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[BACK POST] A New Officer

Posted on 13 Mar 2021 @ 11:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Samantha Smithson SB51 & 2nd Lieutenant Karyn Somers & Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase 51/Various
Timeline: Prior to ship leaving on Phase 2


Lieutenant Commander Samantha Smithson was pacing the Arrivals/Departures area waiting for the new Officer to arrive, she looked at her Padd which had the image on of the new officer, she looked up and around and her eyes landed and the very Andorian she was looking for and she approached "Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir the Tomcats new Deputy Security Chief?" She asked. "I am Lieutenant Commander Samantha Smithson Security Chief of this Starbase" she responded as she tucked a strand of long blonde hair behind her left ear "pleased to meet you, now if you will follow me to the Security Office we will get you set up with specialized security codes," she said.

Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir was walking into this very enthusiastic. As the Starbase security chief turned around before she could say anything. But she said it anyway as she followed the chief. "Yes, Commander I am Ensign Sh'shraaqir. It is so nice to meet you." Her voice was all bubbly as she spoke. "I hear so much about starbase 51. I am eager to meet new people. So is there anything to do around here? Any nice places to drink? Recreational facilities? I should stop talking right now, right? Ok, I will let you answer."

*Raises an eyebrow* oO a bubbly Andorian, this will be a refreshing change! Oo she said to herself "pleased to meet you, Ensign, now if you will follow me we will go to Security so I can get you logged into the system and give you security codes unique to the Tomcat, and I encourage you to ask questions while we are travelling to Security and I will answer as best as I am able" Smithson responded as she left the way from Arrivals and Departure area and to the nearest turbo-lift whereupon she entered and waited till the doors closed "Main Security" she said and the lift started moving, she remained silent allowing the Andorian to ask things.

Thyra tilted her head. All she had been doing was asking questions to which she didn't get any answer. oO I should probably start slowly. Maybe I have been talking too fast again. Oo She turned to Smithson. "Yes excuse me, could you tell me something about the base?"

"Apologies, you did ask a question earlier, as for what is to do around here Ensign, there are a couple of cafes, restaurants and a nightclub that does mainly human retro, but it also does other species dance type music. There is the holodeck here two Arbouretums one solely from Earth and the other with a good sampling of other Federation worlds and some plants from outside the Federation like the lost planet of Romulus, so apart from what I have mentioned we do not have much as we are still currently classified so our civilian numbers are limited, but we expect to get more when we become unclassified. I would have thought you would be asking about what is expected of you on the Tomcat as you will not be here as long as the moment you are in the system you will need to report to the Tomcat" Smithson said.

Thyra smiled. "I am going to be the Deputy Chief of Security, I think I got a handle on what that entails. Also, since you serve here on the base, I am not sure if you could tell me anything about the crew of the Tomcat and her captain unless you served on the ship, which in that case I apologize. "Can you tell me about the Tomcat?"

As the doors opened onto the Security level and paused outside and waited for the Ensign to step out "if it is okay with you I will call you by your first name as I have trouble pronouncing your family name and would do it an injustice if I tried to keep saying it" Smithson said.

"Of course commander, I appreciate your candour in the matter. I know my name can't be pronounced by humans. Have you ever served with Andorians before, Commander?" She seemed to be getting carried away. oO Thyra get-a-hold of yourself, you might twist your tongue if you on like that.0o She smiled at the thought.

"Yes, but they have been easier to pronounce" she answered and looked up as they entered Security "Oh hi Karyn, this is the new Deputy Security Chief of the Tomcat Ensing Thyra *says the family name slowly* Sh'shraaqir, Ensign this is Chief Warrant Officer Karyn Somers of the 95th Rifles on detached duty here," Smithson said introducing them.

*holding her hand out* "hello Ensign Thyra pleased to meet you" Karyn said in an upbeat tone and a big smile "I would normally be on the TC, but we figured one too many Somers would cause the ship to implode and that would be just from sibling rivalry" Karyn added.

Thyra accepted the hand. "Nice to meet you, Chief Warrant." She nodded. "I understand the sibling rivalry. Though I am the oldest sister in my family. All my siblings are young at the moment. It doesn't stop them though." She smiled.

*she smiles* "don't I know it, my big Sister is acting CO of the Tomcat at the moment so I am happy that I am staying on base, I have an elder brother and younger Sister back on earth," Karyn said.

*Looking at the Marine* "Karyn don't you have somewhere to be?" Smithson asked...

Karyn looks up at Smithson "oh damn, yes almost forgot" she innocently said and looked back to the Andorian "it was a pleasure to meet you, Ensign, perhaps we will meet again at a later date on this tin can" she said with a joyous response.

Thyra bowed half as she said, "Looking forward to it, ensign."

With a final nod to the pair, Karyn left them and went about her tasks, Sam noted that Karyn seemed very happy, almost too happy, she resolved herself to finding out at a later date, for now, she returned her attention to the Andorian as they entered her office "right then Ensign if you take a seat there *points at the chair opposite the desk* I will get you into the system so you can report to the Tomcat" Smithson said as she sat behind her desk and began typing details into the computer, she was setting up her ID and clearance codes "While I am doing this, do you have any questions on the Tomcat Ensign?" Smithson asked.

Thyra thought about that a moment. Her antennae moved sideways a little as she did. "Is there something I need to know about the group dynamic, certain rules or social events that are not optional? I would like to know beforehand so I can keep it in mind."

*Looks up from what she was doing* "Group dynamic is like any other ship, as for the social rules and social events those you will find out when you get on board, I can only answer general questions about the ship" *pauses* as the computer ejects a new ID. Sam picked it up and let Thyra see it "this is your ID Card, it is to be worn at all times on the ship, or if impractical it is to be on your person at all times when moving about the ship, the only time it is left behind is when you go on away missions," she said handing Thyra the ID Card "you are in the Starbase system and I am currently arranging your special clearance codes unique to the ship," she said having looked back down to see what she was doing and continued to talk as she entered data.

"As I am doing this have you any general questions about the Tomcat, your Department Head and the like?" Commander Smithson asked.

"Well then," Thyra got the feeling she wasn't going to get any more social information from the commander. "Ok tell me what you can about my department head then. Lieutenant Winston...Winchire?"

"Winchester, Lieutenant Winchester he is your Department Head and you will report to him upon boarding the Tomcat," Smithson said and placed the ID on her desk in front of the Ensign "That ID is yours now Ensign DO NOT forget it" the Commander added and tapped something else into the computer and it printed out and before she handed them over she finalized things on the system.

Thyra took the ID that was placed before her and looked at it. "Interesting. Do I carry this around at all times on the ship?" She inquired. This was the first time she had gotten an ID. Not that she was unhappy with it. She just never had one. o0 A very organised ship the Tomcat is. o0 She thought.

*Looks up with a raised eyebrow* oO did she not hear my initial instructions? Oo Smithson thought to herself "it is to be kept on you at all times, except when you are on an away missions, there are security measures in place on the ship that if no one has their ID on them then they are unable to access certain areas of the ship. So if you are doing something that required you not to show it openly then make sure it is on your person at all times when you are on duty. Another reason why I said not on Away Missions if you are captured that ID can be used to gain entry onto the ship and as the ship is operating in the Mira Sector that is technically Federation it is lightly patrolled and a ship like the Tomcat has been equipped to survive out in the wilds of Federation space and the fact we have many enemies out here the only other support system Starbase is 332 a few light-years back and would be unable to respond that quickly so that ID is a lot more important than people realise" Smithson said as she pulled out a data Isolinear chip from the slot and held it to her.

"This is your Shipboard security clearance codes, do not lose them, unlike other ships the Tomcat has a separate set of clearance codes, when you get settled in on the ship in the ships security office is a terminal, insert that chip in and it will register you with the ship BUT do not lose it as it will also act as your backup in case of an emergency. Now apart from the social aspects of the ship I can answer most other questions, so ask them now before I give you final instructions" she said as an alert came up on her screen denoting that another new crewmember was due to arrive.

Thyra nodded as she looked for a place to put both these items. "I just wanted to make sure I got all the instructions clear, sorry if I made you repeat yourself. And I think I have everything I need here. She got up. "I won't hold you up any longer than is necessary. "

"As you are setting off almost immediately when you get onto the ship you will have to wait till you return and secure you some pertinent quarters on the starbase for your larger things. Officers quarters on the Tomcat are plush, but they are not the same as what is on a Galaxy Class, the enlisted crew have four to room bunk beds much like the old NX class crew quarters. But once you are onboard report to Lieutenant Winchester and after that, you take any directions and orders from him, any last questions?" Smithson said and ended with a question.

"No, sir, I think I will take my leave now." She stood there waiting to be dismissed so she could make her way to the Tomcat.

Sam looked up with a smile "Dismissed Ensign, good voyages to you" Smithson said and watched the Ensign leave her office "right onto the next new arrival now" she said to herself as she set it up for the next one and stood up and headed out.


Lieutenant Commander Samantha Smithson [P: Somers]
Starbase 51 Chief of Security

Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir
Assistant Chief of Security


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