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Posted on 22 Mar 2021 @ 3:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Samantha Smithson SB51 & Lieutenant JG Tosrol Ze
Edited on on 30 Mar 2021 @ 7:59pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase 51/Various
Timeline: Prior to ship leaving on Phase 2


Not long after finishing up with a cheerful Andorian Sam looked at her schedule and saw that she had one more new arrival for today, this was something new, so many new officers so soon, still something must be going on! So standing and tugging down her tunic with Padd in hand she left the security office and headed for the Arrival/Departures lounge, not for the first time did she wonder who would take over here if she applied and got another posting off the Starbase, she supposed she would never find out. She entered the lift and the moment the doors closed "Arrival and Departures" she said and the lift whisked her to her requested destination, she ran things through her mind about current events.

- Arrival and Departures -

Finally arriving at her destination she stepped out of the lift and headed to the lounge, she looked at her Padd and the image and looked up and quickly spotted her quarry, so she walked over to him and in a present tone "Lieutenant Torsol Ze!" She said, but it was not a question "I am Lieutenant Commander Samantha Smithson, welcome to Starbase 51 and the Mira Sector, going by your file you are the ships new Chief Operations Officer" she said and again not really the question "okay before we get to my office, do you have any questions?" Smithson asked looking at the officer who just shit up and stood to rigid attention.

Torsol had arrived at starbase 51 promptly and on time, in fact with a little time to spare. His fresh new uniform made him look like a greenhorn, of course, he wasn't but a new sector and new ship he might as well be.

He walked over and sat in a chair and awaited his call. The long journey had been even longer because of anxiety, But he was here now and he would hopefully get most of his anxiety worked out. As he saw someone come out of a turbo lift, a blonde torsol's eyebrow quirked up as she read his name, He stood up "Front and Center M'am" he said with a brief smile "Umm not as far as I'm aware Ma'am"

"Relax Lieutenant, before you pull a muscle, this is not the Marines," she said with a faint smile "now if you will follow me we will get you registered with the starbase and get stuff sorted out for you, this will be a shortened orientation as the Tomcat is leaving soon, they have been notified of a few last-minute crew arriving, so let's go," she said leading the new officer to the nearest lift. When both had entered it and the doors closed "security Center," she said and l the lift began moving "YOu have some time to ask questions Lieutenant, do not ask on the social aspects of the TOmcat as I would not know them, but other stuff I would likely be able to answer them, so my silence is your invitation," she said falling silent allowing the new officer the chance to ask any questions.

Torsol laughed a little "I can do that Liutennant commander" he let his shoulders drop and his fists unfurl, Anxiety sometimes rode him like a bullet train and it was hard to come down from the excitement and nerves all at the same time. He looked on "Ok Lead away" he said with a brief smile as he matched her step for step, his empathy afforded him a lot more than he realised, being able to match movement sometimes held its bonus's.

As the doors closed he pondered on the question at hand "Well actually there are a few that spring to mind" he said with a far off glance for a second "So I understand the tomcat is a marine vessel I've never really served with them so what is the dynamic like? " He asked torsol did like questions but in a setting like this, it was always hard for him to come up with any.

He looked at the lieutenant commander "What is the crew complement like?" he asked another question that had been burning a hole in his head, Torsol ran his hand through his hair he hadn't actually styled his hair which was a rare occurrence for the young betazoid "The station is huge as well never seen starbase 51 up close?" he said with a wry smile that didn't really reach his eyes a sign of tiredness if anything else.

*A small smile* oO Finally a Nugget asking questions Oo she said to herself "to answer your first question, yes the Tomcat is, but she does more Fleet type missions now than Marine. It is classed as such as she has 467 Marines serving on her and that is just the assault troops. But if you value your life do not call them Marines, they are Riflemen as the entire assault troop are of the reformed 95th Rifle Regiment, call the standard grunt a soldier if you must but never marine. As for the dynamic up until they recently got a full-time MCO there was never that many Rifles on the ship, so if memory serves they are still working things out on that score" she smiled as she looked at him.

"The Station is a standard Stardock class Starbase with all approved latest systems and the like, most of the place is habitable now, but there are still sections that cannot be accessed, technically this base has no name hence its designation SB51, it will be given a proper designation and such when it is classed fully operational. You will have to find permanent quarters on this Starbase after Phase 2 Mission is done, as while the quarters on the Tomcat are very nice she is not a Galaxy Class and does not have as much room, the enlisted ratings have shared bunks like the crews of the old NX class ships used to have, it is only Officer quarters that are spacious" Sothson added and inhaled and she gathered her thoughts to answer the next question.

"The crew complement is slightly different, the evac capacity has had to been lowered to allow combat facilities and the like to be put in, as for how the crew are I cannot say, I only see them long enough to sort out their clearances and send them on their way, but the current acting Commander of the ship is Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers, as to how close-knit the crew are, that has yet to be determined as they have had a lot of crew turn-overs" she answered his second question as the lift stopped and she stepped out with the Lieutenant close behind and not waiting for him she began to walk on.

Torsol listened intently to how his questions were answered, taking everything in at the time. Torsol was a great listener after all its why, he'd opted for operations and communications at Starfleet academy “Wow 467 Riflemen that's one hell of a compliment I would not want to be the enemy facing them” he said with a wide almost childlike grin, the tomcat was a new assignment for the betazoid but was eager to see what he could offer. The questions he'd asked were all answered broadly and knowledgeably and he smiled as he took in the answers.

Torsol looked around at the hallways of the starbase, he hadn't really been on one since earth space dock and that was some time ago “I must say she a marvel one of the largest I've seen in a long time” he said with a brief smile to the other “So will I be temporally reassigned back to starbase 51 once this most recent mission is over?” he asked with a puzzled face, he just needed to know a little more about the situation there. The lift stopped as commander Smithson stepped out torsol fell in step behind her. She had answered all of his opening questions with a great base of knowledge for him to go forward with.

“Commander I know I was assigned to Operations but I can also double as communications I had a major in operations at the academy and minor in communications so if they need me to fill in there I can do that also,” he said with a brief smile trying to keep in step with the other “Ahh ok so they've had a few turnovers which is what id expect from a ship of that size,” he said stuffing his hand in his right pocket.

"First off when you are stationed aboard the Tomcat the only time you will leave to enter this Starbase will be on Shoreleave, otherwise you will not be assigned to the Starbase, you will need to obtain some permanent quarters on this starbase for when you are on shore leave, al suites are extravagant so plenty of room for the larger personal items you may have. As for the communications offer, you will need to speak to the Colonel about that when you get onboard and manage to get a meeting with her. *pause* hand out of pocket Lieutenant if you will" she said looking at him and down at his hand with a smile "but your assignment is the Tomcat, not the Starbase" she added as they entered the outer office and went straight through to her Office "If you will be seated Lieutenant" she said pointing to the seat opposite her desk while she took hers "if you have more questions ask I can multi-task" she said as she began to tap away at the interface keys.

Torsol listened intently, he moved his hand from his pocket instantly "Sorry Lieutenant Commander won't happen again" he spoke as he walked again, keeping up with the pace "ok understood that's good I do have a lot of stuff that really won't fit in one room" he said with a chirpy smile "Ok ill remind my self to talk to talk to the Colonel about that when I get aboard" he said mentally noting that for later so that he didn't forget.

They entered the office, as soon as he was told to sit he did so in the sat over the desk, getting comfortable he swung his legs under his chair "How long is the Tomcats mission?" he asked sitting fully back in the chair as he looked to space in the outside of the station.

*Looks up with a smile* "I hope not as the Colonel is a career Marine" she simply said "They vary from mission to mission, so I cannot give a specific timeframe there, Lieutenant sorry on that" Smithson answered as she finished inputting data and the machine behind her produced an ID Card, she took it out and held it out to the Lieutenant "This is your ID badge to be worn AT all times on the ship, only leave it on the ship if you are assigned to an away team, otherwise it is to be kept on your person at all times, understood?" She asked as she tapped in more data for the final item.

Tosrol slightly laughed, hed have to keep his hands at his sides a lot, he was terrible for sticking them in his pockets it was a nasty habit he had meant to stop years ago “Duly Noted” he said with a wide smile, as he looked at the badge that was handed to him “ok understood ill keep this on me at all times” he said placing it now on the right breast of his uniform.

As Sam finished the second task she put in a blank data chip and copied his security codes onto it and secured the data chip and registered it and pulled it out of the machine and held it out to him "This is a separate set of security codes only for the Tomcat, while your standard codes will work, the codes on this data chip are very unique to your ship assignment only" she said waiting for him to take the chip "do you have anything at this time to ask Lieutenant?" She added.

Torsol smiled as he was handed the data chip, turning it over in his hand "ok understood" was his response as he placed it inside his pocket and his hand came straight back out "Nope think that's all my questions answered Ma'm" he said with a brief wiry smile as he looked at his ID card.

"Now as you are essentially a Department Head on the ship, you are to report to Colonel Somers the moment you locate your quarters, now as you have no further questions and we are finished here, I will let you go so as you can report to the ship, better be quick she is about to depart, you are dismissed Lieutenant and good Voyages to you," Smithson said standing and holding out her hand.

Torsol smiled "understood," He said as he got up and pushed his chair in "Thank you Lieutenant commander I hope to see you soon," he said grabbing the rest of his stuff and Departing the room.

With that she watched him leave, the moment he has left the area she slumped back down in her chair mentally exhausted, it was not going to get any easier since Karyn was reassigned, she stretched and pulled open her bottom drawer and pulled out a small glass and some Aldebaran Whiskey and poured herself a small glass, she felt it was okay as her shift was over and the second shift had already begun to arrive on duty.


Lieutenant Jg Torsol Ze
Chief Operations Officer

Lieutenant Commander Samantha Smithson [P: Somers]
Starbase 51 Chief of Security


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