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Ranking up

Posted on 14 Jan 2021 @ 9:09pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant Iria Walon
Edited on on 17 Jan 2021 @ 3:32pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: various
Timeline: After Change up, Personal Touch,


- Intelligence office -

Iria had returned to her second office, she still hadn't considered it the main one she was a counsellor first and would if she had her way be for her career throughout but she was enjoying the challenge of intelligence work. The various training and experience were fun at times. Though these latest developments she was distracted and wanted nothing more than to go pounce on her fiance.

She paced around the inner office as she started making it her own first by changing the colour, the grey she darkened and added silver streaks beneath the shelves she had the books of intelligence procedures, training manual, training programs, a second shelf had a newly flowering cherry blossom bonsai tree. The third shelf was currently empty. She left it be for now. She walked back to her desk and checked her reports. Everything was up to date.

=/\= Walon to Dodd, what do you want for dinner tonight or do you want to go see what we can find on the starbase? =/\=

=/\= Dodd here, you are more than enough to satisfy my appetite. But let's get something on the starbase. =/\=

Iria laughed softly, as she replied, =/\= Okay see you there at 2000 hours. =/\= she couldn't wait to surprise him with her promotion.

=/\= I will be there. Can't wait. =/\= Dodd replied.

- Engineering -

Dodd worked to finish up his task before the stations' engineering team boarded and took over the upgrades and maintenance duties. He stepped into his office which he had equipped with a sonic shower so he did not need to always go to his quarters after a shift to clean up.

He secured the door and then undressed to step into the shower. He always enjoyed being free the way an unclothed body allowed. He did not like the confinement of clothing which is why he does so much in his free time in the buff. Maybe he and Iria should move to a planet that is full of nudists. Anyway, he stood in the sonic shower letting it pulse the day's work away. He was in a good mood as he was going to see his Imzadi soon and then he would be in a better mood.

- Station promenade -

Iria walked by a few shops as she waited for Remy to arrive, she had been bursting with trying to keep it to herself that she got promoted, she bought a few new outfits to show off for Remy after dinner, though she knew Remy preferred no clothes she still enjoyed showing off different styles of clothes for him. Iria liked it more when he helped remove them. She turned around and started for the food stalls to see if she could sneak up on Remy.

Remy was already seated at a table in the Bajoran eatery. He was drinking some Bajoran spiced tea which was supposed to be an aphrodisiac.

Iria spotted him as he was taking a sip from his cup, she grinned and walked towards him, her mood was playful.

Remy grinned and turned around to find his Imzadi standing playfully behind him.

<< Wow, what a vision of beauty! >> Dodd thought to Walon. << If only I could see more of you. >>

Dodd then pulled Walon in and kissed her with passion enough to fill the starbase.

~~ I have got some news to share. ~~ Iria thought to Remy.

<< I had a feeling there was something. >> Remy thought back.

"I am now a full lieutenant!" Iria exclaimed to Remy. "I finally got a promotion."

"You so deserve it. I am so happy for you." Remy replied as he then kissed her once more.

<< How about we have dessert first to celebrate? >> Remy thought with a devilish grin.

~~ I would really enjoy that. ~~ Iria thought back to him with a little of a giggle in her thought.

"Great because I have a Holosuite for use for the night and it is bound to keep us up all night and lusting for sleep tomorrow," Remy stated as he stood and took Iria's hand to lead her to the holosuite he booked.

They entered the suite and Dodd enacted the seal for the door and the program started. The setting was a white sandy beach on a planet where the water was more of a purplish color and the clouds were amber in color. Then Dodd removed his garments and lead his lover to the beach setting where a large blanket was laid out with a basket of fresh fruits and champagne.

"Here is your celebration. I have to admit that I had this planned regardless of your news. But this is the best way to celebrate." Dodd stated.

Iria then removed her dress and her undergarments. She stretched a moment and then ran to the water's edge.

"I want you to join me in the soothing water so we can feel as one with each other," Iria stated as she walked out into the water up to her neck.

Remy then quickly ran out to her in the water and the two started to kiss as if they were holding nothing back. Remy's manhood firmed up and Iria took it with pleasure. They moved so that he could lay her on the sand as he thrust rhythmically making her purr as they made the most passionate love.

After a little while, she rolled him over to his back as she rode his manly shaft like a bucking bronco. The purple water, orange clouds and the teal sky all make this feel very mystical. They were making love in what felt like a painting. Iria noticed the trees where blue and the grass was more yellow than green. But she was with her man and he was her focus as she was his.

Remy then moved Iria to a small hut where he had programed the whole floor as a bed and had in a sense make it a lovers' playground. They resumed their lovemaking session.

Remy got Iria to purr which got him to get back in a steady rhythm and helped to make him not exploded until he had made her so ready that she was begging him to erupt inside.

After the climax, he laid beside her and they dozed off some but the night continued as they moved around the setting of the beach and found many different locations to show their love for one another in a vast variety of positions as well.

The morning came and they cleaned up in the purple waters and got dressed. They exited the holosuite and returned to their quarters to get ready for their shifts.

[ OFF ]

Lieutenant Iria Walon
Chief Intelligence Officer / Chief Counselor


Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer


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