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Bachelorette Party – Part 2

Posted on 25 Oct 2020 @ 10:22pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers & Major S'arila Donovan & Master Chief Petty Officer Lucy Armitage & Commander Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant Iria Walon & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant Serina "Reaper" Donovan & Rena Sara & Ensign Angelica Wright & Ensign Teela Tjaansz & Lieutenant JG Doya Emja & 2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin & Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail & Petty Officer 3rd Class Kara Sem

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Tomcat Holodeck and Crew Quarters/Various
Timeline: Prior to "The Departure" Post


- Lamia’s Quarters -

Lamia stood looking at herself in the mirror, it was time she was making her way to Iria & Remington’s Quarters to meet up with all those attending the bachelorette party. She’d chosen to wear a little black dress that stopped just past her knees, she didn’t go for anything too sexy so as not to upstage the bride to be or interest any men. Nodding to herself she smiled and headed out of the door.

- Corridor outside Walon’s temporary quarters -

Wright and Goodwin were fidgeting with their hair as they were nervous about the whole bachelorette party experience. Neither one had ever been invited to one and after the other night of all the female crew members having a big party, this seemed to be more formal.

Goodwin was wearing a form-fitting brown leather dress that was a good contrast for her skin tone and make her fit body look good. She had on a pair of cerulean-blue heels and a matching belt around her waist. Her earrings were also metallic-blue. She did her make-up to be very neutral in tone so that attention would be on her accessories and not her face.

Wright was wearing an emerald-green dress that accented her physical form well but was not too form-fitting. She had metallic-green stilettos and worn green eye shadow. Her lipstick was a peach colour but had a sheen to it that almost made her lips glow.

They were done fidgeting when a group of others arrived.

“Hello, ladies.” Wright said as the group of beautiful women arrived.”

Her tall statuesque frame towering over everyone else S`arila responded as their group finally arrived and in accented basic “hello Angelica, you are looking dapper, sorry some human speak still gets me even after all this time you look great” the hybrid said.

“Well thank you,” Angelica replied. “You all look amazing. Surely this will be another night of fun.

“Hopefully so,” Lamia smiled as she joined the others. Truth be told she was still not entirely comfortable after prior events and the loss of her baby was still weighing on her quite heavily. She was going to try and enjoy Iria’s party, nonetheless.

S'arila noticed a change in Arderne’s stance “Lamia, you are feeling uncomfortable about something, is not Chris helping you through things?” she asked the Chief of Operations.

Lamia offered S`arila a smile. “I’m sorry, yes Chris is doing everything he can to help it’s just … me.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I guess I’ve not settled as yet, I’m finding it hard trying to reconcile being happy when I just lost my daughter. It feels … wrong.”

Not being one for being tactful “I have learnt that one cannot change the past, as long as you keep the memory of your loss in your heart, then what you lost is never truly gone” S`arila said a lump coming to her throat, Alex Somers gently rubbed her back as she looked at Lamia.

“You see Lamia it seems I had a duplicate in S`arila’s reality, one that she was close to and that Alex Somers died in a manner that all Klingon’s would love to die in Glory and blood; by all accounts, I fought the largest Jem`Hadar in her reality and both my other self and the Dominion Captain died in battle to the death. By all accounts, I was a badass who lived for battle” Alex responded looking from Arderne up at S`arila who was holding back the sorrow of the memory, then she looked back at her. “I am a constant reminder of what she lost and the horrors she faced, maybe she might show you the end-result of what happened on her Earth at some point. I know I watched the image and I had nightmares for weeks after it and was really glad nothing like that happened here” Alex added.

Lamia looked at both women in surprise. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up upsetting memories. Tonight, isn’t about me or what I’ve lost it’s Iria’s night and I don’t intend to ruin it by being miserable all night so …” she took a deep breath. “Let’s go and enjoy ourselves!”

Amiri listened silently. When Lamia brought up her daughter, s/he felt slightly ashamed, as a doctor the Kazarite felt slightly ashamed. S/he was saddened by the story from S`arila but being from an alternate reality there was little s/he could have done had s/he been there. The war was full of stories of Jem`Hadar using personnel of opposing sides for training and battle practice.

“Amen to that Sister” S’arila commented, the others of her group remained silent as they left and headed to the Bachelorette party location

Maia walked in looking around for Aldana. spotting hir she made her way over to hir.

Iria walked around the room wondering where the others where. She started to become worried they had decided to not come because some of them hadn’t been invited to the Girls Night originally. She hadn’t meant to miss anyone but with as many folks that were on the ship it had happened so to make up for it, she had added a few extra folks to let them enjoy some fun.

Amiri was ready to get on with the festivities. S/he’d stepped up hir pace just enough to get ahead of the group and made hir way to the event slightly ahead of the others. Entering the festivities centres/he looked around for their host. S/he had a small something for her.

Alex saw Aldana sneak in, so decided to approach the officer, “Hello Lieutenant, you look lost.” Colonel Somers said.

“Lost? No sir, I have a hostess gift.”

“OH! I see” was all Colonel Somers said as she watched the Lieutenant head away from her.

“Hi, Aldana I was wondering if you were going to make it,” Maia said. “Can I get you a drink?”

Amiri spotted the commander and glommed onto her with a great big bear-hug. “Maia!” Breaking the hug, s/he gazed at hir friend with this biggest grin. “I’m not sure, what’s non-alcoholic and good?”

“Apple juice is good even mint tea,” Maia replied.

Aldana smirked, “I wasn’t sure if there was a selection of real beverages or if it was just ‘open replicator.”

"Just have some tea". Maia said.

Rena walked in after getting off of duty to see what the party is about. She was checking out everything and also headed to the bar to get her first drink, Red Wine.

After that Alex and her part of women headed straight to the bar, Jasmine ordered a white wine, S`arila Donovan had a glass of red wine one of the rare moments she actually drank alcohol, Alex ordered a double brandy and Armitage ordered a Bajoran Spring wine and all four settled in for the party, which was picking up.

Lamia had gotten herself a drink of the non-alcoholic variety, looking around she could see everyone busy enjoying themselves. She was more of the quiet sit down and relax kind of women than raving away at parties.

Nicci took the chance to let her hair down, literally. Well, due to the dancing it swings around, quite a bit. Her hips swayed suggestively and with the real alcohol flowing, her inhibitions lowered, and she ran her hands up and down her body as she gyrated, making quite a show for anyone looking.

The Colonel noted “it must be the mating season” as she passed Taggert who was dancing, she made it to the seat next to Arderne “hello Lamia, I do not think we have had an actual meeting or chat!” Colonel Somers said.

“Hello Colonel” Lamia smiled warmly. “No, we haven’t really talked much at all. I apologize I’ve not been myself lately but I’m getting there.”

“Yes I heard, you got it rough when you were captured, my sympathies, I hear that Maverick is being of some benefit to you in that regards, he is a good catch, if I were not a married woman I would have hooked him by now, he may fear me, but his superpower is that smile he uses when he wants to charm that gets me every time,” she said with a self chuckle.

“That is most definitely the truth!” Lamia nodded, “That smile gets me every time. To be honest I’m not sure if I’d have recovered as quickly as I have without Chris. I do have Remington and Iria to thank as well though, they’ve become good friends.”

“I am not surprised, things like you went through will make friendships and bonds like no other, but otherwise how are things mentally post Slave experience?” The Captain asked her.

“Things are ...” Lamia paused for a moment. “Getting there slowly” She sipped her drink. “I’m having a hard time adjusting to the loss of my daughter but Chris has been wonderful, and I’ve spoken with Iria too.”

*nods* "and how did that go? Details are not required," Alex asked.

*smiling* “It went okay, Iria is a nice person to talk to and Chris would make a very good counsellor himself.” She grinned.

*Alex could not help a laugh escape her lips* "Sorry, Chris as a Counsellor, I think you will find he prefers being a Rifleman than Counsellor, but he does on occasion give some good advice and has been known to be insightful and sensitive. *pauses* You know I told him I was going to give him a field commission, and his response was one I cannot repeat, I did the same thing a second time, but this time I was joking, he ended up giving me a dirty look and walking away haha" Alex laughed.

Lamia grinned. “To be honest, what he does scares the life out of me! But if it’s what makes him happy then who am I to complain. As long as he comes back safe that’s what matters.”

"At least you have your loved one on this ship, mine is Chief Engineer on the Poseidon and thus not with me" Alex said sadly and lapsed into silence.

“Hi, Rena enjoying the party?” one of the guests asked.

Rena tried to gather with others with her glass of wine, trying g to make small talk, Rena looked at them "I'm enjoying the party somewhat, trying to enjoy the party

Serina was not entirely sure if she should go after the spectacle she made of herself on the holodeck. She can drink yes, but, she really got wasted and it didn't look good. Sighing, she set her jaw, entered and swore she would not do it again.

"Hi all, thank you for inviting me," she said. Setting the gift she had down on the table she joined the others.

Rena was enjoying her glass of white wine, with the others.

"There you go," Maia said!

Iria walked over smiling, "Okay ladies, I have a gift for you all," She began passing out slips for holo suite use at the starbase, "These are for full relaxation therapy massage by Riisan personnel, you are welcome to ask for changes to your own personal preference but the spa, massage, mask over and shopping are non-negotiable. I hope you all enjoy it."

"Thank you, counsellor, this will come in handy," Pril replied.

"Yes, Thank you as I will enjoy the chance to relax," Doya added and then she looked at Pril with a playful smile on her face.

"Iria, I really feel you have overextended yourself, this was your party and you got us all gifts," Wright stated in an appreciative tone. "I will definitely put this to use." She then stepped over to give Iria a hug.

Iria simply nodded her thanks.

"Girl, you don't need to give all this to me, I am happy to help you celebrate the upcoming nuptials you will have with Chief Dodd," Goodwin stated. "Spending all this time with all of us girls was just the gift I needed. But I will accept it to make you happy. Thank you."

"Iria, thankyou. I'm going to enjoy this greatly," Serina said, turning to leave the holodeck. She was still smarting from her nightmare. The fact that she had gotten grunt, caused a fight with John didn't sit well with her. She needed time to think and search for her own feelings. Really what she wanted was to speak with her mother, but she would have to wait till they docked.

Rena looked at Serina, "Hey you why you leaving you should stay and enjoy the party." Rena said.

"Rena, I'm sorry but I need to speak with my mother before we dock. We can talk after I talk with her" Serina said softly and left the holodeck.

With that, they all began to leave the holodeck, each one wishing Iria well and saying how much of a great time they had.


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