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Flames for you

Posted on 08 Jan 2021 @ 4:11pm by Lieutenant Remington Dodd & Lieutenant Iria Walon
Edited on on 08 Jan 2021 @ 4:25pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Walon-Dodd's quarters
Timeline: After the Girls night jp


- Walon-Dodd's quarters -

Iria walked in quietly her arms full of the unexpected gifts from S'arila, Serina, and Alex Somers, she set them down carefully in her chair and then headed for the bedroom. She smiled at Remy, as she removed her beachwear and then pounced lightly on their bed, she grinned cheekily at him and leaned down to kiss him.

Remy was already prepared for her, only covered merely with the sheet strategically only over his manhood. He greeted her with a passionate kiss and wrapped his arms around her tightly.

"So what high-jinx did you girls get into this time?" Remy replied still holding her in his arms.

"Well we didn't enjoy the beach as much as I had hoped the Colonel brought real liquor and she and others gave me gifts for our wedding." She wiggled against him, and started nibbling playfully on his collar bone, ~~ After I spoke to some of them, someone gave us holographic strippers and one looked a lot like you. Either someone as living out feelings or they might have wanted to make me blush. ~~ Iria trailed a line of kisses down his chest paused to wink at him and then moved further down until she was settled between his thighs, ~~ The stripper was nicely done but I am definitely lucky where you're concerned. ~~ she kissed Remy's length gently, playfully, and then purred against him before she trailed a line of light licks up his stomach and chest until she was a breath away from his mouth. ~~ I love you, Remy! ~~

Remy needed no more, he positioned his hand to lift Iria up to slide her down on his manhood and they started the act of love right then. He was primed and she was too from what she was sending out. She took every thrust he gave and the purring she was making only made him more in the mood.

~~ You have really gotten under my skin, sweetie. ~~ Remy thought to Iria as they took care of business. But not wanting to go for the bust, he stopped and slid her off of him and pulled her in to cuddle.

Iria smiled as she laid against him, he was definitely under her skin and deep in her heart to the point he was a part of her. ~~ When we are ready I hope our kids have your eyes. Or a mix of yours and mine. ~~ She snuggled against him happy and content with her lover, best friend, and husband to be.

~~ You are my purpose for living, and you make it possible for me to do my job as I know this ship needs to be safe for you. ~~ Dodd replied as he adjusted his position to line up for some more foreplay as he cuddled in closer to enter into some for fun.

Then he made her moan in such a fashion that she made him feel like he was purring in passion. Remy was into pleasing his Imzadi and releasing the sexual desires that burned at his soul and that added to the love he felt for this amazing woman. He could not wait to make her his wife and only hoped the next mission would not be too terribly long as they would conduct the ceremony when they were finished with that mission.

Iria moved with Remy in the dance that was of their own making, each breath, caress, sigh. It was more than passion between them, it was living harmony, kismet. Two souls one flame...

After some time, the lovers just laid there in the afterglow of the music their bodies had made.

"My mistress' eyes are nothing like the star: they've brighter shine than all those overhead. Her hair's cascade her visage never mars but effortlessly frames her face instead. And yet, if I should tell her what I see - that she hath been by Aphrodite blessed - she'd quietly demur and disagree and I would with these words sincere protest: 'When I observe thy countenance's grace, I see no fault - no flaw one might repair; and when a smile blossoms 'cross the face, the world take heed and stops to fondly stare. - No words could e'er sufficiently impart all thy perfection, just the way thou art.'" Dodd just blurted out.

Iria smiled at him, and kissed him, her heart so full of love for this man who was so many things but his kindness and heart were the most precious. "I don't have flowery words for you Remington Dodd, but you have my heart and soul now and always."

"You, my darling, don't need flowery words. For when your flesh touches mine, I realize I am the thistle next to the most beautiful blossom in the whole of the universe." Remy stated firmly. "That is what makes my beastly form so humbled by yours."

Remy then pulled Iria in for a passionate kiss that also caused a firm rise elsewhere in their bed.

Iria didn't reply with words, she just arched and wiggled against him. her hands trailing over his back and sides in gentle gliding motions, her voice lost in moans, and purring sounds.

Remy always liked the physical pleasure more when his Imzadi purred during it. The vibrations of her purring make him get into a rhythm that could make him hold off from erupting and help him last for while. He loved Iria with his whole body and soul and while he wanted a family had to keep in mind that was not intended to be the here and now but in the near future. So he had to be aware of his body and when to wain and when to crest. He was enjoying the ride for now and they could go at this for hours.

Iria made a noise between a moan and keening cry, her body moving in the mirror to Remy's, she had no words left, only able to react to each move and broken breath between them.

Iria always made Remy so relaxed and satisfied in every way. He felt that life was worth living more after he met her. He was always willing to give himself to her. The love between them fueled him more than anything else. She was his soul in a physical form. Without her, he would not be who he is today. So being physical with her made him feel like he had a purpose to be. He was a better officer and man because of Iria and once they were married, he would be a better husband than any man had been before. The rhythmic motion keeps him pumped and ready to keep going as long as she wanted it. The feeling of love was beyond the physical effects almost to a point of spiritual essence.

~~ You make me long for nothing more than your happiness. You make me want to serve you for as long as time permits us. I hope for an infinity of love with you. ~~ Remy thought to Iria as they gyrated together in their bed.

~~ Remy!?! ~~ her thought the voice was flooded with love, and passion and shattered behind the pleasure that filled her from his attention and love.

Remy was thrusting and keeping Iria on the edge of glory. He was hard and fully erect and driving to the pleasure of his lover. The love he had for her was what kept him going physically and mentally. He wanted nothing more than to please her in every way possible and the sexual desire was just the icing on the cake. He was ready to explode and his thrusts got deeper and slower as he attempted to delay the eruption of himself.

Dodd's abs were tight as they glistened in the pale light in the room as he slid Walon up and down his manhood. The perspiration on Walon's smooth breasts sparkled in the pale light that acted as stars to Dodd that kept him shooting for the sky as he seduced her deeply with each thrust. The purring of the woman he loves made him rhythmically thrust in perfect unison with her purring moans of pure sexual pleasure.

The pleasure was overflowing, Iria held nothing back, as she rode the waves of pleasures that Remy coaxed from her each stronger than the last until she was making complete none sense mewling cries, breathy moans, arching against him and trembling as the pleasure robbed her of control.

The control Remy had while zoned into the pleasure of his Imzadi was amazing to Iria and himself. He held off the climax for a long time but he could not hold back anymore. The eruption of his volcano was enough to send Iria roaring in pleasured release and enough to make Remy's body go limp as he pulled Iria down to his side.

The two now bask in the afterglow as the pulses of their pleasure still radiate in both of their sated bodies.

Iria snuggled against him, sated happy and content, well-loved.

Dodd's naked body was still slick with perspiration from the fun he had with Iria, and he felt so loved to have her nakedness snuggled against him. He was so in love with her that he could hardly believe that sooner than later they would be getting married. He wished they could do the traditional Betazoid ceremony as that is how he was raised. However, while he enjoys being naked, he knew that was not the cup of tea others would want to experience. He relaxed at the moment and just let the faint purring from Iria lull him to slumber and the air in the room began to cool down from their steamy escapades.


LT Iria Walon
Chief Intelligence Officer/Chief Counselor

LT Remington S. Dodd
Chief Engineer


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Comments (2)

By Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne on 08 Jan 2021 @ 5:12pm

Very nicely written, a good piece. Enjoyed reading it :)

By Lieutenant JG Serina "Reaper" Donovan on 10 Jan 2021 @ 6:54am

Outstanding post! Well written and well said. I enjoyed reading it.