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Into the Thick of Things

Posted on 12 Oct 2020 @ 8:19pm by Lieutenant JG Leland Hawksley & Lieutenant Commander Samantha Smithson SB51 & Chief Warrant Officer Karyn Somers

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Starbase 51 - Arrivals / Departures Lounges
Timeline: Current


- Starbase 51 -

Lieutenant JG Hawksley was finished being ushered through Starbase 51 customs and arrivals. James had been ferried to the Starbase by a Federation sub light freighter, the SS Bonaparte.

While the quarters were cramped, there was ample opportunity for the new Tomcat crewmate to review the stats of the Akira Class Fighter. He was more than pleased when Starfleet Operations and Command approved his transfer orders.

While he had an idea when the Tomcat would be docking, he was still left in the dark. The station Operations Officer was of little help.

"Like I said, Lieutenant." Ensign Reese re-checked the logs of the Tomcat. "The ship may be delayed." He sympathized. "These things happen." She acknowledged. "There will be a standard update within the next hour as to their sector status."

"I understand." He replied. He tapped his fingers along the desk interface in thought. He looked around the room. Perhaps he had arrived a little earlier than expected.

"Maybe I should find guest quarters for the evening." He paused at the counter attendant.

"I'm sorry, Lieutenant. All guest quarters are currently booked up. Admiral Farrant is having a Diplomatic meeting with one of the Sector Department heads." She again gave an empathetic look, void of any remorse this time.

"Fine then, I will look around for a nice bench to sit and wait." He smiled pleasantly.

"Please. Don't forget that there is the main concourse if you wish to spend some time." She added. "I hear the entertainment from Scion II is out of this world."

"You would mean Starbase."

"Pardon?" Reese questioned as she turned her head back to the computer.

"Starbase, we are not in a world we..." He had lost her already. "Of course." He smiled. "I will look into it."

Samantha was patrolling the Arrivals and Departures area when she saw a Lieutenant Jg speaking to someone and just looking incredibly lost, deciding to see if she could help Sam walked over and cleared her throat "Ahem I am Lieutenant Commander Samantha Smithson Security Chief on this station all new arrivals that are to be crew have to go through my office, so who might you be?" She asked.

Hawksley was relieved. Someone knew what was going on. He had been through the customs component of Starbase 51, yet he had not checked in with Security. “Commander Smithson, Chief.” He extended his hand, his other shoulder strapped with a carry-on. He set it down. “Chief Helm Officer, the USS Tomcat. I’ve been assigned, yet I don’t believe the Akira Class has docked yet. Do you have the information?” He asked, hopefully. He was warm from lugging around the carry-on throughout the base for hours, and some sweat was forming across his forehead.

*Holds her hand out* "welcome to Starbase 51 Lieutenant, as for why the Tomcat has not yet arrived I can only guess they are still out on a mission, last we heard they were finishing up and then they would be returning before doing the next phase. So let's get you logged in with station security so you can have free range of the Starbase facilities, you will also be assigned permanent quarters here o the Starbase to put the larger amount of your things as the Tomcat is not a flying hotel like the old Galaxy Class ships, she is a ship of war and has advanced weapons, defences and a medium Science package and three fighter Squadrons" Smithson said as she led the Lieutenant away from the crowd, her silence was his chance to say something.

“Heavy Cruiser.” He nodded. “I am well aware of her specs Lieutenant Commander Smithson.” He continued. “She is 464 meters long. An overall beam of 317 meters, with an overall draft of 87 meters. Her displacement is very sizeable 3.0 by 10 to 6th tonnes.” He furthered. “She has a substantial warp matter/anti-matter reactor of 2.1 by 10 to the 10th terawatts. A standard cruising speed of warp factor 6.0. Flanking speed of warp factor 9.975, or rounded to 9.98. This is sustainable for 12 hours. With a bursting speed warp factor of 9.995 for a maximum length of one hour. However,” he cocked his head sideways in thought as they walked to her Security Office, “I highly doubt any situation where that would be appropriate.” He smiled.

“Question on embark craft, Lieutenant.” He asked. “With the arrangement of the special forces, will there be a nominal fighter craft of 10 peregrine fighter class? Or 36 gryphon fighter class?” He was curious. Last he had checked, the Akira class starship was well equipped.

"very Impressive Lieutenant" she simply said.

The pair walked till they entered a turbo lift "Security" Smithson said when the doors closed, it was but a short ride before they stepped out onto a busy Security Department "this is a quiet day of you can believe it *pause* now you will be joining three other new arrivals, one is Ensign Silver Assistant Chief Science Officer, Ensign Rena Sara and First Lieutenant Jackson the new MCO of the 95th rifles, which are stationed on the Tomcat" she said as she led them through security and to her office. "Please have a seat Lieutenant," she said sitting behind her desk "okay before I start your paperwork, you have anything to ask or say?" she asked.

Setting his attaché bag down to the side of the desk, he relaxed into the Security guest seat. “When will I receive Operations access remote clearance for the Tomcat?” He had assumed for security reasons only once the Tomcat had arrived would he then be granted access. He had only wanted to have a clear status report of Helm Operations while he was biding his time on the Station.

“Question, Ma’am.” He remembered to ask. “It may seem trivial, however, as a Lieutenant Junior Grade officer as Department Head, will I be receiving a Seniors Officers Quarters or Junior?” He did not want to seem petty, but it was on his mind. “Not that I have many belongings with me. As you have stated, most can stay here on this fine station.” He smiled.

Lieutenant Commander Smithson looked at him "you will be assigned, junior officers quarters, should you make full Lieutenant then the next level quarters will be at the discretion of the Captain, but from what I am told even the junior officers quarters are close to what used to be on the Galaxy-class ships prior to the Dominion War, a little smaller, but just as comfy anything else?" Smithson asked as she continued to tap in some information.

“No, Ma’am,” Hawksley replied. Leland’s eyes fixated on the Lt. Commander’s work on her desk.

Just after he responded a young red-headed Marine entered "oh hello Commander, just need to get something we have a scuffle on the promenade" Chief Warrant Officer Karyn Somers said then noticed the officer sitting down. "Hello Lieutenant, I am Chief Warrant Officer Karyn Somers 95th Rifles on detachment to Security here," she said holding out her hand, unlike other past Marines she was happy and content.

"Hi Karyn, hope it is not too bad?" Smithson asked while she worked.

"Nope, just some upset workers" Karyn answered.

Hawksley could not help but hear the Chief Warrant Officer report her situation. He turned and stood up to address her.

“Chief Somers.” He gave a general salute and nod. “Lieutenant JG Hawksley, USS Tomcat.”

“Ma’am, I could not help but hear you have a situation. Do you need any help?” He turned to look at Lieutenant Commander Smithson, not wanting to overstep his bounds.

*cheerfully smiling* "No thank you, Lieutenant, I can handle it, besides you have your Orientation to finish and until you are fully logged into the systems, you are not eligible," Karyn Somers said "well-gotta go ciao" she added and with that, she left the office.

Sam watched her leave "well she is always a breath of fresh air that one, now where was I! Ah yes, please sit down Lieutenant," Smithson said. She finished tapping in some details "okay, stage one you are logged into the system, now just have to generate your ID badge and one time uses emergency code for the ship" she added.

Leland had chuckled. “That she does seem, Ma’am.” He raised a brow. “95th Rifles. Somers. Any relation to Captain Somers of the Tomcat?” He was curious. He had been remiss to shake her hand, but it was all too fast.

"To answer your first question Lieutenant yes Karyn is the Captain's Sister and that is the reason why she is not on the Tomcat, there is currently a Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers detached to the Tomcat as acting MCO she is the Captain's Cousin, well at least until the new MCO that has arrived takes over. We have recently heard that for Phase two of their mission the Colonel will be commanding that mission as Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers has some TFCO duties to attend to off ship, but you will be able to meet the Fleet Captain before she goes. But how do you feel about serving under a Marine Officer?" Smithson asked, "you will find that all female members of the Somers family have varying shades of unnaturally red hair and either blue or green eyes, also we have gotten word that the TOmcat is on its way back" she added.

This was very interesting for the Lieutenant JG to hear. He would be under the command of a Marine officer. He had genuine faith in all the Starfleet Officers and the specialized Marine Command unit of the famed 95th Rifles.

oO Redheads. Oh, man! I think I will be in dangerous waters. Oo Hawksley always had an extraordinary softness for redheads. Especially a family of them? Intriguing. He cleared his throat. “I look forward to it.” He nodded to the Commander.

*Nods in reaction to the Lieutenants answer* as she finished typing in details she put in a data chip and a strip of paper came out of a hard to see slot and puts them together after extracting the paper strip.

His attention had focused on Lieutenant Commander Smithson’s directions. He witnesses a thin sheet of what had appeared to be an ancient form of text. “Is that paper?” His face a bit quizzical, eyebrow upward. “One time use emergency code. What would the code be used for Commander?”

"To your second question, yes it is a strip of paper, all new officers have one, considering the area the ship operates in the Captain has deemed it a requirement. This one-use code is to ensure that if the ship is ever boarded by a hostile force and you are the only one left conscious can use it to lock the hostiles out, the ship will drift dead in space and if they try to get control it will wipe the computer core and all data on the ship for the Mira Sector including clearance codes, so it is only to be used in an emergency" she said facing him as his ID card finished and popped out of a slot, she picked it up and handed the ID to him.

"When you are on the Tomcat, this is to be worn at all times, sensors on the ship detect the chip in the IDs and allow you to access systems you are cleared to access. This data chip has all your ship based clearances, now you are logged into the Starbase systems your standard Starfleet codes will grant you access to what you are allowed. These are specifically for the Tomcat" she said handing him the ID card and data chip leaving the strip of paper till last.

Hawksley had taken the ID card from the Commander a looked it over. It was shiny and new, as he allowed his large hand to hold and analyze it. “Interesting.” He let his eyes move from the card to the Commander. “I understand the essential importance of it, Ma’am.” He agreed.

He would have to place it on a lanyard that he could wear beneath his Starfleet uniform and tunic, for safekeeping.

Finally, she handed him the strip of paper "This is that one-time use code, memorize it then destroy the paper, should you get captured in the line of duty that code will be automatically voided, even if you do not talk, out in the Mira Sector Security must be tight on a starship out here" she finished holding out the strip of paper "now when you get aboard the Tomcat seek out Lieutenant Cody Parker and give him that data chip and say that you were told to see him so he can log you into the ship's systems, any questions?" Smithson added.

“Thank you, Commander. I will do so.” Leland replied. “I have no further questions.” Seeing as the meeting was completed, he had stood up when the Commander stood.

Reaching and shaking Smithson’s hand. “Thank you for your time.”

"Not a problem, remember you will need to speak to the Captain when you get onto the ship, but you are all logged into the system so take time to find your Starbase quarters and enjoy the promenade," Smithson said.

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When the Lieutenant had left Sam returned to her tasks and sighed, she was hoping the latest arrivals would last longer this time, as the ship had a hard time keeping some officers.


Lieutenant Jg Leland Hawksley
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Lieutenant Commander Samantha Smithson [P: Somers]
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CWO1 Karyn Somers [P: Somers]
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