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Meet the Captain in Person

Posted on 12 Feb 2020 @ 7:39pm by Lieutenant JG Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D. & Chief Warrant Officer Sombra C.G.CA/U, C.PSA, C.ESA & Captain Jasmine Somers & Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne & Lieutenant JG Serina "Reaper" Donovan & Sergeant Major Christopher "Chris" Kildare
Edited on on 13 Feb 2020 @ 11:32pm

Mission: General Sim Postings
Location: Ceremonial Hall/Starbase 51
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 Day 26.1
Tags: Sombra, 3CW4YMF696F


Commander Sterling walked up to Captain Somers.

“Excuse me Captain, but Lieutenant Amiri Aldana wishes to speak to you.” Maia inclined her head to where Aldana was.

With a glass in hand, Captain Somers approached Aldana and tapped the ACMO on the shoulder “you wanted to speak to me, Lieutenant?” Somers asked.

Doctor Aldana turned slowly ready to apologize, assuming s/he must have accidentally bumped into someone or done something wrong. S/he had been trying to balance on one foot and prop hir other on hir knee as s/he reached down to rub it and contemplating removing the aching footwear despite the continuing ceremony s/he’d figured the primary, the important part was over.

“I’m sorry, I didn’…” Aldana cut hirself off. “Captain, what a pleasant surprise.” s/he beamed as the pain in hir feet momentarily subsided at the distraction. “I-I, y-yes, I mean if that’s okay. I was just thinking I couldn’t recall having ever really gotten to talk to you and get to know you.

*Smiling* “okay let’s go sit on the bench,” she said indicating a bench closest to them, as they walked Jasmine noticed Aldana’s limp and felt guilty and vowed to make amends for that, as they sat down “feel free to remove your shoe’s lieutenant, looks like you are in pain!” she said.

“Yes, sir,” Doctor Aldana took the captain’s suggestion and moved over to the bench she had indicated and having a seat. “Thank you, sir.”

Sombra followed dutifully behind, joining his Alpha, and making his way – with effort – under the bench where he’d be out of the way.

Aldana moaned a bit in relief as s/he emancipated hir paws from the torturous footwear. A few of hir pads had small, minor blisters on them but thankfully none were bleeding, like s/he’d thought s/he’d felt. Aldana felt relieved; s/he didn’t want to appear unsightly in front of their captain.

*she looked at Aldana* “you do know Lieutenant that there are official uniform boots to comfortably fit the feet of a species like yourself, or for you, the option of going without shoes is acceptable in my book,” she said. “I am so glad Chief Warrant Officer Karyn Somers is not serving on the ship, she is allergic to dogs, a type of allergy that has yet to find a cure, she likes dogs, but is sadly allergic, so have you any thoughts and comments on tonight’s Ceremony?” Somers asked.

Aldana admired hir captain for ignoring Sombra, but s/he noticed her watching him as he made his way under the bench they were sitting at. S/he refocused hir own attention to what they were saying about footwear. “Thank you, captain, this is one of the first times I’ve worn footwear. I think that’s why I’ve been having such difficulty, but the invitation that I received was very explicit about full dress uniforms, and no variations, so I felt obligated to comply to the letter.”

Aldana continued to nurse hir paws. S/he decided to ignore the comment about allergies, s/he was sure she had read the Federations with Disabilities Act, so nor did s/he have to quote it to her. “I felt a little out of place. I did nothing to deserve this medal.” Aldana blushed again just as s/he had before. I feel it might have worked better without all the people-shuffling. If each awardee could have been called up to the stage once and everyone just stayed there until all awards were handed out, then dismissed one time.” S/he paused to try and gage the CO’s expression. “Then if you wanted to make a big deal about the surprise promotion at the end since it was just one person, that was fine. For the most part, though, it was all fine.”

Amiri put both of hir paws back on the floor. S/he hesitated as s/he looked like s/he was considering something. S/he was also telepathically telling Sombra something…

“It occurs to me captain that I’ve noticed you’ve been doing very well, is treating me with respect about my disability and my service animal.” S/he looked like s/he might be about to cry – if not out of sadness, from some other less negative emotion. “I want to thank you. I know perhaps your curiosity might be peaking, and I don’t like to ignore people’s curiosity. If it weren’t for that pesky little thing that – as they say – kills cats; I’m sure none of us would be out here. Curiosity is a good thing, and I respect it very much. If you’d like to drop protocol for once, I don’t believe you’ve ever really properly met Sombra.”

“The saying is curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back *smiles* as for the footwear, go speak to the Starbase Quartermaster and ask him to requisition some specially adapted footwear, there was a Kelpian First Officer on the U.S.S. Discovery…”

Aldana froze and tensed up at the mention of the completely forbidden topic, s/he wasn’t sure what to do. S/he started to scoot away and began to speak, to remind her of the Temporal Prime Directive, but she continued to talk. S/he started to feel uncomfortable. Sombra picked up on this, and checked on hir, attempting to keep hir calm, yet still, the senior officer continued.

“…who had similar foot structure as you do, so getting some shoes made up should be no problem. However, until then you do not need to wear them, I give you special dispensation on going without them” Somers said.

Fortunately, Somers only seemed to glaze over the topic, though hir eyes began to dart around the room, at any moment now, Aldana expected for alarms to go off and Temporal Security agents to appear out of nowhere to detain them all for questioning.

Finally, he paused and s/he could interrupt, “S-sorry s-sir, I am obligated under Federation law to remind you of the Temporal Prime Directive’s stance on anything and everything related to anything to do with that topic of which I assure you I do not know anything about, and neither should you… sir… a-and I refuse to talk about that topic,” Aldana glanced up hir eyes darting around, and raised hir voice to be sure anyone who might or might not be listening “of which I know a-absolutely NOTHING about!” S/he lowered hir voice again. “Please, I must insist we talk about something else.” Amiri gripped Sombra’s scruff and began to knead it, unaware that s/he was doing so just a bit too hard.

Sombra winced but didn’t make a sound. Instead, he just focused on Alpha’s needs, and his job. He maneuvered deftly out of hir grasp, and half-climbed up into hir lap – his bottom half remaining standing on the floor. He placed his forepaws around Alpha’s hips, for hir to hug on him, in the least intrusive way possible.

“No, I have not met Sombra or your other one, can I call Sombra over?” she asked.

Amiri took a few deep breaths, hearing the subject switch away from that of the starship that ‘wasn’t’ over to one of hir favorite subjects, s/he quickly relaxed. Aldana gazed into Sombra’s big puppy-eyes and smiled. “Sure.” In a lite yet authoritative tone, Amiri issued the command “Say-hi.” and with a single quick practiced motion, the doctor released him from his vest.

Sombra peered at the woman waiting for permission to approach.

*pins the doctor with a glare* “while I appreciate the gall it took to say that, I have to commend you for having the guts to say it, still I only mentioned the ship and one crew member to get over what I was on about with your feet and shoes and nothing else, beyond that I only know the basics about the ship, I did not go too deeply into those events, but I like to use references on things nothing more.”

Looking at Sombra “okay little one, you may approach” she said to the canine.

Sombra cocked his head, he didn’t understand. His vocabulary wasn’t always as big as it might appear to outsiders; he wasn’t as good with vocalizations as he was with the mental language Alpha used.

~She means ‘come.’~

Sombra made a little bounce as he stood and then closed the distance between him and Alpha’s ‘alpha-alpha.’ He carried his head confidently, but ears relaxed, in a non-threatening manner. His tail was high with an excited wag to it. He began to investigate the other being with sniffing.

Aldana was starting to settle down a little. S/he hadn’t noticed the captain’s glare, but at least she hadn’t continued to talk about that thing they were all supposed to know nothing about – not even the crew and the possible structure of their feet. S/he decided s/he’d done hir best to cover hir assets. Besides, s/he was distracted now by introductions, and s/he went into ‘instruction mode,’ since this was one of hir favorite topics. “Let him learn your scent and get familiar with you. He doesn’t like it when you reach over his head, but he doesn’t mind having his ears rubbed, so if you wish, reach in along his side then up the side of his neck to his ears.” S/he stated, sounding a bit like a new mother handing her newborn off for the first time to be held by a friend or relative.

*she smiled at Aldana then down at Sombra and held her hand out to let the dog sniff her and when she thought it safe she did just that reach round to massage Sombra’s right ear ever so gently “oh you are a cute one Sombra” she said in a light tone.

Sombra murred happily and leaned into the kneading.

“He likes that… I’m really surprised how well he seems to have come through our ordeal. It’s too bad Luuna couldn’t’ve joined us today, you might enjoy her too. Perhaps we could have a meet-n-greet some time. Is there anything you would like to know about him?

“That would be great,” the Captain said as she looked down to Sombra leaning in as she gently massaged behind his ear “I always liked both dogs and cats growing up, I had one of each, but whenever Karyn Somers and her Sister came to visit I had to make the dog scarce as Karyn has a strange allergy to dogs, it is an allergy that has no cure as of yet, she loves dogs, but whenever she gets near them anyone would think she was a pregnant Bajoran female as she would sneeze a lot in rapid succession.

She simply got a look from Aldana, which she could not read “well I got some others to see Lieutenant, so I will see you around” the Captain said and after Aldana had left Somers fell into thought and only looked up when she sensed someone was standing there.

Lamia and Chris made her way across to Somers, they waited until she was free before walking over to her. “Captain” Lamia offered a warm smile.

*Looks up and give a genuine smile* “Hello you two!” She asked looking at Arderne first “how are you, Lamia?” She asked.

*Smiling* Much better than I was thank you Captain” She looked at Kildare.

*Nodding and looking at Kildare* “So Chris two questions, first you looking after her? *she asked first then not giving him chance to answer immediately* are you looking forward to returning aboard the Tomcat?” She asked.

“Yes Captain, have no fear I know that we will both have to tame down being in each other’s quarters,” Kildare said.

“Yes, it would not do for a Rifleman to be seen going into an officers quarters regularly, but I know you will be discreet, also, your job Chris will be resident demolitions assigned Alpha Group of 455 Rifles” she paused and looked at Arderne “and you Lieutenant I know you will be also discreet, but you seem troubled by something that does not include discretion?” Somers said.

Lamia nodded. “Is it that easy to see?” She looked at Kildare again then back at Somers. “It’s just…I don’t feel I’ve deserved all these awards Captain. I know it sounds silly but it’s how I feel.”

*knowing smile* “Lieutenant, there is one thing about me you should know and that is I only give out rewards to those who deserve it, now in the short time you have been on the ship you have proven yourself worthy of the promotion. As for the Purple Heart, you should have expected that after what you went through, but as for the other awards they do not have as much as a strict prerequisite as a promotion” Somers said.

“She is right about only giving out rewards to those who deserve it” Kildare added.

Lamia nodded. “I have to be honest Captain, I’m not sure how I’ll react if I’m faced with a similar situation again. I will try and be the professional Officer you expect.” She looked at Kildare. “I know being in a relationship is going to be difficult as well, I can’t say I like the sound of Chris being a demolitions expert either, but I know it’s his job.”

*smiling* “while we will do our best to not let what happened, happen again I know that those who experienced such an event will adapt and be better prepared and that their training will kick in. As for Chris here, well he was doing demolitions originally as a counterfoil for my cousin who makes bombs as a side hobby, it is not her official trade, that would be an advanced sniper Recon expert, but since then he is the one that disarms any explosives, we come across” she said and fell silent allowing any responses.

Lamia nodded. “I understand Captain, I will do my best not to let my personal feelings interfere with my duties when it comes to Chris.” She looked at Kildare and offered a smile. “We haven’t been together long, but in that time, he’s become my rock and the man that holds my heart. I’d be lost without him.”

Kildare simply blushed.

*smiling* “wow Lamia, you made him blush, well done,” Somers said and got the stink-eye *innocently* “what’d I do?!” She exclaimed.

Kildare made a growling sound in the back of his throat.

“May I make a suggestion?” Lamia looked at the pair curiously. A sudden idea had come to mind. “As Chief of Ops., it’s my job to keep the ship running, to organize and prevent problems, to assist engineering when needs are. I understand the ins and outs of Starships, what about teaching me and maybe some others about demolitions? To have fleet personnel as back up in situations where you need an extra pair of hands?”

The look Kildare gave was priceless a deer caught in the head-lights moment “Um… Mia I cannot allow that, I had to do two years basic demolitions on earth and another year for advanced demolitions, it is a good idea, but I cannot and will not let any unqualified or novice near a UXB of any type it is unsafe I would not even let the Captain here near one, so my Girl is not getting near one, a briefing can be given on what to look for as one walks a corridor etc., but I would be remiss to allow someone untrained. ‘Sides I am no trainer, you need a hell of a lot more training and qualifications than what I have, my tutor in basic and advanced was a Brigadier General with 60 years of experience under his belt, sorry but it ain’t happening” Kildare said emphatically.

*looking shocked* “Wow Mav! that was the intense response you have ever given” she said and looked to Arderne “sorry Lieutenant, but when it comes to such matters the Sergeant Major here has seniority” Somers added.

Lamia nodded and offered a smile. “Well, I had to ask! The briefing would still be a good idea though, some advice on the dos and don’ts. People don’t always think to stop and consider what to do, I’d just like to keep my skills up-to-date.”

“I will look into setting something up at some point” Kildare simply said.

“Excellent” someone approached her from behind “please excuse me both, it seems someone else wants to speak to me, sometimes I wish there was two or more of me” she offered the pair a smile.

“I understand Captain” Kildare smiled with his response.

Lamia simply smiled warmly and nodded.

With their departure, she turns to the next person who wanted to get her attention with a smile.

Serina had been wandering around the hall alone after the ceremony deep in thought. The ceremony had one thing she hadn’t thought would do, it had brought back the memories of the incidents and it made her uncomfortable. John had gone off to see about the twins and her parents leaving her to seek some company. She found herself coming to a stop in front of the captain. Hello Captain, nice ceremony today. I am wondering if I may have a second with you,” she said.

“Certainly, please have a seat and what can I do you for Lieutenant?” the Captain asked.

“I wanted to thank you for the awards given. I never look for them as I feel a job is a job. Apart from that how is……um……oh damn! I forgot her name from SB51 who was my……oh blast I can’t think straight today. Anyhow, how is she? I hope she is well. I wouldn’t mind visiting her again. She was a cool marine,” Serina said smiling nervously.

*looking puzzled* “describe her Lieutenant, also no need to thank me, if the awards were not earned, I assure you they would not have been awarded,” She said.

“Wait I remember……it was orientation and she was the Warrant officer……Karyn Somers it was……yes that’s her name. I would like to meet her again. She was very nice……” said Serina.

*smiling* “yes Karyn, well you can find her working out of the Security Office, I am sure she would love to speak to you again she is a resident of this starbase so there should be little or no problem,” Somers said.

Hearing that, perked Serina’s mood up. “She is still here? Oh wow! It has been a year but yes I will go see her as soon as I settle some affairs here,” she said now smiling widely. “Oh, one more thing captain, could you spare some time to see both John and me? We wish to ask you a favor”.

*tilts hear slightly to the left in curiosity* “okay Lieutenant, what is this favor you wish to ask?” the Captain asked.

“Well, if it wouldn’t be a bother, while we are here at SB, would you do the honors and marry John and myself while my parents are here?” Serina asked timidly.

*looking a little shocked* “I would be honored to officiate your wedding; time will have to be arranged for such an event as our new mission will be starting anytime now!” She said.

“Great news captain……my parents will be pleased and so will John. Thank you, sir, so much, thank you,” Serina said finally.

*Smiling* oO Oh boy! Better brush up on the protocol Oo she thought to herself “my pleasure Lieutenant” she said as she finished her drink “now if you will excuse me I got to get some paperwork done to account for some Departmental side-moved of two Officers” she said.

“Oh of course captain; again, thank you very much,” Serina said and hurried off to tell Lamia the news and to ask if she would be her bridesmaid.

The Captain watched her CAG rush off happy, she finished her drink and after returning it to the bar, she left the room, she guessed the crew would relax a bit more if she was not there.


Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers
Commander Officer

Lieutenant Lamia ‘Mia’ Arderne
Chief Operations Officer

Doctor Amiri Aldana 365 D.V.M., M.D
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant JG Serina ‘Reaper’ Donovan
CAG/Raider 1/Helm Officer

Sgt Major Chris ‘Maverick’ Kildare [P: Somers]
95th Rifles Demolitions

CWO Sombra C.G.CA/U, PSA, C.ESA [P: Aldana]
Counselor’s aide/Morale Officer


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