 Trouble in the Sticks UXSys 659842 (Incidentals) Phase 2
Location: CRR Tomcat/Starbase 4
Timeline: En-Route to Starbase 51


Alex decided to open a secure channel to her Cousin who should be ready to return after her duties are completed, as Alex sat at the desk she opened a secure line to Starbase 4 and asked to speak to Fleet Captain Somers, she was asked to wait and a spinning Federation logo appeared on the screen with the words below it CONNECTING. It only took a moment when the logo was replaced by Jasmines smiling face, which quickly changed as she saw Alex's face.

"Hi, Alex, okay, what is up?" Jasmine asked and was concerned her cousin was usually more verbal than how she currently was, so she braced herself.

After some teeth grinding Alex spoke, "I have some bad news, but most of it is good news, which do you want first?" Alex asked sitting back.

Leaning forward on her end she looked at Alex closer "better give me the bad news first" she said surprised at Alex's restraint, in such a case she was peeved beyond the normal and had been unable to unleash her full fury due to her station as acting CO, this was progress on her part, she was learning the lesson of command the hard way.

Alex looked at her "Winchester" she said with some vehemence her tone ice cold and full of malice.

That was it one word said with a cold icy statement filled with malice Jasmine sighed "What has he gone and done now, this is not the aftermath of his actions during the Phase One briefing is it?" She asked.

"No, I took him through my combat program on the holodeck," she said blandly.

Jasmine's eyes opened wide, "the one where the safeties are lowered so much that one can get physically hurt, that combat program! Why?" she asked clearly shocked.

"Relax the most he did was damage his replacement arm, he did surprisingly well for a fleeter and I was impressed by his actions and was ready to cut him some slack, then I go and get pulled into the CIO Office with Cahill and Walon and Winchester is there, the first time I have seen Walon pissed off," Alex said and paused as Jasmine's features took on a look that was less than happy.

"I am almost afraid to ask!" she said.

"Remember when you moved Winchester from Intel to Security?" Alex asked and Jasmine nodded "you also ordered him to hand over everything related to Intel duties *again Jasmine nodded* well he held some stuff back and Iria was not happy about it, rightfully so" Alex added.

"HE DID WHAT!!!" Jasmine shouted and pulled back.

"You heard correctly, I know you expected him to hand over everything and thus did not expect him to disobey orders, but he did and I found out in the CIO office a month ago while we were waiting for some new crew. So I demoted him one grade and said you will decide his fate when you get back, but currently, he is Lieutenant Jg and Acting Chief of Security, so far he is keeping his head low and doing his job, but what I wanted to do was to send him to Rura Penthe for a life sentence" Alex finished.

Jasmine sat back and stroked her chin in thought and looked down as she ran that news through her head and then looked up "you did right, I will deal with him when I get back. Some good news if it is possible if you please?" Jasmine said.

Now a smile played across Alex's lips "I know you spoke to Cody and some new Department Heads before you left, but we recently acquired two new Deputy Department Heads. But I wanted to talk to you first as it is about the CEO and DCEO, I have also temporarily assigned Cahill as my XO for Phase 2" Alex said.

"Please do not tell me my two experienced engineers have screwed up too?" Jasmine asked almost afraid to know the answer, she had a look of panic on her face, which quickly vanished when Alex smiled a bit more.

"No, quite the opposite both have done extraordinary well considering events, but none were happy in the Phase 2 Briefing about this BDZ order and this time we cannot do what we did at Galen IV, I am sending to you the last visuals a Section 31 team were able to transmit off the planet, have your system keep up and it is nasty and you might want to hurl after watching it, but the Federation Council authorised a full BDZ protocol, gather samples pull out BDZ and then infuse the planet with a bio-toxin to kill the infected after an additional fire-bombing. But I digress I would like your permission to promote Lieutenant Dodd to Lieutenant Commander and make him the new First Officer sooner than normal and Lieutenant Jg Taggert to make her CEO, out of all the possibles Mr Dodd is the most promising, he even passed his Executive exam" she said then added "I was also thinking about Thompson, Silver, Jackson and Serina to their relevant ranks above their current one, there is also a matter of Arderne I will be elevating her to Chosen Man, I know you like doing that, but as I am the one responsible for the Rifles in its full entirety I was thinking I would do it Alex said.

Jasmine was curious as she adjusted her system to keep up with the transfer, I will look at it later, as for Remy and Nicole, and the others you just mentioned I can agree on them and when do you plan on doing it?" Jasmine asked as she sent her approval through to Alex.

The moment Jasmine asked she did something and it came up onto her computer monitor, Alex looked and saw it was authorised approval of the promotions and transfers. "Thank you, as to when I was thinking after Phase 2 is complete and before you get back to the ship, I want you to have an XO in place ready," Alex said and her cousin smiled at that "I know Mr Dodd will have some hiccups along the way, but he should adjust well" Alex added and Jasmine nodded in agreement, Alex looked to the side and back at the screen again "Oh my looks like I have to get going, I will see you when you get back Jas, safe journey to you," Alex said.

"And to you Alex, bye," Jasmine said with a smile and signed off when the screen went dark Alex set up the clearances for later before she left to return to the bridge wondering how Jasmine will react to the visual's she had been sent.

"Oh one more thing Jas, do you want me to do the promotions before you return, or are you going to want to do them yourself?" she asked the Fleet Captain who was about to sign off.

Jasmine paused mid-motion of signing off "do the position promotion and Mr Dodds Promotion and Nicole's promotion to CEO, it will be good practice for you, and put the feelers out for a new DCEO too, oh and some final promotion authorisations Lieutenant's Thompson, Jackson and Serina Donovan and Ensign Silver" Jasmine responded.

"Understood, see you when you get back," Alex said with a smile and finally closed the link.

- Starbase 4 - Jasmine's Quarters -

After signing off she called up the visual record and it was an exact duplicate of what the Tomcat crew had seen, as she watched it she giggled at the stumbling one called Joe until the recorder showed an inflicted head shoot up, the face was drawn and haggard with a mass of scars and his eyes were red and he had a gill sticking out of the back of his neck, the thing held his head back and screeched alerting others close to him and what seemed like listlessness turned into lightning-fast reflexes, with that the pair ran. As the visual came to a blood-curdling close and the screen went dark Jasmine shot up out of the chair and entered the refresher and upchucked for an hour or so, needless to say, she was drained when it stopped and she felt sorry for her crew and at least now knew part of the reason for Alex's mood, after recovering she replicated herself some soup.


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