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Nuggy meeting

Posted on 20 Jan 2021 @ 6:26pm by Ensign C'Tirr K'Ruuras & Ensign Ted Silver

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Officer's mess
Timeline: Current


- USS Tomcat Officers Mess -

C'Tirr walked into the officers mess hall and glanced around. His turquoise eyes taking in the occasional person while his ears rotated, catching snatches of various hushed conversations. His black hair and fur was laid flat and neatly trimmed. He stepped over and retrieved a mug of tea and a tray of meat though he did take some bread and a bowl of cream too.

C'Tirr carried his large meal over close to a table near the view port windows and took a seat. He started eating by picking up a piece of meat and biting it, tearing at the flesh with his sharp teeth. He would occasionally tear a piece of bread and dip it in the cream. After a few bites, a small drizzle of cream had marked a trail from the corners of his mouth to the hairs of his chin.

Cassandra came in not to long after, She was running late. The reports had taken longer then she had predicted. She saw her brother was already seated and eating supper. She smiled. It had been a couple years since they had run into each other. It was still strangely enjoyable to get to look forward to moments like this again. It almost eased the ache in her heart at leaving behind so many of her good friends back on the USS Cutter. In many ways it also more than made up for it. Especially as she watched him eat, It was a little piece of home. It warmed her heart. Made her smile one of those rare happy smiles. She got a tray with some steak, steamed mushrooms and broccoli, and fried rice. She debated on coffee or apple juice. Then went for apple juice because she needed to sleep soon. She had anther early day tomorrow. Thoughts of home returned to thoughts of work as she moved. Distracted she didn't notice she was about to collide with anther crew member.

Ted had been working hard to get the mini Arboretum up and running. He had been transforming the hydroponics bay on deck 13. He had found a way to still the grow. The essential plants needed by some crew members. Who could not eat replicated versions. Plus add more plants to make it somewhere. Crew could go to relax and destress. If they so needed to.

Which considering what they were about to do. Ted felt would be very important in the dark days to come. He still felt a feeling of unease at the thought. They were going to have to wipe out all those people. There had to be another way. There just had to be.

But now his body needed food.

Selecting a rather delicious and passable beef stew with dumplings. He took his seat and looked over a padd. Then he realized he had not got anything to drink. Getting up but still looking at the padd. He moved towards the replicators when someone almost collided with him.

Looking up he saw two new faces. Ted had not seen before.

“ Oops. Sorry my bad. Hello you must be new? Ensign Ted Silver Assistant Chief Science Officer.” He said extending his hand.

Cassi took it after she had gotten herself back in balance. "Second Lieutenant Cassandra Mathews Marine executive officer. And please it was my fault I have been a bit distracted as of late. Did you get anything on you??" She asked checking out his uniform for any collateral damage. She had a napkin in hand at the ready if she should spy anything. Then she saw them, He had the darkest, prettiest green eyes she had ever seen in her life. She gasped nearly dropped the napkin and looked away as she shifted quickly to grab the escapee out of the air with out dumping her tray. Well according to the universe that was asking far to much. She over reached in her nerves and ended up not only falling but dropping her tray all over herself. Oo Holy crap!! What did you just do?! oO her mind screamed out in absolute humiliation. Then followed by that inner self loathing laughter of her inner critic as it replayed the slow motion real of the whole thing in her mind with crystal clarity. Answering the question she hadn't even known she was going to ask. Oo Yes its exactly as bad as it looks. oO

Silver took a slight step back. He was not sure what to do next. It was funny but making fun of others when they had an accident. Was not only mean but could be considered bullying. These were new crew and probably very nervous. It would make them weary of him as someone to avoid. Thus creating tension and someday there lives may depend on each other. If there was no trust then that could prove fatal.

Plus in a way Ted was still a newbie to the Tomcat as well. Newbies should stick together after all. So he decided to act like a new friend. Instead of a jerk.

“ No I am fine. But are you ok? You did not burn yourself did you. Here take a seat and I’ll organize some water a cloths.” Silver said.

C'Tirr heard the commotion and booked over, the spell of the expanses of space broken. He seen Cassie fall trying to catch her tray and a napkin. He shook his furry head and chuckled a purring chuckle. He stood up and crossed the space between Cassie, Ted and himself in a few steps. "I must apologize, she's always been clumsy ever since she hit about 9 or 10." He said jokingly to Ted with a grin. His ears and whiskers trembled with the barely contained mirth and his tail swished excitedly. "Up ya go Cass." He held his furred hand out to his little sister with a toothy grin, his sharp teeth and large canines shown.

Silver nodded. At the other new comer. Who helped her to a seat.

“ That’s ok I was just the same a few months ago. I am also technically a nugget as you guys I went to meet my department head. I was told to take a seat. But did not see fully were the seat was and ended up on the floor. I’ll get something for her to clean up with. Please why don’t you guys sit with us.” Silver said.

Cassandra felt her face burn in embarrassment. She wanted to say she was fine. But was worried what might come out of her mouth so instead sat mutely through her brothers teasing and the new guys attempts to help. meanwhile the little voice in her head was laughing it up as if this was a comedy club and Cassi was a star. "Second person I have run over today. stupid napkin, stupid tray." she muttered to herself as she did her best to pick out the bits of rice and broccoli from her hair and uniform.

"C'Tirr I think I might need to be fashionably late for dinner." Then avoiding looking at Ted as much as possible she said. "Sorry again for nearly running you over was good to meet you." Cassandra bolted. Okay, er.. more walked with a purpose to a public Jakes to go and clean up and lick her wounded pride in the safety and privacy of a public restroom.

C'Tirr perked his ears forward and had a puzzled look on his face as he watched Cassi run off. "She has never acted that way before. I'll go check on her later if she doesn't come back." He turned to look at Ted. "I'm Ensign C'Tirr K'Ruuras, Deputy chief of Security and Cassi's older brother." He held out a fur covered hand to Ted.

Silver was a little confused. As Cassandra turned and fled. He felt a little disappointed she had fled like that. It would of been good talking to some fellow nuggets. After all Ted had only been on the Tomcat for just over four months. Most of that had been on the station. Waiting for the ship to return.

“ Ensign Ted Silver Assistant Chief Science Officer. Good to meet a fellow nugget. Shame she did not stay. So your in security that’s good. Tell me about yourself?” Silver asked

C'Tirr held a hand up for a sec. "Let me grab my meal, and I'll join you or you could always join me at my table. I think it has the best view in my opinion." He said with a toothy smile.

Ted picked up his tray and joined his new friend. He was correct the view was much better. Silver noticed one of the restroom doors had opened and closed.

“ I think Cassandra went into the rest room to clean up. Maybe she can rejoin us when she comes out?” He said. “ You know the view here is much better. Thank you for inviting me over. It looks so peaceful out there from in here. You would not believe there are so many dangers lurking behind each corner. I suppose we should be expecting that though. When we put this uniform on.” He said

"True, you never know what we'll find past the next star until we get there. I think that danger and exploring the unknown is what attracts us to the uniform in the first place. That and our ideals." C'Tirr said as he leaned back in his seat. His turquoise green eyes unfocused on the star field outside the ship. "But there are things that we need to do that we don't ever want to do whether it's standing by and watching an entire civilization annihilated just because they haven't discovered faster than light space travel or doing what we are about to do." He turned to look at Ted, his whiskers and ears drooped with the sadness and disgust that he felt at the thought of killing these people who just wanted to settle in peace.

Ted tried to think of something to say. That would not make him sound. Like an emotionless automaton. He could not draw on any experience. Because technically he was still a newbie. But then again how could any seasoned officer. Not have a part of their soul die. When killing so many people. Even if death was these peoples only realise.

“ I know it sucks. But looking at the recent evidence. It looks like whatever made them. Who they gone. Now only monsters remain. All we can do is stop other worlds suffering the same fate. Even if it sucks.” He said sadly.

"Aye, I know that it needs to be done for the benefit of Starfleet. I just wish that Cassandra had stayed at her last station until after this mission. I don't want that blood on her hands." C'Tirr said as his ears, tail and whiskers drooped as he imagined Cassi surrounded by the bodies of the colonists that she killed. He could see the haunted look in her eyes.

“ Unfortunately we cannot always see what is around the corner. Your just have to be there for her again. Once this is over.” Ted said

After the two had finally settled on a place to sit. Cassi had re-appeared dressed in a fresh uniform and had gone to try a take two for supper. She smiled as she slipped into a seat at the table with them silently.

Silver nodded and smiled.

“ Hello again.” He said

"Hello." Cassandra managed to say with a chuckle. "Sorry about that. Had EVA training none to long ago and am still trying to refind my equilibrium i suppose." Cassi said as she sorted herself out at the table. "So did I miss anything good?"

"Not at all little sister. Ted and I were just chatting on stuff. You up to eating?" C'Tirr asked as he looked at her.

"We are about to find out." Cassi said looking over her tray she went for some chicken soup and crackers this go around.

Ted smiled as he spoke. He had been through EVA training himself. So he knew what she was going through.

“ That’s ok I remember when I had my EVA training. My inner ear was so screwed up. I vomited my lunch all over the instructor. Boy was she angry.” He said with a grimace.

Cassi shuddered. "Ill do you one better. Trapped for three hours in a sealed suite that is filled with a rather large breakfast of raw beef garlic and raspberry punch." Cassi looked at her tray and felt her stomach dare her to take a bite. She passed on the challenge going for a cracker instead. Start small.

Ted could see she was looking a little pale. Perhaps he should not of been so graphic.

“ Sorry I did not mean to put you off your food. Eva training is very important. Once you get used to it. These symptoms will vanish. It’s just your body getting used to new things. But here’s a little tip. Keep it your diet simple after training. Anything bland is better. While your stomach is in flux.” He advised.

"Good thing i grabbed me some crackers then eh." Cassi returned as she nibbled her prize with a bit more confidence now. "I still have round 2 in a few hours. Are you going to be part of the team going down to the planet?" She asked Ted and C'Tirr using her cracker to motion to them both." If so the alpha team for the Marines will be doing a training here in about an hour for any interested parties who need a refresher course." She offered.

C'Tirr chuckled before he tore a large bite of meat from the raw steak before him, a dribble of blood ran down the fur of his chin. He spoke after swallowing his food and smiled at Cass. "I can handle myself in a fight little sister." He grinned before he took another bite.

Silver bit into his meal before answering.

“ Yes I’ll be going to the planet surface. Well need to set up a sealed quarantine area. For all the crew who go down. Plus Starfleet wants a full report. So I’ll be helping compile it. But let’s not dwell on that for now. So how are you guys settling in?” Silver asked

Cassandra thought over his question and came back with. "It has already been an adventure." She felt her lips pull into a generous smile as she also started to chuckle as she considered the last several hours. She'd checked in, rushed into catch the later part of the briefing for the mission, Then checked in with her CO and had her first EVA session. Gone and met her brothers boss. Nice fella even asked her on a date. Her day was not even half done yet. She had done reports, as well as evaluations to see who was best suited for the coming mission. Then another round of EVA training, as well as inspections for the evening. She looked at her food and decided she would brave her soup afterall. It had been a long damn day and she had earned its nourishment. Even if her stomach didnt agree.

"Well, sorry to cut dinner short little sister but I have to get on to the reports I got piled with. I think I'm gonna have a sleepless night tonight." C'Tirr said as he took the near empty plate in front of him. He looked over at Ted. "It was nice meeting you Ensign Silver." He offered his empty furred hand out.

"Hey now you cant run off yet. Mom says we have to spend face time together." Cassandra said indignantly. "Ill help you with the reports if you like. Just sit for a few more minuets wont ya?" She asked. There was a note of desperation in her voice. She wasn't sure when the next time they would be able to get together again before she was deployed.

Ted knew what was to come. That was why he agreed with Cassandra. Once the mission was over. The nuggets would be changed forever. Best to have happy memories now. Because there would be dark ones soon enough.

“ Please stay. I am sure they can wait until later.” He said

Cassandra smiled warmly over at Ted thankful for his help.

C'Tirr let out a sigh. He still had so much that Winchester had thrown on his shoulders already. Almost like he was getting stuck with all of the reports and paper work. "I'll stay a bit longer and if your CO gives you as much work as my chief does, you won't have time to help me with mine little sister." He smiled at her as he took his seat again.

"Oh I have reports too. Don't forget I am helping get things ready for the away mission. That requires physicals, and going over briefings and trainings. Not to mention making time to go talk to Engineering about those death trap suites we are being sent down in. On top of settling and trying to make a good repour with my new unit. Learn the lay out of the ship. I promise you the world will not come to an end if you steal a few more minutes." She reached out to pat his hand.

Silver nodded in agreement.

“ In truth that goes for me as well. As ACSO my job is just as busy as the CSO if not more so. But to be honest it’s best to grab as much off time as you can. Who knows what state we will be in after this......... sorry I did not mean to sound like the bringer of doom. It’s just....... never had a mission like this before you know. Let’s change the subject. So tell me about yourselves.” Silver said

"This will be my third." Cassandra said unhappily as she took a bite of her food. Oo Choke it down lady you need the nutrients. oO

C'Tirr chuckled. "What can I really say? I was born on Cait and was raised off and on aboard Federation ships. When I was seven or eight, my parents adopted Cassie here. We got into tons of mischief growing up and when I was old enought, I joined star fleet. I started out as a non commissioned officer and after attending the officer candidate school, was promoted to ensign." He glanced at Cassie as she ate. He could tell she was forcing herself to eat. He shook his head.

Silver stirred his food as he remembered his childhood.

“ I was not a very nice kid. Always getting into scraps. Not paying attention in school. It took nearly getting killed when I was nine. To put me on the straight path.” Silver could see their surprised faces. So he explained.

“ When I was nine. We had this little gang myself and my friends. We’d go around being silly you know what kids are. One day we had this game of dare. Me being the leader my dare had to be the baddest. So they dared me to climb onto the roof of my house. I almost made it but lost my footing and fell. I crashed into my fathers glass conservatory roof. My injures were so bad. They had a priest say the last wrights. But I pulled through. My parents hired a private tutor who basically changed my direction. Thanks to the tutor I am the person you see sitting here.” He explained.

Cassandra listened surprised at his young age for such an event. Cassie herself had not been a very nice kid herself. Prone to attack people over the simplest infractions against her sensitive feelings, Especially anything said about her father. She had lived a lot of her life with a hair trigger that only the Marines had beat out of her after she'd joined them. Teds story reminded her of when she was nine. A few years after fathers death. She had been going around talking about how someday he was going to come back to her, how he was only pretending to be dead and someday would come back and they would be a family again. Lies of course. Wishful thinking, yes. One of the other kids had called her out on it and she had pumbled him badly despite her small size and young age. She had struck him so hard she had broken three fingers and cracked her wrist against the larger boys ribs and face. She had even bit him she was ashamed to recall. Nearly bit his nose off. She shook her head as if to shake the memories away and managed a response of. "Well some of us just have to learn the hard way. At least you learned right? I am glad you came out of it okay. How about your friends? Did they turn themselves around at your example?" She asked curiously.

Silver smiled.

“ Oh Yes. I think nearly killing your best friend , did have an effect on them. Most of them are in Starfleet today. One of them recently won an award for a new type of replicator system. He invented for medical vessels. I still keep in touch with them. Anyway you two I need to work on this... “ He was going to say poison. But changed his mind.” Up and coming mission. It’s been good meeting you both.” Silver said standing.

Cassandra watched him stand and wondered if she might have offended him. Still she said nothing except. "It.. it was once to meet you as well. I guess we will see you around then."

C'Tirr nodded to Ted. "We'll have to get together again and talk more sometime. Maybe hit up the holodeck." He said with a grin at Ted. He reached a comforting hand over to Cassi. He spoke something in Caitian to Cass. "It's fine, this mission and all has everyone high strung."

Cassi nodded as she also waved goodbye to their new friend, well er acquaintance, Then responded in a broken almost painfully accented Caitian, "So true, what a shame. We had all just decided to stay too." She picked at her food a little more before giving up on it altogether. "Wanna go and unpack?" She asked him in that broken Caitian again. It felt good to speak in the home tongue even if her voice nor mouth were designed for it. Still, she had all her younger years to learn it and spoke it better than most other humans. So it was understandable at least.

Silver stood up then a sudden urge struck him and he sat down again. Why did he need to rush off. The mission was hours away. Plus he was still peckish.

“ You know what. I have not had desert. I could just do with some strawberry and vanilla ice-cream. Covered in strawberry sauce with nut sprinkles.” He told them


Ensign Ted Silver
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Tomcat

2nd Lt Matthews
MXO (Retd.)

Ensign C'T'irr K'Ruuras
Assistant chief of Security


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