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Knowing me, Knowing you

Posted on 14 Apr 2021 @ 9:13pm by Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley & Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


Leland had smiled, as he had sent some popcorn flying for Lilli's mouth. "Wake up!" He had grinned, seeing that she had fell asleep to the movie they were watching.

Lilli awoke with an apologetic glance. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to fall asleep ..” She offered a smile.

"Say... Let's bust this joint, take a walk somewhere." Leland thought for a moment, watching the sleeping beauty rise.

Lilli nodded. “I’d like that” she ran her fingers through her hair making sure she was presentable from where she’d been lying on it. “Anywhere in particular in mind?”

"I think I have a perfect place in mind, quiet, alone. The best views in the universe?" Hawk winked.

“I’m intrigued!” She grinned as she got to her feet and took Leland’s arm. “How’s about you lead the way.”

"Of course, M'Lady!" Hawk had winked. He enjoyed the feel of having Lilli's forearm along side his as he walked with her. He felt proud.

They had begun a long walk through the corridors of the Tomcat. Along the way stopping and checking through the operations as they went. In the off time it was still nice to see what the other crews were doing.

Leland had then come to a corridor access point. He pulled out a padd and then checked on the diagram. "This way." Hawksley had then tapped at the lock mechanism, and then entered a code in to it. The dual sided hatch then opened on command.

"Might be a little bit of climbing where we're headed, but..." He gestured for Vail to enter first. The vertical set of Jeffries tubes leading upward. "I'll get the best view out of this climb."

Lilli grinned as she looked at Leland. “The best view of my behind climbing this ladder above you!” She climbed at a steady pace, grateful for the fitness being a marine required. “So exactly where are you taking me?”

"Access port to the aft sensor pods, there is a nice view out. We can watch the Tomcat as she glides. It's peaceful."

He smiled, as he begun up the lateral ascent upward. "This way, we get a view not from the front, but the aft. I like to see how she runs and glides from the behind."

He then chuckled to his self cocking his head a slight, as he eyed Lilli's perfect backside. "Speaking of behinds.... MNnnnn Damn!" Leland couldn't help but remark.

Lilli couldn’t help but grin as she looked down at Leland. “So you enjoy watching backsides glide do you?” She kept on climbing eager to reach the end destination and see the view with Leland.

As they had reached the top of the sensor mount cluster access space. The room was quiet with the sound of background computers. Entering along side Lilli, he sat down beside her.

"Oh... What's this?" He had taken the whicker basket, that was replicated prior. It had a bottle of Champagne and an assortment of chocolate covered strawberries. "Consider it a light afternoon snack." He reached in and pulled out the glasses and handing them to Vail.

Popping off the top, the bubbles fizzled, and he then poured them both.

“You definitely thought of everything didn’t you?” Lilli smiled the biggest smile yet. “Thank you for this Leland, it’s wonderful.” She looked at the view. “You’re right it’s lovely here.”

"Computer. Play 'Moonlight Sonata' Ludwig Beethoven." Hawksley had snuggled up relaxing next to his girl. He enjoyed relaxing with Lilli, and just staring at the stars cape. As the gentle operatic music began to play, a whole symphony of emotional ranges was projected.

Leland smiled, and then took Lilli's hand to his and kissed it. Holding it, and relaxed back against the metal wall, which was ok as he lent his forearm round Vail so she would not have to feel the metal wall frame.

"What do you think is out there?" Leland adrift in the moment, not ever asking anyone before what their thoughts were on the universe, things that lie beyond explored space.

“I really don’t know, who knows what might be waiting. I love to see the wonders that we see everyday! I love to look out on the stars as we travel through this ... eternal darkness. Those stars alone make this magical for me, and having you here makes it doubly magical.”

Leland listened to Lilli speak. He loved the sound of her soft and sweet voice. He held her hand in to his large one, as he brought it up to his and kissed the top of her hand.

"You know that is true. I joined Starfleet to serve. The stars was the bonus. I guess the more I was out here on duty, the more I wonder... What life do we yet have to meet. Yet, I think I've already met the greatest wonder there is." He felt so happy saying that, embarrassed, but it was true.

Lilli gave Leland a look of awe and there was the twinkle of tears in her eyes as well. She looked away wiping away a few stray tears before looking back. “I’ve never met anyone like you before Leland. You make me feel so special.”

"Look at us.." Leland grinned. "Were so sappy and a bunch of romantics." He said. "A starship can bring two people together, never having met before and then falling for you, when I'd least expect the place to be looking." He was amazed at how things worked out in his life.

Lilli grinned. “I never imagined I’d find a man interested in being with a marine. Men generally don’t like women who are too ...” She paused to think how to word it. “Butch?” She offered a smile. “You make me feel like the woman I am Leland, to me that’s very special.”

Leland had looked a bit surprised. "The last thing on my mind was you being a marine that is too butch." He laughed. "And who cares if you wear a uniform, once it comes off..... Your all Woman baby!" He winked.

"I don't think I mind having a woman who knows how to defend herself, knows how to survive... That's not butch, that's being smart." He narrowed his eyes. "Would you think me not being man enough, simply because I am not in marine uniform? I push and pull the same weights, I've been on the same courses. Remember, I've got marine friends... Back on that listening post, hell.." He had chuckled. "I'd be more a marine than some they were!"

Lilli smiled. “You are more of a man that a lot of men I’ve met Leland.” She looked into his eyes. “I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else, you are all I’ve ever wanted.”

"You really know how to stroke a man's ego, you know that." He cocked his head to stare at Lilli. "And... Erm... More." Hawk had burst into a laugh... "I'm bad, sorry." He then gripped Lilli's hand gently stroking. "I feel the same way... About you Lilli." He smiled comforted and affectionate in reply. What she had said made him feel comforted and special.

“I like to please you, you know that” Lilli smiled as she looked into Leland’s eyes. “As for stroking things” she ran her fingers over his zipper. “You know I enjoy doing that too.”

Leland's face immediately beamed from soft white to red cheeks, as he grunted. "Oh.... Oh you do? Just.... What things?" He leaned forward to place a nice sensual kiss to Lilli's lips, tasting their sweetness, softness her genuine warmth.

Lilli returned his kiss before leaning back. “Oh just ... things” she smiled playfully. “You brought me up here to show me the view and enjoy each other’s company, not to make out. I don’t want to spoil that, unless you want to of course!”

"It just seems like one of the few places on this ship we can have just for us. It's a small ship." Leland lent his forehead to Lilli's. "I can't wait for us to take a vacation on the holodeck. I want to see you in a skimpy bikini.... Nothing turns me on more!" He winked. "Where would you like to take a Holo vacation?" Hawk pondered. He was excited to start experiencing things just with Lilli alone. The two of them.

“Hmm now that’s a hard decision. There are so many beautiful places to go. There’s a favourite spot of mine on Betazed that I’d love to show you, there’s also Scotland on Earth, there’s always Risa and the holodeck has a few selections of it’s own. My favourite spot on Betazed has crystal blue waters, golden sands, an isolated cabin near beach, it would be perfect just for us.”

"Now that sounds like an idea, hot damn!" He nodded, as he had slapped his hand at his own thigh. "So.. Entice me?" He lent his glistening eyes asunder, connecting to Lilli's dark brown beauties. Her face, the way she smiled. It was all there to Hawksley. His for the taking... "What kind of swim suit do you have in mind? It has to be hot, we can’t sit in cold you understand. I have to see skin!" Hawk pouted.

“Ohh you’ll see skin” Lilli grinned. “Picture a nice skimpy bikini, just a bra top and matching brief style underwear.” She grinned playfully. “I can demonstrate if you like?”

Leland bit his lower lip as he mumbled. "Oh babe. Demonstrate me away..." He grunted, his eyes seeing Lilli sitting there, with a background of stars asunder from the rear window.

"You literally know I will cream my pants." Hawk always couldn't help with his crude annotations.

“Well we can’t have that can we?” Lilli grinned as she proceeded to demonstrate removing all but her bra and panties. “There! Does this give you an idea of how I’d look in a bikini?”

Leland had watched Lilli seductively remove her clothing to reveal herself leaving little to the imagination. Leland bit his lower lip as he reached over and planting himself atop of Vail.

Leaning downward Hawk gently kissed at her neck, and let his nostrils fill up with her sweet scent of a woman. "I want to slide my tongue around you... Like a snake." He groaned unable to help it, feeling her sensuous curves under him.

Lilli’s fingers gently trailed along Leland’s skin. “I’m not stopping you. I’m all yours to enjoy.”

Leland embraced Lilli with passion, as he leaned forward overtop of her, both unclothed. After a while, the bright twinkling stars cape had begun to fade behind a sheen of condensation from the small access room. The sounds of two lovers embracing each other in their most intimate of ways.


Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail
Marine Medic/Counsellor


Lt. Jg. Leland Hawksley


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