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Deal with the Devil

Posted on 17 Dec 2016 @ 10:52pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Commander Maia Sterling & Commander Arrenhe N’Vek

Mission: Season 2 Episode 2: The New Frontier
Location: Romulan Garrison
Timeline: Mission Day 30++

OOC Somers: This has till the 18th Dec 16 to run like all new posts on this mission

OOC Somers: I am also adding everyone to this but those who get this for the first time, you guys are observers, this will help (I hope) with responses in the Insertion and Extraction post. Also. I have tied this in with that one by having Somers sent a text message which Donovan mentioned in the "Insertion and Extraction" topic.

Commander Arrenhe N'vek hated not having complete information. In her garrison were two captured Starfleet officers. Most likely humans disguised as terrestrial inhabitants of this world. It was true that they had been out of contact for a great amount of time. and what was that Captain Somers had said about New Romulus? What had happened to the Romulan Star Empire since they had been marooned on this backwards planet? She had some research to do.

"Computer on". Arrenhe said.

"Working" The computer intoned

"I want all files related to Federation Starfleet officer's Jasmine Somers and Maia Sterling". Arrenhe said.

"Working" The computer repeated.

"Jasmine Somers, Captain Last known assignment USS Tomcat, Commanding officer

Maia Sterling Commander last known assignment USS Tomcat, Executive and Chief Science officer.

Both served with distinction during the Dominion war".

oO Interesting Oo, Arrenhe thought, She also served during the dominion war and at the time was allied with the Federation.

Arrenhe hit the intercom switch.

"Security, release our prisoners and escort them to my office" Arrenhe ordered.

Jo'Pack responded, =/\= "As you wish Commander. I'll personally escort them." =/\=

Dr Ro-Paul heard the order to release the prisoners and bring them to the Bridge. She grumbled a little to show her distaste for the action but also followed orders. She stood by waiting to see the prisoners. and waited to see what was about to happen. She quietly checked the computer. And found out the last known assignment for Alexanderia Cahill was also on the Tomcat.

This was a big blow to her and now she had lost this sector as a place to hide from the Federation and other races looking for her for War Crimes. She turned and spoke, "I checked it out, Alexanderia Cahill is the CMO on the Tomcat as the last known assignment and is the only one that can identify me on visual contact. I just wanted to inform you, Commander" she stood at attention.

"I am aware of that, however, the Federation has no extradition treaty with the Romulan Star Empire Dr Ro-Paul. We must get off this world somehow as it seems we have been abandoned or forgotten. While these are not ideal circumstances it seems our best bet to get home. I must ask that you comport yourself as an officer of the Tal'Shiar. These are extraordinary circumstances". Arrenhe said.

Ro-Paul snapped to attention and responded, "Perhaps we may request amnesty for a temporary period till we can get off the Federation ship. This will allow me to be there without being under arrest. I don't desire to be a prisoner for the rest of my life. Rather be trapped her on this planet and go on living free Commander.

Jo'Pack with several Romulan troops showed up at the cell that contained their guest, Somers and Sterling. "Come with us. Commander would like to speak with you both." He spoke coldly, yet with the professionalism of rank and standings with the Romulan Military. He stepped to the side to allow them both to exit the Cell to be escorted.

Looking a little bewildered "wow the Tal'Shiar being kind, okay something is going on, "its Captain." Jasmine said looking at the Romulan who spoke, "well Maia lets go see what our captors want from us shall we?" Jasmine directed her question to Sterling.

Maia looked at Somers and got up to follow as instructed, "Maybe there is more going on here than we know Captain" Maia said.

"Follow," He commanded and took off down the corridor leading the way. The four guards, two to Somers, flanking her, and then followed by Sterling with her two guards flanking her. Through the labyrinthine ways of the corridors that showed nothing but blank walls and unadorned blank closed doors hiding what they contained from view. It was an obviously planned route they took with the careful preparation, for the only people to traverse the corridors were the seven of them. The Guards communicated their wishes was by gentle yet forceful physical guidance. Jo'Pack led the way at a decent steady pace. A bit rushed, but nothing too strenuous for Somers and Sterling.

Somers noted the bland decor, but due to her sense of direction knew two things, one they were being taken the long way around, to this uppity Romulan who spoke was not happy about what was happening, she did not recognise the Romulan, they passed a window and she saw the ocean outside. Suddenly it all fell into place and was glad their plans to escape were just that.

Looking at the Romulan who spoke "You know you guys seriously need to rethink the decor of this base, I have seen bland, but I tell you the Vulcan's buildings have more colour than this place" Jasmine said, she was enjoying riling up the Romulan.

Jo'Pack ignored the jibe from Somers, but a slight turning of the head was the only response that indicated that he was paying attention. He kept his pace steady down the corridor towards their destination.

Maia was shocked that the Romulans didn't gun butt Jasmines head, she was purposely antagonising them...

Jo'Pack led the way into the presence of Commander Arrenhe. "Our 'Guest' is here as you commanded. Commander." By the sneer in his tone at the word guest, meant prisoners, yet still very coldly with professionalism.

Jo'Pack stepped aside with a flick of his wrists and the guards stepped back away and came to a stop near the walls. Jo'Pack taking his place near Commander Arrenhe. Leaving Somers and Sterling standing in the middle of the room.

As our guests are brought the bridge Dr Ro-Paul cannot help but look at them. She walks over to Captain Somers, "I see you have been granted to some privileges. Perhaps you would like to have something to drink and eat." She signals a guard over. "Bring our guest some food and drink now." The guard grumbled and then goes to bring the food and drink.

"I was wondering is Dr Cahill still your CMO on the Tomcat Captain? We have met in the past as combatants. I hope she is well. I am Dr Ro-paul of the Romulan Star Medical, May I offer my medical skills if you or the Commander need it. "

It was a reasonable question and Jasmine knew you would get more with honey than vinegar "Yes she is, and yes please, last meal we had was on the ship before we left." Jasmine said, then looked at Ro-Paul "we are okay thank you, Doctor, I am surprised at the hospitality of the Tal'Shiar, I know not all prisoners are treated this way. One question I do have, how long have you all been out this far from Romulan space?" Jasmine asked, then looked directly at a Romulan Commander "I assume you are the one in charge of this quaint little facility, Commander... ?" She was addressing Arrenhe.

"Yes Captain Somers, we have been out here for over a year without contact from the Romulan Tal'Shiar and now you bring news or have implied that Romulus is no longer there. I assume she was either captured or destroyed". Arrenhe said. "I would know how that happened". Arrenhe continued.

Jasmine so no point in holding back, "Romulus and Remus were destroyed in 2391 by the Hobus Supernova. The Romulan Star Empire has gathered all its remaining resources on a new planet they are calling Rator 3 and there is a small Separatist Romulan faction called the Romulan Republic who are following the old ways and beliefs of the Romulan people. But last we knew the Tal'Shiar was essentially running the Romulan Star empire from Rator 3, but to date, the Empire is not as powerful as she once was. No one knows what really happened, bit I am sorry to announce that your staff here have a more than 50% chance that they have lost family, for that you have my condolences" Jasmine said.

"If that is the case then we are truly marooned here, and our situation has changed considerably". Arrenhe said.

Dr Ro-Paul replied, "Commander Arrenhe has ordered you are no longer prisoners and are now a guest of the Tal'Shar and as guests, you are now honoured to have some food and drink Captain Somers and Commander Sterling. Please help yourself to what you wish to have. We have plenty to share with both of you." As an enlisted Romulan brings forward some plates, glasses and trays of food.

These fish-like mammals are quite tasty and are local to the planet waters as well, quite plentiful to catch.

"Captain Somers according to our records you are the commander of the Federation Starship USS Tomcat, is that information still accurate"? Arrenhe asked.

She then looked at them with a raised eyebrow "Well Commander" a Romulan Commander was the same rank as a Starfleet Captain. "It is and if I know my crew, then they are probably planning a rescue mission and will arrive the moment they find this base, I have a large unit of Starfleet's best marines stationed on my ship," Jasmine said taking a drink of water.

Maia tasted the local seafood. She found it pleasing to the palate.

"Thank you this is very tasty". Maia said.

Glad you like it. I enjoy it myself Commander, responded Ro-Paul. You look hungry yourself Captain. She I offered her a plate. Also, the wine is made with a type of what resembles a grape where you come from and is quite good too. But be careful it can get you drunk if you over indulge.

Smiling at Ro-Paul "Thank you" Jasmine replied and took the offered plate and sipped the drink "WOW that is one tart drink, that would melt hairs of a Targ, sheesh! The fish, however, is excellent" looking at Ro-Paul and Arrenhe "I take it that this guest status has a request attached to it? Let me guess you want off this planet and a ride back to civilisation and to see if any of your family survived! You do know it is 2392 Commander, Hobus happened five years ago" Jasmine finished.

"I am sure you are familiar with the spatial distortion in this area of space are you not Captain, it affects not only normal space but also subspace and there have been certain time dilation effects in the area". Arrenhe replied.

Looking surprised "wow, this I did not know, hmm that might explain the space station we passed on our way here and the primitive tech level of this planet, if I were a scientist, this would be more than intriguing." Jasmine responded.

Ro-Paul looks at the Captain, " You see I have a special problem myself. I am wanted by the Federation for suspected War Crimes that involve a Doctor named Cahill. She and some fellow crew members were left on a planet after a long and valiant fight with the crew of a Defiant Class ship against 3 Romulan Warbirds.

In the end, the ship was destroyed and some were interrogated and died during this period. Once we had all the information we needed we left the remaining 7 survivors on a planet called Xanadu 7 and left. There was a Vulcan ship approaching the area and we knew we could have had another fight so we left the area and placed a message among the wreckage to be sure they would be found.

I heard later that 4 of them died on the planet surface. Of the 3 survivors left 2 died mysteriously and the only one left to identify me is Doctor Cahill. I know the last information I had she was your CMO. So you see I have a situation here."

Maia looked at Dr.Ro Paul "Is this a personal matter or vendetta because the Federation has no extradition treaties with the Romulans". Maia said.

Dr Ro-Paul responded, " I just felt I should inform both of you as to my status so if it was necessary I could avoid any problems in the future Captain and Commander.

Jasmine looked curiously at Ro-Paul, but returned to eating her delicious fish, she had to admit it was nice.

"That is most helpful Dr. Ro-Paul. I will talk to Dr. Cahill about this matter. If it is personal then there will be a cease fire. No harm will come to you". Maia replied.

Arrenhe looked at Somers. "Captain I do have a formal request, We were once allies during the Dominion war. Will you take us off this planet to a Starfleet base where we can be repatriated back to our home worlds that would solve all our problems, yours, mine and the indigenous species."

Thinking quickly "sure we can take you and your people back to civilisation, there is a Romulan Embassy on Galen IV we will take you there and then you can get all the information on your families there. Commander Sterling is correct we have no extradition treaties with the Romulan's, so we will take you to Galen IV and to Civilisation" Jasmine said then looked at Ro-Paul "we will take all Romulan's you included, but I suggest you keep out of Doctor Cahill's way. I can give you protection till you enter your Embassy on Galen IV then you will be on your own" looking at Arrenhe "Commander I will need to send two messages, the first one a brief text message to my ship. By now Major Donovan will be setting a plan in motion to rescue us, we need to stop this, my Rifles are experienced troops" Jasmine finished.

Dr Ro-Paul smiled, "Thank you, Captain, I will do my best to be on my professional standards. I am glad we can leave this place and get back to civilisation again. If I had to choose between jail or staying here I would have remained here at least I would have been free that way. I do hope that Dr Cahill may one day realise what happened was war and we must put our past issues behind us. Perhaps one day the Romulan’s and Federation will be friends and comrades.

If I got the chance to I would offer my hand in friendship to Dr Cahill as a token of my respect for her.

Looking at the Romulan doctor "welcome doctor, I hope your family is still alive, as I do for yours commander" Jasmine said looking to Arrenhe.

"Thank you, Captain. If you like you can contact your ship. We will start the extraction process presently". Arrenhe said.

Arrenhe opened a drawer in her desk. She then returned their hand phasers, communicators and translators to the Starfleet officers.

"Thank you for being so understanding Captain, another Federation Officer would have had their Security Teams place me in their Brig and held on the charges. I do regret what happened back then. But cannot change anything either. And I hope some of the members of my family survived too". Dr Ro-Paul said.

Nodding her thanks, she went over to the communications console and quickly found that it was set up for a broad-spectrum transmission, but she sent word to the Tomcat and switched the console to standby and returned to the table. "Thank you Commander, there will be no one beating down your doors now, I will contact them again when we all get to the surface." Jasmine looked at Sterling "So Maia, you ready to go home?"

"Aye Captain I am, Commander N'Vek, We will make arrangements to receive your garrison, rest assured you will be our guests while we transport you to Galen IV."

Maia tapped her comm badge "Sterling to Tomcat, two to beam up" Maia said.

Jasmine stood next to Sterling and before the beam claimed them she said to the Romulan's "Be ready pack only personal effects" then they were gone.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/CSO
USS Tomcat

Commander Arrenhe [PNPC: Sterling]
Tal'Shiar Commander
Romulan Star Empire

Doctor Ro-Paul [PNPC: Cahill]
Tal'Shiar Doctor
Romulan Star Empire


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