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Security Investigations Part #1

Posted on 13 May 2020 @ 12:51pm by Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers & Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare & Captain Jelan Lemoris & 2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin & Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail

Mission: S03 Ep 02 Trouble in the Sticks (Incidentals) Galen IV Phase 1
Location: Transporter Room 2/Various
Timeline: S3 Mission 3 MD 04.2


- Alex's Quarters -

After she had finished her exercise in the holodeck, still laughing a little at Winchester's reactions to the news that the Safeties had been lowered significantly on the holodeck actually brightened her day. Her computer sounded that she had a message, so sitting at her desk she accessed it and quickly read it and sighed, she signed off and looked at the names she had to play with, so she decided to take mostly rifles with her, she tapped her Commbadge.

=/\= Colonel Somers to Captain Lemoris, Staff Sergeant Vail, Lieutenant Goodwin and Sergeant Major Kildare report to main security in Galen IV civvie attire to receive Away Team briefing and weapons, Somers out =/\=

When she had closed the link she went to get changed into appropriate attire, it was not her favourite style of clothing, but she had to blend in, it took her only a few moments to get changed and seconder her inconspicuous collapsable quarterstaff and put on a dual shoulder holster and jacket over the top, she put her hair up in a ponytail and headed straight to security.

- Kildare's Quarters -

Chris jumped when his name was called, he was still getting used to being back on the ship again. So putting down his book he stood up and also got changed into civilian attire and then made for main security. As he walked out of his quarters and to the nearest turbolift, he recalled what team he would be assigned to so he made a mental note to gather his Bomb Disposal and inspection kit.

- Lemoris's Quarters -

Captain Jelan Lemoris was pleased to have gotten word to join the away team he had been away at battalion officers school for some time. He got back two weeks ago and if truth be known he had kind of an itchy trigger finger. He ran a razor over his face getting the stubble off took a sonic shower and donned a fresh uniform. and headed down to the security office.

- Vail's Quarters -

Lilliana was going over the marine counselling records when Somers's voice came over the comms. Putting down the PADD she was reading she put it back on the pile she had to read before suiting up, grabbing her gear and heading for the meeting.

- Goodwin's Quarters -

Goodwin had already done the routine of her physical training, shower and breakfast. She was just putting her dishes in the recycler when she got the call. Goodwin then changed into the required attire and grabbed her gear and headed for main security.

- Main Security -

Alex got to main security ahead of all and prepared for the brief, she also picked up her "real Desert Eagle pistols" from the armoury and secured them in her holsters and placed in some ammunition magazines, the weight felt good, her jacket was on the back of the chair so her twin shoulder holsters and her weapons could clearly be seen, her Commbadge was on her shirt as she stood behind the desk looking over the initial reports of the embassy bombing oO never thought I would be doing security work Oo she thought to herself and looked up as in walked Kildare, he gave his most disarming smile that conveyed joy as both hugged, he stepped back.

"I heard that a senior Rifle officer was being temp assigned to the ship, but I had no idea it was you, hows things Alex? Paul okay too?" Kildare asked his old friend.

*smiling too as she broke the hug* "Yes that officer was I, I am fine working on the final stages to make full Colonel, not there yet, Paul is fine, he got word to me from the Rutupiae that he had just made First Officer so that is good news, otherwise all is fine" Alex responded.

"Good news indeed," Kildare said as both were surprised as the rest of the team entered they looked at the new arrivals as if both got their hands caught in the cookie jar.

"Ah, good you are all here," the Colonel said "I know some of you have briefly met me in the mission briefing, others for the first time, so I will accept a question each from each of you before I do the AT brief," the Colonel said.

After the briefing Captain Lemoris went to the security to find out what was going on. He took a seat.

Lilliana was next to arrive, as the door opened she was surprised to see the look that both Somers and Kildare gave. She smiled politely at both as she acknowledged them. “Colonel, Sergeant Major” She also nodded politely to the Captain sitting at the table that she had yet to meet.

Goodwin entered and was not surprised by who was there. She was trained to just accept the situation and go with it. She had always been that way as far back as she could remember. "Hello, Colonel, Captain, Sergeant Major, and Staff Sergeant." Then she sat her gear down out of the way and waited for the process to begin.

*smiling* "Good, now you are all here, we can begin. Some of you have never done security the way fleeters do, so you are going to have to learn on the spot, myself and Kildare have prior experience in this area, so here is the stitch, as you have likely heard the Cardassian Embassy on Galen IV, footage showed a humanoid culprit, closer inspection of the security footage we were able to obtain showed a spike hanging out of the perpetrator's neck before I continue, are any of you aware of the attempted Bluegill take over of the Federation back in the late 2360s? It was stopped by the crew of the Enterprise D, anyone heard about that event? I know it was hushed up, but I also know that scuttlebutt runs rife! the Colonel said.

*Kildare raised his hand* "I have, nasty bit of business that was, never knew the full details, but I know there was some deaths, particularly the Queens host, the poor guy was already dead and was being kept alive by the symbiont queen from what I have managed to find out" Kildare said and saw the look of surprise on Alex's face, which was quickly hidden.

*looks at Kildare* oO how the hell did Chris know that much!? Oo Somers asked herself then remembered for his low-rank Kildare was quite resourceful and being a career Marine, she should not be surprised.

“I take it those who are compromised by these Bluegills are only identifiable by the protruding spike in the back of their necks?” Lilliana looked at Somers and Kildare as they both seemed knowledgable on the subject. “What about for someone whose Betazoid like me, can these Bluegills be sensed?”

"Possibly, although unlikely, you might feel something. The Bluegills exert control via neurochemical transmitters." Jelan said.

"There has been no proof that Betazoids or any other telepathic species can sense any change, now in a crowd, it may be noticeable especially if the uninfected locals know and are quietly frightened, as those who are host can only simulate panic, their symbiont may come over as a calming feeling emanating from the host, such things were never really found out as the episode was quickly dealt with and hushed up, it is only now the Captain has managed to get all known information on those events and it is not much" the Colonel responded.

"Can I ask, how do the bluegills enter the host body?" Goodwin asked, "Because if we were to where something that our neck it could help us fight off the drone before it could enter if it has to go in by the back of our necks."

"They usually enter through the mouth and latch onto the back of your neck vertebrae and tap into your nervous system," Jelan said. Lemoris looked at Somers. "Commander Sterling's briefing on the bluegills was very informative." He said.

*looks at the Rifleman* "that is typical of the First Officer, I am beginning to see what she says about the Commander, all of it good *sighs* okay are there any more questions to be asked before we head down to the planet?! Oh, forgot our cover is independent Security contractors out of New Sydney, your IDs and backgrounds will show this, now if you see anyone from the Tomcat you know do not interact with them, we need subterfuge to get our work done, now are there any questions?" Alex asked.

Kildare shook his head, he had nothing to ask.

Lilli shook her head as well, she knew all she needed to know for now.

Goodwin also shook her head as she believed she knew what she needed to help her on this mission.

"I know that the bluegills have two weaknesses. One is the neurotransmitter Isoboramine. If the bluegill gets below 40 per cent of the substance the bluegill will die not able to communicate with the queen. Also, they are highly susceptible to low doses of Delta radiation. I know commander sterling and Dr Cahill is working on something along those lines do you know how far they have come"? Jelan asked.

*sighs* "sorry no, not my department and I would be the last to know, but if I need to know I will be told, I have gotten used to used to that fact, but yes I had heard that they were working on it *Sighing* "right then, if there are no more questions lets all assemble in the shuttle bay," the Colonel said.

"Do not forget hand Phasers ONLY people and as your Commbadges hid away under your topcoats, if you are approached say that we are independent Security contractors out of New Sydney it is a neutral planet and should cause little suspicion, just try not to draw attention. Kildare will do the explosives thing while all but one of us will go through the wreckage, the one who does not will be the one acting as a guard to the site. Now not only are we to do burst transmissions up to the ship, but we are also to collect data to send to the Cardassian Detapa Council, now any last questions?" The Colonel asked one more time.

I got nothing, my task is clear" Kildare simply said and got a smile from Alex.

“No more questions from me Colonel” Lilli offered a smile.

"Colonel, I have nothing to ask at this moment as I feel you have presented the vital information we need at the moment. Thank you." Goodwin replied.

"Understood No Questions Ma'am" Jelan replied.


Captain Jelan Lemoris
XO Marine Contingent
USS Tomcat

Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail
Marine Counsellor/Medic

2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Goodwin (NPC: Dodd)
Marine Officer


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