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Return To the Tomcat

Posted on 21 Nov 2016 @ 7:38pm by Lieutenant Commander Sheela Swiftpaws

Mission: Season 2 Episode 2: The New Frontier

OOC: Anything special you want to happen?

OOC: how about a routine return and we report in then do what we need to as it goes. I may make reference to Dr Jo'Paul and how I am determined to see her captured due to war Crimes against the Federation. Was last seen heading toward this sector of space.

OOC: sounds good.

Sheela flew the Venture class scout to its rendezvous point to meet up with the USS Tomcat. Since the shuttle was on auto-pilot and gave Sheela time to study the info. It was interesting to be comparing energy signature with other recorded energy signatures as each star empire tech level was unique to their racial quirks. It was interesting to see Romulan/Reman touch to the energy source their probe had picked up. Sheela leaned back in her seat and stared out of the window as the shuttle made its way through the system.

Sheela wondered why the Romulans were this far from their borders. Could it been at one time a secret staging point for the Romulans during the Dominion War. She went through what records she remembered from reading past files on them.

Dr Cahill was reviewing her information she had recovered then she noticed what appeared to be Romulan signatures in the power grid reviews. She decided to keep quiet and continue her research. She also was picking up a special signature she was always looking out for. She kept quiet and smiled. She mumbled softly, "Is it possible, could I have found her here hiding out."

Sheela ears swiveled at the mumblings of Cahill. "Whoz yooz find that makes you mumble, Commander?" She turned her attention to Cahill with interest. Maybe the planet below may need farther and closer inspection by an Away Team.

"Well Commander, do you remember the story of the Xandau 7, and how they survive for several months on a hostille planet with noprovisions and no weapons After being captured and left for dead by the Romulans when the Defiant class ship was totally destory and a few surviors was found alive.

I am the only surviving member of that ship. # of us survive to be recused and vowed to get the Romulan Dr for War Crimes due towhat she did the the surving crew and was responsible for the order to leave us on Xandau 7 to die. I am the only one left alive that knows her on site. I got a coded message from her. I will play it for you."

I push some buttons and it play, "Cahill I should have killed you before leaving Xandau 7"

She seems to know I am here."

Sheela nodded slowly with eyes narrowed in thought. "Squeeee... "Responded after listening and watching the vid. "Wez must return the favor." As she turned her attention to the controls of the Venture class scout. "Wez do have yooz back."

Seeing the USS Tomcat up ahead, Sheela made adjustments and resumed full control over the craft. She got in contact with the Tomcat alerting them that they was approaching for docking. Soon the craft was secure and settled within the hanger bay.

Sheela turned to Cahill. "Yooz need to let Captain Somers know of this." As she powered down the craft after opening up the hatches for egress.

Dr Cahill replied, "I plan too Commander when we return."

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Lt. CMDR. Swiftpaws
CIO USS Tomcat.


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