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A Problematic Patient

Posted on 18 Jun 2020 @ 5:14pm by Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant Iria Walon & Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail
Edited on on 26 Jun 2020 @ 12:29pm

Mission: S03 Ep 02 Trouble in the Sticks (Incidentals) Galen IV Phase 1
Location: various
Timeline: Before The Separate Mission posts and following events.


- Intelligence office -

Iria was not pleased with what she had found from Winchester's file transfer dump. There were several sections missing in comparison to what the Captain had given her from the files that had been gathered on Swiftpaws' data, that coupled with the fact he hadn't done the fleet training, instead of implementing his own version it was lucky they were not worse off. What made her the most upset was the fact Winchester had avoided his counselling sessions to train but he hadn't been training properly.

She sent a note to Lamia and Lilli with her notes on his behaviours before the loss of his arm and after as well as what she had witnessed during the briefing and his hostility towards her, for her replacement of his position as Chief of Intelligence. She added in the note as a suggestion to have them work together to see Winchester since she doubted at present at least; he would be willing to listen to her objectively and without bias since he had not been completely honest in his transfer of files. Though she didn't mark down for their eyes.

She would discuss the dishonesty with him and the Captain after she finished sending details to Lamia and Lilli. Iria hoped that together they could get through Winchester's attitude and get to the root of his problems besides the attitude, growing defiance towards higher-ups, his refusal to admit he needed counselling over the loss of a body part, the changes in his work ethics.

She added in the notes if Lamia and Lilli wanted to talk to her, to come to the Intelligence office where she was still compiling reports.

Lamia made her way to Iria’s Office, is the newest member of the Counselling department if only on a temporary basis, she wanted to discuss ideas for Winchester’s treatment with Iria.

Lilliana had received Walon’s message, she was supposed to be the Counsellor for the marines but she was happy to assist where possible. She was en-route to Walon’s Office when she met up with Arderne. “Pardon me” She smiled. “You’re Lieutenant Lamia Arderne correct?”

Lamia nodded and smiled. “That’s me. You must be Sergeant Vail? Are you en route to see Lieutenant Walon?”

Lilli nodded. “No doubt where you’re heading too?”

Lamia nodded. “Great minds think alike as they say!” She grinned. As they reached the office door she pressed the chime and they both waited.

Iria got up from her desk and walked over to the doorway after she released the lock the doorway parted with a hiss, she smiled up at Lamia and Lilli, "Good morning, come on in, I don't have my brewer set up in here yet so we're stuck with the replicator if you would like something?"

“I’m fine, thank you” Lamia smiled as she looked towards Lilliana.

“A chilled water please.” Lilli smiled warmly.

Iria nodded and motioned for them to be seated, "Have a seat and while I get the water and I am getting a hot chocolate."

“Thank you” Lamia nodded and took a seat on the sofa.

Lilli sat on the sofa as well to save room for Iria to sit down.

Once everyone was settled and Iria had given Lilliana the chilled water she sat down with her hot chocolate and took a quick sip before she looked at Lamia and Lilli, "How can I help?" She asked lightly after as she set down her mug of hot chocolate.

“Actually...” Lilli looked at Lamia. “I think we’re both here for the same reason.” She smiled.

Lamia nodded. “Lieutenant Winchester.”

"Ah, alright, what do you need from me?" She asked as she looked from Lamia to Lilli, she had forwarded all the details she had from the brief sessions she had managed to get Winchester to take part in along with the noticeable difference in his attitude after he lost his arm in the accident and his more recent hostility and behaviour difference in regards to how he treated others.

“Well I’m supposed to be here to counsel the marine contingent but if necessary I can lend my expertise to speaking with Lieutenant Winchester” Lilli looked between Lamia and Iria. “I’ve encountered marine personnel who’ve lost limbs before.”

Lamia nodded. “I was going to volunteer as well but whereas you have experience..” she looked at Lilli then back at Iria. “I don’t have experience in loss of limbs just my general Counselling experience.”

Lilli nodded. “I’d say we’re both here to see if either of us can help you with Lieutenant Winchester?”

Iria made a face, "After the recent changes in my position and his he hasn't exactly been very civil and I don't want to have a session go badly if he's still feeling I took his job here in Intelligence." She didn't add his definite defiance about not giving her the data he'd had in full. That was a matter to be discussed with him and the Captain later.

Lamia nodded. “I can understand that, perhaps either Lilliana or myself could talk to Winchester ‘off the record’ so-to-speak, maybe he just needs a friend rather than a counsellor. At least that would help him.”

Iria nodded her head, "That might work but he will still need to get counselling done as well." She gave a wry grin, "I will try to get more folks added to the counselling department too."

Lamia nodded and smiled. “Just let me know if you need me and I’ll do my best to help out where I can.”

Iria nodded softly, "For now why not try your idea of talking with him as a friend, see where it leads. If you need help or anything please let me know." She looked at Lilli again, "Are you settling into your new office alright?"

Lilli nodded. “Yes, thank you. I’ve just got to get used to having an office onboard now!” She grinned.

Lamia smiled. “It’s your own private domain to escape to when the universe gets too much, enjoy it!”

Lilli grinned. “I’ll remember that.”

Iria nodded, "That is very true and feel free to add or request change the layout or if you want to have the desk customized to a different setup. It's your office to make it your own."

“I will, thank you” Lilli nodded.

Iria looked at Lamia, "There are two other offices open for you to take up as your own as well if you want to or your welcome to use mine in the counselling department since I will be here more than most."

“Seeing as I’ll be on split duties, I might as well share your office.” Lamia smiled. “I do have my own office as well so there’s no point in taking up two offices.”

Iria nodded, "Okay is there anything else you need from me either of you?" She figured to make certain that they had all the information and questions answered before she got back to work and allowed them to do the same.

The two looked at each other than at Iria. “No questions from us” Lamia smiled.

"Well then take care of yourselves and have a good day. I will let you both get back to work." Iria said with a smile.

Lamia and Lilli both nodded before rising from their seats and heading their separate ways.


Lt Lamia Arderne
Chief Ops

Staff Sergeant Lilliana Vail
Marine Medic/Counsellor

Lt.j.g. Iria Walon
Chief of Intelligence, Chief Counselor


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