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A Small Issue

Posted on 17 Jan 2021 @ 1:56pm by Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Deck 03, Security Department
Timeline: Current


- Deck 03, Hawksley's Quarters -

Leland had cursed. He was looking around his quarters for his AI Holographic Golden Retriever "Hercules." While Hercules should have been confined to his quarters, he had a personal portable emitter for his dog. This allowed the spunky character to move about him when he was off duty. He would take "Herc" with him to the holodeck for multiple walks and jogs during the week.

While the dog was only a hologram, its heuristics were incredibly similar to the actual animal.

"For fawk sakes!" He groaned. He looked at the doorway and noticed that it had been opened. The last thing he had remembered was to ensure that his quarter's computer provided that the AI did not leave. Although, he was experimenting with the program allowing Herc to move around with him at will.

- Deck 04, Security Department -

Taking a trip just a short deck down, Hawksley had chimed and entered the Security Department hoping for some help to find him. Herc theoretically could not enter a turbo lift and leave deck 03 alone, yet he was having trouble finding him. He wanted to know if anyone had reported… a stray Golden Retriever.

"Lieutenant Winchester!" He had greeted with a hearty salute. "Sir. I apologize for taking your time. I have a slight issue." He had begun. Time was of the essence.

Paul looked up from the Paperwork that he had been doing and glanced up at the young Lieutenant, He asked," Yes Lieutenant What can I do for you?" as he started to relax and was glad for the interruption, he continued, "Would you like a drink?" as he rose from the chair and started to make his way towards the replication unit.

"Thank you, Sir. I am good." He nodded, relaxing with the pleasantries offered from the Chief.

"I also apologize. I am not in uniform. Sir, you see, I am missing a dog onboard. Well, not a dog. An AI of a Dog. A golden retriever. His name is Hercules. He must have got out of my quarters on Deck 02." He shook his head and taking a seat, a bit embarrassed. "I wouldn't have come to you if I had have found him on the deck, but he still seems to be missing. Herc is wearing a portable emitter of mine."

"Lieutenant, for your information the Tomcat does not have any Holoemitters in personal Quarters nor the ships Corridors," replied Paul leaning back in his chair, He continued, The only places they are in is Sickbay and the holodeck of course," as he hoped that this information would help him. He finished," If you would like one then my advice would be to speak with the colonel on that before you speak with the Chief Engineer," as he hoped that the colonel would allow it.

Hawksley looked embarrassed. His face flushed a bit red. "Sir. I had no idea. I had a personal emitter that was set up in my quarters utilizing Barzan trade. The emitter itself was not draining from the Tomcat." He offered. "It's a self-reliant system intended on a merchant patent for pets. It was passed by Starfleet Security on my last assignment." He then shook his head. "I can shut it down, and just have a personal AI on my quarter's computer." He had sincere apologies. "The last thing I want to do is bother Engineering for such a novelty. Let alone tax the Tomcat systems." He repeated. "I can have it shut down, It will not bother me to set up something."

Leland then shrugged. "Just I got used to the Lil' fellah, you know?" He kind of smirked.

"I understand that Lieutenant," replied Paul looking back at the Officer before him, He continued," But as I said, if you want an emitter in your Quarters then speak to the Colonel and if the Colonel agrees then speak with the Chief Engineer," as his seak creaked once more.

Thank you, Sir. I will keep that in mind." He nodded. "How is everything going on the Tomcat?" He asked, for conversation's sake since he had not really met the Officer.

“As far as Security is concerned there were only a few scuffles on new years eve with the parties from departments,” replied Paul as he leaned back in his chair, he had been lenient over the holiday period, however; with the upcoming mission, although he knew that some things were going to happen and hoped that everyone would come back alive, but he also knew that the risks that came with the job and the uniform that he wore. He asked, “What about yours?”

Hawksley had chuckled. "No. No scuffles here, Sir." He paused. "Departmental parties, hunh?" He raised a brow. "I was not invited to as such..." He pouted. "Although, I had a rather relaxing time, just having a drink with Herc."

"Sometimes we need to get together for that Security Weapon Training. As being on the Bridge, it could come in handy sometime." Hawksley offered. He had wanted to better learn sharp shooting techniques, honing in his skills.

"Well, when you are ready to book a time with the Master At arms and set up a Time with him for the training," replied Paul looking back at the CHO, he knew that being a bridge officer he had to be at the top of their game and that included knowing how to use a weapon. and he also knew that he had done a training simulation with hand to hand and melee weapons with the colonel and needed to ask her if he was now certified to use them.

"I will do that. Thank you for the clarification, Sir." Hawksley had then decided, he had best make his way. "It's been a good meeting, and meeting you, Sir." He had nodded, then respectfully getting up. "Glad I could drop in." He added.

"Nice to meet you too," replied Paul as he looked back to the officer in front of him, he continued, "If you do change your mind you know who to ask," as he smiled at him, he finished," anyway I have work to get back to and if you want to meet me after shift for a drink?" asking the question to the officer.

"I always have time for a drink." He assured the Chief. "When and where?" He slightly grinned at the thought of sharing a pint or two.

"How about after shift in the mess hall?" replied Paul as it was a good idea to get to know the young officer and maybe help him when he needed it, he continued, "my door is always open if you need advice Lieutenant,"

"Sounds good, Sir. To both." He acknowledged. "A drink sounds good." He replied. And then took his leave back to ship matters. He was looking forward to speaking to the Chief in after-hours over a drink.

"Great, I'll see you in the mess hall at 19:00 hrs," as he knew that he had to start making friends and not enemies like he had done with the Colonel, he said " Dismissed," as he watched the young man leave, Paul knew that things could get only better and help the young man not make the mistakes he had.


Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester
Chief Of Security


Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley
Chief Helm Officer


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