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Not what I was trained for.

Posted on 31 Mar 2021 @ 1:18pm by Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir & Lieutenant JG Ted Silver
Edited on on 01 Apr 2021 @ 3:50pm

Mission: S03 Ep 03 Trouble in the Sticks UXSys 659842 (Incidentals) Phase 2
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: After Safe planet findings


Once they had returned to the Tomcat. Silver decided he needed something to dull this bad feeling. That had come over him during the away mission. After downloading the contents of his tricorder. Into the ships computer he ordered a large pot of Indian tea and a plate of buttered crumpets.

He poured some milk into the cup and gave the teapot a swirl. After waiting a few minutes he poured the tea into the cup. Then added a few sugar cubes as he stirred the liquid. Picking up a buttered crumpet he looked at the surface. He did not hear someone walk by him. Until they spoke.

Thyra had walked into the mess hall walking past Ensign Silver. She took a whiff of the hot beverage that was prepared. Almost squealing she said, "Is that Indian tea? That is so cool, I remember when I was in the academy I had an Indian roommate. We had the best tea parties. Oh sorry, where are my manners? Hello, I am ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir. I am the new Deputy Chief of Security." She held out her hand.

“ Oh sorry “ Ted replied feeling his face flush.” Ted Silver assistant chief science officer. Please we, you care to join me” He replied.

The Andorian woman giggled. "Why are you sorry?" She asked, but then immediately sat down across from him. "And don't mind if I do. This is heavenly." She smiled.

Ted put the crumpet down. Her smile and happy manner would have been infectious. If he was not concerned about the mission to come.

“ My mind was elsewhere. I was thinking about the up and coming away mission. I did not hear you come in.” He replied

"Ah," Thyra exclaimed, "Well, I don't normally make a lot of noise when I walk in to the room. If anything I should apologize for startling you in your train of thoughts."

Ted took a sip of his drink.

“ In truth, I am really glad you have. This mission is not what I am trained for....” he replied.

"Oh, the mission..." Thyra nodded. "Yea I saw the reports and logs. This is a tough one. Not something I was trained for either. Yes, I am security, but Zombies...? But then again, orders are orders. We may need to approach this any other missions." She tilted her head and smiled to him. "And trust your crew mates, right?" She winked to him hoping he would cheer up a bit.

Ted took a bite from his crumpet. Then sipped his tea before speaking again.

“ It’s just or mantra is suppose to be to seek out life and new civilisations. I feel by not being able to find a cure for these Zombies. We are failing not only them but ourselves” Ted said

"I understand your feelings, but it is very dangerous to go down to the planet and try to help them. They are Zombies, they are no longer the people they used to be. And we would also be failing them if we did not end their suffering and also if we didn't stop this from happening again and even spreading." Thyra could really understand his feelings, but they had to consider all the consequences too.

Ted nodded and spoke.

“You are correct of course.Mind you I have been called to see the Colonel. Maybe their making me stay here. Oh, don’t worry it’s not for a while yet. We can still have a chat. So tell me about yourself?” Ted said

"So born and raised on Andorra prime. I love to paint, love meeting new people. What else..what else?" She smiled as she asked, "What would you like to know?"

Ted smiled as a scientist he was always interested in different planets and their people.

“ Andorra prime. Is it as beautiful as they say?” He asked

"Oh, it is. The beautiful icy snow caps, the snowy lands. The white snow really makes the place look magical." Thyra smiled and then she leaned a little forward to him. "And where are you from? Tell me about where you come form."

“ Earth. My parents are both doctors. They work at Star fleet Medical. So I grew up in two different countries. I was schooled in England because they did not want me , to loose my British accent. Then in the holidays, I would live with them in America. A city called San Fran Cisco.” He replied

"Oooh, I have been to San Francisco, is that the city with the bridge?" She smiled warmly. "I haven't visited much during my time on Earth. It is a fascinating planet. They say your poles are like the Andorian mainlands. I would love to visit that some day. But tell me about England." Her antennae were now pointing towards. She was really curious and wanted to learn more.

Ted smiled.

“ England is quite a good place to visit. A lot of her cities have been declared Heritage preservation sites. So you’ll actually get to see how they were. During the early 20th century. London is a busy place. Luckily my school was on the outskirts of the rural area. Lots of trees and fields to play in. About the polar regions, you will need permission to visit them. They are a protected region. Only a small amount of visitors aloud I am afraid.” He replied.

Thyra shrugged, "I can understand that, you only have two poles that look like Andorra Prime. Sounds like precious gems. Do you like the cold?"

Ted had to think.

“ To be honest not really. Oh don’t get me wrong. I like snow. It’s just the freezing temperatures that come with it. Really. If there was a way to have snow and ice. But without the chills then I would be happy. But at the moment it’s not possible. Although as a kid I did try and solve the problem. Let’s just say my science teacher at school was not happy.” He explained.

"Snow and ice without cold?" Thyra looked at him questioning. "I have never seen that before. I myself love the cold. I was born in the cold. I personally don't really like the heat. But that doesn't mean I like a warm touch." She stopped a moment and had a thought. "I wonder," she said, putting down her cup. "Would you be alright with a chilly touch?" She gave a little sly smile as she reached out her hand.

Ted was amazed.

“ You mean your skin is cold to the touch? That’s interesting I always thought it would be warm. I know you come from an ice-covered world. Although your people live in the warmer areas. Wow. So tell me what’s your heat tolerance like? Does your skin tan at all?” Silver said letting the scientist in him run free.

"Yes, we do live in the warmer areas, well bearable for humanoids, but I don't think you would enjoy those areas very much. Also, the body temperature of an Andorian is lower than that of a Human. So yea naturally our skin is cold to touch for you humans. Also you don't like walking around the poles of your planets, I personally wouldn't want to wonder in the Sahara or Vulcan desserts for that matter." She chuckled as she got a blue blush on her cheeks.

“ Sorry I did not mean to embarrass you. Its the scientist in me. Oh dear, it’s nearly time for our away team mission. I need to get some readings checked. I’ll see you at the meeting.” Ted said.

Thyra looked at him confused. "You didn't embarrass me. And why are you acting so nervous all of a sudden? Ehm...ok." She watched him leave as she thought to herself o0 Way the go Thyra, you did that smoothly. 0o She sighed. o0 I scared him off. o0


Ensign Ted Silver
Deputy Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir
Deputy Chief of Security
USS Tomcat


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