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New Marine Commanding Officer

Posted on 04 May 2015 @ 1:04pm by Captain Jasmine Somers
Edited on on 22 Nov 2016 @ 6:04pm

Mission: Season 2 Episode 2: The New Frontier
Location: USS Tomcat
Timeline: Mission Day 0


- Runabout -

K'muss manoeuvred his Danube class runabout into the vicinity of the Akira class USS Tomcat. He promptly hailed the ship.=/\= USS Dan to USS Tomcat, requesting permission to land to drop off new personnel.=/\=. he sent. The small ship was promptly granted clearance and K'Muss disembarked. He watched as the Dan took off and left him on his new posting.

- USS Tomcat -

K'Muss checked in at once. " Warrant officer K'Muss reporting," he said. " Permission to come aboard," he added.

"Granted" The deck officer replied. "Captain Somers left word, to report directly to her ready room upon arrival" K'muss nodded and made for the nearest turbo lift.

- Bridge -

The turbo lift doors opened and K'muss walked past the conn console to the ready room door. He rang the chime.

Jasmine was preparing to do something else when the bridge door chime sounded, curious as she was and a new report came up on her screen as she spoke.


In walked a Caitian Marine Staff Warrant Officer, who came smartly to attention and saluted.

"Warrant officer K'Muss reporting as ordered, Captain," he said.

"Welcome Chief, at ease and please be seated," She said and going through her mind was a strange but humorous scenario oO why do I have a vision of my Security Chief hunting and eating this marine? Oo She asked herself, referring to Lieutenant Krezak a Krazokian male who looked every bit a Predator and a carnivore to boot. Of course she knew this would never happen, still, it was not exactly funny but a nightmare of hers. "While your rank is Staff Warrant Officer, I will refer to you as Chief, nothing nasty meant by it, it is just easier when you do bridge duty, now before we go ant further have you any questions for me etc?" She asked.

While she was waiting she scanned through the marines service jacket and was impressed, she looked up when he spoke.

"I just want to thank you for this opportunity." the caitian said.

"Not a problem, now a little about the unit you are joining and what your duties on this ship will be *pause* you are part of Alpha Unit of the 95th Rifles, the 101 marines of Alpha Unit are specialised in various tasks. Those marines and some bridge staff you see with a white band at the base of their shoulders indicate that they are Chosen Men, it is an award that has to be given by the CO, that would be me. But welcome to the 95th Mr K'Muss. Now as to Bravo Unit, they number Twenty-four in number, led by Major S'arila Donovan, while she is not the MCO she fills that position on a temporary basis, you will need to report to her at some point; also Bravo Unit are my personal guard when required" She paused for a longer moment.

"As to your duties on the ship, you will be manning sensors and environmental systems when on the bridge and I will assign you to assist with ships Security when not on bridge duty. The Tomcat is a sub-type Akira class, its Evac limit has been lowered to accommodate the extra troops and fighter squadron, any questions so far?" She asked.

He took a minute to consolidate information. " I'm following you so far," he replied. " Alpha unit. Sensors and Environ while on the bridge. Security when not, correct Captain." he asked

Smiling openly "That is correct Chief, here are your security clearances," She said handing him a small data Padd. "Any further questions on the ship and our marines and all that?" She asked.

"Not at present" K'Muss replied.

"Okay then the Padd will have your room assignment and all other relevant data, if you have no more questions, then you are dismissed, go get you settled in Chief and see you at the mission briefing," Jasmine said.

" Thank you, Captain." he said

With that she watched the marine leave her Ready Room, she sat back thinking of all the losses and changes she and the ship had been through since being assigned to Pegasus Fleet.


Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer
USS Tomcat NCC 62114

Staff Warrant Officer K'Muss
Marine NCO/Bridge officer
USS Tomcat NCC 62114


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