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A formal request

Posted on 16 Oct 2020 @ 8:36pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Somers Ready Room
Timeline: After the Tomcat has docked with SB51


Having spoken to Chris about her idea Lamia made her way to Captain Somers Ready Room to speak to her about changing departments. As she arrived at the door she took a deep breath and pressed the chime.

The Captain was catching up on her work when she jumped as the chime sounded *grumbles* "enter" she said and the doors parted revealing Lieutenant Arderne, the Captain smiled as the lithe woman walked in.

“Captain” Lamia nodded politely as she walked up to Somers desk. “I’m sorry to bother you but I have a request to make.” She paused. “I’d like to step down as Chief of Operations and transfer to the Counselling department.”

*sitting back and folding her hands as she crossed her legs* "please have a seat and interesting, why this change Lieutenant? Are you not happy as Chief of Operations?" the Captain asked.

Lamia took a seat and made herself comfortable, “It’s not that Captain, I do enjoy my role in Operations but I’ve come to realise that my true calling lies with Counselling. Lieutenant Walon already offered me the chance of being part of the Counselling department but I’d like to make it more full time.”

"Of course, not every Department is right for everyone, so if you want to be Iria's Assistant and she is okay with it I can sign off on the transfer, you do know that she is a Lt Jg and you are a full Lieutenant don't you, would you mind taking direction from a Junior Officer?" The Captain asked you as she pulled up Lamia's file and transfer request.

“It’s not a problem Captain” Lamia offered a smile. “She’s earned the right to be the Chief Counsellor and I’m the one requesting the move, all I ask is that if Iria ever decides to move up to Command that I will be offered the chance at the Chief Counsellor position.”

As Arderne responded the Captain completed the transfer, and with a smile looked up "congratulations Lieutenant Arderne you are now Assistant Chief Counsellor, congratulations. Now subject change, has there been any changes in yours and Chris's relationship? And would you like something to drink?" Somers asked.

“Thank you, just a lemonade please” Lamia smiled warmly. “As for changes, there’s been no changes between Chris and me. He means the universe to me and as much as it scares the life out of me when he’s off-ship doing what he does I wouldn’t change anything. We’re both professionals we do our jobs and we don’t let our feelings get in the way.”

Getting the drinks the Captain handed Lamia her lemonade *as she sat down* I am glad to hear you are both keeping it professional, I was a little dubious when Chris asked to return to the Tomcat, have either of you faced any stigma, in the face you are an officer and he is enlisted?" she asked.

*Sipping her drink, before putting the glass down.* “None as yet, at least nothing that anyone has said to me.” Lamia smiled warmly. “I don’t know about Chris, he hasn’t said anything.”

"He would remain silent even if it was being said, so Lieutenant let me know if I am stepping out of bounds but have you and Sergeant Major Kildare talked about getting shared quarters on this Starbase? The Tomcat does not have any shared bunks so it would be hard on anyone on the ship and has the talk come up, you know the marriage talk? I never get a chance to get involved in girl gossip these days" she said with a smile.

"To be honest we haven't discussed either as yet." Lamia paused. "As much as I'd like to discuss marriage I don't want Chris to feel like I'm rushing him."

*silent a moment* "I think that is wise, in my experience nine times out of ten when you ask a man to marry you he dithers and mumbles excuses hehe, not saying Chris would do that, but other males would. There is also something I must make you aware of Lieutenant Taggert has an unusually high pheromone count and can drive males to distraction, is the mental bond between you and Chris strong? I only ask as I do not want to see anyone hurt. heck I felt the attraction when I got near her at the Girl's Night Out party and I am a straight woman" the Captain said.

Lamia fidgeted uncomfortably “To be honest when I first came back from my slave experience I was emitting the same pheromone myself. It was what the slavers did to us to make the men want to breed with us, it’s what drew Remington and me together at the time.” She paused. “Our first night together after that I made Chris’ head spin! Fortunately, Doctor Cahill has it under control now. I have to make sure I go for pheromone control boosters once a month.”

The Captain could not help herself, she laughed when Lamia said she made Kildares head spin *looks up ashamed* "sorry Lieutenant, it was the bit about making Chris's head spin, the vision of his head actually spinning struck a funnybone with me, not the other stuff. Problem is Lieutenant Taggert cannot turn hers off, it is always at a heightened level, it goes higher when she is excited like she was on the holodeck, you are lucky at least your pheromone levels will eventually return to normal" the Captain said.

Lamia nodded understandingly. “I can see how that must be a problem for Lieutenant Taggart.” She grinned as she pictured Chris with his head spinning. “That vision of Chris is pretty funny I’ll admit!”

"I know right! But getting back to business, your transfer to departments has been granted, your new job will start on Phase 2 take this time to tidy up anything you have as my Chief of Operations and then enjoy your short shore leave" the Captain said.

“I will and thank you, Captain.” Lamia smiled warmly.

"You are welcome Lieutenant, now go enjoy your downtime," the Captain said and watched the Lieutenant leave her Ready Room, she sighed and returned to complete the work she had to do before she departed.


Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer

Lieutenant Lamia 'Mia' Arderne
Chief Operations Officer


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