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The Finishing move Part 2

Posted on 31 Aug 2020 @ 3:21pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers & 1st Lieutenant Joseph Tabor & Captain Maia Sterling & Lieutenant Cody Parker & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant Serina "Reaper" Donovan

Mission: S03 Ep 02 Trouble in the Sticks (Main Post) Galen IV Phase 1
Location: Galen IV/Oribt
Timeline: S3 Mission 3 MD 10


- Fighter launch bay/Space -

After getting the deploy call from the bridge Joe had rushed into the pilot's ready area "okay Squadron scramble" he announced and left the room, his men close behind. In time he along with the rest of his squadron were in the cockpits of their Gryphon Fighters and going through a quick pre-flight check, then they launched.

As each fighter left the hangar they formed up on Tabor the squadron leader =/\= What are our orders lead? =/\= came to the voice of Rebel 2 of the communications.

opening a channel to his squadron =/\= okay pilots our task is to disable those shuttles leaving the planet, they have infected people on them, our task is to make sure they do not leave *paused as she checked the number* okay there are two of them, three flight take the shuttle on the left, two flight you are flying cover one flight will take the shuttle on the right =/\= Tabor said and got affirmatives from his flight leaders.

Due to the nature of shuttles being minimally or unarmed and lightly defended the shuttles were quickly disabled double-checking that his task for complete Tabor opened a channel to the Tomcat, he looked in the direction of the Orion's to see that they were not faring so well.

=/\= Rebel One two Tomcat, shuttles disabled and safely adrift in a stable orbit, what are our orders? =/\= he asked.

- Tomcat -
On the bridge, Jasmine picked up this =/\= Tomcat here Rebel One, understood, remain where you are, if any more shuttles try to leave do the same again =/\= she said.

=/\= Affirmative Tomcat, Rebel One out =/\= not liking it but accepting it Joe sat back in his seat and waited, only then did it hit him on who spoke over the comms.

Meanwhile in Space...

Serina had her hands full. Those pirates were like mosquitoes that didn't quit. They were all over making Red and Raider Squadrons crazy.

"Serina, John here how the hell does we…….Serina on your six!!!!!," he yelled.

Serina yawned left and dropped 10 degrees as John took out the pirate. "Thanks, John, that was to close for comfort. Let's do the arc light manoeuvre. It should take out about six pirates," she said.

"Good idea, Rally ho Arc Light manoeuvre!" John yelled.

Six Raiders made a six-sided flight pattern allowing for better targeting. Suddenly all went vertical drawing six pirates with them. Arching suddenly and then rolling, brought confusion to the pirates who had no idea what to do next. It left them defenceless and vulnerable and wide open to Serina and her pilots. In about 5 minutes six explosions were seen confirming a successful kill.

"Serina to Raiders, well-done boys and girls. Let's keep at it, Serina out," and switched coms.

=/\= Reaper to Somers, have met pirates and dispatched several to their graves will continue to fight until ordered to withdraw. Reaper out=/\=

- Sickbay, USS Tomcat-

Dr Cahill sprang into action, "Red Alert, OK everyone this is it prepare to treat wounded and hurt. And prepare to repel anyone the tries to board the Tomcat." As she took control of Sickbay

With that, she looked at Cody "Cody target the Orion capital ships weapons, then when they have retreated asses weapon power levels and defences too" the Captain said. Then looked at Alex who was managing to fly the ship quite well "Alex when the Orions leave return us to orbit of Galen IV" she said.

"Aye Captain" Alex responded.

"Aye Skipper," Parker said coolly as he adjusted his targeting parameters and lined up for the new shots.

Then she again looked at Parker "Cody when we are in stationary orbit target the communications facilities on the planet and destroy them I do not want long-range communications going out, leave them short-range and to us" she added.

"Got it," Parker stated as he adjusted a second display to show the range to the comms facilities, he was thankful that operations and engineering kept their systems up, without the targeting computers it would be an insanely difficult shot.

She looks around the bridge "Lieutenant Arderne, I want you to coordinate the landing of our fighters when it is time, work with Lieutenant Donovan our CAG on that," the Captain instructed.

Lamia looked across as she heard her name mentioned. "Yes ma'am, we'll get them landed safely."

"Excellent." She then looked at Cody, "Lieutenant Parker what is the status of those Orions?" the Captain asked as the ship banked to port to avoid some weapons fire from one of the fighters.

“They’re manoeuvring Captain, but our fighters are holding their own,” he bit his lip as he continued firing, “we’ve damaged a couple of their ships and it looks like some of them are beginning to retreat.”

With a nod acknowledging her Security Chiefs response, the Captain returns her attention to the viewscreen as the surviving Orions retreat, preferring to save themselves than help out a bunch of infected from Galen IV.

- Space Outside the Tomcat -

With several Orion fighters skedaddling for their lives, she rounded up her people and took stock of the damage to fighters. Some were only slightly damaged but, there was one that was shot up pretty badly. Ens. Sam "Terror" Jones and his frame of mind fit his call sign to a tee! This was going to be dicey if not damn dangerous. Time to let the Tomcat know there would be an emergency landing and that she would be bringing him in alone.

=/\= Captain, Reaper here, I got an emergency landing coming in. One of my pilot's fighters is shot up pretty bad and he is terrified to land by himself. Have the squadrons land first, then have the deck crews rig the barriers. I'm gonna bring him in alone myself. Make sure the flight deck is clear. This is not a drill! Serina out!=/\= and closed the comm. Switching channels, "John take them in and clear the deck. I'm gonna bring Sam in myself," Serina said.

"Understood Serina, just watch yourself. I know how you bring kids in...," John said.

Lamia was already prepping for an emergency landing having heard Serina’s call, as soon as the squadron landed safely emergency forcefields and barriers would be in place ready. She’d also notified Sickbay that they needed an emergency medical team.“The flight deck will be ready Captain, we’ll get them landed safely. The emergency medical team is en route as well.”

Serina watched as John had the fighters land. "John makes sure the deck is cleared and ready for us," Serina said as she watched Sam wrangle with his fighter. His craft was badly damaged and he was terrified, and Serina knew he couldn't go it alone.

"I know Serina. You just get him and yourself landed in one piece," John retorted, as he was the last to land. Popping his cockpit, "Get these fighters stowed fast, rig barriers, fire suppression teams ready, medical stand by," he shouted as the deck crews scurried to clear the flight deck. =/\= "Bridge, Martinson here, all birds landed and are being stowed. If this was a flattop I would say to bring her into the wind but, bring her around so they can come in straight. Sam's fighter can't make turns and needs a straight fly in. Martinson out"=/\=

=/\= Serina, the deck is clear, barriers up, ready down here hun. Bring Sam home!=/\= John said, saying a small prayer.

=/\= Sam, I know you are scared and terrified but you can do this. I will guide you in and stay with you. I won't leave you to do this by yourself. Now, try and keep her level and start your approach alright?=/\= Watching Sam, he gave her the thumbs-up sign. Reducing her own speed to match his, Serina flew almost wing tip to wing tip with Sam. Suddenly Sam's fighter dipped, taking Serina with him. "Damn it, Sam come on getting yer nose up! You're dropping off the glide path, come on man!!!!" Serina yelled. Sam fought to bring his fighter back up to the glide path. Serina knew how much work goes into fighting with an almost dead-stick situation so Sam was losing his strength as well.

John was watching this from the flight deck terminal as both Sam and Serina were approaching the Tomcat flying level now with the deck. Motioning to the deck crews to get out of the way, he tapped his combadge, "The minute Sam hits the deck, raise the barrier fast, and watch Serina's fighter," he said as people scrambled…

"Sam you're doing fine, now reduce your speed slowly as we approach the deck" Serina said as both fighters approached the ship's flight deck. Normally they would come in one at a time, but not this time. Serina stayed right with Sam as he approached. "Sam begins cutting power to your engines slowly, keeping her as level as you can", Serina said, watching him carefully.

"Serina…….I can't hold her straight……..please!" Sam screamed into his com. His fighter began drifting to the left. Try as much as he could, she just would not fly correctly.

"Hold on Sam, I'm gonna tap your left-wing to nudge you back. When I do use your thrusters to correct the attitude and it should be enough to get you in and landed," Serina said. Moving Raider 1 right next to Sam, she tapped his wing gently giving him the nudge and his fighter straightened up. Serina moved quickly and flew upside down about 2 feet off Sam's canopy, "Sam, look up, I'm right here with you" she said, as the terrified pilot looked at her with terrified eyes. "We're going to make it Sam, cut your engines, we are home!" Serina said as she flew a little farther into the hanger and righted her own fighter and set her down. Popping the canopy, she jumped down and ran to Sam's fighter. The medical people were there removing him from the cockpit, apparently, he had passed out from the fright. Looking at one of the medics, "Take good care of him ok," she said.

"Yes Sir," the attending Medic said as he and others put the injured pilot onto the hover stretcher and rushed to Medical.

- Hive Queens Location -

Down on the planet, the drones were joined by the Hive Queen in its host body as they looked at the sensors as a Starfleet ship appeared on their screens.

Keeva reported there was a blip on the sensors. It appeared that there was a ship spotted leaving the area.

Probably a Federation Starship. You did say they were leaving Keeva? It was probably the mothership of the expedition to survey the wreckage of the Cardassian embassy or the Orion ship that brought the food. Either way, the Federation probably knows we are here so we must make arrangements to leave. This colony is too small and ill-equipped for our needs. The queen stated. We need ships and shipyards. Begin to build.

On second thought Keeva has our Orion friends go out and verify who they are, If they are Orions, no problem if they are Federation, shoot them down. That is my request and my order!! the queen said.

Sterling and the rest of her away team had been in decontamination as soon as they arrived back from the planet. DECON was much quicker than it was in the old days. Once her team was cleared they reported for duty. It was then that Maia learned about the shuttles and the hapless Orion attack.

Once she got to the bridge she asked what the status was... "What is the status Captain?"

"We have taken up stationary orbit over the Hive Queens base of operations and we are about to have a quick briefing to sort out what to do next, I will be in my Ready Room," she said looking at Donovan "Serina go see the Doctor for a check-up, you look exhausted," the Captain said as she was alerted to Rebel Squadron finally returning to the barn.

"Yeah, I'm going to check on Sam. He's gotta be more tired than me" Serina's said as she headed for sickbay.

The Captain watched her go and sighed, as the lift doors closed she looked at her chair arms small interface screen, she was alerted that three new crew waited to board back at Starbase 51, her new MCO, ASCO and a Security officer, she looked at her cousin "well Alex looks like your replacement as MCO is waiting back at the Starbase" she said.

As the ship was stationary Alex took this time to turn to face Jasmine "I hope they will be up to the task?" She asked with a small smile.

"You and me both Colonel, you and me both" Jasmine replied...


Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer

Commander Maia Sterling
First Officer/Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill MD
Chief Medical Officer/2XO

Lieutenant Remington Dodd
Chief Engineer

Lieutenant Lamia 'Mia' Arderne
Chief Operations Officer

Lieutenant Cody Parker
Chief of Security

Lt. Jg Iria Walon
CIO/Chief Counsellor

Lieutenant JG Serina 'Reaper' Donovan
CAG/Raider 1/Helm Officer

Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers [P: Somers]
Acting MCO

1st Lt Joseph Tabor [P: Somers]
Rebel Squadron Commander

Lt Jg John 'Sickle' Martinson [P: Donovan]
Pilot, Raider 2


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