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A brief, Briefing

Posted on 11 Feb 2020 @ 4:53pm by Captain Jasmine Somers

Mission: S03 Ep 02 Trouble in the Sticks (Main Post) Galen IV Phase 1
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: S3 Mission 3 MD 00


A few days after the ceremony at 0600 Jasmine was awoken from sleep by a continuous beeping coming from her terminal, grumbling to herself she got up put on a dressing gown and did it up as she sat at the desk.

"Accept and decrypt the incoming message," she said stifling a yawn, the next moment the visage showed a grim-looking tellurite Rear Admiral in Intelligence colours. =/\=Morning admiral, to what do I owe this honour?=/\= She asked.

The Admiral tilted his head slightly unsure on how to take her response "Captain Somers, we have your next mission for you" he began.

*Looking puzzled* =/\=It is strange the CinC Intelligence giving me a mission briefing, quite unusual=/\= she said.

=/\= This is a strange mission Captain, all empires with Embassies on Galen IV have reported that their Embassies went quiet for too long, then chatter picked up again, but there was something different in it, then our stealth probe picked this up =/\= the Admiral said and the visuals switched to the Cardassian Embassy.

Jasmine watched as there was some movement of Cardassian's entering their Embassy then all of a sudden a massive explosion and just before the visuals went dead, the was an image of a lightly dressed humanoid face hidden by the shadows, but there was a weird protrusion on the back of his neck, as the visuals finally went black the Admiral returned.

=/\= Admiral did you see something sticking out of the back of the person's neck? In the last three minutes before blackout =/\= she asked.

The Admiral looked puzzled and reviewed the shadowed figure and looked at the back of the neck =/\= well spotted Captain, very interesting =/\= he said.

"Excuse Admiral, but I think I read something about this, some years prior the crew of the Enterprise D foiled an attempt of a takeover of the Federation by some Parasites that took over the host, but a junior Officer was a host for a hive queen, could this be another attempt, but the Parasites named Bluegills?=/\= She asked =/\= After all they failed deep in Federation territory, so the next logical place would be out in the sticks like Galen IV and it was medically proven that Cardassian's are immune to being infected, so going by that logic, the actions we just have seen are understandable, take out those who could hinder or stop your plans =/\= Jasmine said.

The Admiral nodded, =/\= Intelligence will look more into this but for now your next mission is to investigate the bombing of the Cardassian Embassy on Galen IV and all events leading up to it, we have also not long had new reports in that three new colonies have gone dead on the Federation border in the Mira Sector, so take your ship to Galen IV and be careful Captain, we do not need the Tomcat to get infected =/\= the Admiral said.

=/\= Is it the Bluegills Admiral, going by what little we have seen?=/\= Somers asked.

=/\= We are unsure, but go on the assumption that it is and take the appropriate cautions, sorry I do not have any more in-depth information for you, but I am sending on a sub-channel all the information we currently have on the Embassy bombing, let me know what you find out Captain, and sorry to wake you =/\= the Admiral responded. =/\= Oh, I will be temporarily assigning an experienced officer to be your acting MCO for the upcoming mission, she will have more information on this =/\= the Admiral added.

=/\= Who is it, Sir? =/\= Jasmine asked

=/\=Your cousin Lieutenant Colonel Alexandria Somers, not going to be a problem is it Captain? =/\= He asked.

*smiling as she heard the name* =/\= No problem Admiral will contact you when I know more, Somers out =/\= she responded and closed the link as the information finished coming through. oO I wonder how my cousin is going to fit in with the crew? Oo she asked herself.

She grumbled all sleep gone, she prepared breakfast and mug of tea and prepared to get ready to first brief her Senior Staff on what she was told, it was somewhat depressing, while she ate she reviewed the data and footage she was sent.


Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer

Unnamed Rear Admiral
CinC Starfleet Intelligence
San Fransisco - Earth


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