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Hot and Cold (working title)

Posted on 17 Jul 2021 @ 7:44pm by Lieutenant JG Ted Silver & Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir
Edited on on 19 Jul 2021 @ 5:45pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: varieted/somewhere
Timeline: Sometime after away mission


- Science Lab -

Work. That’s what he needed. Work. After the recent away mission, he needed to concentrate on something else. Vaporising the atmosphere was the only way. Kill the spores before they could leave the planet below.

Thyra walked into the science lab. She tilted her head at the sight of the padds everywhere. "When you said you had paperwork, you didn't...well this wasn't what I was thinking." She picked up a padd and read it. "I have clearly chosen the wrong career path." She giggled as she put the padd aside. "Sorry, it was really interesting. Our away mission as well, even though it got a little tense and scary. But I am here to invite you to another tea party. If you're interested."

Ted looked up at her.

“ Actually this is something else. Pirl and Lee did all the work. All our data is now on the main computer. It’s fiery curtains for the planet I am afraid. You did well done there. I have put you up for an award.” Silver said

"Ok...I just got on the ship..." Thyra rubbed her nose bridge. "Right, thanks I guess, but is this all you do? Work? You are so tight up." She walked up and took his hand. "You need to let go and have some fun. You just had the most nerve-wracking mission, not only that it was your first time leading an away team. You have every right to relax a little. Come on, let's get a drink, my treat." She put her sweetest smile on her blue face as she tugged him a little.

Ted felt like pulling back. But then again she was talking sense. Yes, he had been way out of his comfort zone. His first time leading an away team. To a planet that most would call a living hell. Plus no one had been killed or mutated in a bluegill zombie.

“ Ok. But nothing with alcohol is ok. I can’t lose control.” He warned her.

"Ok, look," Thyra let go of his hand. "I like Andorian ale just like the next Andorian, but that doesn't mean I am going to stuff it in others faces when they don't want to. Also, there is this drink I have been meaning to try, my roommate at the academy recommended it to me before I came here, just never had the chance to try it. Which I am sure you would like too. She called it a multivitamin. Must be an Earth thing, I don't know. It's a fruit cocktail, no alcohol, with different kinds of fruit juices mixed in it. She said it tastes like a party without alcohol. Would you like to try that?"

Silver had heard of that drink.

“ Yes, a fruit salad I have heard of it. It’s supposed to be very healthy and good for you. Multivitamin just means it has different properties that help different parts of the body to grow and be healthy. There is also a solid version that can be the perfect end to a delicious meal. I would indeed like to try one please.” Ted said.

"Oh, ok great, let's go." She then took his hand again and lead him out of the science lab. Outside she let go as she didn't want to make him feel embarrassed.

As they got to the lounge, she got two of them the drinks from the replicator. It gave her two tall glasses with a strange yellow orange liquid. She handed one to Ted and then sat down on one of the couches. She took a sip and let the taste go through her mouth a moment. Finally, she exclaimed, "Oh, yes, that's an interesting refreshing taste. I like this. Not too sweet and just the right temperature." She was speaking about the drink as if she was grading it.

Ted sipped at his drink. It was indeed perfect. A blend of different fruits with absolutely no alcohol. He closed his eyes as he savoured the different tastes that washed over his taste buds. Silver savoured the feeling.

“ You know this really is incredible. I can tell you how each fruit in this has been grown, its vitamin content, even what nutrients our body’s can absorb from them. But this is the first time I have ever tasted them. In this delicious combination before. Thank you for suggesting it.” Ted said.

"Well, thank my roommate Vash, for suggesting it to me," Thyra said smiling, "We were supposed to celebrate after our graduation, but I had no time, I was assigned to the Pelican and it was at Earth and I had to immediately board, those were my orders." She looked at her now half full glass. "Unfortunately I never will get the chance to drink one with her." She sighed as her antennae hung down. She was killed in a shuttle accident. It got caught in a storm on an away mission, it was heavier than expected the report said. There were no survivors." She took another sip from her drink and continued, "I did talk to her before that mission, and she made me promise that no matter what happened to her, I would try it and that I would not drink it alone. and that I should drink it with a friend. And I like to think that after what we been through on that planet, that we are friends and I..." She desperately blinked to hold back her tears. "I could not imagine she would not approve of the person I chose to drink it with."

She laughed nervously. "Oh, wow, that was a little too emotional. But you know what, I never felt comfortable with anyone in a long while since I heard about Vash's death. So..." She took another sip to let him speak now.

Suddenly the drink began to lose its flavour. Ted felt his hands start the shake. He put the glass down only just in time. As a wave of nausea came over him. Silver thought he would vomit. But thankfully stopped himself.

oO They could of all died just like her friend. I was out of my depth down there.... they could have died or worse.....stuck as brainless creatures roaming a scorched Earth.....until a fiery death from above.......why was I put in charge......I’m just an Ensign.....not even a senior one...Oo he thought.

“Oh, dear.......I don’t feel so good. My oh dear....” He said

Suddenly it was as if he could not breathe.

“ Help me.....” He said holding his chest.

Thyra immediately rushed over to him. She was a little shocked at this reaction. 0o Oh great, I triggered something with my story. 0o She then realized what it was. 0o Of course, he has been so reluctant about that mission, hearing my story made him reevaluate the mission. 0o She gently took his hand. "Ted, look at me, look at me." She ushered him. "I am here, you are here, on the Tomcat. We're safe. I am safe, you are safe, we are all safe. Thanks to you." She squeezed his hands softly like she used to with her younger sister, Syvi. That used to help her. "And don't forget, a team leader is only as good as his team, we did this together. We're all proud to have served under you."

Silver's lungs seemed to suddenly remember how to work again. He gulped fresh air into them and nodded. Suddenly he felt very ashamed of himself.

“ Sorry I don’t know what came over me there? I must look a complete fool. “ He said.

Thyra was still holding his hands. "Will you stop that. You'd be a fool not affected by that. To be honest I was scared, really scared. And I was trained with an Ushaan-tor as a kid. That was crazy." She let go. "But we all somehow managed, and that's the important part. But still, you need to talk to someone about this. Maybe a counsellor. But you're not crazy or a fool, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It takes a lot of guts to do what you did down there. So you're not weak either."

Ted nodded.

“ I feel ashamed. Sorry not sure what got into me there. No way to behave......Suddenly I feel quite peckish maybe we could have something to eat?” Silver asked

Thyra sighed. "You are a strange one, Teddy Silver from Earth. But come to think of it, I think I could use some food as well. Since I recommended the drink, you recommend some food. I don't mind trying something new."

Ted did not feel like anything too heavy. Just in case he was sick again.

“ How about a plate of sandwiches. Cheese and pickle. Brown pickle of course. It just does not do to have mustard pickle with cheddar cheese. Unless of course it’s Bolian cheese but that’s poisonous for Andorian's. So it will have to be English Cheddar.” Ted said.

Thyra nodded. "That sounds good to me." She got up. "You wait here while I get it, I think you need to relax a little, I'll be right back with some sandwiches." She then walked to the replicator to get the food Ted requested and two fill ups of the drinks. He didn't ask for it, but she was getting it anyways and a glass of water.

She returned with the tray of food and drinks and put it down on the table. She took a sandwich herself before she sat down. "We'll dig in." She said smiling.

Ted took a bite from his sandwich and gave her a thumbs up. It was delicious. Just the right amount of pickle , brown of course. Plus the cheddar cheese. Which was mature cheese to Ted’s delight. The bread finished off what had to be a rather good tasting delight.

“ So I am mendable do you think? I know those booking counsellor sessions. Should be my next duty. But do you think I should tell the Captain? “ Silver asked her

Thyra shook her head. "No, but you should talk to Lieutenant Thompson, he is your direct superior. If anyone should know it's him."

She finished her sandwich and nodded to herself. The sandwich was good. "Are you scared it might affect your career? Cause if that's the case, you should not worry. This mission is not normal, not standard what Starfleet is used to. And you are a good officer, you did great on the mission and like I said it would be crazy to think this wouldn't affect you. Or anyone for that matter." She smiled at him before getting another. "These are good." She said.

Ted nodded in agreement.

“ It’s the cheese and pickle that make this good. I have tasted too many sandwiches that were spoiled by the wrong ingredients. The key is the cheddar cheese it has to be mature. Then the pickle has to be just correctly flavoured. To complement it so you get the correct balance. Then of course the bread must be lightly flavoured. Sorry the scientist in me is at it again. I am going to speak with Thompson later plus I am booking counselling sessions.” Silver explained

Thyra nodded still smiling from ear to ear. She put her hand on his shoulder, "Don't ever apologize, ok. You are a friendly and gently person. If ever you want to talk to me again, I am here for you." She then took another sandwich. "Do you want another one?" She offered him the one she was holding.

Ted gave her a thumbs up.

“ Yes, please. These are very good. Maybe we could have some dessert. The replicator does a very tasty chocolate cake. Sorry, I don’t know if it is poisonous for Andorians though. It contains peanut essence.” He warned. “ I know some of the nuts that grow on Earth are no’s for you. Due to a natural poison in them that we humans have become immune to over the centuries.” He said.

Thyra thought about that for a moment. "Would you mind having a variation without peanuts then?" She inquired. "I have had chocolate cakes before. Or we could have some brownie with some whipped cream." She could almost taste it.

Ted smiled perhaps properly for the first time in days.

" Oh yes, please. Chocolate brownies are my absolute favourite and with whipped cream or yes, please! You know there is an old fashioned cake shop in London. They only do Earth recipes but they do international flavours of cakes. Including these chocolate brownies with a soft fudge filling. They also do fresh cream-based ice cream. It makes my mouth water just talking about it. But Earth is miles away. So let's go for these Brownies with whipped cream please." Ted said

Thyra gives a little enthusiastic squeal at Ted's talk about Earth. "You should really take me to London when we are at Earth again, you tell so many good things I want to be there." She got up. "I will get us the brownies." She walked to the replicator and returned with the treats. She offered a plate with a piece of brownie and whip cream.

Slowly Ted scooped up a piece it the brownie with a small dollop of whipped cream. He placed it in his mouth. The chocolate bitterness was offset by the cream.

“ Hmmm, this brownie tastes a little bitter. But that’s good as the whipped cream. Gives it a good kick to the taste buds. Yes, you would like London. A lot of it has been preserved. There are some very fine eatery’s. Perhaps we could visit west..... no perhaps not. We could visit some of the old historical buildings. That is still standing today.” Ted said

"Ohw...ancient architecture. I do love that." Thyra smiled as she took a bite of the brownie. She savoured the taste as she said, "You know your desserts. Is there anything else you can talk about, I love to hear you talk about stuff, you are so passionate about it." She was really interested as she was leaned forward. and her antennae were pointing at him.

" Well. What would you like me to say?" Ted asked. " I could tell you about the North East of England heritage coastal town. Or you could tell me more about your own homeworld. Its foods and its culture." Ted said

Thyra was taken a bit off guard by that last remark. "Eh.. my home world? Well, it's cold. And we have many delicacies. Most notable is our cabbage soup, or perhaps the tuber root. But ever since I enlisted I haven't eaten much from my people. I can prepare cabbage soup for you sometimes if you like."

She was a bit in thought. "And what would you be interested to know about my culture? There is so much to tell. I am pretty much the norm right now, I come from a family with all 4 genders. So in effect, I have 4 parents in total. 2 fathers and 2 mothers. Which is normal for Andorian families."

Silver took a sip of his drink.

" You know I feel quite ashamed. I never knew that about Andorians. I knew as a warrior race you could show the Klingons a thing or to. Four genders were incredible. Male, Female and?" He asked

Thyra didn't feel surprised or wanted to hold it against him. "We have a sort of dividing of genders like the Rigellians. This means we have two types of males and two types of females. Usually, we have big families in Andoria, and big weddings as you can imagine, but it is not unheard of to have a couple. Families with only one male and female. Commander Shran, a famous figure in Starfleet history was married to one female. She was of the Aenar. And they had a child together."

She thought a moment about the Klingon comment and then said, "As for you mentioning the Klingons, we have more rules, regulations, and rituals over the Klingons, but we consider honour very important just like the Klingons."

Silver took another bite of his desert. Then looked at the time.

“Fascinating.....Oh, dear. Just as I was enjoying our talk, the time has fled. We are going to need to eat up. We have a meeting to attend soon.” Ted replied

"Oh..." She hadn't checked out the time at all. "You're so right. But I really enjoy our time together that I never really look at the time." She smiled and finished her brownie.


Ensign Ted Silver
Deputy Chief Science Officer

Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir
Deputy Chief of Security


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