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Napalm Pathogen

Posted on 30 Mar 2021 @ 5:58pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Matthew Thompson & Ensign Geoffrey Hale MD
Edited on on 30 Mar 2021 @ 7:54pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Science Lab 2
Timeline: 240307.2


Colonel Somers had ordered the science, medical and engineering departments to come up with a way to destroy the poisonous lifeforms on the planet's surface. they were a mutated form of Isoboromine parasite. However, this mutation affected not only sentient lifeforms but the entire ecosystem of the planet below making it poisonous to any other life form and even turned sentient beings into zombie-like monsters. Matt had learned almost all there was about the bluegills, but this was a miasmatic form of life, almost like a virus or fungal infection. When they had actually gotten samples from the planet below, he discovered that it was extremely resistant to any antibiotic that was ever created they also discovered that it was resistant to any poison or radiation they could think of. Now it was up to then to discover a method to exfoliate the life forms below or end up destroying the entire planet Dr. Hale, Mr. Dodd and I had been tasked with the development of an isoboromine inhibiting napalm exfoliant and a delivery system.

"I can modify very easily all of our maintenance drones to be able to administer an aerosol or other liquid or vapour into the atmosphere. Or I can devise a way to get the creation of whatever agent you need to develop dispersed upon the planet." Dodd replied.

Good, I'm trying to decide on how best to deliver it. It works by invading the cells of any life form that it touches, if it finds Isoboromine it starts a chain reaction causing the cellular mitochondria to literally burn up. Mitochondria is the power plant of the cell. if it burns up the cells die. In this case that is the reason that this is an isobiogenic weapon. it will destroy all infected life. Matt said. the trick is knowing how much of the stuff to deliver. The infection rate is far higher than would normally be possible and continues to increase at a geometric rate. Matt continued.

"Also the new NEVS will protect any away team members from the agent that is dispersed upon the planet if there is a need to have someone on the surface when this happens," Dodd added.

"How will it do that Mr Dodd?" Matt asked curiously.

"The nanotech would be able to withstand a fiery vapor explosion, so it could withstand the napalm inferno the dispersion of the agent and the ignition that will follow," Dodd added. "I would not encourage anyone to be on the surface when the procedure starts, but if we had to beam someone down as the inferno starts to subside, we could do so safely."

"Are you sure? It's liable to go up like dry hay soaked in gasoline. I would feel much better if the away team was nowhere near the explosion. I mean we are talking about every life form on the planet with any isoboromine contamination. The collateral damage should be extensive. Even microbes in the atmosphere. the pyrotechnics will be able to be seen from orbit. We are talking about sterilizing this entire planet." Matt said.

"Again, I would say it is safe for sure when the inferno subsides, but if an away team member were to be on the surface and the process started they should be able to survive as the suit can produce a safe internal environment for the wearer but it would be pushed to the limits but is survivable," Dodd replied. "I would just play it safer than sorry and use the transponders to be sure all are off the planet."

"Okay, then let's get to work on it. At this rate, we will need to blanket the whole planet." Matt said.

"The maintenance drones can be easily modified to disperse the agent in the atmosphere and at the surface. However, we would likely lose a few of them at the surface. But our fleet of drones is four hundred and we could spare a few. I have ordered all of them to be adjusted for dispersal. The few that we could sacrifice can be set to be the ignition switch for the process." Dodd replied. "I know but I have been working on many possible ideas and have not been sleeping well so I use my time to work out those ideas along with filtering all the thoughts of the crew, which have also helped in my ideas."

"When do you think the adjustment can be completed? Matt asked Mr Dodd.

Geoffrey Hale, watched this exchange quietly from the console where he sat, monitoring the vitals of the planet's biosphere. His mind conjured up a macabre scene of 20th century doctors assisting in an execution. He let the science specialists discuss how best to administer their "lethal injection," which was their area of expertise. He would speak up when the time came for him to assume the opposite of his normal role and help ensure a speedy and complete death.

"The drones can be modified quickly as once we modify a few of them, they can then modify themselves thus speeding up the process. I would say it would be about an hour and two hundred fifty drones would be ready to go, if we need more that would be no major delay, only about thirty more minutes or so." Dodd replied. "I have two engineers already working on the subroutines and it is a matter of installing and then ordering the drones to modify themselves after the first few are done."

"Very good I will report this to Colonel Somers, Keep working on it," Matt said.


Lt Jg Matt Thompson
Chief Science Officer

Lt Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer

Ensign Geoffrey Hale
Medical Officer


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