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The Return Home

Posted on 31 Oct 2020 @ 6:43pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage & Captain Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Cody Parker & Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Lieutenant Matthew Thompson & Lieutenant Serina "Reaper" Donovan

Mission: S03 Ep 02 Trouble in the Sticks (Main Post) Galen IV Phase 1
Location: Various/Starbase 51
Timeline: S3 Mission 3 MD 13


Two days later their task is done and Captain Somers having reported their success to Starfleet who said they would send a follow-up team and would notify the Cardassians that they could return if they so wish to do so. Starfleet was happy that the task was completed with minimal losses so as the ship broke orbit of Galen IV the Captain looked over to Maia.

“So, Maia are you looking forward to your new Command?” she asked “you may be one of those ships sent to Galen IV to help the populace recover from their ordeal,” she said.

“I’ve given it a great deal of thought, and yes I believe I am,” Maia replied.

Dodd was at the engineering station and reviewing all the reports from his department. He was secure in knowing that Lt. j.g. Taggert was on top of her game and had engineering working like a finely oiled machine. He was on the bridge to be at the captain’s beck and call.

Parker looked up from his console and noticed the chief engineer on the bridge again at the console, “You gonna be ok up here Dodd? You won’t get as dirty and you’ll save money on the dry-cleaning bill,” he teased.

“Hardy Har Har, Parker,” Dodd replied. “I need to work on letting my team handle it all without me always on top of them. Besides someone has to keep an eye on the rest of the bridge officers.”

“Come on Dodd you know we ain’t gonna break nothin’ up here, I mean we don’t talk about that spilt coffee on the console incident but you know what I mean,” Parker said with a smile

“Sadly, I do know what you mean,” Dodd replied. “However, I am here to expand myself.” oO and if you only knew what I sense in you. Oo Dodd thought to himself after sensing something from Parker. Dodd needed to branch out and do more on the bridge after all he was a department head and needed to observe more of the bridge side of things to better help him in understanding what is not always directly conveyed in communications to engineering.

The Captain smiled, she was happy to hear some friendly banter on the bridge, she should have curbed it, but the crew needed to let off steam and there was no better time for the crew to bond.

Serina was sitting at the helm guiding the Akira class home from her current mission. “Captain, what are you going to do once we dock at SB 51? Did I wonder if maybe you would enjoy a good home-cooked meal? I’m kinda tired of replicated stuff myself. My parents have a good store of REAL meat, fruits and veggies,” she said turning to look at her.

“Thanks for the offer Lieutenant, but you will be disembarking before I will, I have to get some work done, which I left too long and then I think I will crash, I am just thankful the cafes on the Starbase serve real food, but sadly I have work to do although it sounds, tempting,” the Captain said with a smile.

Iria was smiling softly, the banter around the bridge was a definite change and a welcome one in her opinion, after the unpleasantness they had finished dealing with. She was very much looking forward to shore-leave for several reasons, though she knew there was a mountain of paperwork to get through as well. She wrinkled her nose and finished writing on her PADD, there were still unfinished things to be dealt with regarding Winchester and a few other details. She would have to get appointments with Captain Somers and Doctor Cahill since Sterling was taking on her own command.

Lt. Matt Thompson was on the bridge more and more as he started to get comfortable at his new job, if comfortable was the right word, it was probably more familiar, but so far he was welcomed and he would certainly do his best to serve this ship and her captain… Currently, he was running a level three diagnostic on the sensor grid, checking for anomalies and fine-tuning sensor resolution. so far, he managed a two per cent increase in efficiency and resolution. It was only two per cent, but this was a combat vessel, and every little edge could mean the difference between life and death depending on the situation.

oO Gawd that sounded like a green thing to think. Oo Matt thought. His console beeped indicating the diagnostic was complete, Matt ran a scan all was clear at the moment.

Captain Somers looks over to Maia "well Maia almost back at 51, when we get within docking range I want you to carry out the docking procedures okay?" she asked.

"Can do Captain?" Maia said with a smile.

- Engineering -

Pril, Nelson, Machado, and Doya were all hard at work tending to their duties and all looking forward to the short docking at Starbase 51 that would be coming up soon.

Lieutenant Taggert was checking some figures at the pool table, the main display on the main deck of engineering, and had Pril, Nelson, Machado, Doya, Ramp, Johnson, and several others tending to the impulse engines, the plasma transfer conduits, especially the four that blew on the bridge during the fight…

oO Why do those things always explode in a fight? Sometimes I think it’s just a design flaw to keep us engineers employed Oo she thought.

“So…did you have fun in the holodeck?” Teela whispered.

Nicci blushed with embarrassment. “I’ll keep that a private matter,” she said in a whisper.

“No worries, just wanting to make sure you’re…happy…” Teela smiled, her purple lips parting a bit, showing her white teeth and slightly longer than human canine teeth. Her dark purple hair was up in a bun, something she usually didn’t do but it kept her hair out of the way, which is what regulations asked of female crewmen.

“I’ll just say all my needs were satisfied. I don’t expect any problems when we get to Starbase 51 unless something…or someone…unexpected happens,” Nicci said in response. “Now, we need to make sure we get those distributed processing nodes for the computer core checked out. We’re reporting five gel packs ruptured or burnt out, and we have a few phaser strip segments I want to run by the Starbase’s engineers. And…”

“Work work work…” Teela said with a slight chuckle.

“Keeps us in uniforms,” Nicci said with a smile, her blonde ponytail slipping over her shoulder as she leaned forward, sending the list of needed repairs to her PADD and prioritizing them based on projected impact to the overall functioning of the ship.

Just then Nelson was walking by. “Uniforms, who needs them, I would rather be in the buff no matter where I am,” Nelson commented as he paused for a moment. “I can’t wait until shore-leave to allow me time out of my uniform.” He just continued about his business after that comment.

- Sickbay -

Cahill decided to get some rest with all things taken care of in Sickbay. She felt that Aldana needed some time in Sickbay being in charge without her sleeping in her office watching over hir.

“Doctor Aldana you have Sickbay, call me if you need anything.”

Cahill went to her quarters and took a shower, then laid down to go to sleep.

Before Doctor Aldana could speak, the senior doctor had seemed to disappear. “Have a pleasant evening sir,” s/he’d stated to the empty room. S/he looked around and thought, s/he’d imagined a tumbleweed passing through. S/he smiled, half-amused at hirself. Suddenly Amiri recalled the CMO’s office. Had s/he been on the bridge it might’ve been much like a vacant captain’s chair. It loomed there, empty. A whisp of air caught the curl fur hanging over hir ear, and s/he thought the office called to hir. S/he shook hir head vigorously.

Looking down at hir side Aldana smiled and commented, “(They don’t like when I interact with you, yet they leave me down here all alone with an empty sickbay, who else am I supposed to talk to?)” S/he headed for the back, “Whelp, may as well make my usual rounds.”

After a few minutes, Doctor Aldana returned from making hir rounds. Sickbay was actually pretty quiet. S/he found hirself standing in front of the door to Doctor Cahill’s office. To no one, in particular, s/he asked, “Should I go in? Should I help myself to her chair, and sit at the CMO’s desk?”

“While the CMO is out of Sickbay the ACMO generally takes over, so you do have the right to sit at the desk if you want to.” Lamia smiled as she appeared behind Aldana, she’d been busy working on a tricky repair to one of the Sickbay computers. “Sorry I couldn’t help but overhear your quandary.”

Aldana jumped, it wasn’t easy to startle hir. S/he’d thought hir and hir companion were the only one in the room. Amiri turned to see ‘Mia’, “Lieutenant Arderne, it is always good to see you.” Aldana immediately felt hir spirits lifted. “You’re a sight for sore eyes.”

“Am I?” Lamia grinned. “Sorry I couldn’t help but overhear you, if you’re not comfortable sitting in the CMO’s office there should be an office here for you as ACMO.”

Aldana sadly shakes hir head "I will be departing when we dock with the Starbase, I need to return home to deal with things there," the Kazerite said.

Lamia nodded. “It’ll be a shame to see you go but I hope you manage to sort things out. I can only wish you the best.”

"Thank you Lieutenant Arderne, now if you will excuse me I have some work to finalize before we dock at the Starbase," s/he said and moved to hir's other tasks.

LTjg K'Tel came in it was time for her to start her duties. She got her pad and looked it over. "Hmmmmmm, only 3 minor patients in Sickbay. That is good. She went and checked on them, " ok let's see PO Donaldson and PO davies went in a fight she looked at them. I am releasing both of you. If you fight again I will take you personally to a Holodeck and give you my own personal thrashing. NO MORE FIGHTING, THAT IS AN ORDER" As she stood over them. They left and went separate ways.

She looked over the third patient, "You will need to stay another night before we can release you, Ensign Bannon. Still not where we need you yet for release."

- Bridge -

=/\= Dodd to Nelson. =/\=

=/\= Nelson here. =/\=

=/\= Nelson, I am seeing a blip in the secondary propulsion manifold assembly, can you take a look at it for me? =/\=

=/\= Sir, already headed to look at that as Taggert noticed it as well. =/\= Nelson replied.

=/\= Thank you, I knew I left my department capable hands. =/\= Dodd responded.

=/\= Was that all, or anything else you need? =/\= Nelson replied.

=/\= No if you are already on top of it, I am fine. Just not used to not be in the thick of it down there. Carry on and I will make sure Taggert keeps you on your toes. =/\= Dodd came back. =/\= Dodd out. =/\=

- Engineering -

Pril had finished her tasks and was heading over to get a plasma spanner and saw Machado at the tool station.

"Hey there. How are you?" Pril asked of the Klingon.

"I am doing alright, what about you?" Machado replied.

"All is okay, I can't wait for some shore leave. Nelson and I have not had a chance to have a date in what seems like ages." Pril stated.

"Well, I am hoping to make it to the Klingon cafe on Starbase 51 as I have been craving some fresh Gagh and real bloodwine," Machado stated which he only consumed Klingon food on Starbase 51 as he was not your traditional Klingon.

"I could never stomach Gagh and so I will let you have my share. Nelson will likely want to go to the holodeck for some hiking or deep ocean sailing and swimming even though he can do that program on the ship." Pril replied.

"Well, need to get back at the eps relays, as they won't align themselves," Machado stated as he grabbed the two tools he needed and headed back to work.

"Nice to have a moment to chat," Pril commented as she tool got back to work.

- Bridge -

Iria finished her notes and made sure that after her shift was done, the preset was ready, for the letters that she had been working on in her free time. Invitations to a Girls Night for the Ladies of the Tomcat. She hoped they would have fun and get a bit of time to know each other a little bit better. She had planned time with Remy as well but she was trying to keep her ideas a surprise, no easy thing with her future husband being such a strong telepath.

John had just stepped from the lift, walking to the captain, "Captain, all fighters accounted for and locked down. Any repairs that will be needed can be done once we dock", he said smiling. Walking over to where Serina sat, he put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed it. "You know, it will be good to see our parents and the twins. I'm looking forward to some quality time with them. How about you Serina, you happy to finally be home?" he asked.

"Most definitely John. I want to see my girls and our parents, and a good real meal," she said.

"Thank you, Lieutenant, should you not be here but with the pilots Lieutenant Martinson?" the Captain asked.

"Yes Captain, just came to make sure Serina was OK before we dock. She has been pretty much stressed of late, so just making sure, " John said, giving her another squeeze on her shoulder before heading back to the flight deck.

With that done the ship finally dropped from warp outside the defence perimeter of Starbase 51, she turned to Lieutenant Winchester who was taking a turn at Communications. "Lieutenant Winchester contacts SB51 and let them know we are coming in and will be docking," the Captain said.

Paul had found himself on the change of communications and now he was taking his turn at the station, although he still had a pile of work on his desk to finish. He replied, "Copy that," as he tapped the commands on the console. He continued," SB51 confirms and Docking bay 45 is free to dock in Sir."

"Excellent Lieutenant" the Captain responded.

Dodd figured he could start getting the main systems ready for docking as it has been a while since he was on the bridge for docking at a starbase. He began to get screens ready so it would be quick to do what needed to be done when the time was upon him.

As the ship entered the starbase on thrusters the Captain looked at Maia "Commander Sterling if you would do the docking procedures," she said to her First Officer.

"Yes Ma'am, It would be my pleasure," Maia said.

"Hail the starbase, Mr Parker," Maia ordered.
"Aye ma'am," Parker said and opened the frequency.

"Starbase 51 this is the Starship Tomcat requesting docking procedures," Maia said.

"Tomcat you are cleared for docking slow to 250 KPH and set a course for docking slip four we will guide you with tractor beams. Sit back and enjoy the ride. The operator said.

"Tomcat confirms," Maia said.

"Slow to 250 KPH thrusters only. Set a course for docking slip four," Maia ordered.

Maia watched as the giant bay doors closed behind them.

Once they were in she could feel the tractor beam engage and guide the battlecruiser to docking ship four.

"Disengage engines and enable gravitational and umbilical support systems," Maia said.

"Docking procedures complete," The computer said.

"Extend gangways and secure from general quarters," Maia said.

Once the gangways were secured and the umbilicals were attached, Dodd made the necessary transfers for the ships power to be switched to the station's power supply. This would allow the station to monitor all the upgrades and repairs that were scheduled to occur. Also, it would thus allow the ship's resources to be restored and readied for the next mission.

"Commander, all power transfers have been completed and the ship is now in the hands of Starbase 51," Dodd stated to Sterling since she was conducting the docking protocols.

Sterling simply nodded her response.

As they were docking Dr Cahill left her office and entered SickBay. "OK everyone prepares those patients to be transferred to SB-51 and also make ready for any other protocols we need to do." She checked all medical controls and made sure they were transferred to the Docking platform so any updates could take place. Also, she made sure to go ahead and forward her supply lists to SB-51 so they could go ahead and start filling the orders.

"Thank you, Mr Dodd, for the Captain quickly said, Computer ship-wide," the Captain said as she tapped her chair arm interface. =/\= All crew of the Tomcat we have now docked with Starbase 51 and when the personnel walkways are connected you are all free to disembark and enjoy very short shore leave, make the most of it as after a restock and minor repairs the ship will be going back out again. I want to thank you all for your valiant services to this ship during Phase One, I hope you will all serve Lieutenant Colonel Somers well for Phase Two as I have other duties to attend while that Phase is happening, so I will say good luck to all, Captain Somers signing off =/\= she closed the link and looked at Maia "well Commander that was your last duty as my First Officer, your next duty now is to your own ship and Command, how do you feel?" The Captain asked as she heard the dull thuds of the personnel gangways sealing themselves against the docking hatches of the ship.

Lamia was glad to hear they’d arrived back at Starbase 51, she was hoping to have more time with Chris. First things first though she needed to complete her last job as Chief of Ops and ensure the restocking of the ship.

- Sickbay -

Dr Cahill finished transferring all patients to SB-51 Sickbay. She turned to her staff. "Go enjoy some downtime on the Station and be sure to relax some too. I don't want anyone coming back and falling asleep on duty."

=/\= Sickbay to Bridge, all patients have been transferred to SB-51 for further treatments. Have released personnel to enjoy shore leave at this time. =/\= Cahill stated over the comms.

=/\= Acknowledged Doctor, bridge out=/\= Maia said.

Having shut down the helm, Serina left the bridge quickly and headed to their quarters. She was eager to see her daughters and her parents. John was already there and had packed two travel bags when she walked in. "Hurry John, please. I want to see the girls, I miss them so much," she said with tears in her eyes.

"Yes Serina, please don't cry hun, I'm hurrying to honey. I know, I miss them too!" he said.

Serina shot him a warning glare! She had not forgotten the spat that happened between her and John.

- Engineering -

The warp core went into low power mode as the ship was transferred to external power. It was no longer necessary to throw matter and antimatter at the dilithium to create the fantastic energies needed to warp space and break the laws of physics, or rather bend them.

oO She's back in one piece, Oo Taggert thought to herself, as she confirmed external controls on power, docking, and computers.

"Good job everyone," Taggert said as she crossed her arms and smiled. Doing so only reminded her of her sizable endowment, as that was the only place her arms fit.

She took a few moments of quiet triumph before getting to work. "Okay, let's make sure all the downloads are set up. There are a few computer core upgrades we need to run through, warp coil stress tests to complete, thruster groupings to clear of gas build-up, torpedoes to restock and launchers to re-zero, phaser banks to prime, and plenty else to do," Taggert said aloud as several of the senior engineers had gathered around. "Everyone, I've passed out assignments based on specialities. Unfortunately, not everyone gets immediate shore leaves. Inventory everything, double-check it with the computer, and we'll take staggered leave, starting in three hours."

Paul turned in his seat whilst sitting still at the communications station, he asked Parker," LT Parker, What do we do with the
Security teams for Shoreleave?" as he knew then how to plan the roster for each of the teams in the Security department, and for him as well as he needed time to relax before they went back out into the void once more.

"We rotate our Security teams, so they each get some shore leave. The ones remaining on duty maintain the ship's security by manning roving patrols throughout the ship. They also man the airlock where the crew are entering and exiting to verify there is no contraband being brought back aboard. There is also a two-man security team on standby to augment the Station's security in case one of the crew overindulges in the liquid spirits. Is there something you would like me to adjust, Winchester?" Parker asked as he finished explaining the security procedures.

"Copy sir," replied Paul as he started to close his station down, he continued," I will set up the roster to do the shore leave as soon as I get back to the Office Sir,"

"Good work Winchester, put me down for evening watches for 2000 - 0000 and the 0600-1000 it will let some of the junior personnel free to to stay out late or sleep in," Parker replied as he logged out of his station and put the console in standby.

Iria did a final check that all the information she needed from counselling and Intelligence was in order and made notes for reports, meetings to be done during the shore leave.

Matt secured the science station and for the first time shut it down.

"Science stations secured Sir," He said to Maia.

"Very good lieutenant, Check in with the rest of your staff then enjoy some much-deserved shore leave," Maia said.

"Aye Sir!" Matt replied leaving the bridge.

Dodd got to work at his bridge station; he was already aware of the staggering leave and he was fine with that. He wanted to be sure engineering was handled properly. He knew that Taggert would address the warp coil needs. He sent her an electronic memo to have one of the engineering teams expel the build-up of gases in the thrusters. He was also aware that he would need to be on board for the computer core upgrades. He knew he would get some time off but he only needed a day or so and he would be fine.

"First we have to secure the fighters and the maintenance checks have to be logged in and given to the crew chief for repairs before we can leave!" Serina said suddenly stopping. "I forgot to do that!" she said looking at John in horror. "That's going to make us late in getting there to meet them!"

John looked at Serina, "Hun, I took care of that. Everything was done before we docked," John said laughing. He finished packing and kissed Serina. "Come on now let's finish packing."

- Medical -

Dr Cahill gathered up all her research on the Bluegills and smiled at the nurse on duty from SB51. She always asked for some relief for her nurses when at a starbase to let her nurses get some extra time to relax after a mission. "I will be going to the Lab and the CMO's office here at SB%! if I am needed and also see to some resupplies we need from the SB. Once that is done I think I will grab some R&R myself. Call me if you need me. And thanks for helping out so some of my staff nurses can have a little extra rest."

"I am Nurse Conrad and will call for you if needed Dr Cahill. And you are welcome." the nurse said and watched the Doctor leave

With the ship's power being supplied by the Starbase most of the crew had left allowing the starbase techs to get aboard her and do what they had been trained to do. As normal there was a loud hustle and bustle as MCPO Lucy Armitage left the ship, she was looking forward to a night with S'arila.


Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/2XO

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer

Lt. Jg Paul Winchester
Assistant Chief of Security

Lieutenant Lamia 'Mia' Arderne
Chief Operations Officer

Lieutenant Cody Parker
Chief of Security

Lieutenant Iria Walon
CIO/Chief Counsellor

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Jg Matthew Thompson
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Lt jg Amiri Aldana
Assistant Chief Medical Officer (Retd.)

Lieutenant JG Serina 'Reaper' Donovan
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Lt Jg John 'Sickle' Martinson [P: Donovan]
Pilot, Raider 2


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