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SAR Buildup

Posted on 12 Dec 2016 @ 11:39pm by Major S'arila Donovan & Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws & Lieutenant Solan Jekkar & Lieutenant JG Akuhl K'Tel

Mission: Season 2 Episode 2: The New Frontier
Location: USS Tomcat Various
Timeline: Mission Day 31


With the chosen officers having left the bridge and were preparing to go on the SAR mission, Donovan looks over at Walon who was hard at work on prepping some sessions, so she only had Jekkar who was available and currently working on security measures. Then all of a sudden Lieutenant K'Tel arrived on the bridge, Donovan looked at her and smiled.

Currently, she was partially facing the turbo lift door when a recognisable face entered the bridge "Ah Doctor K'Tel, to what do we owe this honour?" Donovan asked.

"Ma'am, word has it that the commander and XO are in some trouble," Akuhl said. "I came up to see if there was anything I could do to help."

Nodding "I see, well as you are currently the closest person I have to a Science officer, I want you to get on the Science station and link in the sensors and locate our missing officers. Then you can take that information down to the gear up area and then brief Lieutenant K'Muss on what you have found, you will be assigned to the SAR away team" Donovan said.

Akuhl hesitated a moment, caught off guard by the order given her, but then strode over to the science station.

"Activating sensors," she said as her hands flitted over the controls. "Filtering out life signs of the indigenous people."

She frowned as the results came back. She entered a command, and her frown deepened.

"Hu'tegh," she muttered to herself, then looked over at the major.

"Ma'am, I found them," she said. "But I also detect a number of other life signs around them...Romulan life signs. Sending the results to your station."

She nodded then swivelled her chair and looked at Jekkar "El-tee, how far have you gotten with those security measures and such?" She asked

"All set here," Solan said. "Just give the word."

Nodding, "excellent" swivelling her chair till she was facing front again, she then tapped her Commbadge =/\= Major Donovan to Commander Swiftpaws =/\=

=/\=Squeak=/\= Sheela responded as she was going over the last few communique logs of the Romulan radio transmissions.

Donovan sadly shook her head =/\= Commander I only want to know what you have come up with so far, also I might remind you that if I am the acting Captain, that makes you the acting First Officer, so have you anything so far? =/\= Donovan asked in a calm manner.

=/\= "There's a lot of talk checking out the area where they beamed in. It seems that the Romulans had lost signs of their quarry. They're doing a sweep of the area. The only thing they found was the beam-in site and a possible trail leading off. The last location their signal came from when it was lost. Unless they... CO and XO... surface again with their commbadges active. We won't know where they are. Put me on the ground and I'll find them. But up here I can only monitor radio communi..." =/\= Sheela responded in a mellow tone then broke off as something caught her attention that she had missed while on the bridge. =/\=I'll get back to you, Major.=/\=

Looking comically down at her Commbadge as if it betrayed her then back up "Mr Jekkar how are those Security measures coming along? Mr K'Tell have you done the science stuff and got us an actual location of our missing officers?" Donovan asked.

"Security measures are in place Ma'am." He said with a nod as the Andorian looked around. "I just need to assign Phasers to the Bridge Crew and then we are good to go."

Smiling "excellent El-tee" then she looked closer at the data and looked up concerned "El-tee take what information you have down to the SAR team and prep your gear, I will be down shortly to brief the team on what I expect,turbo lift," Donovan said to K'Tel

"Yes ma'am," Akuhl said, and headed turbo lift, then stopped and turned back. "Where exactly are they, ma'am?"

Swivelling around in her seat "the marine gearing up room it's adjacent to the fighter launch bay, which is below and centre of this ship" Donovan smiled.

When the Doctor had left the bridge Donovan turned to Jekkar "Mr Jekkar once you have issued the Phasers out and secured ships vital systems scan for any tachyon signatures if you have to tie the sensors into the tactical station to do this"

"Understood," Solan said as he handed out the last set of Phasers as they were passed along the Bridge Crew. He returned to Tactical and did as was ordered.

"All we have to do now is wait until we find out where they are, El-tee, do you not find it strange that we have not been challenged by any Romulan ships since we have been in this system?" Donovan asked, "So I am beginning to wonder if the Romulan's out here have been forgotten!!"

Solan pondered the thought for a second. "It's a possibility, after all, they aren't big fans of snoopers." He examined his console, "Who is not to say that they didn't detect us already and have been biding their time."

Donovan could not deny that "well I guess that time will tell El-tee"

For now, it was just a simple waiting game, no ships had been detected in orbit, so the Romulan's must have been here a long time, so who knows what their mindset would be!.


Major S'arila Donovan [PNPC: Somers]
Bravo Unit Commander 95th Rifles
USS Tomcat

Lt. Commander Sheela Swiftpaws
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Jg Solan Jekkar
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Tomcat

Lieutenant Akhul K'Tel MD
Medical Doctor
USS Tomcat


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