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Talking instead of Thoughts Part 2

Posted on 15 Dec 2016 @ 10:15pm by Major S'arila Donovan & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon
Edited on on 15 Dec 2016 @ 10:25pm

Mission: Season 2 Episode 2: The New Frontier
Location: Personal Quarters/Counsellors Office
Timeline: Mission Day 13

A JP between Major Donovan and Lt Walon


- Counsellors Office -

S'arila thought and mulled over that question a moment, it was hard to gather one's feelings into a cohesive pattern so soon after a telepathic attack "I feel slightly disorientated, I came into this reality with more advantages than the best-engineered humanoid, now I have lost a key skill and that is my telepathy. While I like not having to block out other peoples thoughts constantly, losing an ability I was born with is somewhat hard to get used to without it. My initial intro into this reality I knew what the person was thinking who first encountered me now all I hear is silence in my head, it feels quite lonely on times" Donovan paused to let what she said to sink in.

Iria nodded as she listened intently to her words, she made a few notes on her PaDD before speaking gently. "While you might feel alone now that you do not hear others thoughts, you will have to talk more to let your friends know what you're feeling and thinking. With time and patience, you will get used to the talking instead of depending on telepathy." Iria paused a moment, as she regarded S'arila, "You said you are from an alternate reality is life here very different or difficult for you here with us?"
Donovan looked at Walon giving her a lopsided smile and a raised eyebrow, "oh my dear Counsellor you have no idea. Give me a moment to gather my thoughts and I shall tell you" she paused "but as for the telepathy every day I am without it I find it easier and I do not creep out my crewmates" she paused again. "Okay as to this reality business, I was born in an alternate reality, which had a very similar history as this one there were a few subtle differences in person names and events, but also my reality was like six months ahead of this one, so when I got here there was some disorientation understandably."

Iria nodded listening very intently to her words curious and intrigued at the same time, she ignored her drink and gave S'arila her full attention.

"Where I originally come from I found by a Starfleet deep space explorer ship on its return journey back to earth; the planet I was found on was once called Trilor. I was found in an incubation stasis chamber, I found out later that I had been in there for over five thousand years. So the species that created me was very advanced and by the time I was found in a sealed cave my parent species had been dead for millennia. Anyway, my pod was accessed and I was taken out of it, probably screaming as babies do. As for why my skin is pink can only be surmised, as the records found with me were incomplete. There were images it seems of my parent species that were all blue with a humanoid frame, solid red eyes like mine, a mark between their eyes and with blue-black hair were extremely tall."


Iria made quiet notes as she listened to the major's tale, it was shaping up to be a very detailed breakdown...

"My height is limited by my human genes it was discovered and by all accounts, the name on my baby blanket was S'arila D'Tana, well that what my father said the words translated into. I am starting from the beginning as to give you some perspective; now the Starfleet officer who discovered me adopted me hence the human surname. I excelled in all my classes when I was old enough to go to school, eventually, it was discovered that the planet I was found on was ravaged by a devastating conflict with a very powerful ancient enemy of the Trilan people. The records never said who, but upon finding me it was also discovered that the chamber my pod was in was about to run out of power, so fate gave me a chance at life, a life that was not to be easy it would come to be, you ready to hear the horrifying part of my tale? Trust me that after hearing it, my nightmare will be yours too, but first have you any questions?" Donovan asked.

"Do you need a moment to catch your breath or relax before you continue? Iria asked gently she was very interested in learning more but she was not going to be a poor listener without seeing to the needs of the speaker first. Curiosity had its place, but being a good host and counsellor first.

Shaking her head no "be seated and get comfy Counsellor and if you have a good imagination, my nightmares may become yours" S'arila gathered her thoughts. "In the reality, I hail from which was about three months ahead of this one, is where my nightmare began, but not straight away, you see in that reality I was discovered by a Starfleet long range explorer ship on its way back for repairs and resupply and some shore leave. My stasis birthing chamber was on the verge of failing, I found all this out later. By all accounts, the ship located my planet near the Taurus Dark cloud nebula, from what records say it was a Sol-like system, but had two class M planets in a similar position was Romulus and Remus was. But my species planets were not tidally locked, probably due to the distances between the two" she said with a smile and paused.

"Anyway they downloaded and rescued all the data they could, then they saw my birthing chamber managed to translate the words on the chamber as S'arila D'Tana. You have to understand these were human's that never met my species before, so they thought it was the name of my species. Later research and translation of the data discs said the extinct inhabitants of the planet I was found on were called Trelan and the planet was Trilor Prime, there were some pictures of what my people looked like, they were extremely tall, had blue skin and solid red eyes like mine and the same type of mark between their eyes. So after seeing this imagine their puzzlement when they saw a baby girl with pink skin brown hair, as tall as a one-year-old despite being in a pre-natal stage or the month before a mother would give birth.


Shrugging "to skip the mediocre details, my chamber was transported up to the Starfleet ship and it continued on its way, while en-route back to earth, they found out what happened to the planet. My people had an ancient enemy and the planet I was found on was a wasteland, made that way by a final war between my people and some unnamed hostile species that we assumed was also wiped out. When we got back to earth Starfleet medical decided to keep me in the chamber as the pods, indicators said I was almost ready to leave the chamber. While they waited they finished decoding and translating what they had found. I found out at a later date and just before the war that would end the Federation in my reality that they had sent a larger research group out to Trilor Prime to find out more about what happened. When I was found Counsellor, I had been in that stasis birthing chamber for about five-thousand terran years. I was found in December 2354, for the records my date of birth by the human calendar is 15th March 2355 as that was when my pod opened."

*smiling wistfully*

"The officer who found me a Lieutenant Samuel Donovan like the others were a little shocked when I opened my eyes and did not stop crying until they figured out the normal human lighting was hurting my eyes. It was then they found out that I had the ability of infrared vision or heat vision if you will unless I am wearing these, or my combat visor" *she held up her rose tinted glasses* I see people and things in colours ranging from grey through the yellow and red spectrum. When I have my glasses on, I see like you do, but in black and white with a hint of rose colour, it is the only time I see like a normal humanoid, but even though Samuel Donovan adopted me. The scientist found out that I was technically a hybrid of Trelan and human, this is why I am tall but not as tall as my people, I am half-human. But by genetic engineering, they also found out other genetic anomalies that they figured would develop as I did, so right up until I joined the marines I was studied" here she paused to let what she had said so far sink in and allow the Counsellor to respond.

Iria nodded her head thoughtful as she mulled over S'arila's words there was a lot said and she wondered briefly what was not said right then but figured such details would wait for another session. "I hope you were not harmed during those studies," Iria said softly after a pause she set down the PaDD with her notes. "This was was supposed to be a session to help your adjustment to your loss of telepathy but from hearing you speak at least so far you seem relieved of it."

Looking at her "you have no idea, but I would still like to finish off what I have begun, someone else needs to know as I cannot tell Major Alexandria Somers, she was MCO Gaia Colony for a short time, but it is a true story I need to tell, are you up for the long haul Counsellor?" Donovan asked.

Iria smiled, "Yes I am. I have the day open so we can take as much time as you need. So no need to worry about interruptions." she had no idea what she was about to hear but thus far this session was one of the most open of any she had encountered on the Tomcat.


Major S'arila Donovan [PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Iria Walon
Ships Counsellor
USS Tomcat


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