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Meeting with a Marine

Posted on 12 Oct 2020 @ 8:17pm by Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley & 1st Lieutenant Patrick Jackson

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Gymnasium
Timeline: Before USS Tomcat Arrival at SB51

- Starbase Gymnasium, Deck 05 -


Lieutenant Jg Hawksley was currently in his workout. He had finished completing some much-needed cardio on the treadmill. Leland now was listening to one of his favorite classic Earth bands, Aerosmith. Having hit a good stride for 45 minutes on high, he lowered his pace and began his cool down.

Tagging off his earpiece, Leland tuned out of his music. He was he did not think to bring a water bottle. This was one of the small incidental items that he would have to pick up later onboard the USS Tomcat.

Walking around and loosening himself, he had picked up a stainless steel water bottle of cold water from the Gymnasium replicator. Hawksley was relieved.

Leland further started some weights when he turned to see another fellow officer come in and begin their work out. With such a large starbase as 51, he witnessed officers and civilians come and go within the facility. Hawksley further worked on his upper shoulder blades, biceps, pectorals, and flexed out his hamstrings. This felt good.

One officer had caught his attention, who sat down next to him. Hawksley questioned if this was one of the stationed Marines. Taking an off the cuff chance, he had asked the man.

"You look like a Marine. Are you waiting for the USS Tomcat?" Leland had asked.

Patrick had his free weights in motion. While he was waiting for the Tomcat, he was making the most of it and getting extra P.T. in. A slow trip to arrive at the Starbase through his routines all off. He was grateful to get back into some of them.

Finishing his set, he heard the question asked from the man on his left. "Yeah, lifer. First tour on the Tomcat when she arrives. Patrick Jackson." He said offering his hand.

"Good to meet you, Jackson, Sir." He gave an offhand salute to the Marine. He then shook his hand that was extended. Not wanting to trip up any exercise work he was doing. He talked while he continued his training.

"Lieutenant Jg Hawksley, Leland. Chief Helm Officer. Looking forward to getting things started on the Tomcat. She is a hell of a ship, ain't she?" He grinned.

Patrick picked up the weights and began a second set. "She seems to be. Although I'm probably not the best at determining that." He finished the set and put the weights down. "Im familiar with her layout and specs, but the finer details I probably miss. I assume you look at the Tomcat the same way I look at personal ordinance. Shapely, tempting and dangerous all at the same time."

Hawksley posited for a moment, cocking his head to the side. “Perhaps, that is one way of putting it.” He then reached forward and picked up one of the weighted barbells, pausing and then flexing.

“I mean, we’re the federation we have to have some ships that show off power. The Romulans and Klingons work art of intimidation with their vessels.” Leland added. “So, you’re a security buff?” He questioned. Trying not to be too annoying, as Leland talked, completing his own set.

Patrick finished his third set and turned around in the seat. His tattoo of the Marine Corps logo now plainly visible to the Lieutenant. "All depends on the intent behind the vessel. Sometimes an obviously heavily armed vessel is good, othertimes keeping the cards at your chest may work better." He began his first set in reverse. "Depending on your definition and context of security, yes I am a big security buff. I just see a broader scope of the term. You?"

Hawksley offered. "Even though I am through and through Starfleet. I have been personally trained in close combat, assault, fire and maneuver, Infiltrate, raid, and reconnaissance patrols." He listed. His training was in his time with off duty core officers, from various battalions and friends.

"As the Tomcat FCO, I can always be counted on to be called to action, Sir." He reminded the Marine.

Leland smiled, "Nice meeting you, Sir." He nodded, respectively. He would have time in the future to further talk to the Marine Officer. He admired their technique.

Suiting up on a sit-up bench, he began to focus on his workout in earnest. He soon would be boarding the Tomcat.

Standing up, Patrick nodded to the man. "Same to you. I'll see you onboard."


1st Lieutenant Patrick Jackson

Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley


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