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Mission Briefing Part 2

Posted on 19 Feb 2020 @ 7:19pm by Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers & Lieutenant Commander Alexanderia Cahill & Lieutenant Cody Parker & Lieutenant Commander Remington Dodd & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant Serina "Reaper" Donovan
Edited on on 19 Feb 2020 @ 7:33pm

Mission: S03 Ep 02 Trouble in the Sticks (Main Post) Galen IV Phase 1
Location: Briefing Room Tomcat
Timeline: S3 Mission 3 MD 01


When all had arrived Jasmine who greeted them as they entered, cleared her throat "welcome, I hope you enjoyed your long downtime, but now we have a new mission assigned to us. Before I hand out departmental assignments, I would like to introduce you to our acting MCO who is on detached duty to us, those of you who were on the bridge when we were at Thorion would have heard her as the voice commanding the Sovereign Class USS Avant-Garde, she is currently going through training to one day command a ship as a marine officer, but for now, she is the MCO and my cousin, may I introduce Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers, Staff Officer of the 95th Rifles" Jasmine Somers said.

Coming out from a niche in the room hands resting behind her back, from the shadows came a marine officer dressed the same as the others, but like the Captain had a white band at the base of her shoulders, she had her Lieutenant Colonel rank on both sides of her collar, her hair was neatly brushed and styled in such a way as it softened her appearance. He unnatural red coloured long hair was draped lightly over her right shoulder with the left pinned back showing the left side of her face, her uniform was perfectly placed, she wore minimal make-up which only served to enhance her looks, the only thing that was marring her visage was the long visible scar running down the left side of her face from sideburn to just above her jawline, it was white, she had gotten used to looks and comments so if any were placed her way she could handle it.

"Well with an introduction like that, I feel like you already know me *smiles* yes myself and the Captain are related by blood, a little about me, my father is one of the Ambassadors to the Klingon Empire, my Mother an aide to one of the Council members of the Federation, both are diplomats, my upbringing was what you might say as privileged, I had everything, not only was I trained in the nuances of diplomatic functions but I also trained with Klingon warriors on Kronos as a child, I am a master with all Klingon bladed weapons, and I am proficient with twin Wakizashi blades and a host of weapons both *uses quote marks with hands* unofficial and official" she paused.

"I was promoted from the ranks by way of a field commission and you might be asking if she had diplomatic training, why did she join the Marines? Well while trained in a diplomatic way I heard the call of the warrior, so I went to Marine Officer school as a young 2nd Lieutenant, now I am here, but I am a fully qualified officer and a combat veteran, *pauses* enough about me, onto the briefing" she said stepping up to the table and pressing the button on a holoprojector on display was the destroyed visual of the Cardassian embassy.

"What you are looking at is the Cardassian Embassy on Galen IV, it was destroyed in what Starfleet Intelligence believes was a terrorist attack, the Captain will give you assignments shortly, but back to the briefing." *pause* Then she showed the footage she had seen and stopped it on a shadowed figure with a protrusion on the back of their neck.

"The footage you are seeing has only been seen by those who need to at SFHQ, the Captain, myself and now you, what you are seeing is a non-Cardassian envoy with a bag walking into the Cardassian Embassy on Galen IV and a few moments later the figure walks out and stands at a safe distance and watches as the Embassy goes boom. Now I will pause it here I want you to all concentrate on the spike sticking out of the back of the person's neck, that is not normal for any species, not in the humanoid form anyway. *pause* I do not know if any of you heard of the Conspiracy Event of the 2360s on earth that was foiled by the crew of the Enterprise D? Well back then we did not have a name for the parasites, but for the sake of ease, Security is calling them Bluegills. It would seem that those Bluegills are trying an easier route to try to conquer the Federation by starting at its colonies on its farthest borders, this means our neck of the woods" she pauses.

"Now Intelligence seems to believe that the reason the Cardassian Embassy was bombed and the people in there killed is because the Cardassians are immune to these parasites and with such Bluegill coordination, there is a hive queen on Galen IV. As of the latest information there are no living Cardassian left on Galen IV, those who were not killed in the bombing were assassinated in inventive ways, all final. Starfleet Diplomatic Corps and Security have managed to persuade the Det'apa Government not to send anyone to Galen IV so we have a free hand to investigate and deal with the matter. The other less noticeable traits the infected got is increased strength and stamina, but experience has told us, you kill the Bluegill queen, the drones die-off, any questions before I hand you over to the Captain?" Alex asked.

All were silently shocked at what they saw, a lot of them had questions, some were even curious, there was a range of emotions on each of the faces Alex looked at, she knew that her face probably had the same looks when she was briefed.

"First Colonel Somers welcome to the Tomcat. I am Lieutenant Commander Cahill. I am the CMO and 2XO on the Tomcat. I was assigned by the Federation to Kronos myself early in my career. I am close friends with General Kross. I saved his daughter from the severe flu outbreak while there and he now considers me part of his family. I also have trained in Marine tactics while in Star Fleet Academy and keep my training up now in holographic suites. So I can work well alongside your Marines. I do remember the Bluegills attempted attack on the Federation very well. I have been studying everything about the Bluegills in my medical journals and also in the Star Fleet medical library. It is quite interesting how they take control of the host body and force them to do their desires and not what the host body would normally do. There are some theories as to how to fight them and prevent them from being able to prevent them from taking over a hosts body.

The Captain leaned against the wall listening, for a Marine her Cousin was holding her own, then again dealing with Fleet Officers was probably an easier task than dealing with her troops, but then again Alex did have some diplomatic training to call upon so basically she was currently the closest thing to a diplomat they currently had on the ship.

*looking at the person who spoke* "Thank you for the welcome Commander Cahill, while that will be a topic for later, have you any questions about what I have said so far?" Colonel Somers asked with a smile.

Dr Cahill smiled and responded "not at this time Colonel," she said.

Lamia sat quietly for a moment before speaking. "Colonel I'm Lieutenant Lamia Arderne, Chief Ops. I was wondering if anything has been recorded about whether or not these...bluegills, can be sensed either empathically or telepathically?" She looked at Somers curiously. "If these creatures are of a hive type mind, then they have to use telepathy of some kind to stay connected to each other."

*Looks to the new speaker* "Hello El-tee, come seek me out after this briefing, we have someone in common *smiling* now as to your question, not telepathically, but reports from the first attempt of infiltration by these Bluegills did bring in some extra data *pause* a few of the Empaths around at the time sensed a calm, haughty manner, with a hint of menace, beyond that the only way to tell an infected person from one who is not is a spike on the back of the neck. As for the Hive mind, nothing beyond their own.

Lamia nodded. "That's good to know, thank you, Colonel." She wondered what or who, it was Somers wanted to see her about after the briefing, but no doubt she'd find out afterwards.

She looked around waiting to see if anyone else had anything else to asked, and it seems that they did.

Iria had listened as folks started adding in questions and she paid careful attention to the replies, she frowned and spoke up, "Colonel Somers, I have a few questions if you'll indulge me? I am the new CIO and Chief Counselor of the Tomcat, I don't see how the person was able to pass by the entrance that is supposed to have a few sentries to check over baggage and gifts etcetera they weren't shown where were they? Is there footage of why they're not at their posts?" Iria paused adding her second question, "Is there any behaviour changes or other visible signs because if the only detail is a spike gill in the back of the neck, it could be hidden by thick and or long hair along the back of the neck. Not everyone is blessed with empathy so we need other queues to look for." Iria said as regarded the Colonel awaiting her response.

*smiling* oO damn intel Oo she thought as bad memories of her fatal mission came back to haunt her, but outwardly she kept a friendly smile in her face "to answer your first question El-tee how they got passed the security measures we have no idea, but I would have to guess that they used a case with anti-detection, but from the spotty accounts the person who passed the entrance was a diplomat and as such was diplomatically immune, but there is no confirmation on that, so Security will have to find the how the only footage we got is what you have just seen and that was from a one-use Starfleet Intel drone that sent a burst transmission of its recording before the explosion destroyed it. *pauses* now onto your second question, as I mentioned the only other way to detect someone who is infected is their attitude and stamina. Empaths may be able to detect something emotionally and telepaths even more, but us normal people we only have visual cues, sadly, any other questions Lieutenant?" Alex asked impressed by the young officer's question.

TBC in Part 3


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