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Prelude to Trouble in the Sticks GALEN IV

Posted on 11 Feb 2020 @ 7:49pm by Captain Jasmine Somers

Mission: S03 Ep 02 Trouble in the Sticks (Main Post) Galen IV Phase 1
Location: Starfleet Embassy Galen IV/Various
Timeline: S3 Mission 4 Day -121 Days


Stardate: 239310.15 to Stardate: 239402.12

While the Tomcat was docking with Starbase 51, events on Galen IV were not going so well, the head of Security for the Starfleet Embassy is infected by a small parasite while he is asleep. Unknown to him this parasite becomes a young queen and begins the process of spawning as it rapidly matures. When he wakes he is unaware of what has happened to him and he goes about his workday as normal with a visit to medical for a headache, the injection clears it up but makes him feel queasy, brushing it off he returns home at the end of a shift, only has something to drink and retires to bed, as he sleeps he has strange nightmares that show alien images it is at this time the parasite takes full control of him, still too immature to spawn offspring the parasite uses its hosts memories to go about his day as normal and only eats in private as he replicates some food akin to grubs.

Knowing the replicated stuff will not properly sustain it, the parasite through the infected host orders some live Ferengi Tube Grubs and Klingon Gagh this is the closest it could come to sustainable food-source for itself and it's soon to be brood as the days went on the parasite became a fully mature queen and begun spawning others of it's kind and in small numbers at first only targeted key personnel at the Federation Embassy. Learning from their past mistakes and knowing the Cardassian's were immune, an infected agent entered the Cardassian Embassy with a bomb that would implicate the Orion Syndicate and with the agent quickly leaving the Embassy the planted explosive device blew the place up leaving enough traces to implicate the Syndicate. With the Cardassian Government now distracted as it retaliated against the Orion Syndicate, it did not bother to rebuild the Cardassian Embassy.

Over time the infection spread, first to the human population, then to the other species, those uninfected were essentially slaves as they would be used to bluff any visitors who visited, there was a pretence to keep up after all and an ageing Miranda class ship the USS Singh allowed its crew to have shore-leave on Galen IV and so the first Starfleet ship got its first infection, unlike the planet only key personnel were infected and a second hive queen was created to infect the rest of the Singh. This ship was essentially a supply ship and had many a port of call it went too, so it turned out to be ideal. The Singh was hit by an unexpected Ion storm and was lost with all hands in the Delta Triangle investigations were done but concluded that it was bad luck and while the families of those lost mourned the rest of Starfleet remained blissfully unaware that they had for the moment escaped widespread infection.

There were smaller human colonists closer to the Galen system which got infected, the smaller ones, the younger colonies abandoned their respective planets and arrived on the largest and older colony, leaving the other colonies ghost towns, the older colony went from a number of 50,000 colonists to 550,000 all infected. But unlike the past, this particular hive mother had a rare genetic mutation that is passed onto its brood and over time those infected became zombie-like, they were very strong and very fast and they only wanted to kill not infect, they could not infect, the brood mother, on the other hand, could and had its brood leave a small portion of the remaining original population remain uninfected for now while they had them erect a machine that would send out electrical pulses to disable any low orbiting ships. Quickly enough the planets original name was forgotten and was simply called Hades and all merchant ships were warned away from there Starfleet Intelligence sent in unmanned probes and while they could only gain a little information each time they declared the planet lost and quarantined it but they were still unaware of the Galen IV infection. But seeing as strange events happened out in The Sticks they would need to get a brief on the events to the Captain of the Tomcat.


Prelude was written by

Fleet Captain Jasmine Somers
Commanding Officer


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