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New Beginnings

Posted on 12 Oct 2020 @ 8:22pm by Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley & Captain Jasmine Somers

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: USS Tomcat - Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: After the Tomcat had docked


- USS Tomcat -

Leland was more than ready to board the Tomcat, by the time she had docked at Starbase 51. With minimal baggage, his items were to be brought directly to his quarters on deck three.

Closing his eyes for a moment, he had stopped in the hallway. Hawksley breathed in the c02 and noticed the smells of a Starship. They were not that different from the Starbase, yet each new vessel did carry a distinct, in-ground carpeted smell. The scent was unmistakable of crisp, sterile ambient air from the ship's carbon dioxide scrubbers. He smiled, opening his brown eyes, and continuing on his pathway.

Exiting the turbo lift, Hawksley took a look at the Main Bridge. There was currently a skeleton staff in operations, as the Tomcat had been docked now for a few hours.

The central computer had indicated that Captain Sommer's was indeed in her ready room. He did not want to disturb her as he was sure she had lots of reports to fill out post-mission, yet he had needed to directly report in and present his physical transfer orders on padd.

Leland had tugged his uniform strait and ran his left fingers, combing his hair last minute. He leaned to the right side of the doorway and had chimed his presence.

Jasmine was in her ready room straightening up the banners on the wall behind her desk. The flag on the left was tilted to the left and was the Federation banner, the one leaning to the right was the 95th Rifle Regimental banner, in the middle was the Rifle Regiment Emblem super impost on top of a delta surrounded by laurel strands either side and in a crossed pattern were two Phaser rifles in the middle and below the 95th number, above that was the UFP seal. She heard the chime.

"Enter," she said and heard the doors whoosh open, she could hear work crews fixing things.

Hawksley entered the Captain’s ready room. Her unique décor immediately struck him. On every starship he had served, his Captain’s did not serve on board with SFMC or Battalions. It was impressive, and Leland liked it a lot. She seemed to show generous support and pride, as likewise, Hawksley would too.

Fixing his eyes on the curvaceous Captain, he was caught off guard. “Captain Somers!” He stood, tall, affirmed. Giving a general salute of respect, he then stepped forward. The doors were closing behind. “Lieutenant Junior Grade, Leland Hawksley. Reporting for duty as Chief of Flight Control, Ma’am.”

Finishing what she was doing she felt the new arrival's gaze, she mentally shook her head oO I am so glad my Cousin is not here for this Oo she thought to herself and turned around with a smile. "At ease Lieutenant, please have a seat," the Captain said and sat down to "okay, you are my new Helm Officer, what ships have you flown?" She asked.

Leland had taken his seat once directed to do so. He sat tall, verbatim once again. "Ma'am, most recently, I served aboard the USS Harrington as chief of flight control, Intrepid class. The USS Falklands, assistant helm and craft officer, Saber class. The USS Cape Town, assistant helm and craft officer, New Orleans class. USS Barrington, navigational control and logistics, Ambassador class. The USS Trenton as helm officer, Nebula class." He had paused a slight moment. "The USS Harbinger, assistant helm logistics, and support, Defiant-class. And my first-year cadet cruise was onboard the USS Dresden, crewman 1st class, Olympic class." Hawksley looked forward to meeting Captain Somer's query.

Calling up his service jacket "interesting, so you not flown an Akira class then, you will need to ask Lieutenant Serina Donovan how the ship handles or Colonel Somers, they can tell you how the Akira handles. So what made you decide to be Chief Helm Officer on a ship in the back end of Federation Space?" she asked.

"I feel free at the helm Ma'am. I can feel the ship. Even though I am not in Command, I can be a part of that process upfront." Hawksley continued. "Being at heart, at the center of operations of a starship, I crave the energy and the command structure." He slightly grinned. "And of course, it has a great view!"

Leland let his eye run across the padds of work on Captain Somer's desk, trying not to be distracted. "Wherever I am stationed, I am willing to serve. Just…" He thought. "Not on a starbase." Leland cringed a brow.

"I can sympathise you cannot fly a Starbase," she said smiling "So after we finished here, you need to seek out the ships Chief of Security Lieutenant Parker and get yourself vetted with him, I believe Commander Smithson would have said as much, then choose an empty bunk on deck four. Once you have dropped off your stuff I need you to visit Doctor Cahill out Chief Medical Officer for a statutory medical and finally seek out Lieutenant Serina Donovan she is our CAG and has flown this ship more than any other" she said.

Hawksley nodded his understanding. He smiled looking the Captain straight forward. "I will do so, immediately. Ma'am." oO I wonder what bunkmate means? Does this mean I will have to share space with another officer? I won't ask, since it will sound petty. Maybe it is just a term. Oo "I thank you for your time, and I sincerely look forward to serving with your fine ship and crew." Leland had offered. He awaited any other instances, not wanting to let his self out until a worded dismissal.

"Pleased to have you with us, Lieutenant, dismissed," she said holding out her hand in offering.

"Likewise Captain, Thank you." He nodded, shaking Somers hand in a firm grasp. Then leaving to see to his duties.

With that she watched her new Helm officer leave, she sighed heavily she was having a hard time keeping track of the crew, there have been so many recently, still, she had to finalize things before she left for her duties.


Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer

Lieutenant Jg Leland Hawksley
Chief Helm Officer


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