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Lost and Found

Posted on 30 Jan 2021 @ 7:14pm by Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail & Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Deck Two - Leland's Quarter's
Timeline: Current


- Deck 02 Leland's Quarters -

Hawksley was walking around his quarters, feeling anxious. He had never felt this way before. Leland's only loyal friend, a hologram who had been everywhere with him, countless Starships, suddenly went missing. The stiff officer had softened inside a little at this moment.

It was a few hours after he had contacted Chief of Security Officer Winchester. A great guy, as to which he had drinks with after.

Hawksley was looking over Herc's chewed running shoes. Well, they weren't Herc's. Instead, he had labelled them his. Leland had picked the running shoe up and noticed all the gnawing indentations. Holding it for a moment, he was feeling terrible.

Just then, Hawksley had a visitor at his doorway. The notification had sounded, and he headed towards the door. "Come on in!" He had called.

Walking in the door with Hercules in tow Lilliana smiled warmly. “Hi, I found this rather lovely friend of yours wondering around marine country, I thought I’d bring him home. I’m Lilliana but my friends call my Lilli.”

"Herc!" Hawksley had been surprised. There was his Golden Retriever in tow with this really friendly Marine Officer.

"I mean, Ma'am." Hawksley had felt grateful. He saluted, a sharp one-off in respect, as he did to any Marine on the Tomcat. Leland was grateful for all their work for the Federation, a great bunch of Officers.

"Lilli..." Leland had cocked his head, watching her closely, his brown eyes fixating on her dark curled, long hair. Her smile angelic as it were. "Please, come on in Lilli. I owe you big time, you know I was down speaking to Winchester looking for this little Muggins!" Hawksley had leaned downward and hugged his golden retriever around his neck. Before he realized that he was doing this in front of a stranger. He then had patted his boy, sending him in to the living area of the quarters.

"Please Lilli. Let me have a drink with you, or stay for dinner. I am appreciative." Hawksley had nodded respectfully, letting a sly smile come forth.

Lilli smiled warmly. “Well if you don’t mind me staying for dinner, I’d love to. It’s nice to have a change of scenery.” She patted Hercules as the dog came up for a fuss. “I think it’s sweet that you have a dog onboard.”

"Well," Hawksley had went to his replicator, to begin with a drink. "That is yet to be determined." He had punched in a few LCARs on the menu... "Herc is an AI. Apparently, that could be in conflict with the rules. I don't want to breach any protocols. I've got a meeting with the Colonel later to plea my case for Herc." Hawk had shrugged.

"What's your vice Lilli?" Leland had eyed her taking a seat on the sofa.

“Make it a cola please” she shrugged he shoulders. “I rarely touch anything stiff it goes to my head and control of my senses.”

Bringing the drinks back over and taking a seat beside Lilli, Leland had sprawled out, relaxing back with his own drink, and taking a slow sip, as his eyes watched Lilli. Man, she was good looking.

Lilli smiled as she looked at Leland. “The last man who looked at me like that gave me the night of my life” she sipped her drink her eyes meeting his in a suggestive manner.

Hawksley had lit up, with a cheeky grin. "Is that a challenge?" Leland liked where this was headed.

Leaning forward on the couch, he placed his large hand behind the soft neck of Lilliana, placing his lips in a soft pressing, then more forward, deeper kiss tasting Lilliana's sweet, soft, warm lips.

Lilli returned the kiss letting it linger for as long as she could before they both came up for air. “I could get used to that” she smiled as she ran her fingers through Leland’s hair. “It’s bern a while since I last enjoyed myself like this.”

Lilli’s eyes looked towards Leland’s bedroom. “Maybe we should ... take this in the bedroom?” She smiled a wry smile before gently pulling Leland into a more passionate kiss.

Leland got lost into Lilli's lips. She was an incredible kisser, with an incredibly body. He grunted, as he had to remind himself that this needed to be in the bedroom, now!

Reaching underneath Vails, slender thighs, and lilthe body, Hawksley broke the kiss lifting her up, and then carrying her saddled alongside Leland as he led to the bedroom.

Unbelting his self from his uniform, and top he tossed off his clothing to the side, with haste in his face and glint in his eyes. Hawksley touching the sides of her tender, soft cheeks placing sensual lasting kisses along her neck and downward Vails glowing skin... Feeling up Lilli's thighs and legs along the way, sensually undressing her from the confines of her Federation attire.

Lilli smiled as her hands ran along Leland's skin enjoying his touch and willingly allowing him to remove her clothing. She wanted out of her confines as much as Leland wanted her out. Her fingers traced along his neck and ran through his hair as his kisses trailed along her body.

Leland wanted to pleasure Lilli. She was a pure Woman, every bit of Lili. Hawk wants to taste, feel, and experience atop Vail on his bed. Immediately beginning to let his own large hands caress and fondle gently, seductively with each finger trace ever more so, below Lilli's chest, in her athletic perfection as she was presented to Leland.

More soft, warm, kisses to the skin, leading to more sensual kisses, longing kisses as Hawk was now deeper down between Lilli's nether region, Leland sliding his long large calloused hands along her silky smooth, glowing skinned thighs, before he was lost, in pure Ecstasy making love to her with his mouth below... His hands were gripping upward, teasing, grasping, and massaging ever sensual her perfect breasts.... Leland was in heaven, as he was encouraged only by the moans from Lilli above him.... Hawk was devoted to pleasure, the pure worship of a Woman like Lilli, only her.

Lilli was in a state of pure bliss, her fingers trailed through Leland’s hair, her ragged breath and soft moans of pleasure were telling him just how much she was enjoying his attention. She encouraged him upward, on top of her as her legs wrapped around his body holding him.

As Leland set his self atop over Lilli he groaned in passion, kissing and whispering into her ear... "Your so beautiful.." He then splaying his large, strong thighs widely as he penetrated deeply within her, feeling and wraping his forearms around and holding Lilli close underneath his top body.

As he slowly started making thrusts into her, feeling her warm, soft, accepting body, loving to be inside of her depths, so warm, so deeply... Hawksley smiled, his eyes glazing over in pure ecstasy that Lilli provided Hawk.

Lilli encouraged Leland in every way, her fingers ran down his back digging her fingers in gently so as not to hurt him. Her legs wrapped high around his body allowing him all the access he would need. He was fast pushing her towards a powerful climax, one she wanted to hold onto for as long as she could to coincide with his. She pulled him down for passionate kisses, enjoying every moment of their love making.

Hawksley greedily took more and more access as Lilli would grant him, and then more. Kissing every naked inch of her body within his sights, arching his back into every passionate thrust of his manhood. Leland tasting with passion his tonge deeply, dueling with Lilli's mouth. Her goddess creation. Breathing hard, not wanting to release excruciatingly holding on, feeling the tightness wrapped around Hawks' waist...

Wrapping his biceps around her, tightly hold Lilli's body, feeling her breasts close to his naked flesh, moaned... "Baby, I can't hold on!" Leland shuddered, feeling Lilli's velvet tightness, squeezing him with passion below.

Lilli had been hanging on by a thread herself as Leland let go it opened up the floodgates as she moaned and cried his name, her fingers gripping his skin as her climax took over. As she came down from her high she lay breathing heavily smiling from ear to ear, like the proverbial Cheshire Cat. “I hadn’t ... expected that today.” She ran her fingers gently along Leland’s skin. “Thank you.”

Hawk left a smile form accross his own face, coming down from his orgasm. Feeling every muscle in his body feeling totally fine and relaxed now. Easing over and holding Lilli aside him in the bed. "Glad to help you..." He nuzzled his nose in and then kissed Lilliana soft and sensual, as if saying Thank you in return.

"So.. Your Romulan and Betazoid? Weird. I have never had sex with one before? Very.... Nice!" He let his eyes slowly wander across her sculpted body, and mystic smile of hers. He was blown away.

Lilli nodded as she lay in Leland’s arms, “It’s a bit of a genetic mix, I have the copper blood of my Romulan heritage yet the mental attributes of my Betazoid heritage.”

"Mmmnnn... And the cunningness of a Romulan?" He raised a brow. "I like mysterious women." He looked at Lilli. "I..." He let his hands gently play with hers, as he had watched. "I would like this to happen again if you so wish?"

Lilli smiled and nodded. “I’d like that Leland. I’d like that very much.”

Leland relaxed back, enjoying beside the naked, now covered up Lilli. "Good. Good." He grinned to his self.


Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail
Marine Medic/Counsellor


LT. Jg Leland Hawksley
Chief Helm Officer


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