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[BACK POST]Hearty and Hale

Posted on 01 Jun 2021 @ 12:11am by Lieutenant Iria Walon & Ensign Geoffrey Hale MD
Edited on on 02 Jun 2021 @ 3:35pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: various
Timeline: Prior to Phase 2


- Intelligence office -

After the Colonel, Lieutenant j.g. Winchester and Lieutenant Commander Cahill left the intelligence office Iria picked up the mess of the broken mug and melted data chip. Her hands and wrists had what looked like minor burns from the splashed hot liquid.

Iria tapped her com-badge, =/\= Walon to Ensign Hale do you have a few minutes to come to the intelligence office please? =/\=

=/\= Hale to Walon, is this a medical issue? If not, I may have to direct you to Ops. =/\= Geoff answered the hail with a neutral tone.

=/\= Minor burn injury due to splashed cappuccino. If you can't come here I can come down to Sickbay in a while. =/\= Iria replied keeping her tone, mild but she was in truth still furious over it. Winchester shouldn't have been throwing things, let alone at her when her hands were full with a cup of hot cappuccino.

=/\= Oh, no problem, I'll be right over Lieutenant =/\= Geoff answered promptly, snatching one of the ready incident kits from where they were waiting, and was momentarily on his way to the Intelligence offices. =/\= A 'yes' would have been enough if you didn't want to share details over the coms =/\= he added.

=/\= I didn't want to cause issues over a minor injury. =/\= Iria retorted lightly. She didn't want to have anyone rush over anything minor.

=/\= Minor or not, it's my job to deal with injuries and any issues they cause. No need to worry about bothering me. =/\= Geoff said back, nearing the Intelligence suite in a different section of the deck. Pulling up at the door, he stopped and did a quick check to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. It always paid to be sure and helped to make him look more professional when he showed up with everything he needed. Satisfied that he was ready, he pressed the chime.

Iria walked out of her office and into the outer office of the Intelligence department and released the lock on the doorway, she gave a wry grin at the new Doctor standing there. "Hello and thank you for coming to the office so quickly."

After assessing the wounds Hale made the treatment quick and as painless as possible. Once he was finished he bid goodbye and headed into the corridor to deal with other emergencies.


Lieutenant Iria Walon
Chief Intelligence Officer/Chief Counsellor

Ensign Geoffrey Hale MD
Assistant Chief Medical Officer


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