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Lost and found

Posted on 28 Aug 2020 @ 4:02am by Captain Patrick Jackson & Lieutenant JG Ted Silver
Edited on on 28 Aug 2020 @ 10:24pm

Mission: S03 Ep 02 Trouble in the Sticks (Main Post) Galen IV Phase 1
Location: Starbase 51
Timeline: Just after Meet & greet


- Corridor -

After leaving Smithson Silver decided to go exploring. He wanted to check out the science labs. But soon he got lost. Looking around he noticed an officer. Ted went over to him.

“ Excuse me. Ted Silver I am a bit new here and really lost. Do you know where the science labs are? “

Patrick was strolling down the halls of the station, letting himself wander to get an idea of what all was here. He smirked to himself after having been stopped. "Sorry Ted, new here myself. Haven't wandered into them yet." He said and offered his hand. "Patrick Jackson, MCO of the Tomcat when she comes in."

Ted smiled at Patrick and offered his hand.

“ Assistant Chief Science Officer. When the Tomcat arrives of course. So MCO Marine Commanding Officer? You must forgive me only a year out of the academy. Still not quite up to speed on all the department names.” He explained.

The Marine nodded. "Well Marine Commanding Officer is right. I'm just strolling the decks to get acquainted with the Starbase. I'll wander around with you."

The two new crewmates walked along talking.

“ Marines. I did consider going into the marines. But I have this weakness in my left thigh. Most of the time it’s ok and gives me no trouble. Then once in a while it plays me up. The medics are baffled but aren’t they always. Anyhow it paid to any marine aspirations of mine. So how long have you been waiting for the Tomcat?” He asked

"Nothing is wrong with a medical out. We are not all the same and Everyone has their own path. This was one of two options given to me, and was the better of the two. I don't regret it. Far as wait time, it has been about a week. I've figured out where my normal places of visit are, so decided to wander today. How about you?" The Marine inquired.

Ted nodded as he listened. The two new colleagues walked along the corridor. Silver could see many of the rooms they passed were empty.

“ To be honest I have just arrived. Spoken with the head of security for the Starbase. So I have all my passcodes. Obviously until the Tomcat gets here. Will need to set up a routine. Otherwise I will end up never leaving the lab. Once I get a microscope between my fingers. I can be there for hours. This place is amazing though isn’t it. What do you know of our CO? “ Silver asked

"Nothing wrong with loving your work Ted." The mand said as they made a turn. "Far as the CO, nothing more than you probably know. Mostly just through reputation and records. I'm sure you're aware that only gets you so far. There are a few oddities to the ship, but not my place to judge them, just to follow them." He said, realizing that sounded more of a Marine answer than he expected, but was true.

As they walked along Ted started to feel light-headed. He realised that it had been a while since he had eaten. Looking around Silver noticed a lounge that served food.

“ Oh, dear...Listen it’s been a while since I ate. So please excuse me but I need food. It’s been good meeting you and hopefully. Well meet again before or after the Tomcat gets here.” Silver said

"Sounds good. Take care Ted. Nice little pub up on deck 86. Good selection." Patrick said and bid far well to the science officer.


Ens. Ted Silver
Assistant Chief Science Officer

1st LT Patrick Jackson
Marine Commanding Officer


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