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Here we go again

Posted on 02 Jan 2021 @ 3:44pm by Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Captain Patrick Jackson & Lieutenant Matthew Thompson & Lieutenant Serina "Reaper" Donovan & Ensign C'Tirr K'Ruuras & Rena Sara & Ensign Geoffrey Hale MD & 2nd Lieutenant Cassandra Mathews
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Mission: S03 Ep 03 Trouble in the Sticks UXSys 659842 (Main) Phase 2
Location: Various
Timeline: S3 Mission 4 MD 00.1


After the meeting, the Colonel made her way to the bridge by way of the CRR where she put in a call to her Cousin Fleet Captain Somers to report and ask about the New First Officer post, then she entered the bridge, she was a little nervous as apart from a few new faces the others had been on the ship longer than she, as she sat down Cahill was to her right and Arderne to her left, she says to both.

"Okay Ladies, let us get this show on the road!" She finished and barked instructions as she stood up again and looked back at her CEO "Mr Dodd switch to internal power and disconnect from Starbase."

Lamia smiled as she looked at Somers. In all honesty, she was surprised to be in the Counsellors seat on the bridge, being as she was only the Assistant Chief Counsellor she had been expecting Iria to be on the bridge instead.

LCMD Cahill took her place in the XO seat, she was excited and nervous at the same time. She knew she was ready but at the same time, it was here first time in the XO chair.

"Colonel, power disconnected from station support, internal ship's power at full. Impulse engines are primed and ready for undocking from the station. Engineering is at full staff and the warp core is primed." Dodd reported to the CO.

"Excellent" she turned to face the new DCoS "Mr K'Ruuras are all defensive and offensive systems ready?" She asked looking at the Catian

C'Tirr looked over the tactical systems and pulled up the systems status. "All weapon systems online and on standby. Shields are online and at 100%."

"Thank you Ensign" she responded and looked at Thompson. "Science station status?" She asked.

"LCARS, Science station, sensors and all labs are 5 by 5 Colonel. Ready when you are, Sir," Lt Thompson replied.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," she looked over to Winchester. "Lieutenant Winchester contacts Starbase flight control and gets us permission to depart," she said.

"Copy that Colonel," replied Paul who had taken his place at communications station, although he was Acting Chief of Security, this was his secondary position to which he had agreed to take when no personnel were available, he continued," Control gives the Tomcat the Greenlight and says come home safe,"

"Excellent, thank you, Lieutenant Winchester," the Colonel said and sat back.

LCMD Cahill monitored all incoming reports from her console and replied as needed. She was sending replies as well. She was actually looking forward to this mission. And was completely relaxed doing it. Her time spent observing Commander Sterling and Captain Somers had paid off. Plus her practising in the Holo suite's paid off too.

"Helm, half thruster speed until we clear the starbase, Navigation when outside set a direct heading for UXSys 659842 let me know when the course is set Lieutenant Donovan?" the Colonel said as she looked as the Yeoman came out and whispered in her ear to notify that her new Strategic Chief Operations was waiting, Alex nodded her thanks and Armitage left the bridge.

“Aye, Colonel,” Leland replied. He punched in the LCARs, inputting the Tomcat engines to a steady revving speed.

“Half Thrusters.” Clearing the Starbase. Helm was second nature to Hawksley. None the less, happy to have Donovan for the Atmospheric Conditions of UXSys 659842. Leland piloted Galaxy and Intrepid Class vessels on landings, yet none tactically demanding as the Tomcat.

Serina was at the navigational system console, "Course set and entered", she said looking at Leland at the helm.

"All systems are responding Col and all personnel report their stations are ready for departure. We are ready for departure." Cahill reported.

Alex nodded and sat back as Hawksley expertly took the ship out of spacedock and into open space as Serina adjusted endpoint locations, "okay Lieutenant Donovan confirm heading for UXSys 659842, Mr Hawksley set for warp six" the Colonel instructed.

"Coordinates confirmed for UXSys 659842 Colonel," Serina stated.

Hawksley's large fingers crossed over the computer with ease, inputting the warp velocity and overseeing the Internal Dampener Fields' manual calculations. He cross-referenced between Lieutenant Donovan's console, her navigational and deflector control vectors.

"Warp Six at your Command, Colonel," Leland stated.

"Excellent ENGAGE" the Colonel gave the order and a moments pause and the ship had cleared the base perimeter jumped to warp when they were safely en-route she turned to Cahill "Commander make sure things run smoothly and the bridge is yours," she said standing up.

LCMD Cahill responded, "Aye Captain," As she assumed her position. "All departments report on systems readiness. And let me know if there are any problems.

With a nod, she headed straight for the CRR to meet her new Chief of Strategic Operations Officer, she had read reports on the Tomcat how the crew numbers fluctuate, more so when they were in Hydaransz system, those reports were interesting.

Lamia settles back in her seat, it felt decidedly odd to be in the Counsellors seat and not at the Ops station. At least her years of experience with Ops would come in handy if needed. Right now she was more concerned about the crew, there were a lot of mixed feelings amongst those who knew where they were going and why. She looked to Cahill and offered a smile. “Commander, I’m concerned about the level of emotion that this assignment is stirring up.”

Dr Cahill smiled, "Me too and I feel when the time comes all crew will respond and do what is necessary to see the mission is completed, the crew of the Tomcat are the best crew in Starfleet," she said.

Lamia nodded and smiled. “They are true. You’ve all become one big family to me and no matter what I’ll be there for anyone who needs me" Arderne said in response.

Serina was double-checking her navigational systems and making slight adjustments to their course as warranted. She checked Leland’s helm settings and found them to be quite correct and smiling at Hawksley she nodded at him.

Serina had just finished checking in with K'Rin, her new wingman, who took over Raider 2's job. K'Rin reported that all fighters were online ready for deployment if necessary. "Comdr. Cahill, all fighter squadrons ate on standby if needed," she said.

- Engineering -

"Final check," Lt. JG Taggert called out.

"Warp coils ready," called out Ensign Ramp.

"Warp coolant within standard parameters," called out Lt JG Johnson.

"Plasma transfer within standard parameters," called out the Warrant Officer, Jerrica Benton.

"Deflector dish operating along with all frequencies and energy outputs. Optimized for rapid warp entry," called out another officer that just arrived. Nicci would have to get to know that one too. No nameless people. Everyone's important.

"Computer core operating within normal parameters," Teela said. Her voice was cute, kind of like a little kid sometimes, so hearing her talk about the computers brought a smile to Nicci's face. "Plasma transfer is balanced along with all coils."

"All speeds available through warp drive," called out Taggert finally.

She felt the surge of power and the warp core ramping up as the ship entered warp, entering a higher power state as they left the starbase on the next leg of their mission. oO Thank God we got everything fixed in time, Oo she thought to herself. oO But we really need an overall system check or we might be hurting when we get to where we're going. Oo

Nelson was fully focused on monitoring the warp core along with the matter and anti-matter injectors, as he just witnessed them getting a minor upgrade while at Starbase 51.

Pril was tending to modifications of maintenance drones to be used as a delivery system for the bioagent that Dodd explained to her. The only staff in engineering that had any knowledge of this task were Pril, Nelson, Taggert, and Dodd as ti was to be kept to a minimum number of people.

Machado was working on a back-up relay sensor to make sure the deflector dish would be up to the tasks that may be expected of it when the time comes.

- Sickbay -

"Supply inventory?" Geoff asked curtly.

"Completed, and double-checked sir." A nurse answered.

"Are we secured for transit and manoeuvring?"

"Yes sir, everything's locked uptight."

"First response preparations?"

"Taken care of sir."

With a sharp nod and a deep breath, Geoff activated his combadge and alerted the bridge: "Preparations to depart are complete, sickbay is secured and ready for the unexpected."

- Counseling Office -

Walon was filing all the new data for the new crew members and monitoring all the activity of the ship as it was taking off on this phase of the mission. She worked to keep the files an organized as possible to allow for access to anyone who had access to them to quickly find what they needed.

She finished her paperwork and then headed to her office in Intelligence to start reviewing all the data about the colony as to prepare a report for what would be presented to the families of those that would not come back from this mission or from the colony.

Cahill replied, "All decks are reporting ready and entered it into the log. All we do now is monitor everything", as she looked at Lamia.

"Tactical, Monitor all long-range scanners. I don't want any surprises. "

"Aye Aye, long-range sensors showing the course all clear," C'Tirr said as he watched the screen on his console.

Back on the bridge the moment the ship left spacedock she adjusted her heading for UXSys 659842 and jumped to Warp 6, Alex was no win the ready room speaking with her new Chief of Strategic Operations Officer safe in the knowledge that the crew would do their jobs.


Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers [P: Somers]
Acting CO

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/2XO

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Jg. Paul Winchester
Chief of Security

Lieutenant Lamia 'Mia' Arderne
Assistant Chief Counsellor

Ensign C'Tirr K'Ruuras
Assistant Chief of Security

Lieutenant Iria Walon
CIO/Chief Counsellor

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Jg Matthew Thompson
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Jg Leland Hawksley
Chief Helm Officer

1st Lt Patrick Jackson
Marine Commanding Officer

2nd Lt Cassandra Matthews
Marine Executive Officer

Ensign Ted Silver
Assistant CSO

Ensign Rena Sara
Security Officer

Ensign Geoffery Hale MD
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant JG Serina 'Reaper' Donovan
CAG/Raider 1/Helm Officer


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