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My brothers boss-

Posted on 03 Jan 2021 @ 10:44am by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & 2nd Lieutenant Cassandra Mathews

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: S3 Mission 4 MD1


Cassandra had had a rather long day. It wasn't even close to being over yet neither. Regulations however dictated that she was required to take a meal break so grabbing up what she could take with her and work on on the go. She was glad though because after only cucumber slices and toast earlier this morning and a great deal of coffee since then she was feeling rather famished. Not wanting to stay cooped up in her office any longer she headed for the mess hall. It would give her a chance to get to know the crew better. Which of course couldn't hurt.

The mess hall was a lot nicer then she was use to. There were a lot of things she was needing to adjust to it seemed. She went to the counter and took a seat next to a kindly looking man with a soft. "I hope you dont mind." Cassi glanced at him to try and get a feel to if he was bothered by her presence or not. Some people enjoyed solitude after all.

At a glance she took in the basics. He was probably not much taller then she was, the way he sat and moved suggested that he had some training of sorts. Then again he did appear to be... Oh snap security. She looked more closely now as she absorbed the insignia on his collar. a smirk edged the side of her mouth as she realized just who she was sitting next too. Here sat C'Tirr's boss. A thousand wicked thoughts crossed her mind at once and C'Tirr would have had kittens if he knew what only half of them were. But No... She would be good. She loved her brother far to much to play with his career for a little fun. So instead she just went ahead and ordered her lunch of ham and potato soup with a green salad and tried to mind her manners.

Paul had taken his meal break earlier than normal after needing to get out from the screen and now he had a deputy to share some of the workload, He thought to himself oO at Last I can relax, Oo as he picked up the chilled glass of coke. as he glanced up he caught sight of a beautiful woman. one that he hadn't seen before and boy did she have that wow factor and who was she? he wondered rising his glass to her.

She caught the movement and looked over to see his salute. She gave a shy smile and picking up her mug of tea she returned the gesture. Now that she had a full on look at him she found it difficult to look away. He had deep brown eyes, they looked tired but friendly. She moved her cup to her lips to hide her face a bit. But still her eyes refused to look away as they traced the contours of his face. Oo Wow... it would be worth getting arrested to get to spend some time with this one. oO she mused letting wicked ideas fill her head and then slide away. Oo No .. no this is C'Tirr's boss don't you go making trouble for him. oO It had been a pretty train of thought as short as it was. Oo The more the pity. oO she thought as she finally worked up the nerve to say. "Hello I am Cassandra."

Paul replied "Nice to meet you Cassandra, I am Lieutenant Paul Winchester, the Tomcat's Chief Security officer," as he formally introduced himself to the lady before him, as he looked back at her and noticed that she was so good looking and had he found the one for him as thoughts started to fill his mind with her image. as he had been on his own for so long now, he needed someone to share it with.

"I thought so." Cassi said as she motioned to the pips at his collar and the insignia there. "Anything interesting in the world of security?" She found herself asking. Really she wanted to hear him speak again. He had a soothing voice, soothing and kind with an edge of command to it. Plus he came equipped with hand cuffs too. Oo Oh Goody! ... No Cassi! No! be good. For gods sake just be good this once. oO She made herself take anther drink to try and calm her racing thoughts. Oo See this wouldn't happen if you'd just stick to the barracks. You out rank all them no room for temptation like this. You brought it on yourself. oO she scolded her self inwardly. Outwardly she felt her lips wanting to pull into anther smile.

Paul gave her a slight smile, he said, "So Cassie, May I call you Cassie?" he asked looking at her as she seamed rather cute to him, he continued "and pray tell what is your position on the ship?" as he wanted to find out some more about her, even about who her family was. he picked up his glass once more to take a sip of his cold drink, But Paul knew from experience that for his relationship skills hadn't been up to par and needed to relax more.

"Cassie works just fine thank you. I am the ships new marine executive officer." She said she had forgotten her drink now. Having set it near her untouched plate. "My brother, he is one of your deputies. So you will likely catch me lurking around to keep life interesting for him." She said. She had shifted in her chair so she could face him better as they talked. "You have any family kicking about you'd like for me to add to my list?" She asked playfully.

He replied, "I do have a Sister on the Starbase 51 whose name is Paula and her adopted daughter Davina," as his mind raced and the only deputy chief he had was a Catalan named C'Tirr. he asked her, "Are you telling me that your brother is C'Tirr my deputy chief?" as C'Tirr hadn't mentioned that to him.

"Yeah. Big guy, sorta hairy and has a certain cat like look about him." Cassandra said with humour. "His family adopted me after my father died. So we were raised up together. Thats why I don't sport any of his dashing good looks." She added playfully.

"Ah looks like I'm going to have to ask permission to date you then?" replied Paul taking a swig of his drink as he knew that it was only right to ask C'Tirr, he continued," Oh by the way Paula likes women," giving her the information in case she ever met his sister.

He was a bold one, shed give him that. It made her smile she liked his confidence and it was rewarded with. "Well if she's as cute as you are then I could be too. Good luck getting that permission though. Let me know what he says." It was a challenge of course. He had set it up for himself. IF he could get permission from C'Tirr to take his baby sister out.. Well then it was a date well earned. She could have easily said she didn't need her brothers permission for shit.. But this was far more fun. Plus she was curious if this bold stranger would indeed go through with it.

"It is a matter of Honour Cassie," replied Paul looking at Cassie as he gave a quick look at her, he continued "he is your Brother and only other family member aboard the ship to ask," as he knew that the right to ask her Brother was the right course of action.

"Ah yes, honour is important. Well before my brother decides the matter for us one way or the other I was hoping you might answer a few little questions for me?" Cassi asked. Yea she liked this one. He had spunk. She would speak to her brother soften his resolve and hopefully the nice chief of security wouldn't have to disappear forever out a random airlock someplace at her brothers hands. Or eaten Oo eaten.. yeah better talk to C'Tirr. "Are you into dancing? what's your favorite colour? Why is it your favourite colour? Do you have an epic battle in your history? And that's you personally, because if you do you might want to have it polished up and ready to talk about maybe before asking about dates with me. Now finally, last one two parts. " She held up one finger and asked. "Why should I date you if he does say yes? Depending on your response." She put up the other finger for part two. "Prove it." She smiled at him now her blue eyes full of playfulness and more then a little interest now as she lowered her fingers.

Paul thought for a moment and replied, " I haven't gone dancing since I graduated from the Academy," as he leaned back in his chair, "and secondly you are a good looking woman for starters," he looked back at her "and to prove it," he leaned over and placed a hand on the side of Cassie's face and kissed her.

Cassi was startled she fought down the impulse to jerk away and punch him. She had after all asked him for this right? Dared him even. Never had she ever dreamed he might actually do anything like this. Hell no one else ever had. It felt nice. She wished she knew how to return it properly but the Marine handbook did not have a section that covered that. Nor had she any experience from youth to now to fall back onto... Oo You hardly know this man. oO her mind screamed at her. Oo Grab him by the balls and tell him to back off! oO. But she didn't want to do that. If anything it made her only that more curious about this enigma of a man she seemed to have stumbled upon. "Well... ummm. Now you have to buy me dinner." She managed to say once her recaught her breath she felt a shy smile cross her lips. She felt her cheeks burn with deep blush as her mind did a strange little happy dance that left her feeling a little punch drunk.

As Paul sat down again, Paul took a sip of his drink, he asked her with a sly smile, "So, What are we going to do after dinner? As he looked at Cassie, "Any Ideas Sweetheart," as he knew that by flirting with the woman.

Cassandra felt her cheeks burn a little and took a drink from her own drink as she considered his question. "Hmmmm. Well what sort of things do you like to do? I am open for pretty much anything... with in reason."

"What's within reason?" asked Paul giving her another question as he never thought that he would be hit by cupid's arrow and hit by lighting as he he fancied this woman, for the first time his Sister will be and would be happy for him. he took another sip of his drink he asked" so, What would you like to eat for dinner and would you like to have dinner in my Quarters?"

"Well that depends." Cassi countered "Will there be cake?"

"Only if you would be the cake," replied Paul looking back at her, he gave her a slight smile as he now started to flirt some more with her, he also knew that she was so cute and sexy as hell. he thought oO Oh boy, I can not wait for Dinner and Cake, Oo as hoped that she would stay with him.

Cassi laughed out loud then. Yeah he was a bold one indeed. She found she was enjoying that. "How can I say no to an offer like that?? You have a preferred flavour?" She asked flirting back playfully. She knew she shouldn't she wasn't the type of girl to just go jumping in a mans bed after all. Hell this guy couldn't know it but he was the first man to ever kiss her in a way that was not paternal. Maybe that's why the idea of being cake for him seemed like such good fun? Maybe she just wanted to figure out just what she had been missing out on for all these years. "I have never been a cake before, you might have to show me how to do it right." She heard herself say before finishing off her drink.

"Well, now you will be," replied Paul with a chuckle as he smiled back at her as he tried to put her at ease and make her feel part of the Tomcat family, as he knew that new crew didn't come by that often and when they did it was pleasing to know that Starfleet sent them the Tomcat's way.

Cassandra excused herself then and took her leave. She had many things to get done. She wished this Winchester fella the best of luck in reguards to her brother. She assumed he would contact her with the time and day of their dinner date if he was at all serious.


2nd Lt C. Mathews

Lt JG Paul Winchester
Chief Security


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