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All out of sorts

Posted on 21 Jan 2021 @ 4:16am by Rena Sara & Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Ensign C'Tirr K'Ruuras

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: USS-Tomcat


Rena was walking amongst the crew trying to get some air, and not get really pissy with any crew member, she just hated what her Security chief Ltjg Winchester said about her Security performance and want her to be more out going as a Security officer. She was so angry and upset she kept walking and bumped into a ball of dark fur, she looked up and didn’t see she bumped into the Officer.

"Oh I’m so sorry sir, or it.” Rena was confused over the upsetness shed caused to the Starfleet Officer.

C'Tirr had been standing in the corridor looking over a PADD. He had just escaped the pestering of his little sister and was trying to calm down a bit when he felt something bump into him and he almost dropped his PADD. He turned and looked down at the female security officer. He looked at his PADD and then back with a smile. "It's ok Ensign Sera. We all can have accidents when deep in thought. If I was thinking, I would have heard you coming and moved prior to our collision." His ears were turned forward and his tail swished lazily behind him. "I'm glad for the chance to meet you. I was gonna call you in but this works better." He offered her another smile.

Rena shooked her head and felt bad she ran into the Caitain Security Officer."How do you know my name, or did you check on your Padd." Rena said to him. "I'm sorry I ran into you it's just I had a hard Discussion with my Chief of Security Ltjg Winchester the Lieutenant was being a hard-ass with me and I didn't like it, So I'm headed to the holodeck to take my rage out on Lt jg Winchester in there.

You must be new here?' Rena said trying to calm down a little." So Who are you? Sorry, I left my pad in Winchesters office."

C'Tirr let out a hissing laugh. "I did look at me PADD as I'm going over the records of those under me. I'm Ensign C'Tirr Duergar, Deputy Chief of Security. Lieutenant Winchester is my boss but I'm yours." He smiled a toothy smile. Why don't we go get a drink and have a friendly chat? His ears were forward and his tail swished lazily.

Rena smiled, "Sounds good to me let's go." Rena smiled as she headed with him. "I've got a couple of friends that are Caitain both female but really nice to talk to Ens C'Tirr." she smiled to the Ensign Caitain Security officer.

"Ah so then you're aware of our... Peculiarities." C'Tirr said as they headed to the officer's mess hall. "While we walk, why don't you tell me about yourself that they don't cover in your service records."

Rena looked at him and grinned," I am a bit hungry so yes but after that, I'm heading for the Holodeck for fun." Rena said still feeling a bit angry, and Distraught, and feeling in a killing mood.

"Can't play on an empty stomach Ens K'Ruuras." She said rubbing her hands.

C'Tirr chuckled. "We're both off duty, call me C'Tirr. Where did you grow up at Rena?" He asked as he walked. His tail swished lazily behind him as they walked.

“Sure thing C’Tirr Like I told you before I have had a couple of Caitlan Friends so I know how they swing if you get my drift.” Rena smiled evilly making a cute Caitian
Joke. “I hope you didn’t mind that joke if you did I’m sorry.” Rena grinned.

Rena then looked at C’Tirr “I’m from Betazed so I'm full Betazoid.” Rena smiled as she Kept walking with the caitian, trying to be friendly and joyful even though shes still pissy at her Security Chief Ltjg Winchester that's still on her mind she doesn’t want to forget how mad he made her she felt it in him while he was yelling she was reading him throughout the whole talk they had.

“So C’Tirr how's things on Cait I haven't been there in a long while since my one caitain friend joined Starfleet,” Rena told him as they continued to walk over to the mess hall feeling Famished.

"I haven't been home in close to 7 years but my parents tell me it's the same as it always has been." C'Tirr said with a chuckle. "But then you know parents either nothing or everything is the same. They are happy though that my little sister is stationed on board as well." They arrived at the mess hall and C'Tirr motioned for Rena to preceded him in with a hand gesture and bowing of his head. His tail swayed slightly and his ears were pointed forward.

Rena moved on with C’Tirr enjoying his conversation that helped her cool off some but still had the anger with Ltjg Winchester on her mind and never will forget it. Being a Betazoid she shouldn’t be that angry and trust other officers' feelings, Rena went in checked out her newfound friend C’Tirr as she shouldn’t go in people's minds without permission but she was just curious what kind of Caitain since she does have a couple Caitain friends.

“I’ve never been back to Betazed in a while either so I know the feeling C’Tirr.” Rena said with a smile on her face to be polite to C’Tirr.

C'Tirr led her to a table and pulled the chair out for her. "Please sit Rena. Would you like something to drink or eat?" He asked, a return smile on his own face.

Rena smiled as she sat down on the chair,” I would like a glass of White wine.” She said “I hope you're off duty?” Rena said with a smile on her face wanting to make C’Tirr. “Boy, I do need to relax before my holodeck time and teach Winchester a thing or two. After this it's holodeck murder time I’m not Murdering him in real-time, I’m doing it via Holo-Deck.” Rena gave an evil smile to C’Tirr with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Yes I'm off duty right now but I do not drink alcohol. It is toxic to a Caitlan's system." C'Tirr said. He watched Rena closely. So this is who he is suppose to help get up to par in weapons training. "Why would you want to shoot out Chief if I may ask? If you do not wish to tell me, that is your prerogative." He leaned back in his seat and ordered a catnip tea.

Rena looked at C’Tirr, “ its out of anger after what he said to me.” Rena said enjoying her Wine.. “How would you feel in my position when The Security Chief yells at you.? You’d probably be Angered too.” Rena said to the Caitain Officer while enjoying his company.. She had that anger still in her.

C'Tirr understood getting a reprimand could get anyone's hair up. He had been on the receiving end a few times himself. "It's fine to be angry at someone for yelling at you but depending on why he yelled does factor into whether the anger is justified or just misplaced." He took a sip of his tea before he continued. "If I may ask, why did the Chief yell at you? If I can find that out, I could try to offer a solution or at least some advice."

Rena looked at C’Tirr “I just hate to be yelled at he could have explained things like an adult, not higher his mighty voice on stuff relating to security”. Rena was quite upset overall he did was put her down. “It's like he was putting me down cause I’m a female, fine I’ll practice my phaser I will add him to it in the Holo-Deck, I’ll show that Stinker a woman can fight just like my Security Chief, that jerk..” Rena was on a Roll with C’Tirr.” There's no Starfleet law I can have certain Targets in a Holo-Deck,” Rena said.

C'Tirr's ears perked forward. "But is it professional to use a superior officer as a target for target practice? I could join you in some healthy target practice. We could do a few scenarios to help improve both of our skills." He suggested.

Rena looked at C'Tirr, “yes Maybe healthy ones, but I just want one shot of my Chief of Security in one of the scenes just to get my anger out and the rest of the Scenes without him.” Rena said with an evil grin she just wanted her chance to get even and Show Ltjg Winchester how it feels to get yelled at and never do it again to a female Betazoid. She also can get inside his head to see what his reactions are so he won't upset her again. “Let's get to the Holodeck to have some fun,” Rena told the Caitian Security officer still with an Evil grin on her face.

Rena sighed,” Maybe some other time you can help me with targets as you said.” Rena sighed as her head went down then back up. She looked at the caitian.” You can always be my friend, you understand better than that jerk of a Security Chief officer Ltjg Winchester, I wish you were Security Chief Ens K’Ruuras your a better one than that jerk.”

Ensign C'Tirr K'Ruuras
Assistant Chief of Security


Ensign Rena Sara
Security Officer


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