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Insertion and Extraction

Posted on 24 Dec 2016 @ 2:25pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Major S'arila Donovan & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws & Lieutenant Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant JG Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG Akuhl K'Tel & Commander Arrenhe N’Vek
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Mission: Season 2 Episode 2: The New Frontier
Location: Various/Marine Gearing Up room
Timeline: Mission Day 30 - 55


- Bridge -

With the officers, she can spare now doing what they have to do she finished collating her data, then pressed her Communications =/\= Major Donovan to Commander Swiftpaws =/\=

=/\= "Squeak?" =/\= Sheela responded as she was listening intently. It seemed that the signals she was listening to had stopped altogether. Which was never a good sign?

=/\= Commander get beck to the bridge please, I need you to take command of the bridge, while I brief the SAR team =/\=

=/\= "Things are happening and Iz needs to be here trying to find the freq theyz are using." =/\= Sheela spoke with a bit of annoyance in her voice.

=/\= Understood Commander, see you in five minutes, Donovan out =/\= After she closed the link she looked at Jekkar "El-tee any signs of tachyons that might indicate any cloaked ships nearby?"

"Nothing that I can detect, I'll keep scanning though Ma'am." He said as he watched his Instruments closely.

Nodding "thank you Lieutenant" just then Sheela arrived on the bridge "ah Commander good you are here, the bridge is yours until I return, I have Lieutenant Jekkar keeping an eye out for cloaked ships, thus scanning for tachyons," she said standing.

Sheela Stormed onto the bridge, giving Donovan a glare as she passed by the Major, heading to her bridge station at communications.

And with Padd in hand headed to the turbo lift, she stopped in front of it and looked back. "I know you might not be comfortable with the centre seat Commander, but then that is something we both have in common," she said with a smile and with that Donovan entered the turbo lift.

Sheela came up short at the mention of the Centre Seat. But it was too late to respond as the doors to the lift closed between them by the time she turned to face Donovan. "Squitch!" She muttered to the sudden way of the bridge crew turned their attention to their duties.

Solan looked over at the Commander, clearly not expecting to be in Command. "It would seem you have the Bridge Ma'am." The Andorian looked towards her. "Would you like the current Status report?"

Iria had heard several interesting swears in her life but the muttered "Squitch!" from Swiftpaws had her actually fighting to not laugh aloud, she could not help the smile that showed but she ducked her head to look at her PaDD. She would have to remember to ask Sheela what that meant but she was guessing it was along the lines of a few terran swears that most knew.

Sheela looked at Solan, "No. Unless you have the location of the CO and XO. Then that should be given to Major Donovan. But since you're so fired up to give the report. Let's have it." Her eyes looking at him as if she was sizing him.

Solan looked at the Commander. "No sign of Cloaked Romulan Warbirds emitting Tachyon signatures, Hand Phasers have been issued to all the Shipboard Personnel." He said as his antennae twitched. "Ships log indicates you are the ranking Officer on the Bridge at this current moment in time." The Andorian commented to his Superior, not afraid to size her up himself.

Iria kept her quiet but made some mental notes as she continued to read her PaDD and still fighting off the want to laugh over that word "Squitch,"

"It's not about rank. But whom the last senior officer placed in charge. She could've put Ensign at the helm in charge of the bridge. And everyone one of us would have to follow his orders as if the Captain was here herself to give them. Major just hates my independence. Lieutenant." Sheela glared at him for a bit and then looked over at Communication, "Any sign of odd communication on the Romulan frequencies I've given you?" She looked at Solan, "I want yooz to be focusing on these oceanic coordinates." She gave him the coordinates to scan heavily. "Yooz are looking for an energy signature in the 400 Megahertz with a Romulan or Klingon cloaking emission of tachyon."

"Yes, Ma'am," Solan said as he shrugged off his thoughts and focused on the task at hand. He examined the coordinates and looked towards the emissions of tachyons.

The Communications Officer looked at Sheela. "Still being monitored."

- Marine Gearing up Room -

Donovan quickly arrives at the ships gear room, entering she sees K'Muss, Cahill, K'Tel among others who will be going on this SAR mission.

"Okay you all ready to go people?" she asked.

Akuhl was in the middle of double checking her equipment--breathing gear, medical kit, phaser and meqleH--so she waited until she had finished before giving a thumbs up.

K'Muss was checking over his modified phaser carbine as he heard the Major. Going over a mental checklist ' Sight, stock, power." he thought to himself. "My guys are ready to get our CO back, skipper," he replied

"Excellent, now your mission goals are to get in as quietly as possible, stun is the only settings to be used, it is the job of the marines to be the assault troops who go in first. Lieutenant Cahill, you are Lieutenant K'Muss's second in command and are in charge of the medical side of things. You need to prep for underwater insertion as we have so far found out that the Tal'Shiar base is under the ocean, so remember to take two extra sets of breathing gear for the Captain and First Officer, okay any questions before I return to the bridge? I have a very angry Intel chief waiting for me."

Dr Cahill responds to the orders, A couple of Marines volunteer to carry the extra air pack for the Captain and XO. " I can carry a couple of extra communicators and hand phasers in case Captain Somers and Commander Sterling are able to fight. Could come in handy if they are able. I can also carry a medium medical kit if they need any help medical wise as well. If injured We can beam them straight to Sick Bay for treatment."

She looks at Lt K-Tel, " You are in charge of the XO and if I need to return to the Tomcat with the Captain and XO you will stay with the assault force to care for them. If they need it." She looks at Lt K'Muss and smiles. " Ready when you are Lt.

Donovan looked back and fourth and wondered how these youngsters would have coped in her reality, then her Padd bleeped, she took it out and read it "interesting" she said and looked up as K'Muss spoke.

" Grab your gear and lets roll!" he said. " Sovek and Mcallen, you're with the doc." he added. he started flashing hand signals to his men, organising them into two teams. Marines were checking their weapons in anticipation of action.

" If we have to fight, overwhelm the enemy," K'Muss said. " However, as the Major said the weapons WILL be on stun. Furthermore, the priorities are getting our people out. Understood Marines?" K'Muss asked. There was a loud " Yes Sir!" in unison.

Dr Cahill moves into position at the rear of the first team allowing K'Tel to take her position with the second team. "HoooohRaaaaa" responds Dr Cahil while checking her weapons and securing her gear. "We bring them home. No one takes any of our own and gets away with it. let's bring them home."

Akuhl rolled her neck and shoulders to release the tension she could feel starting to build.

"Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!" she yelled.

"HOLD ON PEOPLE, we do not yet have a location to this base, yes it's under water but we still have no idea on its location and we have just gotten communications, of sorts from the Romulan's on a widespread frequency which we cannot track. They are asking for as to stand down and await to hear from Captain Somers, actually she sent the message, so until further notice remain on alert but stand down to DEFCON 2, Doctor Cahill they will still need a checkup when they return and they will need to be made to look human again, I believe Doctor K'Tel can do that. Now if you will excuse me I have to get back to the bridge and deal with an irate Mousian, as soon as I know, you will know, understood?" Donovan asked.

Dr Cahill smiled and was relieved to hear we had made contact with them. "Understood Major, I will see to their physicals and will also make sure both got counselling with Walon if I have to get a security team to escort them to her office with myself to oversee it. As to the disguise is easy to remove as Dr K'Tel will agree."

"Yes, it is," Akuhl said. "I'll head back to sickbay and get ready to receive the captain and XO."

She made good her exit, hoping she wouldn't get lost too badly.

" You heard the Major" K'Muss said, putting his rifle on safety

"Excellent" Donovan simply said and returned to the bridge, again she was wondering what the hell was going on in that base, first off they get Captured now they seem unharmed, this was a puzzle and she hated puzzles.

- Bridge -

After a short ride in a lift Donovan arrives on the bridge "Commander Sheela I am back, so you can devote all your skill into locating that base" she said and looked at Jekkar "Mr Jekkar, if this goes down the way I am expecting, post security officers at sensitive areas of this ship so that it is known the off-limits areas are.

"Understood, I'll have them on stand by," Solan responded as he acknowledged his superior.

"Is there anything you want me to do or do I just get the counselling office ready for just in case?" Iria asked lightly while looking at Donovan, a grin still on her face but she had mostly contained her urge for laughter.

Sheela was still standing where she had come to a stop on the bridge when Donovan returned she nodded and turned to Donovan as the woman responded.

Dr Cahill looks at Major Donovan and smiled "Major Donovan I want to be in the Transporter Room when they are beamed on board. They may have some injuries they"ll need to be treated."

Pausing at the door which remained open she looked back "Understood, but please be on your best, should some Romulan's beam up too, eh!?" Donovan said and watched Cahill return to the Turbo lift.

"Understood Major Donovan" as Dr Cahill returned to the area to stand by in case the team was needed for the extraction of the Captain and Commander. Before the door shut on the Turbo Lift she smiled "I will on my best Diplomatic charm as Star Fleet requires Major Donovan."

She returned to the others and smiled, Dr Cahill needed to say something to Major Donovan is why She rode up and back with her LT K'Muss. "If the Captain and Commander returned I as CMO needed to be in the Transporter Room to check them out. And determine their fitness for duty. oO And as CMO I am the only one with the authority to do it as you know by Starfleet regulations."

Donovan looked at the CMO "Understood Doctor, go do your thing, also stand the SAR team down to alert yellow" Donovan added as the lift doors closed.

"Yellow alert, check." the caitian replied

"Sir we are picking up a transmission from the surface, its Commander Sterling..." Lt JG K'Tel said from communications.

=/\= Sterling to Tomcat two to beam up =/\= Maia said

Donovan who was on the bridge looked over to K'Tell "get Cahill to the transporter room" then pressing the communications panel =/\= Major Donovan to SAR Team, stand down, the Captain and First Officer have beamed back to us, bridge out =/\= she then looked to K'Tel "the next voice you hear should be the Captain's and get down to medical I have a feeling that you will be needed there to reverse the surgical alterations." Then to Jekkar "Lieutenant if the boss is back then we could be expecting guests, assign security personnel to all sensitive areas of this ship and if any of our

Akuhl nodded in acknowledgement and started making her way to the sick bay.

"Acknowledged," Solan said as he alerted his Teams to be on Standby.

- Transporter Room -

In the transporter room, Somers and Sterling appeared in the ships, transporter room and was greeted by Cahill and some Med techs "Ah doctor good, as they were being scanned Jasmine went to the console and pressed the communications =/\= All hands this is the Captain, prepare to receive some Romulan guests, we are giving them a ride to their Embassy on Galen IV, I want the MCO and Chief of Security to work together to post security at all classified areas, also set up some beds and such in the cargo bays and all medical personnel are to be ready to check the Romulan's. Lieutenants K'Muss and Jekkar, these Romulan's are Tal'Shiar so if they need to go anywhere near classified areas they are to be escorted at all times, understood? =/\= she asked.

=/\= Jekkar here, I have Security Teams already deployed and standing by. =/\=

=/\= K'Muss here, Captain. Acknowledged and welcome back.=/\=

=/\= Excellent, Somers out =/\= She looked at Cahill "Doctor Cahill, I want you to be on your best behaviour when the Romulan's arrive, a Doctor Ro-paul will be beaming aboard and I have granted her amnesty while aboard this ship, I think she wants to mend fences too" Jasmine said to Cahill "also I take it we can both go to medical to be made to look human again?"

"Dr K'Tel is standing by in Sickbay to return the two of you to normal Captain." Dr Cahill heard the name Ro-Paul and bit her bottom lip and then smile and replied, "Understood Captain I trust you know of our past and all but I will be the best diplomat I can be. I heard we may have Romulans and told Engineering to be sure there is Romulan Food on the replicators to make them feel more at home. I am willing to do what is needed to do what is best for the Tomcat Captain. Perhaps it is time to mend some fences and move on Captain."

Then she tapped her Commbadge =/\= Captain Somers to Lieutenant K'Tel =/\=

=/\= Yes ma'am, K'Tel here. =/\=

=/\= Lieutenant, it seems myself and Commander Sterling have been cleared to move from the transporter room, we will be heading your way so you can make us look human again, you ready for that? =/\=

=/\= Yes ma'am =/\=

=/\= Excellent will see you in a bit, Major Donovan you online? =/\=

From her place on the bridge =/\= I am here Captain, what is up? =/\=

=/\= You should be detecting a mass of Romulan signatures shortly, they will be making their way to the surface, beam them all to the cargo bay and make them comfortable and make them aware of ship rules while they are aboard =/\=

=/\= Understood Captain, Donovan out =/\=

Looking at Sterling "well Maia let us be going to Medical so we can look human again, I will not miss the skin secretions thought, what about you?"

"Right behind you captain. Time to get back into my own skin". Maia said.

Nodding as they left the transporter room and made their way to Medical, then she remembered something and tapped her commbadge again =/\= Somers to commander Sheela =/\=

=/\= "Squeak?" =/\= Sheela standard response as she was at the Ship communication station.

=/\= Commander, what I am about to say supersedes all else, I want you to tap into the Romulan computers and copy all the data you can without leaving the ship, I know you have ways of getting such information, so get as much as you can, the bases exact location will be in the ships transporter record, have at it Commander. =/\=

=/\= "Iz will be in mez quarters running the business from there." =/\= Sheela responded as she fled the bridge. She flew through the ship, dodging crew and whomever she ran across.

=/\= Understood, Somers out =/\=

Dr Cahill met Captain Somers and Commander Sterling in the Transporter Room, She did a quick scan of each and then smiled, "I see nothing happened to the two of you and you are physically fit to return to duty. But I do have to remind both of you to go to Walon to be cleared by the ships Councilor. The Just protocol is all, we need to be sure both of you are ready for duty is all."

With the line now closed, both she and Sterling entered the turbo lift and made their way to Medical, while her capable crew handled everything else.

Sheela got to work and once the base dissolved its cloaking. She went to work delving into the Romulan Databanks with pleasure and excitement. She hit a few firewalls and security system as she wove her way through their databanks in copying information. She was shocked at and amazed at how this Romulan Commander had insinuated herself and her contingent into the planet's economic system. With very little contact with the natives, took over their banking system till they were the sole owners of the planetary finances. They ruled by proxy and controlling of the finances. No brute force, just quick covert eliminations unless there was a statement to be made. A few cooperative law enforcement joint operations to bring criminals to justice by the natives they controlled by finances.

Sheela leant back in her seat as the information scrolled across her screen. ~~In a few more planetary years they would slowly come out of hiding to be visible and start making bids to become planetary rulers with the blessing of the natives. =/\= Captain Somers, Yooz got to see this. Mez Quarters. =/\= Sheela began to go back through the information and snagging important bits of information into a quick summary of the information she was going to show Somers.

- Main Sickbay -

Somers and Sterling sat on the biobeds as some med techs took out their yellow contact lenses and Doctor K'Tell injected them with a reversal agent for the skin pigmentation and the odour the species created, Jasmine was amazed as the reversal agent worked faster than the initial injection turned them blue. Jasmine was satisfied that her crew would carry out her instructions, all too soon she was herself again and made for the quartermaster's office to reclaim her uniform and turn in her outfit. She made sure that Maia would return to the bridge to take over from Donovan, she nodded her thanks to K'Tell and stood up, her frame made the bulky dress she work look dazzling, but she liked her normal clothes her cousin Alex liked the retro styles she did not.

"I'm definitely starting to feel normal again". Maia said.

As she was getting changed her Commbadge sounding startled her, she rummaged around for it and upon locating it she heard Sheela's voice, she pressed it to make the connection.

=/\= Captain Somers, Yooz got to see this. Mez Quarters. =/\=

=/\= On my way Commander, Somers out =/\= the moment she closed the link she put on her over tunic and left the Quartermasters area doing up her undershirt zip then her tunic zip as she entered the Turbo lift, when in and the doors were closed "deck five" she said and the lift took her up and across to her required destination.

- Deck 5 -

Jasmine exited on deck five and walked short ways down the corridor and stood outside Sheela's quarters and pressed the buzzer "it's the Captain Sheela."

After being admitted into the Intel Chiefs quarters, Jasmine found it quaint and a typical set up of the Mousian species, "what you got there Sheela?" Jasmine asked.

Sheela showed Jasmine what she had found and Jasmine found it most interesting, she made sure that there was more than one copy, and for now, she wanted to keep this on the QT unless it was needed, only she and Sheela would know about it. "Commander me and you will be the only ones to have access to this until further notice unless we need to brief people they do not need to know," she said and walked over to another interface and rapidly typed in her codes.

"Okay all data is now classified at a high clearance level, I want you to study this in your free time and when you have time, I do not want you to over tax yourself as this is not that important now. We are returning back to civilisation with passengers, so take a nice rest period, you have done well Commander" with that Jasmine took her leave and exited the room and made a detour to speak with Commander Arrenhe.

- Bridge - Day 45 -

On the bridge, Jasmine looked at the blue and green planet if it was not for the different continent set up and the excess tree line the planet could almost be like earth. She had her Comms Officer hail the Romulan Embassy and have them ready to receive something of theirs, she could only guess the shocked look on the Embassy staff's faces when a lot of Romulan Tal'Shiar were beamed in, the vision of space was replaced by the visual of the Romulan Ambassador.

=/\= Captain Somers, I thank you for returning our people, may I ask where did you find them? =/\=

=/\= On an unexplored planet out in unclaimed space, they had been there since before Hobus and did not know what happened, at the moment I assume they want to know if any of their families survived and for information from Romulan sources. We briefed them on what we knew, but Starfleet's data on what actually happened in the aftermath of hobus is something only the Romulan government and relay. So we return your citizen all are Tal'Shiar back to you and wish you well, the Tomcat has to got to a starbase to be given a check over and resupply =/\=

Nodding in understanding =/\= Again it is appreciated Captain, farewell =/\= with that the link was cut, Jasmine looked at Sterling and shrugged.

"Barker set course for Starbase 39 Sierra maximum warp, the sooner we dock at the new shipyard facilities there, the sooner I can grant the crew shore leave," Jasmine said and the helm officer nodded and carried out his instruction.

- Starbase 39 Sierra/USS Tomcat Day 55 -

As soon as the Tomcat dropped from warp the ship got clearance to dock with the nearest shipyard, which they did after the lengthy docking procedure had been completed and confirmation that the walkway bridge had been secured, Jasmine pressed the communications button on her chair arm.

=/\= All hands this is the Captain, we have just docked at Starbase 39 Sierra, this ship will undergo some maintenance and resupply until you are recalled all crew are granted shore leave. I would like to congratulate everyone on a job well done on the last mission, I know some of you had a reservation of transporting Romulan's but you carried yourselves off as true Starfleet officers, congratulations. Now enjoy your leave and when you get the recall order it will be important, I will see you all again after shore leave, Bridge out" as the communications were closed she looked at her senior staff "okay you lot go pack shore leave begins now" they hesitated "If you want you could remain to help out the starbase techs!" she said, this had the desired effect, like always she was the last to leave the bridge.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/CSO
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Chief Intelligence Officer/Communications
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Iria Walon
Ships Counsellor
USS Tomcat

Lt. Jg Solan Jekkar
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg K'Tel MD
Ships Doctor
USS Tomcat

2nd Lieutenant K'Muss
MCO 95th Rifles SFMC
USS Tomcat

Major S'arila Donovan [PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander 95th Rifles SFMC
USS Tomcat

Commander Arrenhe [PNPC: Sterling]
Commander Tal'Shiar


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