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Relaxing night

Posted on 17 Jan 2021 @ 11:17pm by Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: S3 Mission 3 MD11


It had been one long hard slog of a day and Paul needed to unwind for the stress level got to him, so here he was returning to the same holodeck that colonel Somers had brought him to, but this time was not going to be a punishment but pleasure as he tapped listing for the programme that his Sister had sent him some time ago when he spotted Lieutenant Taggert heading his way. He said "Lieutenant, can I help you with something?" as he wore a tracksuit over the top of his swimwear.

Nicci was just walking along the ship's corridor, already up for two days and fuming at things breaking on the ship and needing to get fixed again and again. It just seemed like one thing after another, a cascading failure and every time she fixed one problem, another showed up, and then the third, which undid the first. It made her look incompetent, in her eyes. If one thing, aside from Orions, got under her skin, it was the thought that she was a failure, that things were out of her control.

"Oh, sorry, Lieutenant," she said, being shaken out of her thoughts. "I was just obsessing a little on all the stuff I need to repair, and trying to find a way to use that Orion tech we encountered to try to tag the bluegill queen for transport, either out of the host or with the host into space. Problem is, I can't work on the tags because there seems to be some kind of cascading failure going on. It's not *serious* but it could turn into a problem if we don't find the root cause... "

"Ah," Paul stated looking back at her, he continued "What you want is a relaxing time around the pool and to unwind," giving her a smile, as he finished tapping commands into the holodeck programme list.

"I've got another 8 hours of work to catch up on before I could even think of..."

"Well, you can say that you wanted to test the holodeck," replied Paul looking back at Nicci, he continued "so why not say that this is a test and you roped me into it"

"...ok, a few minutes couldn't hurt," she sighed, agreeing with the Lieutenant. She could last longer than a normal human, but her efficiency would diminish the longer she pushed herself.

"What's the program?" she asked looking back at Paul.

He responded "Winchester Lido" as the door opens before the pair of them, he continued "it is a relaxing programme that my Sister sent me"

"Huh," she replied. "Sounds like someone wanted to see me in a bikini," she quipped with a wry smile, trying to get a reaction out of him.

"Well, that can be arranged" replied Paul giving her a grin, he continued " just so happens that it does come with one" as he finished "Ladies before Gentlemen" as he bowed before her.

She smiled, and under her breath mused, "say that a year ago, I'd have clocked you." But she thought he didn't hear it. The duo entered, with the large doors making that familiar sound.

"So what's the setting?" she said as she entered the program.

As they entered the holodeck it changed from its user interface to a tropical island with soft sand and a pair of sunbeds, as the scene took his breath away, he said" Paula, you have outdone yourself, " as he looked back at Nicci and asked her" So, what do you think? "

Her boots sank a little into the sand, as the salty air hit her nostrils, a few birds flying overhead. The heat was tempered by the cool breeze. "Wow, your sister knows how to program," she said, taking it all in. It was obvious from her intonation that she was impressed. "I like the sun hut. Avoids the sunburns."

( - this is kind of how I imagine it, reminds me of my honeymoon with my wife)

"Yes, so do I," Paul stated as he looked at the small wooden structure, he continued, "I think it's where our costumes are" as he knew that Paula recently been reassigned to another ship and had given this to help him relax.

"Well, we'd better change into our swim trunks if we don't want to start sweating in our uniforms, right?" Nicci said as her ponytail swished when she turned to the Lieutenant.

"Let's do it," was all Paul stated as he headed towards the first hut as he knew Nicci would follow him up the hot sandy beach and get herself changed. Second, later Paul found himself looking at a bench that had a pair of pale blue tight shorts and chuckled to himself oO I wonder what Nicci had found in her hut? Oo as he started to get himself changed.

Nicci walked over to the hut next to Lt. Winchester's, her boots sinking slightly in the sand as she did so with a slight sand sound as they did. She took her uniform jacket off, and threw it on the chair in the hut, and saw what he left her. oO Oh really? Someone's hoping to get an eyeful...Oo

She took her tunic off, unzipping and untucking it, tossing it on the chair, leaving her in a tank-top undershirt.

"So, lieutenant, I don't think a size 32 men's swim trunks will fit me anymore," Nicci said, turning around, giving him a look, raising her eyebrows and scrunching her brow. "I think my butt's too big nowadays."

"Look in the pockets," Paul stated as he stood in the doorway of Nicci's hut as he might have guessed that Paula would have tried to prank him. But like so many times over the years before they fell out, Paul always had been one step ahead of his Sisters pranks.

"Oh," she said, checking the pockets of the shorts, pulling out a bikini. "Nice bikini, Lieutenant. If you'll turn around, I'll change." (OOC:

Paul replied "sure," as he turned to face the sea, he continued "you are the first woman that I have been in the company of and not yelled at me," as he remembered the last words that his ex-fiancée had said to him about treating women with respect.

Once he was done turning around, she took off her boots and socks, then wiggled her hips left and right, taking off her pants and underwear, in what would've been an enticing sight if he'd been watching. She put on the blue bottoms, then crossed her arms, pulling her tank top over her head, and tossing it aside. Having had a year or so practice with bikinis, it didn't take long to put on the blue top, which she filled out nicely (OOC: like this person

"Okay, go for it," she said as her holodeck partner turned around. "How'd you guess my size though?"

As Paul turned back to face Nicci, Paul looked gobsmacked at the sight of Nicci before him, Paul said " Wowzers, you look fantastic and sexy as hell, " he finished "and as for how I got your size, Paula installed a programme that scans the individual upon entry,"

"Well that's not invasive," Nicci said with a feminine chuckle. She hated her laugh, she thought it was too girlish. Her quick donning of the bikini left her with a distinct camel toe, which she didn't notice for a few minutes. "But thanks. I'm not really used to the compliments being directed at me. Used to be, I was the one directing them at other ladies..."

Paul looked back at Nicci and asked: "So, you like my sister like women then?" As he asked the question, he remembered back to when Paula revealed the truth that she and Lisa Creed had been sleeping with each other. Just then he was brought out of his thought as Nicci started to talk.

"Nah, not really," Nicci replied. "I don't really get attracted to women any more, to be honest. The Orion's made sure of that. But men on the other hand...I do have to be careful."

"So, what do you mean by that?" Asked Paul looking rather confused by her statement, as he found Nicci rather attractive, as he leaned against the doorway of the hut.

"I'll be coy and say that I can keep going much longer than most men...and I can keep men going much longer than they normally would. The power of natural chemicals we Bellringer women secrete..." Nicci said, trying to dance around the topic, but not really doing a good job. Suffice to say, when she and a man got together, she could keep him 'up' as long as they were 'together.' And the same chemical would ensure he would have many happy endings. Which is why Nicci kind of kept to herself. She didn't want to cause a ruckus on the ship and cause awkwardness with the crew because of her She just had extra holodeck privileges.

"So, !et I get this right" he stated looking at her, he continued "that what you are saying is that you are hyper-sexed and overcharged"

" you said something about women yelling at you? What's that all about?" she said, changing the subject.

"Yeah, I seem to have pissed off Colonel Somers and lieutenant Walon," replied Paul looking back at her once again, "this I didn't mean to do" he continued to open up to her.

"Oh?" she replied, making a questioning expression, scrunching her eyebrows together. "Do tell..."

She was kind of deflecting from his question about her being hyper-sexed and overcharged, but she had a feeling that would come up again. It usually did.

"Well, I was for six months the Chief Intelligence officer and Captain Somers thought that she had made a mistake by putting me in that slot," He stated as they exited the hut and began to stroll along the beach, He continued," I was then moved to the Assistant Chief Security spot and told to hand over everything to Walon," as he looked back at her he finished "except I only gave Walon half of what I should have as I believed it to be a security risk,"

She listened to him as the two took a little stroll to some chairs.

"Now I have explained it to you, now explain to me about how hyper-sexed you are, it intrigues me," he said wiggling his eyebrows and giving her a smile, he continued," learning about other races and such is why we are out here?" posing the question to her.

"Well, if you really want to know..." she said with a slight, but sad, chuckle as he asked about her again. "I'm on pheromone inhibitors, but if I'm not, I would react to the male pheromones all around. My nose is more sensitive than regular women, and I make stronger pheromones that supposedly I can a learn to control the release of."

"Oh, do explain," he stated looking at her as he stopped in front of her, he continued, "Or do you want to show me?" as he knew that pent up sexual tension was never a good thing as he knew all too well, "as it is never a good thing to build it up in case you're on an away mission and your Medication runs out," he continued looking at her, he finished, "and I don't mind helping in that regard."

"Well, Lieutenant, you sure seem interested in little ol' me," she chuckled a little. The bikini allowed her h-cup breasts to bounce enticingly as they went. "If you really want to know about me...I'm practically always aroused since my nips are more sensitive and my vagina is larger than normal, a bit of hypertrophy. It takes some time to release my tensions, as you put it, but at least I can get my work done. Depending on how good it gets, it can get pretty messy on my part. And I can curl my hair on command and change colour." Random info, but sometimes randomness happened with Nicci. Maybe she spent too much time with Teela.

"The thing is Nicci, as you know or might have heard I had an argument with both Lieutenant Walon and Colonel Somers," replied Paul, he continued," well, I put it down to not getting laid for five years or so," looking back at her.

The duo walked along the beach, the nice breeze cutting the programmed heat of the location, letting her hair sway suggestively.

"The danger is when my eyes turn green," she said after a few moments of quiet. "And a sub-vocal oscillation I was given makes me easily able to give 'suggestions,' shall we say, which is even stronger when I sing. I'm hard to resist..."

" I can live with anything you can dish out Nicci," Paul remarked still looking at her giving her a smile, he asked," there is one question that came to mind, is there any chance that either you or the person you have been with can get hooked on the sex?"

"Honestly, yes," she replied." I release a chemical that seriously enhances the male orgasm when I orgasm...I have some control over it, otherwise, you might never have good enough sex again. Then if you give me oral or drink my milk, well, then you'll be my little slave forever... "

Paul stood there with his face dropped open "So, If I were to take you from behind," replied Paul looking back at her," you can control me in some way?" Paul continued as he gathered all the facts, as the thought began to excite him, he finished "What about your Pussy?"

Nicci bust out laughing at his expression, the look of almost fear was priceless.

"What are you laughing at my dear?" replied Paul as he glanced over at the Bikini-clad female officer "Or do you not want to be satisfied?" giving her another question as he knew that by helping him it might just calm him down a bit and not be to stressed out.

"It's been a while since I've had a good amount of satisfaction..." she said, kind of thinking about it.

As he was about to get close to Nicci, his combadge chirped,=/\= Lieutenant Winchester, this is Ensign Turner in the armoury,=/\= this did not sit well with him having some time off Now he was Acting chief, he tapped it, "Go ahead Ensign, what seems to be the trouble?" posing the question to the young officer on the other end of the channel.

Nicci rolled her eyes at the interruption. Her pulse had begun to quicken, and she was sure her nipples were poking out of her bikini; she hoped he didn't notice her reaction. "Work never ends on a starship, does it?" she said aloud.

"Looks like we are going to have to put this off Nicci," replied Paul looking back at her he said, "I'm sorry to rush off," as he knew that she was going to be disappointed but it seemed it was urgent. He said into the Com Channel "Give me twenty minutes and I'll be right there Winchester out," as he closed the channel.

"Another time perhaps," she replied, keeping her disappointment to herself. Nicci was hesitant to admit it, but she was looking forward to a bit of acrobatics to work off some stress. oO, Would it be called 'blue breasts' for girls? Oo she wondered to herself, adapting the phrase men used when they didn't get what they were after. "I'll close out your program for you."

Nicci watched him leave and called out to the computer. "Computer integrate program Nicci 17-45, character Donny into the existing program. I got all worked up and I'm going to have at least some relaxation tonight, damnit."

The computer chimed as a 6'2", muscular, ruggedly handsome man appeared in swim trunks, chest hair showing, with a face similar to that of Sean Connery, an actor from several centuries in the past, who saw and smiled as she and he began their rendezvous.


Lieutenant Jg Paul Winchester
Chief Security



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