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Security Investigations Pt #3

Posted on 09 Jul 2020 @ 12:47pm by Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers & Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Captain Jelan Lemoris & 2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin & Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail

Mission: S03 Ep 02 Trouble in the Sticks (Incidentals) Galen IV Phase 1
Location: Galen IV/Various
Timeline: S3 Mission 3 MD 04.2.2


Continued from Part 2...

The Colonel saw Jelan's actions and pulled out a Civilian communicator, it was tied into the sub-dermal communication implants all Marines had "Jelan, get your rump back here" she said then more quietly "we are supposed to be Civilian's out of New Sydney, you want to blow our cover, if someone is watching, let them, now get you back here!" she said annoyance creeping into her voice.

This Colonel was really starting to piss him off. but he made his way back without being spotted.

From a distance a drone observed the team from New Sydney combing through the Cardassian Embassy, the fact that the second bomb had failed to detonate was a problem and the queen was not going to be happy with the failure. The human male had been alerted to the second one by the tall human female with unusually Red Hair, she had the stance of a military person or one who was once in the military, but their IDs checked out so nothing more was done, but a moment the male had looked at the second bomb he said something to the female and the two that were searching joined the two that was at the perimeter. The shadowy figure sighed and melted into the night, he had to report this.

"Sir, I am not telepathic or psychic but I have a very strong feeling we are being watched," Goodwin stated. "I have seen some odd shadowy movements off to Kildare's left and the shadows just seemed to move but the lighting did not adjust accordingly to make the movements."

“You might not be Goodwin, but I am and I can tell you without a doubt that we have a very definite audience!” Lilli confirmed. “From what I’m sensing they’re not too happy with what’s going on here.”

Looking at the pair, she was still angry with Lemoris, yes his instincts were right, but they were undercover dammit "It was expected, our cover is Security Unit out of New Sydney and yes they can tell we are military, but as far as they are concerned and as far as our private ledgers are concerned we are all ex-military I needed something to explain how we moved and our stances. There is probably a humanoid drone out there watching, the first one left as Jelan broke his cover, but I am hoping that our records will speak for themselves, still keep all senses alert" the Colonel said.

“Yes ma’am” Lilli nodded and relaxed her posture somewhat but remained alert as she took a slow stroll around.

"Roger, ma'am," Goodwin replied as she slowly patrolled in the direction of the shadowy images she had seen.

"Orders Ma'am," Jelan asked.

*Looking at the Marine* "I applaud your diligence Captain, but we need to keep a low profile, right now we are being watched so things must go as normal as possible, I too would like to do what you did, but I run a tight unit and I expect covers to be kept. Now saying that you and Goodwin remain here on guard, I need your alertness" the Colonel said.

Yes Ma'am. Jelan said.

*Smiling* "excellent Captain, remember to stay in character but stay alert" the Colonel added.

"Aye Ma'am" Jelan said.

Back at the location of the bomb the heckles on Kildare's neck raised, they were being watched, but he did not let that distract him, finally, he managed to disarm it, he picked it up and walked over to the group and threw the bomb at the Colonel "here you go boss" he said and found it hard to keep a straight face.

Alex looked over as she heard movement, it seemed Kildare had finished his task as he approached he threw the defused bomb, event hough knowing this Somers still juggled the bomb from one hand to another with a surprised look, eventually she caught it awkwardly and with a red face looked evilly at Kildare "Christopher Kildare, I will make you pay!" she said angrily.

This response had the success of wiping an ill hidden smile from his face oO Oh crap, she used my full name Oo he thought to himself "Sorry boss!" he said meekly.

Somers looked at him "You will be Sergeant Major, you will be" she said with wrath, then she was suddenly cool and collected "so what of the bomb Sergeant?" she asked as if nothing happened and she looked at it.

"The bomb was old school, but with a twist, it had two backup timer slash detonators, I had to disarm them before doing the main one if this had not failed then it would have taken out equal to two-city blocks worth of buildings on this planet, it is deactivated now, but the use of the explosive is Romulan in origin, but the type that can be bought easily on the black market, if you have the latinum," Kildare said.

“So we’re more or less at a dead end unless we can get proof of where it came from, with a lead on who bought it.” Lilli chimed in keeping her voice low so as not to be overheard.

"So we now have to see if we can track the watcher to see if we can figure out where they went and who they were working for," Goodwin said also in a low voice and looking in the direction in which she saw the moving shadows.

"I was about to tag one when you called me back," Jelan said.

Kildare spoke up "It was of Romulan design, the power sources were Romulan, but the parts of the bomb is most likely from the Orion Syndicate and their Black Market ties," he said shrugging.

Goodwin returned from the perimeter check. She found nothing in the direction of the movement she had seen.

Could be the syndicate trying to find out what happened here too and trying to find out more about the bluegills. Simply to protect their business interests. Jelan said.

*Sighing heavily* "so we still have difficulty, okay let's change it up, Lemoris you and Goodwin stay here on guard the rest of us will return to looking through the destroyed building, then we will have to send out findings to the Cardassian's and such," the Colonel said knowing that they were probably still being watched and eavesdropped upon, she lowered her voice and spoke to Lemoris "You go running off again, even if it is well-intentioned, you will see the side of me I do not like showing understood Marine Captain?" The Colonel asked.

"So in other words just be ourselves...that might actually work," Jelan replied.

*smiling* "Excellent, okay for the benefit of our employers let us finish this investigation," the Colonel said and led Kildare and Vail back to the wreckage of the Cardassian Embassy.

Goodwin merely nodded in acceptance of the guard duty on the site and made it a point to focus on the area she had seen the movement.

Jelan moved to a more advantageous spot and acted as a lookout. it wasn't hard. it wasn't particularly covert either. that was the idea.

Lilli kept a wary eye and her senses on the area as she joined Kildare and the Colonel. “There’s a lot of suspicion about us, not that it’s unexpected.” She just hoped it didn’t lead to any unpleasant encounters.

"I know, and it gives me the creeps, I want to make a noise, but most of all I want to get off this planet," Somers said and returned to the search and quietly saying to Kildare "when we get back to the shuttle send a tight beam back to the ship on what we found and let them know we will be returning post-haste, I want a Medical team there to scan us and make sure all is well," she said.

"Got it boss" was all Kildare said as he looked through the wreckage.

Lilli looked in Kildare "Is there anything I can help with? Two of us might be better than one."

*Looks up at the Rifleman with a smile* "Nah, this is essentially solo for all of us, but shout out if you spot anything" he said, oO I wonder how Mia is doing? Oo he asked himself as he returned to his task.

At her area, Alex finally reached the back of the destroyed embassy and nothing more was found, she made her way over to Vail "Sergeant found anything else?" she asked.

Lilli stood from where she was investigating some rubble. “No nothing Colonel” she sighed.

While this was going on Kildare looked up and saw someone standing at the barrier, they were stopped by Lemoris and Goodwin, intrigued he stood up and walked over to them. "What is the problem, Sir?" He asked Lemoris.

"This individual is asking us who we are and why we are here. I was just explaining that we were sent by the Argo company to assess the damage and arrange for replacements". Jelan said. "I was just showing him our authorization for being here. Why don't you go and report our findings so far".

"Yes Captain, I feel uneasy too *Kildare agreed with the Captain's sentiment* I am going to contact our employers with these details," Kildare said referring to their shuttle, he knew that they were being watched.

"Good, I will remain here to overlook the area until you return from contacting the boss," Goodwin replied as she adjusted her grip on her firearm and stepped away to resume her perimeter check.

With that Kildare headed to their concealed shuttle, it took him some time and he had to shake a tail, but eventually, he entered the shuttle and activated the sensor jamming device as he connected to the ship. (Contd in Those Left on the Ship)

Back at the bomb site, Alex decided that they had done all they could "okay Sergeant lets leave, we have done all we can leave here" the Colonel said.

“Aye Ma’am” Lilli nodded and joined Somers.

With that, both joined Goodwin and Lemoris at the barrier "Kildare has gone to report our findings to the Cardassian's" she said knowing why her old friend was not here as she looked down at her PADD she pressed the transmit button "okay now the Central Offices here have a copy of our findings and reports, now lets return to New Sydney and collect our payment" the Colonel said.

“Sounds good to me” Lilli looked around. “This whole place just feels ... totally off and it’s not a good feeling.”

Lemoris for his part continued to argue with the fellow who insisted they should not be here. but so far the man hadn't been very provocative just insistent.

"Mr Lemoris, kindly disengage from that individual and pack things up we are leaving as we are done here," Somers said and looked at the others return to our long-distance shuttle," she said to Goodwin and Vail as she joined Lemoris who was with the person he mentioned.

Lilliana was glad to be getting back to the shuttle, she didn’t much like being on the surface. The ‘feel’ was all off and it wasn’t a nice sensation. She nodded her readiness to Somers.

"Understood". Jelan said and went back to ostensibly pick up his tools. Then they were all off heading back to their ship.

"Great, we are going to be heading home," Goodwin replied. "I for one am looking forward to the next assignment as this place is not my dream fieldwork."

She was slightly taller than the upset onlooker "We are leaving Sir as we are done, I have sent a report to your central computer on our findings and one to Cardassia Prime, so if you will allow us, we will leave here as we came in peace" she said with a friendly smile.

The unknown seemed to be mollified and with a nod left the team to pack up.


=/\= Majesty this is Germanus. The intruders have reported that they are finished and have informed both the Federation and the Cardassian Union and have filed their report with the planets central computer of there findings. They are departing. The 2nd bomb did not detonate, it was either diffused or a dud, I could not determine which. I am sending the automated drones to make sure they leave. What are your orders=/\=

=/\= Return to base Germanus =/\=

Germanus launched the auto drones to keep an eye on the intruders.

He then made the trek back to the town which was there.

At the central spire in the middle of the city st Grex, a rather burly Orion Male took the information from Germanus, He was the host for the Queen. The green giant wore a necklace of Cardassian neck bones, the species of which proved to be immune to bonding. Grex was in the main control hub of the town surrounded by a security team he had personally converted. His team included the mayor and several key administrators and merchants. He was not pleased that the second bomb didn't go off, as it would have erased any possible evidence of there presence here. He was almost certain that the so-called investigative team was Starfleet or at least Starfleet operatives. He explained that to the others whom he considered his henchmen as they were all well placed to assure the Hive controlled the town.

Grex also wanted the starport completed by the end of the month. They needed ships to expand out beyond this planetary body. Trade would resume soon and ships needed a place to land. Even now they still had to smuggle in much-needed supplies like food, tools and parts. He had used him on influence as an Orion to get those supplies.

We need to get the sensor grid back up, the Cardassians sabotaged it somehow. Our defences are down, so make sure the drones are on high alert to look for mischief. Grex said.

Grex pulled up the auto drone feed and watched as the survey team made there way back to their ship.

- Shuttle -

All the team made it back to the shuttle and making sure she was the last in Alex sealed the door and sat in the pilot's seat, she looked back "Captain Lemoris when we get back to the ship and are cleared by Medical me and you are going to have a wee chat" the Colonel said.

"I'm looking forward to it Colonel". Jelan replied.

"Not responding "Okay, let us get the hell off this planet the inhabitants are giving me the creeps," Alex said going through the motions of starting the shuttle up and lifting off she made sure to set a heading to make it appear if they were returning to New Sydney. After the Pre-flight checks and logging their destination with the planets central computer the shuttle lifted off and headed for space.

Alex knew Galen IV had long-range sensors so she took the ship to two-Lightyears away before doubling back on another vector that would bring them to the Tomcat which was sitting behind the planets moon. It did not take them too long and the shuttle dropped out of warp on the Tomcats aft and Alex sent a hail to the ship, which got a prompt response, Alex smiled as she recognised who was at Comms.

=/\= Tomcat to Shuttle, permission to land granted, remain in the shuttle bay until you have been cleared by Medical =/\= Donovan said.

=/\= Affirmative Bridge, Somers out =/\= she responded to the challenge and expertly took the shuttle into the main shuttlebay, as she did "Okay people when we land all of us is to remain in the shuttle until medical can clear us, but prep your gear for disembarkation, but check to see if any of those little critters crawled into one of your packs if they have and kill it" the Colonel said.

"Gotcha Boss!" Kildare said and began to look through his equipment.

“Yes, Colonel” Lilli nodded and cautiously started checking through her things. For all she knew if there were any of those critters in her pack it could attack. She pulled a knife and had it ready to hand just in case she needed to use it quickly.

Being one of few words and only speaking when it was required Jelan gave her a thumbs-up as a sign he understood the directive.

With a slight nod of her head, Goodwin said "Roger, Sir."

With that Alex lowered the ramp and waited for the medical team to arrive, she was standing in the hatchway very happy that no critters had entered her team's packs, the bay doors opened and in walked the CMO.

"Hello Doctor, we are already for our checkup" Colonel Somers said.

Dr Cahill was out the door of Sickbay and in a few minutes was in the shuttle bay. She double checked everything and then hit her communications badge. "Bridge this is Cahill activate a force field around this shuttle bay from there. That way if there are any Bluegills the cannot deactivate it from here. The shuttle we are ready to land as usual and stay onboard till we run a scan of the exterior to be sure there are no unwanted rides on the outside. "Then when that is done I will come on board and check everyone individually."

"Understood Doctor," Alex said as techs checked the outside of the shuttle before allowing the medical team aboard, the team were checked for the obvious signs and then some new type of examinations were done surprising the team, but the tests were done quickly and efficiently and before too long they were cleared to leave the shuttle bay. As the others left Alex pulled Lemoris to one side and told him straight that moving away from the group put not only himself in danger but the away team and ship as he could have been infected as he was alone in the dark and that he was doubly lucky that he had not been infected, then she let him go get cleaned up and as she watched him leave she sighed and picked up her stuff and walked down the ramp nearly jumping out of her skin as Kildare made his presence known.

"Wow Alex, you are getting soft in your old age ain't ya! You have chewed me out worse than that before now, why go so easy on him?" Kildare asked in honest curiosity as he fell into step with Alex.

"His instincts were spot on, but he did not think about the danger to himself when he was alone, we were on a planet filled with hosts of symbionts that can take over a host quickly so he put himself and the rest in danger, that is why I went easy on him. So what about you Chris, how do you think Mia is going to react when she finally returns with the Science Away Team? I know she worries about you and how the hell did you get a woman like that to be your girlfriend! I mean she may be attractive but she is also an officer and Fleet too?" Alex asked and looked down at the shorter marine.

Kildare looked up and gave her one of his trademark smiles he knew it affected Alex like all women, but it was his answer.

Alex looked down as Kildare smiled and felt her knees weaken oO Okay so that is how, damn Chris if I were not married and you now with someone Oo she thought to herself as they entered the turbo-lift.


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