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Intelligent Counsel

Posted on 15 Jan 2021 @ 6:28pm by Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant Iria Walon & Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail
Edited on on 15 Jan 2021 @ 7:40pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Various
Timeline: S3 Mission 4 MD1

[ ON ]

- Counseling offices, Arderne's office -

Iria walked in with a smile on her face as she looked around. "Everything going alright down here?"

“Perfect!” Lamia smiled warmly as she put down a PADD she was holding as she sat on the comfy sofa. “The Room is just how I like it.” She motioned to a faux fur rug that now adorned the floor by the sofa, as well as throws on the sofa and chair and matching cushions. The walls had serene scenery paintings, all in all a comfy, cosy room. “You could say I like creature comforts.”

Just then the door opened again and Lilli walked in. “I hope I’m not catching anyone at a bad time?” She smiled warmly. “I thought I’d welcome you” She looked at Lamia “.. to the counselling department.”

Hawksley had wandered in to what had seemed like a relaxation room, or some kind of recreation center on the Tomcat. Leland was busy trying to find his way to the Intelligence Department to check things out on his own mischief.

"Uh. Hi, I think I am in the wrong place. Sorry." Hawksley had paused already his stoic facial expression starting to blush.

“Hi, that’s not a problem!” Lamia smiled warmly. “Come on in. I’m Lamia Arderne, this is Lieutenant Iria Walon Chief Counsellor and Chief Intel Officer."

“And I’m Lilliana Vail, Marine Medic and Counsellor.” Lilli grinned as she walked in just in front of Hawksley.

Leland turned around to see another new face enter the room. He could not believe the number of females on this ship. Not a bad thing.

"Leland Hawksley, HCO." He then found his self-feeling like he was in the middle of a private chat amongst the female officers. He walked into the wrong room, but it certainly was the right choice if he ever was too.

"I feel like I am amongst the brilliant minds of this ship, all in one room. A pleasure to meet you all." He coughed, clearing his throat, his Adam's apple swallowing a bit of nervousness.

"Lieutenant Arderne, Staff Sergeant Vail, Lieutenant Walon." Hawksley had realized he was the junior in superior's presence as he firmed his stance a bit and shot off a sharp salute to them.

“Relax Lieutenant” Lamia smiled warmly. “You’ll strain something if you keep up that posture.”

“I quite like it” Lilli grinned as she looked at Leland. He was a handsome sight to behold. “I have no doubt you have all the women swooning!” She smiled. “Sorry! I’m just toying with you.”

Leland certainly enjoyed the female company, but he had quickly focused his on duty mind on his reasons for being on that deck. He rubbed at the back of his neck for a moment, pausing holding back.

“I. Well. Hahaha, if I only wish that were the truth.” He joked back at Lilli. “However, I was seeking the Intel Department."

Leland had never been stationed on a Federation ship with a department like that, and he was curious. “Lieutenant Walon. I have to admit I was curious. I wanted to know what Starfleet Intel needs with the Tomcat?” He cheekily posited as he looked at her brilliant red hair.

"Well first off unless there's an issue you are welcome to call me Iria, instead of Lieutenant. Secondly as Lamia and Lili already said welcome aboard the Tomcat." she said with a smile as she looked up at him. Her eyes twinkled softly in amusement. "As for the Intelligence on the Tomcat, there's plenty to do. Why are you asking, do you want to join the department for some reason?" she asked lightly though she was curious at his interest most Helm officers didn't branch very far beyond the helm or shuttles in general.

"To be honest." Leland relaxed standing tall. "Iria. I had no idea one like me, a CHO could join the Department. However, I think it might be an interesting consideration for a future within Starfleet. Since it is intell." He grunted, "I bet you won't have too many facts to be able to answer me with?" He smirked.

"I would be happy to share what you need to know about Intelligence as it sort of works will with counselling." Walon replied. "We can move to my other office that would be better for you. As for working in Intelligence, I would be like to have a partner on the job."

Hawksley had acknowledged the helpful and informative Lieutenant Walon. He had wanted to find out the logistics of the position and further wet his interests in a departmental position. While he was CHO, he had felt, he had much more to offer on the USS Tomcat.

- Intelligence -

Following the Lieutenant to her Intelligence Office, Leland stood at the doorway, looking around. "Nice office!" He chuckled.

"What do you find funny?" Walon asked with a wry smirk on her own face. "I have not held this office for very long and I do try to keep it minimalistic for now. But I do spend a lot of time here and want to feel comfortable.

“Not at all, Lieutenant. Your office is very nice. Minimalist and clean says a lot of yourself. Good things.” Hawksley nodded.

“I just want to know how I could be helpful in an Intelligence position?” Hawksley had allowed himself to take a seat on the other side of the desk.

"Well, I got in to intelligence to fill the void after some issues with previous crew in the position. I am currently still seeing patients in a counselor capacity, but I do get to review data and investigate concerns for the mission we are working on or even other areas that don't directly affect the Tomcat. I have even gone on intelligence gathering missions. It just sort of came to me." Walon replied. "I feel you can help in this department because you seem like the type that like to get to the bottom of things and can focused. It just starts out by reading files and trying to figure out how the data relates to the query presented."

Hawksley had taken in the information. The position was exciting none the less. He was learning a lot about the Tomcat and her various departments. He had never before served aboard a Starship with an Intel Unit aboard as far as he had known.

“Is there any security level that I have to pass to be included in briefings?” Hawksley was a bit perplexed. He assumed they didn’t let just anyone read Intel Files from the Federation Offices.

"There are a few clearances you will need to do the job fully, and we can arrange to get those issued by the captain. I did not get a full file on you when Starfleet notified us of your coming to serve on this ship. Are there any blemishes or demerits on your record?" Walon asked.

“No. No, Ma’am. Not that I have any demerits on my current file. I am cleared for priority access, as far as I know. As I am a part of the Bridge Crew.” Leland nodded.

“Fascinating. I would jump at the chance to be involved in information, intel gathering missions.” Hawksley cocked his head to the side.

"I would be happy to have you helping in Intelligence even if it is only part time or as needed. I will work to set up a meeting with the captain and discuss it and see what we can do to get you on board with the department. If that is alright with you?" Walon replied.

"I would be honored, Ma'am." Hawksley had nodded in affirmed approval. He was indeed, enthusiastic for more duties and participation onboard the USS Tomcat and it's activities.

"Great, as soon as I can get time with the captain I will talk to her and then we can move on from there." Walon replied with a positive grin on her face. "So are you liking the ship and her crew?"

Hawksley had smiled. “I feel at home on the Tomcat.” He looked at Walon. “The feel of the ship is different from other vessels I have served. There is a strong bond here, and things run tight and shipshape.” He sly grinned.

“Thank you for the opportunity, Lieutenant. I look forward to helping out the best of my abilities with the Intelligence Dept.” He had then gestured that he should get up and allow the Chief to get back to her work. “Thank you for your time, Ma’am.”

"It was my pleasure." Walon replied. "I look forward to working with you. I know it is late, but welcome the Tomcat family."

[ OFF ]

Lieutenant Iria Walon
Chief Counselor/Chief Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant Lamia Arderne
Asst Chief Counsellor

Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley
Chief Helm Officer

Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail
Counsellor/Marine Medic


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