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Hawksley's Entourage

Posted on 29 Jan 2021 @ 4:04pm by Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers & Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley
Edited on on 10 Mar 2021 @ 3:14pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Current


- Main Bridge -

Hawksley was feeling anxious. It was not normal for him to feel this way. His anxiousness had stemmed from losing his only loyal companion he had with him since joining Starfleet. Hercules, or 'Herc' Leland's Golden Retriever, was a semi AI holographic canine. As sad as it were, the holographic loyalty was heartfelt and real.

Not many had known he kept an AI Retriever onboard, confined to his quarters. The dog's holographic emitter was personal and non-Starfleet proprietorship antiquated technology. As it were, the device was used in human long term care homes back on earth as an emotional aide. However, that did not make it right. Rules were rules. He was never one to snub his nose at such.

This was Leland's hidden baby blanket, so to speak, beyond his unrelenting stiff spine on the outward.

Chief Winchester has informed him that such a device was not conforming to Tomcat's allowed personal possessions. If Hawk had any chance of keeping his Hercules, he would have to speak to Colonel Somers. One of the many Somer's in the line of service. Leland had come to respect the Fleet Captain, and now the Colonel as they had been fair and resounding in their allegiance to Starfleet and the 95th Rifles SFMC.

As such, he was now embarrassed to be in the position he was. To ask for a discretionary allowance for the small AI Golden Retriever. Hawksley was already bracing for the worst inside, and he was coming to terms with his lack of companionship. No more late-night Whiskey sits with Herc, and no more sneakers of Leland's would Herc destroy lovingly. No more warmth around Leland's large feet at the end of his bed.

Outside the Captain's Ready Room Lieutenant Hawksley had tagged the doorway, alerting the Colonel from within that a visitor was outside. He hoped he was not bothering Alex. Looking down at the floor, he waited to hear a call from within. Straightening his back and broad shoulders…

"Enter," the Colonel said as she sat back as the doors opened allowing the CHO to enter "please have a seat Lieutenant and tell me what brings you to this room?" she asked in a pleasant tone.

- CRR -

Entering the Colonel's Ready Room, Leland stood affirmed and then stopped just inside the doors. The SFMC banners behind her desk. "Colonel." Hawksley had given a sharp one-off salute in respect. Leland watched the Colonel. "Ma'am, I hope I am not interrupting you. I will be brief with your time."

He stepped forward. "I am here in regards to the Chief of Security, Lieutenant Winchester, great Officer." Leland acknowledged. "I have in my possession, an antiquated, non-Starfleet proprietary, Federation security passed, AI unit. It is of my AI Golden Retriever, Hercules Ma'am." He paused, looking downward to the carpet a moment, his face slightly flushed with embarrassment.

Taking a breath inward, he continued. "I understand this has never before been an approved personnel item onboard the USS Tomcat. I am sorry. I had no idea, Ma'am. My ignorance is non-compliance. I come to you in regards, a plea rather, that I may retain Hercules, or "Herc" in my quarters. He has presented no disruption, thus, Ma'am." Leland continued with his forearms crossed behind his back.

"I seek discretionary approval... To have my AI Golden Retriever onboard..." Hawk then grunted and swallowed, discomforted for having this absurd question bide the Colonel's time.

While she was looking down she listened to what was being said and without looking up and in a neutral tone "please be seated Lieutenant" she said then looked up with a neutral expression "now again in a more cohesive fashion please? There are no impertinent questions only answers" she added finally smiling as she sat back and interlaced her fingers "my silence is your invitation, slower and from the start, please" she finished.

"Yes, Ma'am." Hawk had taken a seat on the other side of the Colonel's desk. "Sorry." He had nodded. "I have come to you after speaking to the Chief of Security, Officer Winchester. I have in my personal possession an AI. Antiquated, a Starfleet proprietary approved Golden Retriever hologram. Its emitter is sourced from a small regenerative unit." Leland paused. He looked at the Colonel. She was strikingly similar to the Fleet Captain.

"Apologies are not required Lieutenant, so you want to have a permanent holo-emitter installed in your quarters for this holographic pooch, am I understanding correctly?" She asked.

"Well. Ma'am." Hawk replied, his hands clasped together. His face now once again calm and unreadable. "The device is already in use. It is a self-sufficient device. Often used in Starfleet retirement homes." He felt embarrassed saying that. Leland wasn't in a retirement home. He was on a starship. The Hologram was self-sufficient in terms of not being required to be used on the Tomcat's computers. It only drained energy, whereas a replicator does daily. "It is antiquated. It is only a projector as so far as an Intelligence is just mimicking that of a dog, a Golden Retriever. Or Hercules, I had him for over seven years in Starfleet." He paused. "He is my only family, sadly." He shrugged. "I would be grateful for his approval."

She held her hand up and tapped her Commbadge =/\= Colonel Somers to Lieutenant Dodd, please report to the CRR promptly =/\= she said, this sudden call would likely put the CEO on edge as it was unexpected.

=/\= Roger, Ma'am. I just finished my current task and will be headed that way promptly. =/\= Dodd replied.

=/\= Understood Lieutenant I will see you in five minutes, Somers out =/\= she closed the link and looked at Leland "okay I am bringing the CEO into this as his department will be the ones sorting this out" she said.

Just under five minutes, Dodd arrived outside of the CRR. He signalled for the door to chime so he could be acknowledged for entry. He could only wonder what was going one as he sensed Hawksley inside and they had not really had a chance to get acquainted yet.

"Of course, Ma'am." Hawksley had stepped up from his seat in respect, seeing the Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Dodd. He had nodded. "Sir." Leland had shared a concerned, yet now confused facial expression. He had met with the Chief once before, he had believed.

As Dodd entered the Colonel smiled "please have a seat Lieutenant, I am going to need you to do something and as it is engineering-based your services will be required" she said "I am authorising a set of holo-emitters to be installed in Lieutenant Hawksley's quarters, he has a portable holo device that he keeps the memory remains of his long lost pet and the image files. What I want you to do is set up a small Memory core in his quarters and holo-emitters all around his room, tie the emitters into the power grid and the ability to transfer the program to the holodeck memory banks and set up a small back up power source for the hologram, independent of main power if needed and then copy the data from the portable device into the new databank and set it up so the holo dog has free roam in the quarters, are you able to get this done Lieutenant?" She asked after explaining.

"Ma'am, I can get this done and would be happy to do so," Dodd replied sensing how Hawksley felt about holo-pet. "I think any sort of pet is important and being a hologram is no different. I would be honoured to get this done for Hawksley."

From the moment Hawksley had listened to the orders presented from Colonel Somers to Lieutenant Dodd, the Chief. Leland looked down at the floor for a moment, as his feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the officers had begun to flow through him to the point he could almost feel a tear. He rarely ever felt such sensations.

Catching his self, he had swallowed and presented a small cough, holding his hand fisted at his mouth. "I uh... I am genuinely... Genuinely thankful to the both of you, Colonel, and to you, Lieutenant. I am very appreciative. I will not forget this gesture from both of you. I will not let the program interfere with Shipboard Operations, of course." His eyes were stark and filled with gratefulness.

"I will help you, of course, Lieutenant." He had lent a nod, with a smile forming at both the Colonel and Lieutenant. "Hercules will be quite appreciative."

"Hey, I am happy to help you," Dodd replied. "I will review the specs for your quarters and come up with the plan to get an independent holo system set-up. The whole process should not take too long. I could likely get it done in forty-eight hours once I devise the plan. I could even look at your current device and upgrade for you to use off the ship if you needed to."

*Smiles* "Excellent, I will leave that in Lieutenant Dodds capable hands," she said and looked at her CHO "If there are nothing further gentlemen you are dismissed!" She said allowing them to leave if they so wished.

"Of course." Leland genuinely had smiled. Hawk had wanted to immediately get back to work seeing as they were in a serious mission, with serious concerns at the moment. The last thing he had wanted was to occupy any more of the Colonels and the Chief Engineers limited time.

"Ma'am, I will get this scheduled and get to it once this mission is wrapped up," Dodd stated to Lt. Col. Somers. "I will see to it that it all gets done once I can give it the attention it deserves," Dodd stated to Hawksley.

"Thank you Chief, dismissed both of you" she finished and watched the pair leave then she looked at the picture of her husband on the desk "oh Paul I wonder how you are coping on the Poseidon," she said to herself and returned to what she was doing before Lieutenant Hawksley asked to speak to her.


Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers
Acting CO

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Jg Leland Hawksley
Chief Helm Officer


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