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Addicted to You (18+)

Posted on 10 Mar 2021 @ 9:21pm by Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley & Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail
Edited on on 10 Mar 2021 @ 9:36pm

Mission: S03 Ep 03 Trouble in the Sticks UXSys 659842 (Incidentals) Phase 2
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: Current

OOC: Contains Adult Content


- Mess Hall -

Hawksley had entered the mess hall. He looked at his silver wrist chronometer. The last time he had spent with Lilli was incredible. The sex was incredible. More so, she was intriguing to him.

They had communicated between shifts and days, and was finally able to match up their times to sit and have lunch together during the mid-day break between their two-timing schedules on the Tomcat.

Leland had his usual peanut butter and jam sandwich, with white bread on a metal plate, along with a glass of milk and a coffee as well. He had thought about having something ready for Lilli but decided not too. He didn't know her all that well yet, like... What are your favorite things to eat for Lunch.

He was serious. He had wanted to get to know her, more so, well than the sex. It was incredible.

Lilli arrived at the mess hall, picking herself a Pepsi, along with a ham baguette and some ready salted crisps as aside. Seeing Leland she made her way across to him offering a shining smile. “Hey there. We finally get some time together!”

"I was wondering... Is she hiding from me?" He had chuckled. He paused, and wiped his mouth on a napkin as Lilli had taken a seat.

Taking a seat Lilli made herself comfortable, took a drink of her Pepsi and then placed her glass down. “So how has your day been so far?”

"Well. Better now that I get to see you." He eyed her.

Lilli smiled the biggest smile yet, her cheeks reddening as she blushed.

"Been fitted for one of those new NEV suits, down in Engineering with Chief Dodd. Man," He patted at his top left shoulder. "I didn't know how complex they were now. Even implanted a sub-dermal device on me." Hawk raised a brow.

“Seriously? You have a tracker, guess I won’t have any problems finding you from now on then!” Lilli grinned. “Tell me more.”

"Better yet... Tell me about your day? How is the mission prep going?" He had then taken a bite once more in to his peanut butter and jam sandwich.

Lilli sipped her drink, putting the glass down on the table she shrugged her shoulders. “It’s just been the usual, training with the marines, patching up wounds and demonstrating emergency medical techniques in case anyone is wounded and I’m not there to help. Basic trauma knowledge helps. Plus I also had to catch up on the Counselling side of things as well.

"So you work on two departments. That's a lot." Leland commented.

“I have a two-fold job, Marine medic and Counsellor. I’m only supposed to counsel the marines though, not the rest of the crew.”

Hawksley had grunted, setting his sandwich down and then taking a drink. "Well. I count that as a blessing. You wouldn't want to crack open this tin." He thumbed at the side of his head.

"So, a woman of many talents. I already knew that.." He coyly winked.

Lilli smiled a wry smile. “You’ve barely scratched the surface on those talents. As for cracking open that tin” she pointed to his head. “Who says I wouldn’t want to try? Pillow talk can be good for you.” She grinned.

Leland grinned glancing to the table, always weirded out by talking about his thoughts and feelings. Typical.

"Well now," He toyed. "Might you hit me up for a physical... I could counter your talents, quite well. Do you go to the Tom Gym?" He didn't have to ask that, chances have Vail owned it.

“I’m a marine of course I do” Lilli grinned, “We marines have a certain fitness level to adhere to.”

"And adhere to it you do. You'll have to have plenty of training with me in my bed." He snorted, grinning cheekily. "I should stop. I'm on shift soon and all this talk... Is getting me revved up!" He sat his large hand to the metal tabletop.

"Would you want to meet after, for a Lil fun?" Hawk proposed.

Lilli grinned. “You just try stopping me!” She grinned a wry grin. “I’m going to need a good workout. If you’re feeling naughty ... there’s a supply room not far from here.”

Hawksley had grunted, she was turning him on incredibly. He had needed Vail at that moment, and needed it with her now.

"Get up..." He gruffed. "Er... Staff Sergeant.."

[Maitenance Locker L-34 D9]

As the door had shut, a thud with a lock heard behind them, Leland immediately roused Lilli in the closet, as he forced a passionate kiss to her, his breathing increasing...

"Fuck I need you now..." He groaned, reaching forward and unzipping the back of her uniform, sliding it downward in front of him... His large hands placed on Lilli, wanting to continue claiming her as his own... Kissing at her neck, tasting and smelling her perfectly scented body. Her slender figure beneath the uniform being reveled as Leland's hands slipped further downward the nape in her slender, soft-skinned back...

Lilli was caught up in the moment, just being around Leland turned her on, she was normally pretty reserved but he brought out the passionate side of her. Her fingers nimbly worked on his uniform top and trousers, there was no way of knowing how long it would be before they’d be discovered and she didn’t want to wait. “Then take me now!” She looked into his eyes before kissing him passionately.

Hawksley did not have to wait. With his pants down, he hiked Lilli up to his waist, his muscular chest and biceps quickly holding her in place, the tightness of the closet, the immediate need. Leland expertly lowered Lilli onto his throbbing member, eagerly plunging his pelvic thrusts into Vail deeply.

Hawksley passionately holding her in for a deep tight, passionate, longing tongue kiss as Hawksley breathed out deep baited breaths through his nose. With deep penetrating thrusts, Leland’s pelvis thrust upward Lilli’s warm, velvety treasured spot inside, hitting that over and over, as he lay her back up against the enclosed wall, meeting her with each thrust Hawksley applied with intensity. His groaning and hands are writhing over her naked breasts, her body, her sculpted masterpiece of beauty.

Lilli had her legs wrapped firmly around Leland’s waist helping to hold her weight as best as she could as she tried not to make too much noise as Leland thrust into her. There was a whole different feeling to making love this way, deeper and more animalistic as they let themselves get completely carried away. Their kisses were beyond passionate, their whole lovemaking more ragged and urgent than the night before and Lilli loved it.

Moving from the wall to take a seat atop of a cargo crate, Leland held Lilli in his grasp, one hand up her soft curving back, as he expertly guided her in lustful earnest, downward, impaling her, stove piping her.

Lilli riding on his lap, as Hawksley levied her atop of his strong muscled thighs, as he plundered Lilli's interior treasure trove staking claim to his Woman, Leland's mouth gaping in pure pleasure, as he smothered his face into Lilli's perfectly sculpted chest, enjoying her perky breasts, suckling their perfection...

Lilli was fast approaching a climax, Leland’s thrusts were so deep she just wanted to scream to the whole ship how good it felt but she knew she had to be quiet. Her breathing became more and more ragged until she grasped him tightly and buried her head moaning in delight.

The sounds of the carbonite crates beneath Hawk started to creaking, the extreme pressures he was exuding, as Leland’s eyes were closed, yet he could feel every square inch of Lilli’s finely tuned body reacting to each thrust, each more powerful harsh thrust upward. His strong large, boney hands were gripping tightly, holding on to Lilli like a vice, as he continued, hitting that spot home inside her, where he felt her shuddering, her moaning, her crying out muffled into his sweated chest.

“Unnnh… Unhhhhhhhh…. UnhhhhHHHHHH Fuckkk,” Leland could only mutter out as he felt the extreme depths of Lilli’s pleasure deep inside of her over and over.

Lilli’s fingers, that we’re gently dug into Leland’s skin, released their grip as her climax passed. She kissed him passionately and with urgency, her skin clammy with their exertion.

Leland had come down from his orgasm, as he breathed a smile forming across his face, as he then shook his head from it's fog. "I... Wow." He grunted, as he just continued to hold Lilli in his arms, not wanting to let her go.

"At the first sign on that planet, if your in danger, I want a direct call to me, got it?" He stated plainly. He leaned his forehead into Lilli.

Lilli nodded, her voice was breathless after their exertion. “That’s a promise, the same goes for you. If you ever need my help, just call, I’d be lost without you now.”


Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail
Marine Medic/Counsellor

Lieutenant jg Leland Hawksley
Chief Helm Officer


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