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Code Blue in Sickbay

Posted on 29 May 2021 @ 9:55pm by Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir & Ensign Geoffrey Hale MD

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Main Sickbay
Timeline: Current


Geoffrey Hale Breathed contentedly as he finished his check of sickbay, satisfied that the space was spotless ahead of his next appointment. He pre-activated the climate control zone around one of the biobeds, having the system cool the air several degrees in preparation. with that out of the way, he grabbed a jacket from an equipment locker and set about checking his supplies while he waited for the time to arrive.

Thyra walked into sickbay. It was time for a check-up. She looked around sickbay till she found the doctor. She walked over to him with a friendly smile. "Hello Doctor, I am Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir, I am here for my check-up."

"Ensign Sh'shraaqir, excellent, please take a seat on the biobed and we can begin," Geoff responded. He indicated the chilled bed with his hand. Checking off a final item on his PADD, he turned his full attention to his patient. "Have you been feeling well lately? Have you felt anything out of the ordinary?" He made his questions conversationally while he placed the tray with his tools on the stand next to the biobed.

"I am feeling well, doctor," Thyra said. "Nothing out of the ordinary." She thought a moment and then continued, "Nothing to report. Unless you find something." She chuckled a little at that.

"I expect this will just be a formality then," Geoff replied, taking up his scanner and beginning his survey with a few passes of the device. "I'm glad to hear you're not feeling poorly, hopefully, it stays that way." He continued, making a few more passes with his scanner and then switching to a PADD to view the results. "Well, physically speaking you're in excellent health so far as I can tell. There appear to be the early stages of repetitive strain in the tendons of your legs, likely from martial arts exercises. It's not significant at this point, but you may want to refrain from kicking drills for a few days unless you've already taken that into account in your exercises. I don't want to second guess you." He concluded.

"I kicked too much..." her antennae moved around a little lost. "Huh, I had no idea. I usually strictly balance out my martial arts training between my arms and legs. But I shall take a look at my regiment as you requested and will refrain from any unnecessary kicking drills." She slipped off the bed. "May I thank you for the lowering of the temperature of the biobed. That was very considerate of you. Not many doctors seem to take into account that Andorians don't operate well on higher temperatures."

Geoff made a few notes on the PADD he was holding. He nodded, "It seems to me you have everything under control then." He put the PADD and his medical equipment advise and then turned to her when she commented on the biobed. "Well, I thought that was common sense."

Thyra was a bit put off by that reaction. "" She was stomped. She never met any human quite like him. Andorian body temperature may be lower than that of an average human, they still can come over warm and passionate.

She sighed and then said, "Doctor, is there anything else or am I dismissed?"

Geoff strode off as he waved to her. "No, you are dismissed, Ensign."

Thyra watched him leave. Again, not able to say anything. She then turned around as she walked to the entrance of the infirmary. Her antennae hang down as the expression did as well. She didn't know the doctor well, and she didn't want to judge him. Neither was she an empath, but for some reason everything around him felt lonely. She couldn't imagine as she grew up in a big family where everyone was always cared for.

o0 What do you know, Thyra? Maybe off duty he is a swell guy and he is just being formal because you're new. 0o She thought as she stood there a moment. Not willing to change who she was because of his demeanor she turned around and said with the broadest smile on her face, "Thank you, Doctor. Please let me up somewhere outside of sickbay, okay." She then walked out of the infirmary.

Geoff turned around and looked at the Andorian before she disappeared through the door. o0 That Andorian female is a strange one. o0 He thought to himself as he shook his head with a little grin on his face.


Ensign Geoffrey Hale MD
Assistant chief medical officer

Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir
Deputy Chief of Security


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