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Between A Hard Place and Rocky

Posted on 29 Jul 2021 @ 7:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: USS Tomcat, Walon & Dodd's Quarters
Timeline: Before the Journey Home - series of posts

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- USS Tomcat, Walon & Dodd's Quarters -

Dodd had a rough time after dealing with the creation of a means to distribute the bio-toxin on the bad planet and then the actual distribution of that bio-agent. He was not into what had to happen but he knew what was at stake. He also felt that since the mission was over and the ship was on it's way back to Starbase 51 for restocking, upgrades and an exchange of personnel, he was figuring this would be a chance to recollect his emotional and mental well-being.

He had Taggert take over engineering so he could take the afternoon to meditate. Dodd knew he would need to get his mind in a place that would allow him to face the future clearly and the meditation would assist him with overcoming the dread he felt from the termination of the life on the bad planet.

He went to his quarters and being the naturalist he is, he got naked immediately upon entering the quarters. He then walked over to his replicator to get a Rigellian Cocoa Ale and then he asked the computer to play a mix of Bolian meditation music and Bajorian spiritual meditation chants. He sat in the middle of his living room floor upon a mat to unwind his mind and make sense of what just happened. The computer adjusted the lighting the way he always had it for his meditation and he was positioned to face the central portal of the main room. The stars helped him to get centered as they gleamed past the ship outside the portal.

After about ten minutes, Remy felt a tapping on his shoulder. When he felt it a second time he opened his eyes to see that Rocky's vines were spread out more and not as vibrant green as usual.

Rocky was ten or eleven years old now. He displayed a variety of colors in his leaves for emotional status or also for health status. ~~ comfort not, comfort not ~~ was a thought Remy picked up from Rocky. Remy and Rocky had a telepathic link of sorts, and Remy thus sensed something was not on par. So Remy stood up and walked over to stand next to Rocky. The basic emotions Remy was picking up from Rocky ~~no able comfort ~~. Remy always made sure that Rocky had plenty of light and water along with access to a fresh food source and the right about of soil to allow for the nutrients not gained from the mice or rabbits he ate.

As Remy stood with is hand on Rocky's major leave stalk. ~~ growing out, no able comfort, much loved much ~~ Remy knew that Rocky was likely outgrowing life on a starship. Iria had done a good job tending Rocky when he was off ship. She also had not been consumed by Rocky while in feline form. When she was in feline form Iria even played with Rocky's food and getting the mice to willingly run towards his mouth to avoid her claws.

Remy knew that time was upon him to give up his ward and get him a new place to thrive and grow. Remy took a moment to communicated with Rocky. Remy basically saved Rocky from a burning arboretum. Rocky was only a seedling parse and now it had been almost 10 years that they had been together.

Rocky had grown to be huge and took up almost a full half of the quarters that Remy had once shared with Iria. Rocky vined out every day to absorb the special lighting that Remy installed for him. He also would coil up at night to allow Remy and Iria room to walk without stepping on him. Remy had also bonded with Rocky and felt that Rocky was more or less his child and not a plant or a pet. Rocky actually gave joy to Remy and Remy gave Rocky joy as well. Ullians typically don't sense thoughts or emotions from non-humanoid species, but there was something special about Rocky and the small influences of his Betazoid genetics may have helped him pick up on what Rocky felt and formed a means of communication between them.

Remy had something planned and the arrangements were already in place for when the time came. Remy had hoped he would have more time before Rocky had gotten to this point, but it was now time.

When the Tomcat was to be next docked at Starbase 51, Remy would have Rocky removed from the Tomcat and placed in the three story arboretum on the station. Remy knew that in the next ten years Rocky would need room to expand to a height that would almost equal the three stories and hopefully his spores would be able to be transplanted to other arboretums for the species to thrive for generations to come.

Remy had researched Rocky's species and found that this form of carnivorous plant could live for almost 100 years but by the time they are 30 years old they will be three stories tall and can vine out three hundred yards. After they reach their maximum height they will generate spores to reproduce asexually. The spore phase will last about 40 years and then the last 30 years the plant will start to gradually reduce its size to about half of the maximum height and start to change from the natural greens to either oranges and browns or blues and yellows. Rarely they would possibly turn a red or purple.

The arboretum on Starbase 51 would have the proper space and personnel to care for Rocky for the remainder of his life cycle and also allow a variety of citizens to experience him as well as study him for the vast remainder of his life.

Remy attempted to communicate that with Rocky. ~~ move you to new home, visit often, much love ~~ While Remy was doing so, he teared up and realized Rocky sensed the sadness. Rocky was easy to pick up on emotions and thus transformed from the natural greens into a bluish hue and then a yellowish hue and back to green. Remy was touched by the gesture of attempting to make him feel better. ~~ Love Much, you loved, often see, grow room, you thanked ~~ was a closing thought that Rocky sent to Remy to let him know he knew what was going to happen and accepted it. Rocky knew in his own way that Remy loved him and would do what was best for him. Remy felt comfort that Rocky basically understood what was happening to him.

Remy knew it was odd for a man and a plant to have such a bond. Rocky was more like a son to Remy and even with all that has happened in Remy's life, Rocky has been there to help him recover during the last ten years. It was what Rocky deserved and Remy knew Rocky would thrive on Starbase 51. Remy then stepped back from Rocky enough to sit down and continue to meditate. Meanwhile, Rocky embraced Remy with his vines and sort of lifted him off the floor which Remy said was more of a hug and sort of comfortable for meditation session.

After about an hour, Remy thought to Rocky that it was time to end the session and slowly Rocky lowered Remy back to the floor. Remy thanked Rocky for the uplifting session of meditation, and then gave Rocky a gallon of enhanced water. ~~ Tonight you will get two large rats for dinner. ~~

~~ Iria Kitty sad too, happy you will be ~~ Remy thought to Rocky who then shifted to a reddish pink and then orange and back to green. ~~ surprise me every day, miss you I will when move you to station. ~~ Remy thought to Rocky once more.

Remy then exited the room to take a shower and go surprise Iria in her office and take her to dinner. He would have to find the right time to tell her that he will be giving Rocky to the arboretum for his own good.

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