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Clean-up - Arrival

Posted on 10 Sep 2020 @ 5:36pm by Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Captain Jasmine Somers & Captain Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Cody Parker & Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd & Lieutenant JG Paul Winchester & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant JG Nicole Taggert & Lieutenant Matthew Thompson & Lieutenant Serina "Reaper" Donovan & Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers & Ensign Lauren Jordan
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Mission: S03 Ep 02 Trouble in the Sticks (Main Post) Galen IV Phase 1
Location: Various
Timeline: S3 Mission 3 MD 11
Tags: Sombra


- Tomcat’s Briefing Room -

The next day…

With the Orion interlopers driven off and the fighter squadrons recalled, and the disabled shuttles moved into a safe stationary orbit the USSTomcat sits over the location the Bluegill Hive Queen is located. Jasmine and Lucy finish setting up the room and when her Yeoman had left to get some other things finalized allowing Jasmine to put out a ship-wide.

=/\= Captain Somers to all crew, could all Department Heads and their Deputies please report to the Briefing Room ASAP, thank you. Out =/\= she said closing the link and she paced the room while she waited for her Senior Staff to arrive.

First to arrive was Alex, she was closer to the briefing room when the call came out so she arrived first “Hey Jas, I take it, this is the briefing on the final move against the Bluegills on Galen IV I take it?” she asked. Jasmine simply nodded as Alex took her seat and looked up as the next person entered.

Maia entered next with Mister Thompson in tow. She had been his constant companion since she found out she was leaving.

The Captain looked at her First Officer and smiled then to the person who was next to her “Commander Sterling is this your Deputy?” she asked indicating the Lt Jg.

“Good morning Captain! Yes, this is Matt Thompson, He is currently my number two, I am recommending him for promotion and reassignment as Chief Science Officer when I depart. He has been an excellent officer these past 5 years and is ready for the job. He has been quiet in the background behind the curtains far too long. As you told me to care for my career and develop it so I have told him the same thing. I do believe you have met him before though on many occasions.” Maia said.

“Good morning Captain,” Pete said inclining his head. “I just wanted to thank you both for this opportunity. I hope to serve you and this ship with every bit of verve, wit and skill that Commander Sterling has always brought to the table.” Matt stated.

“It was Mister Thompson who developed the tag we used in vermicular food it will be much easier to target the bluegills once they have consumed it,” Maia said.

“Ah, yes Lieutenant Thompson,” Sterling said as she remembered the name “good work on finding the tag Lieutenant, we will talk more about it in the briefing, but good work on it,” the Captain complimented.

“Thank you, Captain,” Matt stated.

Lamia was next through the doors, she carried a PADD in her hand on which to take notes if she needed to. She smiled politely to those already present as she took a seat.

Paul was next to arrive and being allowed once more to attend a senior management meeting after his last two with colonel Somers, Paul walked over to the replication unit and ordered a coffee. He also knew that he had to apologize to the others for his behavior at the last meeting that he attended whilst he waited for his drink to arrive.

Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers looked at Winchester with a small lopsided smile, it had been some days since she put him through her combat holo-program, but she hoped that he would remain civil this time around.

Lieutenant Dodd then arrived with his mug of hot chocolate and took his seat at the table. He had been working double shifts in engineering the last couple of days to help keep the rhythm in motion for the success of the mission. He was due for a break and would enjoy the chance to see people outside of his engineering team.

Lamia smiled warmly at Dodd as he moved towards his seat, also offering Winchester a smile. She still needed to try talking to him as she’d suggested to Iria so she’d have to try dropping in on Winchester when time allowed.

Paul knew that he was now being evaluated and watched by the colonel and everyone else after his last showdown between himself and the colonel, as the beverage arrived, Paul picked up the hot mug and walked over to the nearest seat and sat down.

Serina heard the call and grabbed John, “Come on we’re late to the briefing,” she said hauling him with her. Hurrying, they arrived together, “Forgive us, Captain, we are slightly late” she chuckled. Sitting quickly, both looked at the gathered department heads.

The Captain looked at her CAG with a knowing smile “I never would have guessed Lieutenant, Mister Martinson, kindly button up properly!” she said with a smile.

John’s face turned red as a beet! Hastily he buttoned his tunic correctly, “My apologies sir, but Serina grabbed me before I could finish…”

Dr. Cahill finished her duties and left sickbay. She went to the turbolift and rode it to the bridge. Once there, she entered the briefing room. “Hello everyone, and congratulations to Commander Sterling for your promotion.” She got her usual coffee and took her position at the table to wait.

Walon came in the room and saw a seat next to Dodd and took it. She did not always sit next to him trying to keep things professional while on duty, but there were not many options left. ~~ I thought I was late. ~~ she thought to Dodd.

~~ You are just in time; hope all is okay? ~~ Dodd replied to Walon.

Walon just nodded towards him then took her mug of hot chocolate and took a drink.

Lt. jg Taggert got the call and finished her tweak in engineering, repairing a console that had exploded during the mission. It powered up beautifully. oO Nothing like powering up a new computer for the first time, knowing you made it work. Oo. She had an insulated canteen of ice-cold purified water with her as she entered the room and sat down for the briefing.

Aldana entered quietly with Sombra. Hir silent ordeal over the past few months had been really weighing on hir deeply, though s/he’d managed to keep it to hirself. S/he barely managed to lift hir head to meet eyes with hir superior and Somers, one corner of hir maw barely lifting with a half-attempt at a smile and greeting toward them. Then the site of Sterling managed to perk hir up just a bit more; Aldana managed a full smile for her. S/he slipped quietly into hir seat to the right-hand-side of Cahill.

Meanwhile Sombra slipped in quietly under the table at hir feet.

Maia went over to Aldana and flagged hir down. “How have you been old friend?” Maia asked

Whilst waiting for the meeting to start, Paul looked back at the colonel and have her a nod of his head, when he noticed his former side Ensign Lauren Jordan arrive and it made him feel a lot happier to see her.

Parker paused to catch his breath before entering the room the meeting was in, he’d been conducting an inventory of the weapons after the previous engagement and had set his PADD down. He had somehow missed the meeting notification, he only hoped he wasn’t too late.

The Captain looked around the room and steadied herself as Armitage went around placing drinks next to each department Head and their Deputies. Jasmine needed the time to gather herself as she got new from Earth and that she had to get there as soon as possible, but Phase One was something that had to be done and until they returned to the Starbase there was nothing she could do about it.

So, clearing her throat Somers began…



Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/2XO

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Paul Winchester
Assistant Chief of Security

Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne
Chief Operations Officer

Lieutenant Cody Parker
Chief of Security

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
CIO/Chief Counselor

Lt. Jg Nicole Taggert
Assistant Chief Engineer

Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D
A. Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant JG Serina ‘Reaper’ Donovan
CAG/Raider 1/Helm Officer

Lieutenant Jg Matthew Thompson [P: Sterling]
Science Officer

Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers [P: Somers]
Acting MCO

MCPO1 Lucy Armitage [P: Somers]
Captain’s Yeoman

CWO Sombra
Asst. to Doctor Aldana [P: Aldana 365]


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