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Dinner Date?

Posted on 12 Feb 2021 @ 10:56pm by Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley & Lieutenant JG Serina "Reaper" Donovan
Edited on on 12 Feb 2021 @ 11:15pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Serina's Quarters
Timeline: Current


Serina was busy setting the table and mood because Leland was coming for dinner. Well....hopefully dinner at least. She had no idea how it would turn out. She was feeling kinda lonely, confused, and nervous at the same time. She had previously sent unclear or mixed feelings to Leland and hoped it hadn't ruined anything. She had prepared a simple meal that her mother usually would make when one had company. Roast beef, potatoes, gravy, vegetables, and peach cobbler for dessert. Of course she was dressed in a moderately tight dress, blue chiffon with a gold trim on the neck and it did show off her long legs. Not that she was trying to seduce but it was just normal for how she felt.

After his shift, Hawksley had showered and dressed into a pair of crisp khaki shorts and his crisp white tee-shirt. He was not one to dress up, offering to place his chunky silver wristwatch on, a gift from his father, and his silver neck chain. Zipping up his hoodie and a good clean pair of white-collared socks, Leland had freshly put on some polo blue cologne—nothing too heady, but something nice.

"How do things look, Nanook?" Hawk asked his ten-year-old male holo-husky, who was lounging over in the corner of his living room area. Nanook lifted his head and cocked it to the right, his eyes searching the question he had asked.

"Atta bout right." He chuckled. He then left for Serina's quarters bringing a nice bottle of wine with him.

She was putting the final touches on the table, then remembered there was no wine. "Oh brother I forgot the wine," she said out loud. She made a quick turn, forgetting that the rug was there and went headlong onto the floor! "Ohfffft!" The distance between the door where she landed and the rug was about three feet. One thought went through her mind, what if Leland walked in and saw her?

Hawksley had tagged and then entered when he had thought he heard a commotion from within. He decided it might be best to let his self in.

"Uh... Serina?" He called, only then turning to see that she was face-first on the floor. A ripped carpet underneath her feet.


Hawksley had dropped the bottle of wine to the floor near the entrance and rushed over to bend down near her side, he rolled her to the side, and brushing her hair aside. "What? Are you ok?" Leland was confused.

Serina looked at Lelan and her face turned bright red in embarrassment. "Oh my god Leland, I tripped on my way to the replicator. Damned carpet!" she said trying to smile.

Leland was a bit concerned. "Are you ok Serena?" He held reached with his larger biceps easily taking and helping Donovan up from the mishap on her quarters floor.

Taking her and then pulling out a chair for her, he had sat down next to her at the wonderful table setting she had set out.

"Uh. Did I miss something before I had arrived?" He had softly chuckled, looking at Donovan.

", I was going to replicate a wine when I tripped on that dang blasted ripped carpet. I told engineering about that carpet two weeks ago. I see they still haven't fixed it." she said. "Hungry Leland?

"Actually, I could have saved you the trip to the deck." Hawk had got up and then walked back to pick up the bottle of wine. He had brushed it with his hand and then set it down a the table.

"Dinner would be nice. This is incredible. You are a fantastic cook." Leland was surprised to see the amount of food.

"Is there anything I can help you with?" Although, everything had already seemed to be done.

"No hun just dig in before it gets cold," Serina said.

Leland had felt bad, he had to talk with Donovan. He had to tell her that things he had felt were changing. They had only kissed just once before, and he had feelings for another woman. Donovan had been everything to him, and he owed it to her to treat her like the best friend he had found in her. Nobody, he had known had been as hard on him, as caring to teach him all there is to know about piloting and she was the best out there.

"Thank you.... All this, I don't deserve it. I don't deserve this." He felt terrible. He looked at the bottle of wine, "should we have a drink together?" He had thought maybe a drink would help ease things, if there was anything to ease, since... Well. He couldn't tell.

"Leland you seem distracted. Is there something wrong? I hope I have not done something to hurt our relationship", Serina said, suddenly feeling like she had scared him out of her life. She had feelings for this warm and kind man who was there for her when she needed a helping hand. She wondered if she should tell him how she felt about him. It was an honest feeling and she was not one to lie about how she felt about someone. Deciding to be honest about how she felt she told him.

"Leland, this might come as a shock to you, but you should know that I have feelings for you," there she said what was the truth.

He felt his insides become crushed. What was once a kiss and then developed into feelings, the time had progressed. He was confused along the way. He didn't blame either, yet between being told to be slow and then, that Donovan had been still getting over feelings for a man who had left her... Between this all, he had met someone else.

"Look. Donovan." He paused. His heart heavy, and with deep regret having to say anything that would hurt her. It was the last thing since he had truly felt Serina was his best friend on the Tomcat in such a short time.

"I would like it if we could be friends... I... I don't deserve those feelings. You have been everything to me, Donovan." He paused, his head and heart heavy. His head leaned to the table feeling not hungry whatsoever, and now feeling sick to his stomach having to break it off, whichever it may be progressing to. "I now have feelings for someone. I don't want us, this... Shit..." He swore. "You're like my best ally, my best friend on the Tomcat. I don't want to lose you, or loose that."

Shock or a fair impression of it crossed her face. "You won't lose those, I can guarantee that, but who is your bow, my friend?" Serina's heart sank but not quite as hard as she thought. She had been sending mixed feelings to Leland and fooling herself at the same time. "Of course we can remain friends, and I am very happy for you Leland", she said painting a smile on her face.

Hearing that Serina was not angry at him, nor wanting to send him out of her quarters that moment, he was shocked. He had looked up from the table, his eyes having searched for anything... He truly felt bad and hearing that Donovan truly did want to be his friend, someone he had become akin to since the very start on the Tomcat... That meant everything to him, more than sexual intrigue. He felt he could confide in Donovan as she had confided in him in the past, and this is what he had still wanted. He couldn't help but feel protective of her, of her.

"Serina..." He felt like stating another person right now would make it even harder. He swallowed, like a Man and pulled his balls back in place. "She is a Staff Sargent... Vail." He did not know if she had known the SS to well.

"You don't want me to leave?" He raised a brow. "I've got to believe, that you want me to still confide in you, as I do want too." He confessed. He didn't have much family at home, let alone friends on the Tomcat.

"Leland, you can always come to me and confide in me. We can talk, hang, befriends and best buds. Just because you have feelings for another and are honest about them to yourself, means a lot. I would never want you to be anything else but a friend," Serina said smiling warmly. "Now eat, you look hungry," sticking her fork into her dinner. Deep inside she was sorta crushed but, for a long time she had been watching the previous CAG. He was still here and since their first conversation, she couldn't help but admire his tenaciousness in handing the fighters off to her.

"Your cooking... You cooked so much." He looked at it all. Before setting on the plate, Leland was not hungry anymore. Yet he still had wanted to continue their talk and to nourish their friendship, he valued. He smiled. "Your too good, you know that?" He smiled. "And...." He looked at the plate of roast and vegetables, everything more than he could ever hope to cook himself. "This is a chef's work, Serina."

"So..." He had paused after a moment of eating. "I know even before I had arrived, you've had quite the ear of lots of officers on here." He decided to see perhaps if she had some other men in mind.

"Sure but none with your humour but, then again....." she hesitated, for a split second, she stopped. "Well, to be honest, I do have a fancy for Lt. Winchester, but not sure. He might say no!" she said chuckling. But none the less, it was true. She did kinda liked talking to him and well you know how that goes!

Leland chuckled. "Well. He would be all the luckier to have you after him. I think he is a good guy, the little that I have had in work with him." Hawk had nodded, as he then opened his bottle of wine, and then began to pour them both a drink. When they had been poured Leland relaxed, breathing outward. "Too good bonding's, such as this!" He wholeheartedly smiled and then clinked his glass to Donovan's.

"Yes and to good friends as they may last a lifetime," Serina said ending the toast. "Hey I have an idea, how would you and your girlfriend like a double date with me and Winchester?," Serina added. "We could do a holodeck creation you know and just have a fun day," she finished.

Leland took a drink, and then another deeper drink. His eyes searched. "Really?" Hawk was surprised. He grinned. "Why not, that would be good to do something. I'd like that."

"Good then, pick a day the you and your lady friend will be together and I will check with Winchester. Then we compare notes," Serina said, getting up. "I got an appointment and I gotta run Leland. It was fun," she said waving as she left.

Leland sat there... Sitting in Serina's quarters. He breathed outward. "Cheers." He raised a brow.


Lt. Jg. Serina "Viper" Donovan

Lt. Jg. Leland Hawksley


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