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Rated R (Mature Readers) Tongue Tied Heartache

Posted on 11 Aug 2021 @ 7:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd & Lieutenant Iria Walon

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase 51 temporary quarters


- Walon and Dodd's temporary quarters on Starbase 51 -

Iria hummed as she waited for Remy to get back to their quarters. She had been planning this dinner for a while and after the last mission she felt the time was right.

She was dressed in a black and red lace bra and matching silk panties. Her leggings ended at mid thigh and were shimmery black and red. Her hair was in a loose braid.

The table was set with soup and sandwiches and had cerulean silk scarves draped across the chairs.

She checked the time and then sat down facing the doorway holding a glass in her left hand and a cheekily playful smile on her face. There was one extra long, golden yellow scarf draped across her shoulders and hanging down to the floor.

Dodd sensed something playful coming from his quarters. He paused to relish the thoughts. He was not afraid to be seen out of uniform as he was off duty, so he started to remove the jacket as he tussled his hair and untuck part of his undershirt. The thoughts were already going deep in his mind and he was starting to feel a bulge forming below his waist.

Dodd approached to make the door glide open and he found the most beautiful sight, his Imzadi. He dropped his jacket and then fell to his knees, he slowly crawled up to Iria and meowed at her when he reached her feet.

Iria smiled him and offered him the glass, and stood up slowly, as she tossed the long yellow scarf to catch on a hook set into the ceiling. She tugged on it to make sure it was secure before she motioned for Remy stand up.

Remy took the glass and took a swig. Then he slowly stood up and gave in to her desire to dominate the mood. He was aroused and stood there waiting to be bound and please his Imazid.

Iria took hold of the yellow silk scarf and climbed up it until she was eye to eye to Remy, she leaned forward to kiss him lightly and playfully as she lightly dragged her right foot up his left side.

Remy stood there and let Iria's foot glide up his left side as he also felt a pulsating from his loins. This was the first time she tried this and he was finding this form of bondage more enjoyable than getting tied up right away. The action was merely getting started and Remy was already feeling the heat beat them. He was tense from anticipation and yet relaxed enough to enjoy his Imzadi.

Remy was locked into her eyes and yet their hands had not yet touched one another's flesh the mood was very intimate and his temperature was climbing. He was covered in beads of sweat as he rather enjoyed the act being performed before him. He was so in love with Iria and would let her do anything to him that he was game for her to play any role she wanted.

Iria nipped his left ear gently and sucked on the lobe before she pulled back slowly and winked at him, the she climbed up the band of silk and turned until she was hanging by her left calf and ankle, her hands danced lightly over his shoulders before she tugged off his jacket and under shirt, then she loosened her leg muscles just enough to let her glide slowly down the band of silk and she walked her hands down Remy's body until she reached his pants, she grinned at him cheekily before she undid them and ran kisses over his stomach and lower.

He liked being the animal for her to tame so to speak. He was a dominate male and his work benefited from that personality. However, when it came to personal playtime with his beloved, he enjoyed having Iria be in full control so that she was the one to benefit more from their encounters without him hurting her from being more physical than she is. It also helped him control the final outcome more so those encounters would be longer than ten minutes. If she was in control, he could focus more and make it last for hours.

Iria kissed her way up and down Remy's hard length, giving gentle breaths of air in between each kiss. When she finally took him into her mouth and then purred around him as her hands danced over his thighs and stomach.

The purring of her mouth on his member made him stiffen to the hardness of a diamond and made his heart race. He love her so very much and the touch of her hands on his thighs and stomach made him feel their love intensify. He kept his hands on her head and massaged her scalp as she tended him very well.

After a few moments, he got her to get in a new position as he moved his way to her womanly cavern and got his expedition set to explore the cave. She was moist and he was poised to tongue tickle her to a few waves of intense euphoria. He goal was to have her so worked up that she would ride a wild roller coaster for at least seven cycles or more.

Iria moaned around his length as his tongue explored, her leg muscles quivered threatening her balance on the silk, she pulled back slowly and looked at him, "I think we should relocate before one of us falls on the floor." Not that she really minded the idea, if that is what he wanted right then.

Dodd continued as he liked having her in this position and thus could keep her on the edge of gratification and the tickling of her with his tongue became more intense as she wiggled attempting to keep from hurting Dodd. However, Dodd was really enjoying the thoughts she radiated and getting more into the act of pleasuring her.

Iria as using this intimate time to really get Dodd worked over and in a since would likely be the final act of love between them. She was keeping him busy as she mentally blocked her thoughts to keep him from finding out her decision. She made sure to keep him aroused and on the edge of glory as she also wanted this to be a night to remember for both of them. She likely would not find a man that could fulfill her the way Dodd does ever again.

She nibbled his nipples and gently slid her hands down to his pulsing rod of manly meat and teased him so. She loved it when she made his whole body quiver in excited anticipation. She licked and kissed his bold chest and moved her way down to his naval and took her time to tease him more. Her hands were now behind his glutes as she gently and rhythmically squeezed them as he still quivered and massaged her scalp.

Remy was fully in his glory and enjoying the way Iria used her mouth to toy with his body. The moisture of her lips and tongue against his flesh, the warmth of her mouth round appendages made him feel the love she had for him as well as making him wanted to do the same for her.

Iria then led the fully naked Remy to the bed and ordered him to lay down as she then bound his wrists and ankles to the bedposts. Then she shifted into her feline form and nuzzle against him with her fur to sort of take him over the top. She used her feline form to give a different sensation to Remy and all the while kept him on the edge and never letting him reach the point of eruption.

Remy was quivering from the tickling of Iria's fur and the cold moisture of her feline nose against his flesh. He knew she was making him edge the whole time which meant the climax would be intense for both of them.

After about twenty minutes, Iria shifted back to her humanoid form and mounted the pulsing cock Remy was sporting while still bound to the bed. She rode him like a jockey going for the gold on a very young gelding. The induced thrusting of her moist feminine cavern engulfed around his flesh shaft of manhood was about to make him explode. After a few moments, Remy let it out and the exhilaration of the climax caused a euphoria of love to rain down upon the lovers and Iria collapsed upon Remy.

Both of them were spent and the glow of bliss was radiating from each. Remy still bound to the bed was still coming down from the physical and sexual high. Iria was still on top of him and did not want to slide off as she was dreading the next bit of business she had to do.

Eventually she slide off of Remy and unbound him. He got up and headed to the shower. He was in the shower when Iria joined him and they shared some very intense kisses in the shower as the cleaned up from their play time.

After the shower, Iria was in a robe and Remy was merely in a towel since he was still wet.

"I need to have your ear for a moment." Iria stated to Remy.

"What is it. honey?" Remy replied and stepped closer to her.

"I need to share with you some changes we are needing to undergo." Iria said.

"What are you talking about?" Remy surprisingly replied.

"Well, I have done some soul searching and Ryley has changed my outlook on life." Iria responded. "I am very sorry to have to do this but for now we need to step away from one another."

Remy was so in shock and almost fell to the floor. As he struggled to remain on his feet his towel fell off. "What are you saying? What is happening?"

"Ryley is the last of my family and I never expected to see a family member ever again as I assumed I was the last in my family. With him now returning to my life, I can't in good faith leave him alone after the life he had dealt with all these years. I owe it to myself and him to help him get back something of a new life and to help him get a new foundation. He does not want to live on a starbase or starship. He wants to be able to live in peace on a planet and have fresh air and wide open spaces to enjoy his new freedom. I must help him for as long as it takes. I can't do that while on a starship and it is not fair to you to marry me if I am not able to live on a starship and care for Ryley." Iria stated.

Remy was still so in shock but yet somehow he understood what she was doing. He knew that once Ryley revealed himself as her cousin, she would want to do what she could for him. After all, he was her family. Remy knew that she would not be happy if he was left to fend for himself after just learning he was not the last of his family.

"What made you decide to leave me? I would have considered resigning to go with you and Ryley." Remy replied.

"Don't be silly, you just got promoted to executive officer and to lieutenant commander." Iria added. "I don't expect you to give up that for Ryley's freedom. I love you too much to expect you to leave Starfleet for me and Ryley. I know you have just moved Rocky to the arboretum here on Starbase 51 and that was extremely hard for you. But you did it because it was not fair to Rocky to be stuck in your quarters without the proper room to grow. You did the right thing for Rocky. Now I must do the right thing for Ryley. I need to be there for him and with my psychological and psychiatric training, I can help him."

"You have been my rock and my love for a few years. I would not be the man I am today if it was not for you." Remy responded. "I owe you my life. If you have not come into my life when you did, I would be a complete mess and likely not in Starfleet but living on Betazed in an unsatisfying profession."

"Remington, you will be my best life and I know I will never forget you. But it is for the best that I end our relationship and move on to care for Ryley and have a chance to bond with him to make up for the years we thought the other was dead." Iria stated with a tear in her eye. "You have been the best of me for the last few years and I would not trade that time for anything."

"I do love you and I don't want you to go, but I know you need this." Remy replied while still standing completely nude in front of his Imzadi as she is breaking his heart into a million pieces.

"I've got faith of the heart, I'm going where my heart may take me. I've got faith to believe, that I can do anything. I've got strength of the sole, no one's gonna bend or break me. I've got faith of the heart that I will do what is right and this means I need to depart from my life as I now know it and go to care for Ryley." Iria stated.

"I know the wind's so cold, I've seen the darkest days. But now the winds I feel, are only winds of change. I've been through the fire, and I've been through the rain. But I will be fine. It's been a long night, trying to find my way. Been through the darkness, now I finally have my day." Remy replied. "I will never forget you and one day maybe we will meet again and see what the faith of our hearts has in store for our dreams. Until then I will touch the sky and serve Starfleet and dream of my time with you and how you have evolved me from what I was to who I am now. I will be fine but extremely heartbroken."

"Know I never wanted to do it this way. I wanted to have a family with you and one day retire to a planet to raise our children and become old and grey together with our grandchildren. Know this, you will never leave my heart and I will never forget you. You are my heart and soul, but Ryley has no one and owe it to him. I have you in my heart and in my soul. You should know that I will never really be complete without you. I must do this and I love you until the end of time, come what may, I will always love you until my dying day." Iria responded then stepped up to Remy and gave him a passionate kiss to melt the coldest of planets.

Theirs was a love of a life time condensed into the few years they shared. Iria would then get dressed and exit the quarters all while Remy stood naked and in shock of what happened. He was too surprised by what she decided to do that he could not even run after her.

"I'll be fine. I will love her until my dying day come what may, come what may, I will love her until my dying day." Remy stated even though he was now alone. "I can feel a change in the wind right now. Nothing's in my way. And she is not gonna hold me down no more. No they're not gonna hold me down.
I will see my new dream come to life and I will touch the sky, I can't let her hold me down."

oO Stars, In your multitudes scarce to be counted filling the darkness with order and light. You are the sentinels, Silent and sure. Keeping watch in the night; Keeping watch in the night. You know your place in the sky. You hold your course and your aim. And each in your season returns and returns And is always the same. And if you fall as Lucifer fell, you fall in flames!
And so it must be for so it is written, On the doorway to paradise that those who falter and those who fall must pay the price! Gods let me find me that I am may see me, safe from the fall, I will never rest till then, this I swear by the stars! Oo

Remy was now standing staring out the portal gazing nakely outwards to the stars as he was attempting to pull himself together to deal with the sudden departure of his Imzadi and the life he was planning together with her.


Lieutentant Iria Walon (NPC: Dodd)
Chief Counsellor / Chief of Intelligence
USS Tomcat


Lieutenant Commander Remington S. Dodd
Executive Officer
USS Tomcat


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