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From one ensign to another

Posted on 31 Jan 2021 @ 4:44pm by Ensign Lauren Jordan & Rena Sara

Mission: S03 Ep 03 Trouble in the Sticks UXSys 659842 (Incidentals) Phase 2
Location: Mess hall
Timeline: Current


Lauren was sitting in the mess hall having spent the morning getting the fighters ready for the CAP, but she needed a break and needed to get out of her office for a bit and this was the best place to come, Although it was a lot quieter than it usually was Lauren could at least have some time to herself. as she sat at the table with a cold beverage in her hand and looked over at another young woman who looked rather angry, she thought to herself oO what and who had made her so much anger? Oo as she wanted to find out and talk to her. She rose from her seat and walked over to the table where the young woman sat and said: " Hi I'm Ensign Lauren Jordan, the Aide de Camp to the CAG, And you are?" giving her a warm smile, she continued, "so, What's up?"

Rena still looked upset, as she looked at the woman.”Hello, I’m Ens Rena Sara, Security Officer. What's CAG all about.” Rena asked as she got herself an alcoholic Beverage a screwdriver lite on the alcohol as she walked over to the officer.” I’m not in the mood for quirks Ma’am as Rena walked over to another table to be alone Rena wasn’t in the mood for anyone's crap she didn’t care who they were, or what department they were in if someone came to her they might get their head chewed off or a phaser to then set on stun. oO, she’s looking for trouble Oo Rena thought with her phaser on her side. Rena started drinking as she feeling shaky and still upset.

"CAG stands for Group Air Commander," replied Lauren as she watched the young woman rise from her seat as she continued "And I would have thought that the academy would have taught you that," looking back at her she finished "And my old boss is your boss so I hear," as she looked at her and gave her a smile. she thought to herself oO wow, this young lady is on a one-way ticket to hell if she does not change her attitude, Oo as she knew that Paul could be not very tactful at times.

Rena gave the Ensign a dirty look, “Ask me if I care what CAG stands for.” Rena said finding another table away from the other officer as she wasn’t in the mood for anyone’s talk.”She walked back to the Ensign.” Right now I’m not in the mood for anyone talk, when your chief treats you like shit because you're a female you wouldn’t want to talk to anyone either.” Rena growled.

Rena wanted to take her phaser to her, but she didn’t feel like going into the brig for being insubordinate to the other officer and looked at her.”I’m sorry for yelling at you, It's just I’m gonna go to the holodeck, and rip my security chief a new one as a Target.” Rena also explained. Rena wanted to punch her chief for real for his attitude towards her.

“Would you like to join me in the holodeck for some attack fun on my Security chief Ltjg Winchester In a holodeck way? I’d go to the brig if I killed zapped him for real with a phaser on only stun.” Rena said in a lawful way, she was looking for prospects to help her in the holodeck one turned her down, she was hoping for another one to help her...

"Please sit," replied Lauren as she glanced back at the young woman, as she took a seat opposite her as she noticed those around her get rather nervous and continued, "And let me tell you about Paul Winchester," she looked back at her. She knew that Paul now had been his rather brash self again with this young woman, she continued, " He wants the best out of his officers and makes sure that when they go on away mission he has confidence that they can handle it,"

She looked at the young woman once more, " he has to be tough but fair, I know from experience with him," she stated as she knew how bad and grumpy he could be at times she continued," and When he was the Group commander before he lost his arm he wanted those under him to be the best that they can be," looking at her once more she finished "and that is all he want's from you,"

Rena looked at her still in anger “How do you know that I’m mad at Ltjg Winchester, to begin with.” Rena said finishing her drink as she slammed her glass down knowing it would break.”Ltjg Winchester is nothing but a jack ass jerk who treats his security like puppets that he can yell at, I’m no Winchester puppet to be wined up and go as he says so.” Rena didn’t care if she broke the glass it was her anger she didn’t like.

“Maybe being Betazoid I should have read that jackass from when I walked in and really give that jackass a taste of my medicine back in his face. He better watch who he talks to with my ability To get in his head I will give him a piece of my mind If you catch my drift deary.” Rena was still upset in her mind <> “You don’t understand where I’m coming from.” Rena got closer to Lauren reading her mind and upsetting the officer.

"that being making sure that everyone knows what they are doing" she stated looking at her upon continuing " and how to handle themselves as I said before," she finished " and if you ever become a Department head which with an attitude like you has, you won't," as she picked up her glass and took a sip of her drink, she Stated "be grateful he doesn't make you clean the armoury,"

Rena glared and grabbed Lauren’s drink and threw it on the floor and watch it break.”Cleaning Armory sounds like a Marine job dear Ensign,” Rena said in an angered mood like she just didn’t care less.“Ltjg Paul Winchester owes me a damn apology, or I will take it up to Tomcat command aka Captain Somers & Lt Cmdr Cahill. Rena said, “I have every right to go over his head and tell them how much of an ass their Security Chief is, how bout them apples, Dear Ensign.” Rena said still upset at The other Ensign. “Like I said before he either apologizes or I’m going to the bridge ask the Captain to please see me, and file a complaint against Lieutenant Jg Winchester unbecoming a Starfleet officer,” Rena said as she was bout to leave before she does something stupid.

"So he asked you to do extra training, Is that so bad?" asked Lauren looking back at her asking her the question, as she could see that the Ensign was angry at Paul she continued," Give the guy some slack, he is not just looking at you but at all of the department, trust me I know how he works," as she looked at the broken glass. Lauren rose from her seat and finished, Just think about what I said as I have to get back to work and take my advice go see a counsellor,"

Rena looked back at Lauren and glared back at her "Go spin on it and tell that Jackass to shove his training?" as she rose from her seat, she yelled at the other patron's "you enjoying this are you?" as she turned and stormed out of the mess hall.

Lauren sat there shocked and knew that Paul would have to be informed of this, she rose from the table and waited a few minutes before heading to the exit. She thought to her self, oO Oh boy does she need an attitude adjustment Oo as the Mess Hall doors opened before her.


Ensign Lauren Jordan (NPC: Winchester)
Aide de Camp

Ensign Rena Sara
Security Officer


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